Madpea Spooktacular Halloween Hunt 2022

I can’t remember when I last did a Madpea™ hunt. I lost my apatite for Second Life™ hunts a while ago but in some cases taking a break from something, can make you feel slightly more hungry for it again after a while, so I decided to give this another go. As always this is a hud based hunt and the 100 L$ hud is the only thing you really. I splashed out and got the 500 L$ Ghost Hunter Pack which includes a Spectral Blaster, Ghost Hunter Backpack and GhostPea Mini Car in case I get tired of just walking around.

I rather enjoy the hud one gets with most (if not all) Madpea hunts. It usually is a little radar on your screen with dots that show you where a hunt item is. As you wander around and see the dots get closer to the center of the radar grit, you know you’re getting closer. You can also switch on the sound effect, giving you that typical slightly spooky radar “ding”, which increases in speed as you get nearer an item. Up and down triangles in the radar screen indicate that you need to get to higher or lower ground to find the item. It has been while since I last played with one of these hunt huds, but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it again.

Anyone can buy a set of hunt items and rez them at their sim/home. The hunt hud has a teleport function that will take you to sims with rezzed hunt items you haven’t found yet. That way it’s not just a hunt, but also a good way to discover sims and maybe even make some new SL friends along the way. Speaking of sims, Madpea did a pretty good job with their own sim for this hunt, creating a spooktacular yet atmospheric autumnal scene that screams to be explored. I’ll leave you with the credits now, as I get on with zappig the haunted objects which will give me points which in turn I can swap for prizes. This hunt lasts until November 2nd, so I still have plenty of fun ahead of me.


  • Madpea Spooktacular Halloween Hunt 2022 pack, the hunt runs until November 2nd
  • Lelutka Logan mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Vasean skin for Lelutka EvoX + Birth body skin for Belleza Jake, skintone #4
  • Nexus bodyhair A02 (using the trail only, it’s more subtle than the trail that comes with Birth’s skin)
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Billy Beaverhausen Quentin shape (originally made for Legacy body, used here with Belleza Jake without any changes)
  • Modulus Pete hair
  • Noche Skeleton Hoodie at Equal10 until November 5th, check Noche’s main store after the event has ended
  • Legal Insanity Steve denims
  • Noche James Thong (size 0 bulze fits under the particular pair of jeans I’m wearing, but this doesn’t always work)
  • Legal Insanity River bracelets and Dakota bracelets (I couldn’t find the River bracelets at the store and have sent the creator a notecard about that a while ago and still haven’t received an answer)
  • L&B Swear Havoc Ops boots

Thought this was a hoot and want to make sure I can stay up with the owls to keep making fresh content?

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