Bunnies Gone Wild

Here we are again, once more backstage with the boys at that burlesque club that only exists in my mind (and a sandbox from time to time), celebrating what is one of the holiest times of the year in a decidedly unholy way. Of course the boys are wearing their kinky leather bunny masks in keeping with the season.

The cleaver instigators of the Christian fate most probably took a time that was already being celebrated by pagens and pasted their religion neatly on top of it. That’s why we still have some leftover symbology from that pagen tradition, like the Easter bunny, harking back to the hare being a symbol of fertility. In my mind the poor little bugger spends the rest of the year soaking his hole in lukewarm water and sitting on a donut shaped pillow. Imagine having to lay all those chocolate eggs! What? Where else do you think he got them from?

Meanwhile in France people imagine that winged bells fly over from Rome to drop the eggs. That’s also the tradition I grew up with in Belgium, though I never quite figured out how the eggs ended up in a basket indoors overnight… And why apparently my parents had to buy the chocolate eggs first? It looked like they had a similar agreement with Saint Nicholas. All very mysterious indeed.

I count my self very lucky to be living in a country that gives us both Good Friday and Easter Monday off. While other people are perfectly capable at filling most of their weekends in what they would perceive as a meaningful way, for me it usually takes a long weekend to get me to do something I may actually remember afterwards. In this case, I managed to “travel” to Saltsjöbaden, a picturesque area in the Stockholm archipelago.

The place has a long history as a health spa and the Grand Hotel was built as a perfect weekend getaway destination for the hard working well-to-do citizens of Stockholm. You know, posh twats. I still find it slightly intimidating even today. I feel like I don’t quite belong, in my jeans and hoody. I shall have to either overcome that feeling of inaptitude or start dressing smarted, but eventually I would like to stay the night at this place, just once. Looking at it up close, it actually is ever so slightly shabby… So maybe I belong here after all.

One can tell one has arrived in a “better kind of neighborhood” when one can spot candy-filled cardboard Easter eggs dotted all over the place, with little nametags on them, patiently waiting to be found by the child who’s name is on it. How do these not get stolen before the spoiled brats get to them? Ain’t gonna lie, I was tempted! But I’ve been a good boy and I left them eggs be. Even the shiny golden ones. Oy vey, those were big. Poor Easter bunny.

There’s an extra totally NSFW salacious drool inducing hot bunny action shot on my Patreon. It’s totally free, but patrons get even more Bunnies Gone Wild(er).


  • Both avatars on couch:
    • Noche V Jockstrap, currently at Fameshed until April 27th, check the main store later
    • Noche Daddy Harness
    • Noche Bill Essential Gloves
    • Meshbody Legacy “Masculine” meshbody
    • COX Kinky Bunny Leather Mask (unfortunately this was a hunt item several years ago and it’s not available at the store)
  • Sitting avatar:
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head
    • Clef De Peau Jamie skin for Lelutka + their skin for Legacy
    • Billy Beaverhausen shape Jude
  • Avatar lying on tummy
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head
    • Vendetta Phillip skin for Lelutka + their skin for Legacy
    • Dappa Forme tattoo (group gift)
    • Gutchi Super Boots
    • Billy Beaverhausen Brenton shape. Pick up the free xml file for this shape from the Buy Me A Coffee place. If you’re feeling generous, you can show your appreciation by treating me to a coffee. If you’re just looking for a free shape, that’s perfectly fine too. The page includes instructions for importing the file and using it for your shape.
  • Avatar behind couch:
    • Belleza Jake mesh body
    • Catwa Travis mesh head
    • Stray Dog Erwin skin + their skin for Belleza Jake
    • Cheerno S22 Bunny Ears (group gift)
    • Noche Draven Harness Set (includes leg harness not shown in image)
    • Billy Beaverhausen shape Valentin

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