Skin Deep Beauty

It’s time to get SUPERficial and strip down to the bare essentials at this years Skin Fair. This fair opened on March 8th and runs till March 24th. It’s a chance for skin creators to show off their best and/or newest skins and to possibly offer an exclusive items just for the duration of the fair. I don’t want to Trump this by throwing unverified percentages at it, but let’s just say that the vast majority of the products is aimed at female avatars if you adhere to conventional gender appropriate features. If you want to do some research before you brave the lag, take a look at Skin Fair 2019 shopping guide, but I think it’s not exactly complete.

Pose by Pose Maniacs

Birth, which is one of my sponsors, has an applier for Catwa mesh heads at this fair which they have named Mr Lee. If you use it on the Catwa Daniel head and use the shape and eyebrow shape that comes with it, you will see the resemblance with Bruce Lee. Personally I’ve used it on the Catwa Victor head and made my own shape and the end result doesn’t even look Asian. It does however accomplish a look that is mature yet still youthful. It’s an EXCLUSIVE for the fair, so you snooze you lose!

Skin shown on Catwa Victor mesh head and Signature Gianni mesh body. I’m using the standard rigged eyes that come with the Catwa head but with an applier from Avi Glam. The hair is by Modulus. and because I’m never all that thrilled with the work Catwa does on their ears, I got a couple of mesh ears at L’etrê, cause getting just one ear is a bit weird. Last but not least, the fancy golden briefs are from Noche.

Quench Your Thirst 6

New months are coming by so fast it’s causing me whiplash. Time seems to be a blurry mix of days that are crawling and years that are flying. But let’s not get melancholy and look at something a bit more jolly, like the March edition of JOCKD at Thirst.

Poses by K&S

Those of you who pre-ordered will have received the two JOCKD items for March already, for 400 L$ including a couple of exclusive textures. Don’t despair if you didn’t pre-order and these pics make you really thirsty. The March edition of JOCKD will be going on sale at the full price of 600 L$ soon (usually on 12th). Even without the two exclusive textures, the Square Trunk still gives you 10 options, including two fun textures inspired by St Patrick’s Day. The bulge size is “respectable” and the fabric clings to your buttocks like a second skin.

Poses by Quite and Cordeaux

The second item in this set is a pair of briefs with sheer cutouts. It’s quasi sporty and playfully sexy without being overly provocative. Again the choice of textures is generous, even without the exclusive ones. Here a couple of neon options are included and the sheer fabric often is in a contrasting colour.

Both items are rigged for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. Sadly Thirst will no longer support the Signature Geralt body going forward. Rigging underwear items perfectly for the Geralt body is proving to be rather challenging for most, if not all creators. If you have pre-ordered the March edition of JOCKD, in the hopes of using it with your Geralt body, you will find a note card in the box explaining how you can get a refund in case that is the only body you use.

JOCKD April is up for pre-order now till 4th April and I for one am very curious about its contents already.

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Stanley head , 
Erwin skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair. The mesh ears are by L’etrê.

Another Fairy Day – Episode 3

Once or twice before I have wondered whether feathered wings and fairies are a plausible combination, but isn’t the only true limit in Second Life our own imagination and then of course there’s Disney’s Maleficent. So yes, here I am again with pointed ears and white angelic wings.

I’m using the Catwa Stanley mesh head, which is quite chiselled. One of these days I will try one of their rounder, softer looking heads for another fairy, but for now this doesn’t look to shabby.
The young radiant skin is ‘Ryu’ by Birth and you will also find the guyliner there in several versions for a mysterious smokey eye or something a bit fiercer.
For hair I went with something nonchalantly tousled by Vango.
The trusty multi purpose Season 5 Steking ears by Mandala are shown in their full elven glory. With a click of a button you can turn these into pixy and even human ears. They’re a bitch to match up with your skin tone, but hey, you win some, you loose some and you learn to make like Elsa and let it go, let it goooo!
Now I’m going to ask you to look into my eyes, not around my eyes, in my eyes. They’re the standard rigged Catwa eyes that come with the head, but with an applier from Avi-Glam.

My outfit is the Gorean set from Thirst, which I got from an event a while ago, but I wasn’t able to locate at their store at the moment. I’ve been told that there is an issue with the rigging (I’m not really seeing it, looks pretty good to me) and hopefully the creator will have time to fix it and add this set to the permanent collection at their store soon.
Last but not least, my lovely dovely dreamy wings are from Blueberry. You can go completely overboard with these and splash out on a fatpack. So far I’ve been able to hold off, but I rather like the idea of having them in different colours.

