Room with a view

For those of us who enjoy Second Life™ photography, the Backdrop City sim is a godsend. It does what it says on the tin: it’s a sim full of backdrops . From the main landing spot you can easily teleport to the themed platforms and find the backdrop that suits your needs at that point. From time to time I like to pick one of the bedroom scenes and zhuzh it up a little bit, adding some decorating fun to my photography experience.

For this particular SL photography exercise I was looking for a backdrop I could use to take the promo images for a new shape I have been working on (details coming soon in another blog post). I found the simple yet stylish Quiet Place backdrop by M E R C H. With it’s built-in bed and cupboards, it only needed living room furniture and a few bits and bobs to make it feel lived in. Don’t you just love it when things come together easily? There’s no need for every single project to be a challenge, right? Life if already more than challenging enough as it is. You can easily add a wall to close off the open side of this backdrop and use it as a little sky box.


  • M E R C H Quite Place Structure
  • N4RS Famous Sofa and chairs
  • Abedul Lamp Man
  • Fancy Decor Whale Tale Book Stack, this was part of the Ex-gacha full set “The Dover Collection” and all items can now also be purchased separately
  • Dust Bunny Pilea Pepper Plant (also available as fatpack “Natural Habitat 2”)
  • Apple Fall sculpture “Strength” Fragment (at the outlet store)
  • You can just about see a hint of the Fancy Decor Timber Table and Dome Lamp (both are group gifts)
  • On the bigger version of the shot in Flicker, you’ll be able to see the Candle Diffuster Tray by LISP more clearly
  • The rug is my own creation (not available for purchase)

Enjoyed the view and want to show your appreciation for this bit of inspiration. Easy! You can keep me on my toes and go…

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