Fireplace Envy

Oh how I wish I had a fireplace in my real life apartment. Or maybe one of those Swedish tiled stoves or any other kind of wood burning stove. I realise that using these on top of central heating because it’s “cosy” isn’t environmentally friendly, but I would happily trade in the radiators in my living room for a little stove. Sadly, as there isn’t a chimney, that option is not available to me. So I will just have to live with the sudden pangs of fireplace envy whenever I leaf through interior design magazines or browse real estate websites.

Luckily in Second Life we are far less limited. You can stick a fireplace in whatever home you have made for yourself, even if it doesn’t have a chimney. While I appreciate that avatars, clothing, furniture and indeed buildings keep getting better in Second Life, I’m sure happy that most of us don’t have too many hangups over the lack of realisme in our virtual world. I can simply install a very nice fireplace or stove in any home without having to wonder about where the smoke will be going to. On the other hand, of course a Second Life home with a working chimney is of course nice to have.


  • Fancy Decor Carter Fire Place Fatpack
  • Kitten from Jian Kitten Collection
  • Jian Group Gift Corgi Sleepy Boi (old gift, no longer available, bit of a shame)
  • Floorplan pile of books (with poses and texture change for cushion)
  • Petrichor Masse Planter Tall Royal and Short Muted
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Noche Stripe Stockings Fatpack (hurry over to Noche now, as this is a 60 L$ Happy Weekend sales item until Sunday October 10th 11:59: PM SLT… sometimes the sale is extended into Monday)
  • Noche Morgan underwear
  • Noche Oliver Crop Vest
  • Noche Zedd Onesie

All this fireplace coziness is all very good and well, but these blog posts ain’t gonna make themselves. You can stop me from dozing of and go…

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