Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 37

OK, let’s talk Signature. Regular visitor will have noticed that I’ve switched to a different template for my blog. Now each blog post is on an individual “card” on the homepage. This template needs a designated feature image for each post and I opted to do this manually by choosing the most suitable images. In some cases I even shot a new image and that’s how I got reacquainted with the Signature Gianni mesh body.
Combinations with Lelutka mesh heads are looking much better these days, with great improvements in the neck seam. This update compelled me to go visit the Signature store where I noticed that the Geralt body and head have disappeared to make room for the all new Davis mesh body and two new mesh heads. Gianni seems to have lost his head as well, so it’s a good thing they kept the body or I wouldn’t have had much reason to visit the store.
The loveliest thing to find at Signature at the moment is the free Christmas sweater, hat and gingerbread man, a group gift for however long it lasts. I’m not sure if the Signature group has been and always will be free, but at the time of writing this post, there’s no joining fee. I do love a nice Nordic sweater!

While I was at the Signature store, I treated myself to a new underwear set (tank top, boxers and socks). I’m not sure who’s the best underwear designer for Gianni at this point. While Noche has some items for Gianni in their older range, they no longer rig for this mesh body and not all other brands cut the mustard as far as I’m concerned. I think I’ve irreversible raised my standards in the course of my 6+ years in Second Life™. Either that, or I’m no longer able to make the best of things. In any case, at least shopping at Signature’s own store is simple. The items are reasonably well made and there’s isn’t much choice, which makes deciding what to get a doddle. Side note: it’s a bit confusion, for me at least, that Signature chose to name their underwear set “Noche”. Let us know in the comments who your favourite designer is with Signature Gianni undies in their range.

Where Christmas trees are concerned at the moment, my go-to solution is the fully decorated tree by K&S. I’ll wholeheartedly agree if anyone says that there are more beautiful and sophisticated Christmas trees available in Second Life™, but the land impact for this one is only 15, while many others are 25 or more. Meanwhile, other less prim-loaded examples I’ve seen are far less satisfying. Feel free to share your Christmas tree tips in the comments, especially if you’ve found a nice low prim one.

Other Credits

  • Lelutka Skyler mesh head (the hairbase and facial hair I used come with the head).
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Birth Rick skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads + their body skin and body hair for Signature
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes.
  • Geoffrey 2 shape for Lelutka Skyler and Signature is available for free from my Buy Me A Coffee page, as an XML file. You’ll find an explanation there for how to use this file to make your shape.
  • Also featuring…
    • Noche Onesie Pajamas group gift (for Belleza only, although if you have the first version in your inventory, you’ll find a Signature size in that).
    • Lelutka Guy mesh head, Legacy mesh body and the Clef De Peau Allan skin which seems to be no longer available for the older Lelutka mesh heads i.o.w. don’t buy it for the Lelutka Guy head!
    • Stealthic Reach hair.
  • Abedul Lamp Man
  • The artwork is by Chris Lopez

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