The First Rule of Fight Club…

You do not talk about Fight Club. Oh, and on Wednesdays we wear jockstraps. Wait! I think I’m mixing up my cultural references here. Truth be told, I’ve never watched Fight Club. I do remember that iconic image of a shirtless, very lean Brad Pitt with a gang of people behind him. Surely putting everyone in a jockstrap would have been an improvement on that, no? Or maybe that would have been more suitable for a gay porn spoof version. I wonder what that would be called. Fist Club? Let me know in the comments if you can come up with other titles.

The other reference I worked into the rules, is of course from Mean Girls, a 2004 teen comedy that has gained “cult classic” status over the years. “On Wednesdays we wear pink” was one the rules of the clique of popular girls at the American highschool that is the setting for this movie. I think the expression now can be used ironically as a comment whenever someone has forgotten a basic rule. Of course, if they’ve never seen the movie, you’re in for a somewhat awkward moment. Then again, telling someone they’ve forgotten about a rule, is hardly a comfortable experiencing anyway. Of course all this was just another way to let you know that Noche has a new jockstrap out at the current round of Fameshed. So go on, head over there and fetch it… “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.”

MOTIV8 poses S30

Credits (for “main character”)

  • Athletic mesh body by those people that have the audacity to simply call themselves Meshbody, who are also the makers of the Legacy mesh body
  • Lelutka Devon mesh head
  • Birth Drew skin for Lelutka Evox mesh heads and their body skin for Legacy, smooth and hairy versions are included
  • Billy Beaverhausen Pete shape
  • Modulus Cayden hair
  • Hidden Inside tattoo by IDTTY
  • Noche Sujin jockstrap at Fameshed until May 27th, check the main store later
  • Noche Daniel hoodie
  • Noche Hand Bandage
  • Vale Koer Retro Dunks (I wear these in the Gianni size with the Legacy/Athletic body

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