Another Day Another Face – 6

One of the reasons I took up blogging is so that I would always have something to do in Second Life™. Things like regular releases of new skins by Birth keep me inspired and keep me going. That doesn’t mean I’m always on top of it as soon as a new skin hits the grid. Today I’m looking at a skin that was launched in August last year, so it’s fair to say I took my sweet old time. I’m well chuffed of the combination of the Birth Carter skin on the new Lelutka Quinn mesh head though. I guess good things are worth waiting for. Carter comes cleanly shaven, but I prefer to put facial hairs on my avatars most of the time. One of the many good features of the Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, is that they come with plenty of facial hair options. If you use the HD beard, you can blend it so that for example a stubble will look less prominent.

Birth skins always include eyebrow options (black, blond, brown, red and none), which come in very handy when you want to experiment wit your hair colour. Another cool quality of the Birth skins for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, is that the skin covers the entire neck and fades out over the top chest, which means you can easily combine it with body skins of other creators without having an unsightly neck seam. Just make sure you wear the face ON TOP OF the body skin.
I usually stick to the Birth body skins whenever I use one of their face skins, but for this second look I mixed it up with the Stray Dog body skin for Belleza Jake, a great option if you want well-defined abs but not an extremely chiseled six pack. What’s your favourite? The brooding brunette or the spicy blonde?

Meanwhile, on a home decor level, I started to re-appreciate the “Into the Light” piano by Lisp Bazaar and found a good spot for it in my Linden Home. I need to give a tour of that one of these days.

If you like some extra naughty content, you can head over to my Patreon page. As a matter of fact, I just added more images to the collection with this blogpost, bringing the total to 3 saucy pics. Becoming a patron is a great way to support this blog and help me to keep at it. Another way to support me is to “Buy Me A Coffee”. There’s you’ll find some more extra images and several free shapes for the Lelutka Logan, Skyler and Quinn mesh heads. Obviously likes, comments, questions on the blog and faves on Flickr are much appreciated too.


  • Birth Carter skin #2 for Lelutka Evox mesh heads and their body skin for Belleza Jake. The second look uses the Stray Dog body skin #4 for Belleza.
  • Lelutka Quinn mesh head, including hairbase and facial hair options
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Billy Beaverhausen Conrad shape (includes versions for use with Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh bodies)
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes, applied to mesh eyes that come with the head. Pack includes brown and blue eyes shown in blog
  • Modulus Sadik hair (brown hair) and Stealthic Narcotic hair (blond)
  • Noche Lazy Cardigan (fatpack
  • Noche Kim Mesh Briefs (fatpack)
  • ::K:: Oversized Scarf
  • Lisp Bazaar Into the Light Piano – Teak
  • Apple Fall, West Village collection: Clinton Bed, Eleanora Drawer Chest, Eleanora Bedside Table
  • Feel free to leave a comment if you want to know more of anything that catches your eye that isn’t listed.

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