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Quench your Thirst 5

Just a little reminder that time to pre-order the March edition of the Jockd underwear set at Thirst is running out soon. Don’t miss out on the 200 L$ discount and the exclusive textures! At this point the content is still a mystery to… Continue Reading “Quench your Thirst 5”

Quench your Thirst @ Romp

Blogging always gives me something to do in SL and it allows for some serious ego stroking by telling myself I’m actually helping people. Another advantage, apart from the obvious creative outlet, is that it gives me access to new releases of a handful… Continue Reading “Quench your Thirst @ Romp”

Quench Your Thirst 3

It’s time for another look at the Jockd underwear club at Thirst. If you are following this blog, then you can skip right ahead to the images, because you will already be familiar with the Jockd system. Every month Thirst releases two new underwear… Continue Reading “Quench Your Thirst 3”

Quench Your Thirst 2

I’ve been taking another look at the Thirst collection and selected the fairly classic Basix Trunk from their December “Jockd” offer. I have explained the system a couple of times before. Basically Jockd is a kind of underwear club. The idea is that you… Continue Reading “Quench Your Thirst 2”

Dabbling with Geralt – Episode X

It’s been a while since I last did something new with the Signature Geralt mesh body and head. Finding skimpy items for the newer bodies can be a challenge. With things like coats, jackets, sweaters, jeans and chinos you can “cheat” by using the… Continue Reading “Dabbling with Geralt – Episode X”

Quench your Thirst

If Thirst underwear makes you feel parched but you just can’t get enough of it, you should consider getting Jockd. It’s a monthly underwear club where you can pre-order two new Thirst undies at a discounted price. You have time to pre-order from the… Continue Reading “Quench your Thirst”

Belleza Jake 2.0 mesh body

Belleza just dropped the long-awaited updated of their male mesh body in our inventory and with this, the body finally is out of it’s so-called beta stage. I didn’t even get a chance to really start working on this blog post before I received… Continue Reading “Belleza Jake 2.0 mesh body”

Noche Halloween group gift

Noche has released a Halloween version of their Kenny t-shirt as a group gift. It comes in two versions and 3 textures. You can teasingly pull it up stop showing off your fracking abs and pull that shirt down. This t-shirt works with Signature… Continue Reading “Noche Halloween group gift”

Things are going swimmingly

Right my eager beavers, it’s time to get the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body some new threads. There still is a sad shortage of underwear for this body, but I did spot a tiny pair of swim briefs for it in MarketPlace a while ago… Continue Reading “Things are going swimmingly”

It’s Kinky Time 4

The current round of the Kinky Event started on 28th July with a latex-gloved smack on the ass and will keep on ssssmoking till August 19th. I don’t visit this event every month or more to the point, I don’t blog about it every… Continue Reading “It’s Kinky Time 4”