New Port House III

People that have more rooms than they know what to do with might have something they call their sun room. Others may feel they don't have enough space, which is a feeling that might drive them to sticking something at the end of their house and calling it a conservatory. The New Port House by... Continue Reading →

Revamping the fairy

Roll play isn't really my thing, but I do enjoy the freedom of being whatever I want to be in SL. During my first year in our beloved virtual world , every now and again I frolicked, flitted and flied around the grid as a fairy, but I never update that fairy look with a... Continue Reading →

New Port House I

As much as I like tinkering with smaller houses like the Second Life version of the Farnsworth House or a simple guest cottage, I do enjoy getting stuck in with a bigger project. My only rule is: just let me do my thing. Real life is full of "do this, do that" and for me,... Continue Reading →

Extended Outdoorsiness

When I moved from not so sunny Belgium to somewhat colder Sweden, I noticed that people here are more invested in the idea of using their gardens, patios and balconies later in the season, aided by various types of outdoor heating. Slowly but surely the typical Swedish indoor cosiness has found its way to what... Continue Reading →

Another kind of good weather

I'm enjoying a blissful couple of weeks off from work, spending time with friends and family and myself, leaving less time for Second Life blogging. Then again, Second Life is recreational, so of course I can squeeze in some SL time every now and again while I'm on holiday. Shutterfield has a couple of rustic... Continue Reading →

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II

Last spring I was asked by a friend to decorate a small guesthouse which he keeps available for one of his friends who has an on-again / off-again relationship with Second Life. As it has been a while since we've last seen her, my friend asked me to make some moderate changes to the place,... Continue Reading →

Am I a man or am I a muppet…

If I'm a muppet, well I'm a very manly muppet. So I went off to the newest commercial event for manly men in SL, appropriately named Man Cave. It's a very manageable shopping experience with about 30 participating brands, perfect for the impatient man. You'll find a mix of men's apparel, accessories, tattoos, hair, beards... Continue Reading →

Atypical A-frame

About a month ago I published a post about my Meadowbrook Linden Home. This is a type of home you can chose, if you open a Second Life Premium account and use the 512 sqm of mainland you are entitled to within this scheme by taking a Linden Home. There are three more types of homes and... Continue Reading →

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