Virtual Beach Therapy – Episode 12

For this episode of Virtual Beach Therapy I went in search of something a bit more rugged rather than tropical and thus I stumbled across Soul2Soul Highlands in the destination guide. The creator of this enchanting Scottish Isle was inspired by the landscape of the Inner Hebrides islands off the Western coast of Scotland and in particular by the charming Isle of Skye. This isle has some beaches, so technically it fits in with the etos of this particular blog series, but truth be told I mostly enjoyed strolling down the winding track all around the island, accompanied by the sound of waves crashing on the rocks and seagulls gleefully crying out. Also, who doesn’t like spotting a herd of friendly woolly bullies on their ramble?

On the Soul2Soul website I found out that they have several sims which I myself haven’t visited yet. It looks like most of these sims/regions have dwellings one can rent and clearly a lot of effort has been put into the landscaping to make renting something at one of these sims as attractive as possible. Good to know for those of you who find decorating a home in Second Life™ a wee bit intimidating, is that the homes at the Soul2Soul sims come fully decorated. Personally I enjoy decorating homes in SL, but I do take my sweet old time to finish a project if it’s for myself. When I’m doing it for someone else, I try to speed things up a bit, but that immediately causes me some low level stress… I guess that’s what the virtual beach therapy is for.

The outfits I chose for my avatars were suitable for outdoor activities on a warmish day. They’re wearing thongs underneath their denim shorts and overalls respectively, ready to strip off and take a brave plunge into the ocean but they could also just wander around the island, take in the scenery and enjoy whatever sun they can get. If they were on the real Sky however, I think they’d be shivering around this time of year in those outfits. But that is the point of SL, innit? It ain’t real! It’s all in your head… and on your screen of course.

Legacy mesh body • Lelutka Alain mesh head • Stray Dog Hikaru for Lelutka Evo (so make sure you switch from Evox to Evo in the hud for your meshead if your face is all over the place after adding this skin) • Stray Dog body skin for Legacy • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes (applied to mesh eyes that come with the Lelutka head) • Billy Beaverhause Grant shape • Modulus Bailey hair • Noche mesh nipples • Noche Mesh Wes Tank • Legal Insanity Samuel shorts • Legal Insanity Dakota bracelets • Noche James Thong (using the size 0 bulge versions, this fits nicely under several shorts with the Legacy body, but this trick doesn’t work with all mesh bodies) • Noche Paulo Flip-Flops.

Belleza Jake mesh body • Lelutka Logan mesh head • Vendetta Phillip for Lelutka Evox • I was accidentally wearing the Vendetta skin for the Legacy body on the Belleza Jake body in this shot (always best to get the correct skin for your body) • Stealthic Reach hair • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (applied to mesh eyes that come with the head) • Noche Hawk Crop Tee • Noche James Thong • Legal Insanity Linus overalls • Noche Paulo Flip-Flops.

Did you enjoy this blogpost and want to help make sure I can make these little trips to tropical beaches? Now you can support me…

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