I’ve spend a bit of time at Lost Unicorn, enjoying their fantasy themed stream and exploring the nooks and crannies of this magical sim, but now it’s time to spread my and am fly out of here to make a soft landing on my couch to watch something fantasy related like HBO’s The Magicians. I only just started on that the other day and two episodes in, I really am IN.

What’s Eating TMP 12

Well isn’t that just flipping-the-bird typical! As soon as I decided to get myself a pair of lovely-dovely bento hands from Vista to go with the very much non-bento TMP body, the folks at TMP all of a sudden woke up and released a little update and finally added… wait for it… bento hands to their body. I guess that warrants another styling exercise from my side, but only because the update is free for anyone who already owns the Deluxe body. At the previous price of 500 L$, the TMP Deluxe Body was an interesting proposition for anyone who had been reluctant to go from prim to mesh and for newbies that wanted to ease their way into the virtual world and look good without spending too much. Now the price has gone up to 1950 L$. Easy there TMP! Don’t get ahead of yourself!

This time around I wanted to revisit the combination of the TMP body with the Akeruka ‘Leon’ bento mesh head. I’ve used a skin by Egozy, as they are one of the few skin creators that still include a TMP body applier that comes with their head appliers and they also have a rather nice option for the Akeruka Leon head with their Marcus skin. I went for a darker “coffee” skin tone this time, as I like to mix up the ethnicity with my looks. The nipples looked a bit too fuzzy for my liking, so I brought them into focus with the Noche nipples. The flashy yellow swimming trunks, or perhaps you’re more likely to call those speedos, are also from Noche. Make sure you get the right ones! Noche has a newer pair of swimming briefs with stripes on the side and those (alas!) don’t include a TMP size. You’ll find my hair style at Stealthic and the mesh ears by Andore are available at the Men Only Monthly event till 15th March and most probably at Andore‘s main store afterwards. The Leon mesh head has its own mesh eyes and they’re not bad, but limited to just a few textures. I’m using mesh eyes from Avi Glam instead for a wider range of choices.

I did a quick check at Men On Monthly to see who still includes a TMP size with their newest creations and it soon became clear that many, if not most, have dropped it like its… eehm… not so hot. Of course you can demo the hell out of everything to see if any of the other sizes will work on the TMP body, but I wanted to keep things easy.

The Aitui ‘Quinn’ Jacket at MOM this mont includes a TMP size, so that meets the keepin’ it easy requirement. I couldn’t find a pair of jeans or any other kind of trousers at MOM that would work for TMP, so I grabbed the Cold Ash ‘Holloway’ ripped jeans from my inventory, cause those aren’t that old and I do like that worn look. The sneakers I’m wearing with this outfit are from a gacha set over at Semller.

Another creator who hasn’t completely given up on TMP is Etham. This simple sweater is good basic piece to have in your wardrobe, for those moments you just want things to be “normal” in SL. You’ll find it at the current round of MOM till 15th March.

Just to be clear, TMP’s mesh heads still are static, a.k.a. non-bento. It’s only the body that has had an update. And I do mean, only the body. Actually, it’s more like only the hands. The alpha hud is still as user unfriendly as ever before and the while the idea of their styling hud is a good one (it holds all texture you buy and install) it is slow and if you want support, I hope you aren’t in much of a hurry. Tattoos are problematic, as they tend to stay blurry till you right-click your body to force a texture refresh. In spite of all those issues, I still have a soft sport for this body.

Dabbling With Geralt – Episode XI

Time flies when you’re having fun or when you’re busy throwing clocks at people. It’s been more than a month ago already since I last seriously played with the look of the Signature Geralt mesh body and head. It was high time for a more serious dabble.

I think Geralt is a good option for anyone who wants a slimmer body, so this time I made a conscious effort to tone him down, though he still looks pretty fit as f*ck. Akool has an Omega mesh head applier named Chris that comes complete with Signature, Belleza and Omega body appliers. My first guess was to try the Signature body applier, but it didn’t stick, so I used the Omega applier instead. Nothing looks particularly out of place, but the nipples were a little bit funky, so I covered them up with the unrigged version of the Noche nipples. It took some tweaking, but he enjoyed it really.
The Geralt mesh head has built-in eyes but I’n not a fan, instead I’m using mesh eyes from Avi Glam. I further jazzed up the head with add-on mesh ears by Andore, available at the Men Only Monthly event till 15th March and most probably at Andore‘s main store afterwards. The scruffy beard is one of the standard options that come with the head. I continued the mild “bad boy” vibe with the tousled “Nial” hair by Modulus.

