Virtual Beach Therapy – Episode 11

Last Friday I “officially” binge-watched a series on Netflix. I tend to pace myself and watch two or most three episodes in one sitting of any series, but I got so totally pulled in by the cuteness of Heartstopper, I simply couldn’t stop watching. I was quickly catching feels for that little LGBTQ+ show with it’s quirky animation effects and its wholesome, mostly positive message. At 46 I’m not exactly part of the intended age demographic, but this series took me back to my own teenage years and while I try not to wallow in self pity too often, I did feel sorry for teenage me, who never got to experience those first steps into romance at that age. To battle that weird emotional mix that’s swirling around in my mind, I’m treating myself to some of what I call virtual beach therapy in Second Life™.

As Heartstopper is set in the UK, I was tempted to find myself a sim that’s inspired by a place by the British coastline, but I couldn’t find something sufficiently pleasing right away. As my new “monokini” by Noche shouts tropical paradise anyway, I settled down at St. Palm Bay. This sim has that enjoyable mix of pristine beaches all around the island and some nice points of interest for you to discover. St. Palm Bay also offers long or short-term rentals in this relaxing atmosphere, like for example two fully furnished luxurious beach houses, with a luxurious price tag to match.

I experimented a little with Noche’s Shen Monokini and found that I can wear the version with the size 0 bulge together with a pair shorts by Legal Insanity on the Legacy mesh body (it probably doesn’t work on Belleza) and I’m filing this under “another small victory”. Save this as and outfit and save an other outfit with just the monokini (with a larger bulge size) and you’re always ready to switch from sunbathing / swimming mode to a slightly more appropriate look for walking around or having a drink at the beach bar.


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