The psychology of colour: Red

I’m continuing my recently started series on the psychology of colour with a trusty design staple we’re all getting slapped around with during this saccharine Valentine season. I am of course referring to the colour red.

This hot colour is associated with exotic tastes, passion, love and romance but also with danger and all that is forbidden. After all, one does not just run red lights willy-nilly. The use of red pigment can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt where it represented vitality and celebration, as well as evil and destruction. Scarlet is a tint of red traditionally worn by cardinals in the Catholic Church, symbolising the blood of Christ and Christian martyrs. Meanwhile, if you add some brown to red, you end up with maroon, a colour associated with Buddhism and therefor spirituality, wisdom and the sweater Mrs Weasly knits for Ron’s Christmas present every fekking year. In the Fortune 500, there’s a clear link between the food and retail industries and a red logo. Personally I’ve always loved the white Coca-Cola logo on it’s bright red background. For some reason the other colour schemes they use for some of the Coca-Cola variants don’t make me feel quite as thirsty.

After all that, I imagine some of you will now be quite thirsty for the credits, so without any further ado…


  • Devil
    • Lelutka Quinn mesh head (beard and hairbase used are options included with head)
    • Belleza Jake mesh body
    • Birth Carter skin for Lelukta EvoX mesh heads and their body skin for Belleza Jake
    • Billy Beaverhausen Conrad shape
    • Modulus Sadik hair
    • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes, applied to mesh eyes that come with the head
    • Noche mesh nipples
    • Nexus Body Hair A02, Arm Hair 01 and Leg Hair L01
    • Noche Reindeer Harness (see, it’s not just for Christmas!)
    • Noche Cage thong, currently at Fameshed until February 27, check Noche’s main store after that date
    • Noche Mesh Stockings
    • The horns were a gift, but you can find similar ones at Hilted
  • Blond lost soul
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head
    • Meshbody Legacy Masculine
    • Clef de Peau Allan for Lelutka Evo mesh head (switch from EvoX to Evo in the hud that comes with your head)
    • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape
    • Stealthic Reach Hair and Stealthic hairbase
    • Avi-Glam Noel eyes, applied to mesh eyes that come with the head
    • Noche Cage thong
  • The Devil Backdrop by The Bearded Guy

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