Meshbody Legacy Masculine & Ahtletic update – version 1.5

A while ago I was popping on the Legacy body and got a notification that an update was available. Naturally I went “yes please” and practically body-slammed that “accept” button. Meshbody claims that in response to requests by the Meshbody Community, the 1.5 version provides new chat commands, nail appliers, improved applier scripts, as well as no more stack heap errors + many more scripting bugs fixed. For more info please visit Meshbody’s update page. You’ll notice that both the “Masculine” and “Athletic” version have been updated.

At some point while I was inworld minding my own business, I caught a remark in a chat group about this update and how now a certain pair of jeans with cuts on the knees no longer worked. I would find it very odd if Meshbody made changes to the mesh at this point, so possibly this was an isolated incident and perhaps the person simply had put on the wrong size jeans. Goodness knows, I certainly do that myself often enough. Personally I find it disappointing that Meshbody doesn’t include a folder with BOM versions of the default skins. That would open up some more option to create a fabulous looking avatar with a smaller budget. My conclusion is that while I’m pleased to see that Meshbody is putting in at least minimum efforts to keep their product up to date, there’s nothing in this update that blows me away. Now let me blow you away (or not) with this rather detailed list of credits.


  • Black avatar
    • Meshbody Legacy Athletic
    • Lelutka Luka mesh head (facial hair used is an included option)
    • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka mesh heads, this is a pre EvoX skin, so make sure to switch to Evo in the hud for your Lelutka head, Birth body skin for Legacy
    • Stray Dog ADD ON Renato Hairbase
    • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape
  • Middle avatar
    • Meshbody Legacy Masculine
    • Lelutka Quinn mesh head (hairbase used is an included option)
    • Not Found Jack skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, Not Found body skin for Legacy
    • Modulus Cayden hair
    • Billy Beaverhausen Casper Shape, pick it up for free from my Buy Me a Coffee page and don’t feel obliged to actually buy me a coffee
  • Training avatar (also the one with the kitten)
    • Meshbody Legacy Masculine
    • Lelutka Quinn mesh head (hairbase and facial hair used are included options)
    • Birth Carter skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, Birth body skin for Legacy
    • Nexus Bodyhair A02, 01 Arm Hair and leghair L01
    • Modulus Sadik hair
    • Billy Beaverhausen Conrad shape
  • Clothing
    • Noche Luke mesh crop Essentials at Equal10. Event closes on February 5th, check the main store after that date
    • Noche Sujin Jockstrap
    • Legal Insanity Dirk Jeans, worn with the Noche James Thong underneath it in size zero bulge (this doesn’t work with all mesh bodies)
    • Versov Gentov Sneakers
    • Legal Insanity Dakota bracelets
    • Legal Insanity Gus Jeans
    • Deadwool Chase sneakers
  • Kitten from Jian Kitten Collection

For the fans of more salacious imagery, there’s an extra shot available on my Patreon.

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