We’re halfway through of what’s seen as the international Pride month, though truth be told, many countries around the world are heaving their pride parades and other LGBTQ+ themed events at different times of the year. Here in Stockholm for example, we have our pride week at the start of August. So it is perhaps not such a big surprise that one of my gay friends asked me why June is the pride month. I had to point him towards the Stonewall Riots, which were inspirational to European gay rights activists. Mind you, news was slower those days, things didn’t go viral and people had to read about it in the newspaper, which slowed down their responses. While the knowledge that something big was going on across the pond will have been helpful, it’s a bit of stretch to say that the Stonewall riots inspired an international movement which in time turned June into the international pride month. It’s probably more a case of the rest of the world taking over a bit of US culture and there’s nothing wrong with that, as far as I’m concerned. If you want to learn more about gay rights activists in Europe, you may want to check the Netflix documentary “Hating Peter Tatchell”.

Now let’s take a look at some outfits you can wear in Second Life™ to rez to the Pride occasion. For myself it starts with the Pride set from Noche. You can go all out with their Alan Thong, Baxton Harness and Athletic Socks, each available in the classic pride rainbow flag pattern as well as some of the other LGTBQ+ flags that have popped up over the years. Finish this look off and cover yourself up just a little bit more (for goodness sake, stop being so thirsty!) by putting on the pride cape, which you can pick up as a free group gift at Noche.
One of my favourite “tricks” in SL is to put on underwear under a pair of low rising jeans. It usually only works with the Legacy mesh body and you have to try some combinations till you find something that works. Noche’s Alan thong just about fits under the Legal Insanity Lewis jeans, though the ends of the straps cut into the waistline a little bit (you win some, you lose some, que sera sera, let it go, let it gooooo). On the upside, you get a nice little hint of that rainbow thong under the sexy jeans and with the Noche Hawk crop top from the pride set, it makes a very cute outfit.

Both avatars are using the Legacy mesh body and the tattoo is “Hidden Inside” by IDTTY.

Picture is shot at Oost-West Village.

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