Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 36

Many Second Life™ moons ago, I got the most wonderful sexy “reindeer” outfit that was only available for the mesh body I had back then, which was of course the TMP Deluxe. Obviously it wouldn’t have been truly Christmas if I hadn’t treated myself to the fatpack and I have been enjoying going back to that outfit at least a couple of times every Christmas. It goes without saying that I was well chuffed to find that Noche has dusted off that reindeer outfit and re-rigged it for the Belleza Jake, Legacy and Athletic mesh bodies. Good word, chuffed. Satisfying. Chuffed… Chuffed… ChuFFed… Oh, I said it to much now, it’s gone weird.

Back in 2016 the reindeer outfit came with a jockstrap, this time that’s not included, but Noche has such a vast range of jockstraps, thongs and high cut shorts to choose from I feel like this set didn’t need yet another one. It’s a great opportunity to practice your mix-and-matching skills or you can even wear this set without anything else at all, if that’s your kink in the bedroom department. Personally I go for Egyptian cotton with a ridiculously high thread count.

  • Lelutka Skyler mesh head (the hairbase and facial hair I used come with the head).
  • Belleza Jake mesh body.
  • Birth Rick skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy (without body hair, I went with a 3rd party for that, as listed below).
  • Nexus body hair: A02 chest and trail, 01 arm hair, leg hair A01.
  • Stealthic Reach hair.
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes.
  • Noche: Reindeer harness and Reindeer Gear available at the Equal10 event, ending on January 5th.
  • Geoffrey shape for Lelutka Skyler and Legacy is available for free from my Buy Me A Coffee page, as an XML file. You’ll find an explanation there how to use this file to make your shape.
  • Also featuring…
    • Noche Santa’s Helper Collection (top, thong, stockings, accessories).
    • Santa’s little helper avi is using the Lelutka Guy mesh head, Legacy mesh body and the Clef De Peau Allan skin which seems to be no longer available for the older Lelutka mesh heads i.o.w. don’t buy it for the Lelutka Guy head!
    • Argrace Santa hat and hair Ginga. The poster says it’s a vip gift, but at the moment you can just grab it without needing to be in the group.
    • Tylie Holiday coat and pants
    • The antlers I’m wearing are not available in world

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An extra kinky full-on totally not safe for work “action packed” image is available for Patrons.

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