The psychology of colour: Pink

Whether you regard it as wishy washy pseudo science or not, colours have meaning. Maybe you don’t have a strong favourite, but subconsciously you still may find yourself drawn to certain colours. In my job as a graphic designer I’m pretty much tied down by the company identity and corporate dark blue that goes with it. You’ll find that the navy blues are a favorite among corporate logos that want to convey a sense of reliability and strength. I have created a handful of logos as favour using more dynamic colours such as magenta and lime green, bringing across the young and creative nature of the start-up companies.

For today’s photoshoot and not for the first time I focused on pink. It’s such an interesting quasi controversial colour. Pink has many positive associations and is said to be a calming non-threatening colour… Tell that to men suffering from an overwhelming case of toxic masculinity! Technically pink doesn’t even exist, but I won’t go into the scientific reasoning for that statement (because I forgot). It’s been used experimentally for prison uniforms to see if it would make male prisoners mellow out and for the same reason some devious sport’s clubs have used it in the dressing room for visiting teams in an attempt to give them a competitive edge. Pink is of course used in those ridiculous gender reveal videos to signal that the bun in the oven is a girl, but go back about a hundred years or so and pink was the colour for boys. Where did we go wrong? I’ll leave you to ponder that as I list the credits.


  • All avatars are wearing the recently updated Kaiden shorts by Noche. Now these have been rigged for Legacy Athletic, as well as Legacy Masculine and Belleza Jake. The fatpack has a bewildering range of texture option for the main fabric, side and trim. A nice bit of stripping action is included, lowering the shorts in the back, lowering them to your knees or making them disappear completely with a click on your crotch area.
  • Avatar passing by
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head
    • Belleza Jake mesh body
    • Stray Dog Elliot skin for Lelutka EvoX + their body skin for Belleza
    • Exile Knox hair (split colors edition for Stay at Home)
    • Noche Mesh Wes Tank
  • Dark-haired seducer
  • Cheeky blond

An extra more salacious image is available on my Patron page. By becoming a patron, you’ll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts with 39 extra images.

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