Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 10

In the previous episode of Pleasing Aesthetic I plunked a Lelutka mesh head on the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body and was quite pleased with the result. Regulars will know that I’m a great protagonist of the saying “in for a penny, in for a pound”, so it will come as no great surprise that I’ll be putting another Lelutka head on the Aesthetic body for this episode. I just got a new skin from Birth as well, so there’s no better excuse for putting together a whole new Aesthetic look.

When one goes for this kind of muscular look, chances are one will not want to cover up it up too often… Any excuse to go shopping for briefs and speedos works for me. Sadly the Aesthetic body has never been supported by my favourite “lingerie” brand Noche, but I recently discovered that Cheerno has some sexy little numbers for Enzo (which is another name for this body). So I had a good look around at Cheerno’s main store and treated myself to a new pair of briefs, featured in the cover image for this blogpost. Of course I then still needed something skimpy for the beach so I grabbed these sexy speedos and cute flip-flops. Make sure you check every Cheerno item first before you purchase it, as not everything comes in an Aesthetic/Enzo size.

Of course it’s nice to dress up for a special occasion. I think I could rock up for a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant wearing this sand coloured Gabriel suit and the Lorenzo loafers by Not So Bad, if only my other half in this fantasy would pull himself together and get dressed! I’ve booked a table for god’s sake! Oh great, now even in my fantasies things can’t go my way!
I class this outfit as smart casual and a little bit sexy with those few extra buttons undone to show off that fabulous chest. It would be great if someone in Second Life™ could maybe at some point come up with a solution that stops long hair from going through collars and shoulders. Oh well, maybe if it all becomes too good and too realistic, we won’t be able to step back into real life.

Credits & More

  • Lelutka Noa mesh head
  • Niramyth Aesthetic body (you may find the tutorials on the Niramyth site helpful)
  • Birth Ahuna skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads skintone #7, currently at Uber until December 22th
  • Billy Beaverhausen Kishi shape
  • No.Match No Cookies hair. This comes with a hairbase that can’t be used with a Lelutka Evox mesh head, so you will have to use one of the many hairbases that come with the head or you will have to find a suitable one elsewhere.
  • Avi-Glam Erudite Eyes, applied to mesh eyes that come with the head

There are hardly any skin options for the Aesthetic body, but you can tint the basic skin to better match your mesh head. Play around a little with the color tones or pick a colour with the wheel and square on the right and apply it to the skin with the Use now button on the left. The colour will be applied to your body and headblender.
In the top left corner of the hud you’ll find a button to switch between skin, tattoo and nails. Personally I use the Butter Butt Enhancer. This is applied to the tattoo layer and gives the buttocks and especially the butt crack more definition. To make this tattoo match my skin, I switch to Tattoo in the body’s hud and then “click to use” to apply the same tint I used for my skin to this butt tattoo.

My little collection of Cheerno briefs and swimwear. Each comes as a kind of mini fatpack with 6 texture options. From left to right, these are the SMR21 briefs, F21 sequinbriefs and S22 speedo.

That’s all folks! Last time we heard something from Niramyth’s creator on their blog was in December 2020. It’s anybody’s guess if we can expect any kind of update for this body. Feel free to let us know in the comments if you’re still using this body and whether you feel it needs an update and if so, what would you like to see changed?

Do you feel informed, amused and generally lightly entertained by my blogging? I run on caffeine baby! You can help keep me going and…

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