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Creating Dreams

I’ve always thought that I would love to live by the sea. There was a vague dream of saving up and retiring early to open a B&B somewhere on the coast – any coast really – but life is what happens in between plans.… Continue Reading “Creating Dreams”

The August Gacha Garden

Earlier this month a notification popped up on my screen with a note card attached to it, telling me that The Gacha Garden was returning for its August 2017 round with more than 100 new gacha sets and 61 FREE GIFTS! I wasted no time… Continue Reading “The August Gacha Garden”

Carpe Noctem

I won’t beat around the bush (pun intended), one of my favourite underwear brands in Second Life is Noche. As a TMP boy since my early SL days, I soon experienced that the body from The Mesh Project was difficult to dress and at… Continue Reading “Carpe Noctem”

Speed(y)(o) Shopping @ MOM

As promised I made another visit to the current round of Men Only Monthly and this time I went with my Signature body to increase the chances of finding stuff that would fit. It turns out that there was only one thing I still… Continue Reading “Speed(y)(o) Shopping @ MOM”

The Good, The Bad And The Fugly III

You have until the end of April to find 50 items at 50 different locations and we call this Men Only Hunt, edition 9. I have attacked this hunt like some crazy ass maniac and finished it all in one day but I should caution you… Continue Reading “The Good, The Bad And The Fugly III”