Finding fancy underwear is always an issues with the newer bodies. Luckily some brands started to pick up Geralt. Thirst is a good example of that. I realise that my previous blog post was already dedicated to them, but I didn’t mention Geralt in that. Their G-String Jock, Peekabooty Briefs, Long Johns and Boyfriend Boxer all fit Geralt, and there are more items in their range which include a Geralt size. All items come with some very flashy texture options, but as you can tell from the items I’m modelling here, you can also keep it stylishly muted.

If you head over to the current round of the Equal10 event, which runs until 5th March you can pick up a cropped t-shirt by Thirst and a pair of studded jeans by Legal Insanity. After browsing my inventory for a bit in search of a pair of fitting shoes, I eventually settled on the Native Urban “Pryda” sneakers.
Missed Equal 10? Check out the Legal Insanity and Thirst main stores.

Have fun dabbling with Geralt!

Quench your Thirst 5

Just a little reminder that time to pre-order the March edition of the Jockd underwear set at Thirst is running out soon. Don’t miss out on the 200 L$ discount and the exclusive textures! At this point the content is still a mystery to me, but I can look back at some previous editions, which are available at 600 L$ for a set of two with various textures.

The Basix Jock from the December edition of Jockd is one of those typical must have items and it comes with the Basix Trunk. The Peekabooty Briefs from January’s Jockd are perfect for driving that special someone in your life wild with desire… or just that one night stand, we won’t judge you… slut. Those briefs came together with the Panelled Bikini Briefs, perfect for hanging out at the tropical SL beach of your choice or perhaps just napping on a floaty in your rooftop pool.

You can head over to the new Thirst store now and grab these items and while you’re there, pre-order the March edition of Jockd. You have until 4th March to do that. The spanking new skintight items will be delivered to you on 5th March giving you access to the exclusive textures as well as the bragging rights of having it a week before the non pre-orderers. On the 12th of March pre-ordering starts for the April edition and the plebs can start buying the March edition, cause that’s how that cooky crumbles. #bootytooch #buttslap

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Stanley head , 
Erwin skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair. The mesh ears are by Mandala

Taking David to Men Only Monthly February / March 2019

The current round of the Men Only Monthly event has been on for a couple of days and my NX-Nardcotix David mesh body had a sudden yearning for some new outfits. Coincidentally, styling my avatar is my favourite thing to do in SL, apart from some shameless slutty behaviour, but that should be something for a different blog (Sex & The Sim City?).

Pose by The Owl

David’s first outfit exists of the Aitui ‘Quinn’ Jacket from the MOM event, combined with the ‘Finlay’ cargo pants from the NX-Nardcotix store and ‘Chelsea’ boots from Cold Ash. The Signature size works best, with a slightly toned down muscle mass and flattened chest. Don’t worry, the pecs are still very much worth showing off with the plunging neckline on the tank top underneath the jacket.

Pose by Grafica

The Outlier “Moto Slims” at MOM in the Niramyth size are quite a good fit for David. An added bonus is that you can easily combine these pants with the tank from the NX-Nardcotix ‘Darrel’ underwear set. A nice pair of sneakers from Deadwool finishes off the outfit.

Pose by CKEY poses

At some point Etham was rigging items for David, but the sweater they now have at MOM does not include his size. The Sig Gianni size works well enough though. The cargo pants are by A&D Clothing and also from the current round of the MOM event. they don’t look great without a top, but go well with the Etham sweater. The NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots pick up the green from the bit of t-shirt that’s showing at the bottom of the sweater.

