Another Fairy Day – Episode 18

Hello possums ! That greeting is an ode to the late, great Dame Edna Everage, who passed away on April 22nd. Her iconic butterfly-winged glasses reminded me that sometimes one just has to spread one’s wings and fly. In real life we can only do this metaphorically by stepping out our comfort zone, or somewhat more literally by jumping of a cliff in some kind of special batwing suite. in Second Life™ we can easily indulge in the fantasy by donning a pair of wings and soaring over fantastical sims. While I’m not heavily into roleplay, I do like looking for a suitable fairy friendly sim, whenever I’m wearing my wings and pointy ears. The correct virtual surroundings will always help the imagination along a little.

This time I visited The Magical Kingdom. Where this sim lacks in fanciful and fairytale-like architecture, it makes up for it with a beautiful landscape that cries out to be explored. With a bit of luck you’ll find yourself in the Forbidden Forest with it’s hidden caves that will transport you to the underworld where you can find ogres, dragons, fairies, and goblins. Personally I stayed for the mineral hot springs. The maturity level is set to adult here, but I’m not sure if one’s allowed to get one’s fairy freak on. Still, at the very least it must mean no alerts will be set off by wearing something scandalously skimpy such as a loin cloth that does very little to protect one’s modesty. With that, I feel like I have reached the perfect point to end this blog post with the usual list of credits. Don’t you just love it when things come together so spontaneously. Oh, before I go, let me squeeze in a bit of irony: flying isn’t allowed at The Magical Kingdom. What’s up with that?


  • Both avatars
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head, with the elf ears, facial hair and hairbase that come with the head
    • Meshbody Legacay “Masculine” mesh body
    • Noche Florian Crop Top
    • Noche Porter Loin Cloth
    • Noche Trojan Armbands, currently at Equal 10 until May 5th, check the main store after that date
    • Equal Caleb Sandals
    • PFC Fae Wings
  • Redhead
    • Stray Dog Hikaru skin + their skin for Legacy. This is an Evo skin, not EvoX. The elf ears that come with the head appear to be EvoX only, so I had to use one of the ear textures that come with the head
    • Exile Knox hair
    • Blond
    • Clef De Peau Andrej skin + their skin for Legacy
    • Stealthic Reach hair

We’re ignoring the one in the hot spring, aren’t we?

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