Another Fairy Day – Episode 16

When it sometimes feels like the world is going to hell in a handbasket, Second Life™ continues to offer a nice escape from reality for at least an hour or so on most days. I find it to be a more interactive escapology experience than TV and the plethora of streaming services most of us are feverously working our way through. While I do still enjoy being glued to the screen and I definitely use the iPad on my way home from work to shut myself off from crying babies and other annoying human beings (who don’t have the excuse of being a baby), I also greatly appreciate that being in Second Life fires up the synapses just a little bit more. I especially enjoy putting on my wings and pointy ears to go find myself a suitable sim for fairies to explore and discover.

Todays journey took me to The Forgotten, a rather ethereal and moody magical sim complete with a foggy yet pretty swamp, romantic ruins and majestic dragons. I wish I could tell you that I found a gathering of sexy fairies there waiting for me, ready to mingle. Unfortunately I had to make that scene happen myself for this photoshoot. To be honest, that’s the way I like it anyway. I would choose complete creative control over collaboration on most days. My day job is all about making things and waiting for other people’s input and approval. That makes SL yet another kind of escape from reality: in here I only do what I want to do. No input. No feedback. Just my voice. It’s good to listen to other opinions, but every now and again it’s nice not to have those other voices buzzing around in my head.

Personally I particularly liked the ruins at The Forgotten and the overall foggy overgrown look of the sim. It’s slightly tricky to navigate and it’s a shame that flying has been banned (at a fantasy sim, really?!) but all in all I enjoyed myself at this fantasy sim and I’m always happy to find another place where my fairy side can come out to play (even if it can’t fly… serious though… why IS this a no-fly zone?)


  • Black fairy
    • Lelutka Luka mesh head
    • Meshbody Athletic
    • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka Evo (switch from Evo to Evox in the hud for your Lelutka mesh head) + their body skin for the Legacy body (works equally well with the Athletic body)
    • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape
    • Blueberry Icon Angel wings
    • Mandala Steking Ears Season 5
    • Stealthic Hysteria hair
    • Noche Adrian Chain Thong (now comes with the Athletic size and recently got a slightly re-worked bulge)
    • Noche Adrian Chain Harness
    • Equal Caleb sandals
  • Blond fairy
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head
    • Meshbody Legacy
    • Clef De Peau Alan Skin for Lelutka Evo + their body skin for the Legacy body
    • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape
    • PFC Fae wings (tinted the membrane manually in object edit mode)
    • Mandala Steking Ears Season 5
    • Stealthic Reach hair
    • Noche Adrian Chain Thong (now comes with the Athletic size and recently got a slightly re-worked bulge)
    • Noche Adrian Chain Harness
    • Noche Roman Accessories (gold cuffs)
    • Equal Caleb sandals
  • Red winged fairy
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head (includes the hairbase, beard and elf ears used in the shot)
    • Belleza Jake mesh body
    • Stray Dog Marc for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads + their body skin for Belleza Jake
    • Blueberry Oakley wings (an old gacha item, so have a look in Marketplace)
    • Stealthic Hysteria hair
    • Noche Tyler Loin Cloth

If you enjoyed this little flight of fancy and want to help me keep on flying, you can now support me…

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