Another Look at Inithium Kario

At the beginning of this year I fooled around a bit with Kario by Inithium, which is one of the more muscular mesh bodies for male avatars in Second Life™. This type of body isn’t my personal favourite, but that’s not the only reason why I didn’t get around to using it more. 2022 has been a case of too many demons and too little time for me personally. As we’re nearing the end of the year, I find myself bouncing back and feeling like I’m on a better mental health trajectory. It helps to focus on tiny victories and small blessings that bring more colour into one’s life. Personally I count free updates in Second Life as one of those tiny blessings. However, while part of me is grateful that I’m able to still find joy in these little luxuries, another part of me resents the idea of having to be grateful for small things, while the world is being run by emotionally stinted egomaniacs with very deep pockets. But fine, you came here for the Second Life experience, not for a rant about the world we live in.

One of the brands who’s started updating some of their existing items to include a Kario size is Legal Insanity. I’ve always loved the fatpack of their Steve Denims with the stripes down the sides. With so many texture options for the denim and stripes, It might be interesting to know that Kario doesn’t work with an alpha hud or clothing with an auto hide function. Instead each item of clothing that includes the Kario size comes with an alpha layer, just like in the good old days when you wanted to wear mesh clothing on a system avatar. That’s just another advantage since the implementation of Bakes On Mesh. Clothing with auto-hide often glitches, leaving you without a butt when you strip off your jeans and having an alpha hud like with the Legacy or Belleza Jake mesh body is

If you’re looking for some reasonably well made underwear or swimwear for Kario, then you might find something that tickles your fancy at Cheerno. Personally I rather like their SMR22 XSpeedo with its sexy clasp on the side that can be opened and closed by yourself or whomever you give permission. It’s a shame that Noche hasn’t started making items for this body, but oh well, you can’t have it all. (Why not? Why can’t I have it all? WHY?)

Finally I should mention that the Kario body has been updated since the previous time I blogged it and you can find a list of the changes on the Inithium site. All in all this second look at Kario has been an pretty easy and nice experience for me. This body doesn’t get the same level of support from clothing designers compared with Legacy or Belleza, but there are some very nice items for it available that fit like a glove. Keep in mind that in a way you’re getting two bodies in one with Kario. On the hud you’ll find buttons to switch between the slightly smaller Fit (what I’m using) and Flex, with more exaggerated muscles. Some clothing designers include separate sizes for Fit and Flex, which tells me there is interesting an willingness to create for it out there in Second Life.


  • Inithium Kario mesh body
  • Lelutka Luka mesh head, using a hairbase and beard that comes with the head
  • Not Found Lamar skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads + Not Found body skin for Kario (wearing the “hide nipples” version, to make the most of Kario’s built-in mesh nipples)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Lance shape
  • Cheerno SMR22 XSpeedo
  • Guilty I See You top, currently at the Inithium Event until November 30th
  • Legal Insanity Steve Denims (fatpack)
  • Versov Gentov sneakers (fatpack)
  • Izzie’s Wet Body & Face (shown on a female body at the store, but the bom layers work on any body)
  • Rezz Room Grouchy Cat Animesh companion. This particular cat was part of a Gacha set and is not available at the sore. Try your luck at Marketplace or find yourself another kitty at Rezz Room.

Now I’m wondering who’s swapped their Aesthetic body for Kario? Maybe I need to revisit Niramyth one of these days to see if there are any signs of an updated on the Aesthetic body. Somehow I doubt it. Meanwhile, if you feel there’s something missing on Kario, why not share it with us in the comments.

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