It’s So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu To Guy and Andrea

It most probably was announced via a group notification, but I must have missed it. I thought that maybe I’d do another somewhat budget friendly blogpost using an older generation Lelutka mesh head and the free Classic body by Meshbody. Alas, the two Lelutka heads I had in mind have been decapitated. That is to say, they have been taken off the market. Some Second Life™ creators chose to keep offering their older products at a reduced price, which is what Lelutka had been doing with the Guy and Andrea mesh heads for a while. Some creators will eventually fase out the older products entirely and I imagine that’s how these two fellas got the chop.

In the spirit of celebrating things we’ve lost along the way, I chose to dress both avatar in the baggy pants one could get for free from Meshbody back in the day when they were still called TMP. You got the mesh for free, but it was untextured with a banner text running around it saying “style me”. You had to then purchase each texture individually. These days the StyleMode hud has been taken offline, so whatever texture you’ve applied to those trousers, you’re stuck with now. I kinda saw that coming though and I saved loads of copies with different textures. The same goes for the studded sneakers and the bracelets. Obviously the baggy pants can only be worn with the TMP Deluxe or Meshbody Classic body. Some of the items I’ve used here are still available and can be used. Let me leave you with the usual list of credits for that as I bid a tearful goodbye to Andrea and Guy.


  • Meshbody Classic body, free edition
  • Noche Crop-tank Leather/Black (head to the top level of the store, where you will find a few items still suitable for TMP and the Classic body
  • Noche Metallic Thong (again, head to the top level)
  • Stray Dog Mikel skin for Lelutka + their body skin for Legacy on the white avatar (the Mikel skin can still be used on Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, when you switch to Evo in the head’s HUD, note that the eyebrows I used are not the original ones that come with the skin)
  • Stealthic Reach hair
  • Birth Maverick skin for Lelutka + their body skin for Legacy on the black avatar (the Maverick skin can still be used on Lelutka EvoX mesh heads, when you switch to Evo in the head’s HUD)
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (applied to mesh eyes that come with the heads)

An extra salacious NSFW freebie image is available on my Patreon page. There’s plenty more of those for anyone who wants to show their appreciation by becoming a Patron.

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