Free Shapes – Episode 1

Regulars on my blog know that I have created many shapes for a mix of mesh heads and bodies, which I sell on my Marketplace store. Recently I set up a Buy Me A Coffee page where I’ll feature some extra content, such as the occasional free chape. You can easily show your appreciation for my quirky (sometimes) informative writings, avatar styling advise and home decor inspiration, by treating me to a virtual coffee. I suspect that any money I make there, probably will find its way back to Second Life™.

I created this cutie pie with the Lelutka Logan mesh head, while already wondering if we’ll be getting a new mesh head as a Christmas gift from Lelutka this year. It’s been a “tradition” the past two years and it’s easy to get used to something like that. For now you’ll have to content yourself with this free shape I made, which you can download from my Buy Me A Coffee page, as mentioned before. You’ll also find an explanation there for how you can import xml-files

Because a change is as good as rest, or is it a holiday, or is a change only as good as a change, but that’s good enough, or did I have too much coffee, yeah baby, woohoo, vrrrrooooom! What I’m trying to say, is that I treated myself with a new skins from Stray Dog for this look. It’s a case of “not new, but new for me”.

Ever since Second Life™ activated BOM (Bakes On Mesh), the level of detail you can add to your avatar has become far more extended compared to the days when we were at the mercy of appliers. I particularly like how the Lelutka EvoX mesh heads include a ton of extras. Without making any extra expenses you can quickly trim your beard, give yourself a buzz cut an pretend you’ve been sun kissed by slapping on some freckles. Let’s break this down into it’s components…

  • Lelutka Logan EvoX mesh head L$ 3990
  • Belleza Jake mesh body L$ 1500 (discounted price at the time of posting, usually it’s L$ 3000)
  • Stray Dog Donny skintone #4 for Lelutka EvoX L$ 590
  • Stray Dog for Belleza Jake L$ 490 (includes smooth and hairy versions, with and without freckles and tanlines)
  • Billy Beaverhausen free Jack shape
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (applied to the mesh eyes that come with the Lelutka head) L$ 350
  • Stealthic Hysteria hair L$ 350 for the pack of browns or L$ 750 for the complete pack
  • Noche Devlin Briefs fatpack L$ 1149, single colour version is L$ 225
  • Noche Mesh Wes Tank fatpack L$ 1199, single colour version is L$ 225
  • VAW XTC Nipples L$ 495

If you can’t or simply don’t want to “buy me a coffee” when your download the Jack shape, you can still make my day with a like or a comment.

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