What’s Eating TMP 11

It was time for another one of those posts in which I wonder out loud about what the heck is going on with the male TMP mesh body.
About a year ago I was quite excited to finally see some changes at TMP’s store “The Shops!“. Nothing has changed since then though. You still enter the place in a sort of anteroom where you can buy their “new” bento hair. From there you can teleport to an area where the good old TMP bodies and static non-bento heads are sold. The biggest change of course was the massive price drop from 5000 to 500 L$ for their bodies and heads.
Meanwhile there still is a lot of unclarity about what would happen to the body if TMP would ever take their servers offline. Styling options for this body are saved in a special styling hud and your settings are then saved to a TMP server. It has been said that if that server would go offline, you’d be stuck in one skin or maybe the alpha hud would no longer work. Then again, 500 L$ is 2 USD (not counting the transaction fee when you buy lindens) so we’re not talking about a huge risk. Sadly the body was never upgraded to bento, so the hands are static. Another sad thing is that it was never made Omega compatible so you are more limited in skin choices and the number of creators that make a TMP applier is dwindling rapidly. But let’s look at one of the latest pieceof eye candy I’ve put together using this body.

Poses by The Owl

One way to minimise the risk of wasting your money, is to only invest in body skin appliers that also can be used on other bodies. Egozy is a good example of a skin creator that makes appliers for the Catwa and Akeruka mesh heads and includes TMP, Signature, Slink and Omega body appliers. This is their Tiger skin in the golden skin tone on the Catwa Stanley head with the TMP body. I’m quite pleased with the nearly invisible neck seam you get on the combination of this head, body and skin. Don’t use the neck sheath for TMP bodies in the Catwa hud, as it actually gives you a less good result. This Egozy skin is 800 L$, which is pretty good considering all those body appliers are included. I jazzed it up a bit more with the add on mesh nipples from Noche.

Poses by Cordeaux

If you are feeling brave, you can do something silly and get the Vista bento hands for the TMP body. These are 700 L$ and if the body would indeed become useless at some point, then you wouldn’t have much use for these hands either. The omega applier that comes with the Egozy skin works on these hands, but you will need to get the Omega relay from Vista. The result is nearly seamless, depending on the windlight. The package includes a simple bento fingers animator, which is ideal if your main AO doesn’t have bento hand animations. There is also a larger hud with hand poses and all the built-in skins and fingernail options.

Poses by Pose Maniacs (left + right) & Cordeaux (middle)

Of course there’s always the question whether there are still any new clothes available for the TMP body. It definitely has been dropped by some creators. It’s difficult to find any nice new underwear or swimwear for it, but there is a back catalogue of items in that array that still don’t look outdated. Take a look around at Noche’s store and you will find their Essential Jockstrap, Metalic Thong and Bottomless Trunks on the 3rd floor. Always demo items first to make sure the TMP size is included, as Noche stopped supporting TMP a while back.

Some of you will want to venture out into the big wild grid with a bit more clothing, so I took a quick look at some of the styling I have been done with other bodies and recycled a couple of looks.

Pose by Grafica

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! The blazer with t-shirt, slacks and Oxford shoes from L&B work just fine with the TMP body if you use the Gianni size. You can pop off your feet as they are totally covered anyway. You can play with your shape a bit to tailor the suit and make your feet a bit smaller so it doesn’t look like you’re walking around with snowshoes and then save that shape to wear with this outfit. (SAVE AS! Use SAVE AS! You don’t want to ruin your perfect naked shape!)

For something a lot more casual, you can find the “Strong” jeans and tank top at Invictus. They come in TMP size, so you’ll be able to go topless, but I did notice a tiny bit of clipping at the ankles. The Deadwool Chase sneakers are a good option with this outfit.

That’s it for now. TMP remains very quiet, with zero changes to the store in about a year, obviously no new releases and definitely no mentioning of an update or new body. I think at this point it’s mainly alts, collectors, newbies and very late converters that are buying it. Oh well… Still looks hot though.

Stealthic hair and Mandala mesh ears used throughout.

Quench your Thirst @ Romp

Blogging always gives me something to do in SL and it allows for some serious ego stroking by telling myself I’m actually helping people. Another advantage, apart from the obvious creative outlet, is that it gives me access to new releases of a handful of brands without having to cough up the Linden dough all the time. That makes it easier to keep a balance between taking a little and giving a little. One of the brands I regularly blog for is Thirst. They have been quite the busy little bees lately, releasing two new underwear items monthly and several other fashionable tit bits in between. Right now they’re at the elegantly kinky event known as Romp.

We’re about halfway through this event and you have until 23rd February to get your ass over there and check out the Thirst Luxe Harness. It’s fitted for Jake, Gianni, and Geralt and comes with a hud for multiple styling options.
After the event you’ll find this harness at the Thirst store, where you will also find the G-string I’m wearing in this image. The bad news is that the red texture I’m using on this titillating undergarment was only available if you pre-ordered “Jockd”. The good news is that if you like the idea of quasi exclusive textures, you should really look into the Jockd underwear club at Thirst.

