Extra Booty

My latest blogpost involving the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body needed a little follow up, because as well as the new Ahanu skin by Birth I also picked up the Birth ‘online’ Web hud and started playing with it.

This handy hud lets you collect and control all the deformers, poses and jiggles available from Birth. I won’t pretend I’m a specialist on the subject just yet, but I had fun trying out jiggles, poses and deformers and eventually settled on a bigger butt and somewhat exaggerated pecs for the Aesthetic body. I’m sure there’s a market out there for this sort of thing. And just because it isn’t entirely my thing, it doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun making my butt smaller, bigger, smaller… bigger pecs, smaller pecs, up, down, left, right, spread it all around… Too much FUN! And then I haven’t even mentioned the animations yet. I’m not quite sure how or when to use them, but they’re highly amuuuusing anyway.

Note that the hud, deformers, jiggles and poses work with many other bodies. Who knows, maybe I’ll be shaking my Legacy ass somewhere soon.

To know more about the three distinctive looks with the Aesthetic body, you can visit these individual blogposts

If you’d like to keep me jiggling, you can always…

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