When you look up chaps, you’ll easily come across some online stores where you can purchase yourself a pair of these trouser covers in various styles and materials. Scroll down just a little bit further and you’ll find a pretty extensive Wikipedia page on the subject. Who doesn’t like a bit of cheap and nasty research eh?

Undoubtedly it once upon a time was a purely practical garment or should we call it an accessory? In any case, it protected one’s trousers from getting torn on rough horseback riding escapades and it was used in various cultures and styles. I just wonder at which point someone discovered and indeed, appreciated their erotic appeal. When did the first cowboy pick up a pair of chaps and thought: “hey, I don’t really have to wear very much underneath these at all.” Possibly another kind of rough horseback riding escapade came to mind at that point as well. And why can we refer to a man as “that chap over there”? And how is it that somewhat overly friendly people might be described as “chappy”. So, do you like my chappy chap in his chaps? If so, don’t hesitate to peruse the list of credits too recreate the look and put your own twist on it.


  • Noche Finn Leather Chaps at Fameshed until March 27th, check Noche’s main store after that date
  • Also by Noche: Wade Jockstrap and Fur vest
  • Legal Insanity Linus blue overall
    • Cowboy
      • Lelutka Skyler mesh head (facial hair used is included, as well as many other options)
      • Meshbody Legacy Masculine
      • Stray Dog Lorenzo skin for Lelutka Evo heads + their body skin for Legacy
      • No.Match “No.Really” hair and cowboy head (one item). I got this from a hunt and can’t see it at the store, but there is the similar “No.Ride”.
      • Billy Beaverhausen shape Luke
    • Overalls guy is using the Belleza Jake meshbody with Clef de Peau skin.

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