Virtual Beach Therapy – Episode 14

If one ever finds oneself in a moment of uncertainty in Second Life™ with regards to where-oh-where one should be shifting one’s behind to, one can always consult the Destination Guide. In-world it is represented by one of those map pointy symbol thingies that are often used by real world navigation tools to indicate were the place one was searching for is located, or to show one where one is at that moment, in case one has completely lost the plot and it’s all gone tits up. However, if I’m having a rare fit of organisational talent and wish to prepare my SL wanderings, I find the online Destination Guide very helpful, as it shows you many more destinations than its in-world counterpart. No matter which way I access the Destination Guide, the Editor’s Picks are always available and they are often my go-to place when I don’t know what place to go to.

The Editor’s Pick that caught my attention this time easily fits in my Virtual Beach Therapy series. Truth be told, I visited several other sims first before settling down for a while at Moksha. This simple but well turned out sim is an Indian Atoll, perfect for chilling, relaxing and hanging out with friends. In my SL viewer of choice, Firestorm, I have things set up so the local stream always start playing wherever I am. I particularly enjoyed the soothing acoustics tunes that are being streamed at Moksha. Sometimes I find SL photography ever so slightly stressful, when I can’t find an angle and Windlight™ I’m pleased with. The right kind of music can go a long way to take the edge of this unwanted stress. I can easily imagine a small gathering of friends just chatting the day away at this uncluttered simple beach sim, just chilling, relaxing and chatting the night away.


  • Lelutka Connor mesh head
    • LeLUTKA.EvoX.Freckles.014 (included with head)
    • LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.015 (m)
  • Meshbody Legacy “Masculine” mesh body (also known as just the Legacy body)
  • Birth Greyson skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads + Birth body skin for Legacy (make sure you put on the skin for the head AFTER putting on the body skin, otherwhise you’ll have a neck seam)
  • Nexus body hair (all tintable)
    • 01 Arm Hair
    • A02 Chest & A02 trail
    • L01 Leg Hair
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • Billy Beaverhausen Keith shape
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes, applied to mesh eyes that come with head
  • Noche Paulo Tied Top, currently at Fameshed until May 27th, at Noche’s main store after that date
  • Noche Highcut Shorts
  • Noche Paulo Flip-Flops
  • Legal Insanity River Bracelets
  • Butterscotch Sean necklace

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