Let’s get real – Episode 2

The more keen Beaver fans among you may have noticed that there’s been a slightly longer pause between this blogpost and the previous one. That’s because yours truly slipped on a treacherously slippery zebra crossing, landing with his full weight on his right shoulder. This happened on Thursday 12th January and I was lucky to get an operation that same night. The head of the humerus (upper arm) could not be saved, so I’m now part metal and plastic. Unfortunately I went into some kind of seizure at the end of the surgery and as my body tensed up like a altar boy feeling the hand of a catholic priest on his shoulder, some of the newly installed bits and bops shifted and had to be realigned. Fast forward a week and I’m back in the operating theatre to get this fixed with another three day hospital stay to receive antibiotics intravenously.

I’ve been home again since Sunday, figuring out what to do with myself during all this sick leave. Simple things seem to take so much energy. I did a bit of grocery shopping yesterday and had to take a break at the supermarket to muster up de energy to walk back home. Sitting here, trying to use my blind typing skills is a chore too, as I can’t quite find the correct position to accommodate my injured shoulder. At least that does support the notion that I couldn’t possibly put in a full day of work and the sick leaf I have been granted by my top notch surgeon is well justified. It also easily justifies the fact that I’ll leave you here with the credits so I can return to the comfort of my sofa and take another nap. Blogging is surprisingly exhausting for me right now.


  • Lelutka Logan mesh head, includes the facial hair and hairbase I’ve used, among many other options
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Vendetta Phillip skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads and their body skin for Legacy
  • Billy Beaverhausen Brenton shape, pick it up for free from Buy Me A Coffee (there’s obligation to buy me a coffee, though I must confess the gesture would mean the world to me in my current somewhat fragile state of mind)
  • Vango Neil hair (group gift)
  • Noche: Patient Gown (yes, it is partly open and drafty at the back), Athletic Socks, Scrubs
  • You can find the credits for the avatar in scrubs in my previous blogpost
  • Location: Lennox Hill Medical center. I didn’t make it further than the first floor without getting transported back home. I guess you have to be a member of the roleplay group to get full access.

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