Another Fairy Day – Episode 14

It was yet again time to make like Maleficent and free my magnificent wings from their restraints and fly, fly, FLY. This time my fairy day out took me to Fellowship Falls, ann Elven and Tolkien-inspired destination where all free folk are welcome. You can rez a free horse or stroll through the enchanting eternal autumn forest, taking in the stunning scenery of waterfalls, animals, and mountains, and make your way to Rivendell. Also, explore The Labyrinth of Light, an underground maze of lights that leads to a Fantasy Forest.

And with the new Florian crop top by Noche I got from the Witchcraft and Wizardry event, didn’t feel out of place at all. It goes well with the Hudson shorts Noche released a while ago or if you like it easy sleazy breezy, you can combine it with Noche’s Tyler loin cloth. Obviously there are plenty of other brands and garments to choose from, but I like combining Noche items, because it makes it easier to colour match my outfit. Hey, you can be a slut, but at least be a well turned out slut, right? I’ll leave you with that bit of wisdom and the credits.

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