Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 39

Oy vey! I’ve only made it to the F in the list of participants in the Holiday Shop & Hop event. Still, I have till 2nd of January to finish it and as my family lives in another country and there’s nobody nearby I need to make an obligatory New Year’s Day visit to, I can think of worse things to spend the first day of the year on. There’s something cathartic about unpacking gifts and deciding whether they will go in the keep or trash pile and then saving the keepers neatly in my reasonably well organised inventory.

The Shop & Hop event attracts creators in all levels, some more sophisticated than others. I’m happy to report that Fancy Decor have a little store at this event and I treated myself to their Snow Sofa, the set of Holiday Throw Pillows and this year’s Musical Snow Globe. Once we’re past January 6th, I can always swap out the pillows for something less seasonal. I’m sure the 50% discount will be welcome news to most ears (eyes) in these tricky times. You can also find all these items at Fancy Decor’s main store.

I’ll leave you with some more credits and if there’s anything in the background I haven’t mentioned, you can always leave your query in the comments and my competent staff will get to it. That’s me, myself and I by the way.

  • The coffee table and side table both are Fancy Decor group gifts
  • MadPea Hot Chocolate Tray
  • The red chair was a gift by Trompe Loeil from last year. You can’t get this red version at their store, but it’s available in other colours under the name Olivine Curve Chair
  • The simple gilded frame is from Apple Fall’s Botanical Study, but I replaced the artwork with a seasonal Tom Of Finland image.
  • Sadly the sleepy corgi is no longer available
  • Both onesies are by Noche. The red one is a more recent release called Zedd Onesie, rigged for Legacy, Athletic and Jake. The blue one wit Nordic motif is an old but still scrumptious looking group gift, rigged only for Jake these days.

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