Putting the “short” in shorts – Episode 6

Hey there Beaver fans. So you’ve found your way to another episode of my blog series with an unnatural focus on very short shorts. As someone who lives in Stockholm in the middle of a wet and dreary September, where else than in Second Life™ am I going to see these. Although, to be fair, it’s been more patchy than dreary. If I time it right, I’m able to get home from work without ending up with that drowned rat look and if I’m really lucky I may even catch a rain of sunlight and put it in a jar for when things get really tough later on. Summer is truly over and out. However, I did see a brave young whippersnapper whizzing by on his racebike the other day, wearing a tiny pair of short indeed. There’s always someone crazy enough to do it. Even in winter I’ve seen particularly chesty specimens of the male persuasion showing of their pec cleavage with one of those ridiculously deep v-neck t-shirts. I guess if you’re going to spend that much time in the gym, you really want to get the most out of the results. Goodness knows I’m spending plenty of mesh flesh most of the time in Second Life myself. In this case my creed is: I bought it, I flaunt it! Right, now lets get out of my head and into those shorts.

Noche’s new Blaze Shorts have been launched at the current round of Equal 10 (ending October 5th) and are a perfect example of a pair of very wel executed very short shorts. I particularly like the string detail on the sides and the rather provocative two-way zipper that runs all the way from the front to the back. The lovely thing here is that even a single texture version lets you use a contrasting colour for the strings to tie in nicely with your outfit. These sexy shorts are bound to inspire me to visit tropical sims this winter and escape of my cold, wet, slippery, slushy reality for a bit. There the perfect beach wear items without necessarily being swimwear. Now I’m going to follow into the footsteps of my avi, get myself an ic cream and leave you with the credits.

  • Lelutka Luka mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Birth Jordan skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads in skin tone #7 + Birth’s body skin for Legacy
  • Hair base comes with head (LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.134 (m))
  • Beard comes with head (just add the HD mesh beard and chose an option from the separate hud for this beard
  • Camo Makko Dreads
  • DAPPA Future tattoo (fade version)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Montero shape
  • Noche Blaze Shorts, currently at Equal 10 until October 5th, check Noche’s main store after
  • Noche Stringer Tank
  • Legal Insanity River bracelets (I couldn’t find these at the store! I have sent a notecard to the creator)
  • The customer suffering from sudden brain freeze is also wearing the Blaze Shorts combined with the Mesh Wes Tank also by Noche. He’s being served by the sexy redhead ice cream man who’s looking somewhat professional in his Noche Ethan Apron.

Did you enjoy this bit of sauciness and want to make sure I keep looking into them shorts gettin’ shorter? Well now you can keep me lubricated, caffeinated and financially solvent al with but a few clicks…

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