Another Fairy Day – Episode 15

When I saw that Noche had another loin cloth out at the current round of Fameshed, my immediate thought was: right, time for a fairy day! Mind you, it does seem like a particularly breeze garment for someone who spends so much time flying over people. Oh well, nothing there they haven’t seen before, right? While we’re on the subject of unmentionables, by using the biggest bulge size of the loin cloth, moving my bits up and back quite a bit and being somewhat modest with the size, I was able to wear either the Aeros or Physics Cock underneath the loin cloth for that extra touch of realism.

Of course, once I had put myself together, I needed to find a suitable sim to strut my fairy stuff. With the particularly skimpy nature of my outfit, I thought I’d focus on fantasy sims with an adult rating and came across La Roseraie in the Second Life™ Destination Guide. It’s not the most ethereal or well put together fantasy sim I have seen, but truth be told, I have yet to experience such a sim that blows me out of my fair socks, if I had such a thing as fair socks, that is. La Roseraie is suitably explorable and does give you some sense that this is a place for magical creatures. You can easily spend relaxing moments with your partner here, but do keep in mind that nudity and sex are not allowed, which makes the adult rating seem rather silly. Even more mind boggling is that you can’t fly here. Come and discover this world of fairies, elves, and witches… on foot! It reminds me of Aughra in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance complaining about all the walking. So disappointing that there won’t be a second season of that! And now I wonder if there are any Gelfling in Second Life. I’ll leave you with that food for thought and the credits.


  • Noche Florian crop top (you need the fat pack if you want the two tone look)
  • Noche Porter loin cloth, currently at Fameshed until August 27th
  • Lelutka Alain mesh head (includes the beard, freckles and brows I’m using for this look)
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka. This is a pre-EVOX skin, so make sure to switch to EVO in the hud for your Lelutka mesh head
  • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape
  • Mandala Steking Ears Season 5
  • Exile Knox hair (hairbase included)
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (applied to mesh eyes that come with mesh head)
  • PFC Fae wings
  • Equal Caleb Sandals

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