Shown on Belleza Jake mesh body with Catwa Stanley head, Stray Dog Zack skin, Birth ‘Guyliner’ Catwa Applier,  Stealthic Hysteria hair and Mandala mesh ears. Wings by Blueberry. Pose from “Ready” pose set @ Cordeaux.

Menstuff Hunt February 2019

O.M.G.! I haven’t been on a hunt since Christmas time. That’s like ages ago… Well not much longer than a month ago, but time’s a foggy thing for me. Anyway, this doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s the Menstuff Hunt, I identify as male and like stuff, so it seems like a good fit. Without any further yadda yadda yadda let’s look at some of the highlights.

Rather than go through the list in numerical order, I’ll work my way through the stuff in the order that I find it in my inventory.
First up is a pair of PJ bottoms and a tank top (tied in the back) from Travesty Menswear. The bottom and top come in an interesting mix of sizes. For example, you’ll find the PJ bottoms in the TMP size, but not the tank top. Meanwhile said tank top comes in more obscure sizes like Exmachina and Altamura. You’re all good if you use the Signature or Belleza body though.
Next there is a hooded jacket, a very bog standard pair of jeans and even more standard looking beanie from 7th Avenue Threads. The jacket comes in standard sizes and fitmesh, the jeans only in standard sizes. They’re running behind on the times.
Now we’re taking a look at a pair of subtle slanted eyebrows from Birth. Keep in mind that your own eyebrow shape will have an impact on how these will look on your face. Sometimes I see people in real life whom I really want to shout at: stop plucking your eyebrows, you look shocked all the time! Ironically I wouldn’t be able to tell whether that would shock them or not. It’s funny cause it’s true. These brows come as Signature and Omega applicators. I’ve used it on the Catwa Stanley head in this shot. He shaved off his luscious locks just so you guys would get a real good look at the brows. That’s dedication for ya! The skin I’m using is also by Birth.

7 Deadly S[k]ins is in this hunt too, with an Omega body and head applier named “Jeroen”. It’s been a little while since I last dabbled with the Signature Geralt body and head so I thought it would be a good candidate for it. I like the boyish look without looking too much like a teenager. The leaning against a wall pose I’ve used here is also from the hunt and can be found at Pics-n-Poses.

At the Menstuff Group HQ you’ll find an adorkable tank top and a more neutral version. I was too lazy to switch from Signature Geralt to Gianni and was surprised to find the Signature size actually works with Geralt. Plenty of other sizes are included. Meanwhile I did slap on one of Geralt’s default beard options to spice up that 7DS look.
If you like accessories, you possible will be well chuffed with the metal chain bracelet by LOo LOo & Platipus. Gold and copper were too shiny for my liking, but dark metal or silver were ok.
Perhaps leather bracelets are more your thing. In that case you should check out Inner Demons. That’s the name of a store. I’m not inviting you to release your own inner demons. Please don’t commit any crimes in my name!

In my never all that humble opinion, Rebellion have one of the best items in this hunt with their sturdy pair of yellow walking boots. You can go look for a pair of jeans or trousers that can be tucked inside the boots, but I took the easy way out and put on a pair of shorts. I’m ready for a nice springtime hike now… February + Stockholm = Fat chance!
For the next item we head over to Kingbal. The nicest detail about this simple t-shirt and shorts outfit is the belt. The th-shirt could have done with better detailing. You win some, you loose some.
Aha! Finally I’ve been able to put two hunt items together to make an outfit. The shirt is by Orchid and the camouflage pants are from Tamiron Forge and I seam to have lost the willpower to keep mentioning the available sizes.

I like the cut and details on the shirt, trousers and shoes from Ishara, but I’m not too keen on the scorpion print on the back and shoulder. The pose by Reina Photography is also a hunt item.
Fe Style has the gamers among you covered with a t-shirt and it kinda goes well (almost) with the trousers from the previous outfit.
And finishing things with a decor item from PBM and seeing that I have been sitting here so long that I’ve grown a beard, this shaving set is a very appropriate ending to this long Menstuff Hunt.

Enjoy the Menstuff Hunt! The full list counts 66 stops, so you can really kill some time with this, or at times seriously diminish your will to live if you have a love hate relationship with hunts. You have until the end of February to finish. Some items are 1 L$ and others are totally free.