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Exmachina Davide 6.0

Exmachina keep tinkering with their Davide avatar and they have recently launched version 6.0. The hud has been revamped and the body is now compatible with bake-on-mesh. The standard SL viewer and Firestorm are not ready yet to use bake-on-mesh, so if you want… Continue Reading “Exmachina Davide 6.0”


I just created a Facebook account, which feels a little bit strange. On the one hand I want to extend the social media presence of my virtual persona, on the other hand I feel Facebook is for real people. One of the first conundrums… Continue Reading “Facebook”

Quench Your Thirst 6

New months are coming by so fast it’s causing me whiplash. Time seems to be a blurry mix of days that are crawling and years that are flying. But let’s not get melancholy and look at something a bit more jolly, like the March… Continue Reading “Quench Your Thirst 6”

What’s Eating TMP 12

Well isn’t that just flipping-the-bird typical! As soon as I decided to get myself a pair of lovely-dovely bento hands from Vista to go with the very much non-bento TMP body, the folks at TMP all of a sudden woke up and released a… Continue Reading “What’s Eating TMP 12”

Dabbling With Geralt – Episode XI

Time flies when you’re having fun or when you’re busy throwing clocks at people. It’s been more than a month ago already since I last seriously played with the look of the Signature Geralt mesh body and head. It was high time for a… Continue Reading “Dabbling With Geralt – Episode XI”

Quench your Thirst 5

Just a little reminder that time to pre-order the March edition of the Jockd underwear set at Thirst is running out soon. Don’t miss out on the 200 L$ discount and the exclusive textures! At this point the content is still a mystery to… Continue Reading “Quench your Thirst 5”

Taking David to Men Only Monthly February / March 2019

The current round of the Men Only Monthly event has been on for a couple of days and my NX-Nardcotix David mesh body had a sudden yearning for some new outfits. Coincidentally, styling my avatar is my favourite thing to do in SL, apart… Continue Reading “Taking David to Men Only Monthly February / March 2019”

What’s Eating TMP 11

It was time for another one of those posts in which I wonder out loud about what the heck is going on with the male TMP mesh body.About a year ago I was quite excited to finally see some changes at TMP’s store “The… Continue Reading “What’s Eating TMP 11”

Menstuff Hunt February 2019

O.M.G.! I haven’t been on a hunt since Christmas time. That’s like ages ago… Well not much longer than a month ago, but time’s a foggy thing for me. Anyway, this doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s the Menstuff Hunt, I identify as… Continue Reading “Menstuff Hunt February 2019”

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 7

Ready for some Christmas gifts and/or bargains? OK, let’s go! In episode three I already mentioned Love To Decorate and how a bunch of Second Life creators have contributed a gift especially for members of the LTD group. My information was somewhat flawed. I thought… Continue Reading “Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 7”