Taking David To Men Only Monthly December/January 2018/19

It’s Men Only Monthly time! The event started two days ago and will run its usual course till January 15th. We’ll be half a month into the new year by that time and chances are more than half the new year’s resolutions will already have flown out of the window. My good intention for here an now is to dedicate this MOM visit to the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. That guy is hot, but he’s often being accused of not having any clothes. Fair enough, he’s not getting a lot of support from the designers, goodness know why! But with a nip here and a tuck there, you can make things work, so lets look at some of the pieces I picked up at MOM this time.

I’m always happy to show a shirtless look with a pair of jeans. It’s easy enough to make any pair of trousers or jeans work, if your torso is covered as well, but you won’t be able to make each pair of jeans work if you’re topless. These jeans by Outlier fit quite well with minimal shape adjustment. I’m using the Niramyth size and I have added some muscle to my legs because I like a chunky thigh, but I think these jeans would easily allow for a skinny leg too. As I’m shirtless and appear to be on a Greek island, the NX-Nardcotix Mecatl sandals make perfect sense as footwear.

Are you heading for a colder climate and liking that smart casual city look? Try the Galvanized Wayne coat, it works a treat. I was able to wear this with the Outlier jeans by removing the belt and increasing my belly size. My neck and torso muscle had to be brought down too. I traded in my sandals for the Nx-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots.

This anorak by A&D is a nice option if you like spending time on winter sims. It’ll protect you against the type of icy winds that could shave the eyebrows of a mosquito. The Outlier jeans keep serving me well, meanwhile the NX-Nardcotix Gideon boots are keeping my feet warm. The handy thing about these boots is that there’s a “cut” version included which easily fits under the jeans without clipping problems.

You gotta have a pair of sweatpants for those lazy days. The VUK Zeke pants are just the thing, but you’ll have to flatten your bum to make these work, so this particular item is for those of you that already prefer a tiny hiney anyway. You will also need to play with your belly size, saddle bags and leg muscle to make these sweatpants fit.

The package includes a version without boxershorts, but these are even more problematic. To make that version fit without clipping, you’ll have a gap at the front and rude people can look right down your pants! On the other hand, these sweats are damn sexy as a posing prop.
Earlier this year I dedicated a post to sweatpants you can wear with David: Sweats & Pants Day with David.

Now let’s head to the beach in these jeans shorts by Invictus, with a shirt casually tied around my waist. These shorts did not require a lot of shape editing, which was a relief. I think the Aesthetic size is the most suitable version to use with David. While I was enjoying a relaxing beach walk at Hades Love Island, I got a marriage proposal, so I must be doing something right with this look.


  • NX-Nardcotix David mesh body (L$ 1750)
  • Catwa Stanley bento mesh head (L$ 5000)
  • Birth Benjamin for Catwa (L$ 1050) & Omega body applier (L$ 5509, works very well with the David body
  • Modulus Nial hair, browns (L$ 320)

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 14

Second Life most definitely hasn’t run out of Christmas goodies yet. I on the other hand, am running out of time to grab them. I’ve been scaling the snowy roofs and coming down chimneys to get my greedy mits on whatever I can, but there is this little thing called Real Life to take care of too. Let’s not nag too much about that and dive into my pile of plundered paraphernalia.

First I wanted to open a few more little doors on the MadPea Christmas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for $L500 and of course you’ll find 24 items inside. That’s pretty good value for money. You get sweet items like the “Dashing trough the snow” globe, two very endearing small snowmen (well, a snow boy & girl, apparently) and a charmingly shabby dining set.

I discovered an advent calendar at Anna’s Attic. You don’t need to join a group and you can collect all the items of the past days. Just show up and keep on clicking, stuff all those goodies down your trouser legs and walk away whistling like nothing happened.

Argrace have recently given themselves a fresh start with a new store and there are still plenty of empty walls at the moment, but they have two Santa hats (with hair) as group gifts at the moment. One’s for all members and another one is for people that have previously bought items from Argrace.
The current round of the Man Cave event started a couple of days ago. If you join their free group you can rake in a truck load of beer cans and each can represents a gift. Seriously, I don’t even know for sure if I got them all, there’s that many. I’m only showing one for now, to kick things off, but I might do some more unpacking tomorrow. Those Gabriel trousers don’t look too shabby at all, so that’s a nice start. This round of Man Cave ends on January 9th, so relax, take it easy… And hurry da f*ck over there.

It’s bedtime here now. If you’re on SL time, you still have all of Friday evening ahead of you, so enjoy, relax and leave your worries behind. Pleasant thought of the day: oh, the days are getting longer again.

Naughty Santa

It’s no secret that I like my saucy Christmas outfits. Big warm coats, woolly hats, scarves and a pair of sturdy boats have their own charm of course. These garments tend to turn people into walking talking Christmas presents, which unwrap themselves as they enter your home. As we are impervious to frostbite in Second Life, we get to wear little somethings that most definitely can be classed as fashion fun over function. Then again, perhaps the function of those things is to heat things up in a different way.

Thirst currently has a Naughty Santa outfit at the Notice Me, Santapai event, and noticed you most probably will be in this little getup. It consists of a pair tight shorts, suspenders and a typical Santa hat and is available in red, mint, cinnamon and coal. The outfit is rigged for the Signature Gianni and Geralt as well as Belleza Jake mesh body. The Notice Me, Santapai event runs until the end of December. Of course nothing stops you from checking out the Thirst main store for lots of sexy undies either for yourself or as a gift for that special guy in your life… Or that one-night stand who really needed a decent pair of underpants.
(Santa sack not included in outfit)


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard & Birth Signature body applier
  • The hair is no longer available

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 13

It’s Episode lucky number 13 of my series about advent calendars, freebies and bargains in Second Life during the, allegedly, most beautiful time of the year. Put on some sturdy walking shoes and join me on a walk through a winter wonderland.

My first stop is Meva, this time with a t-shirt for the Signature Gianni body in one of those typical Nordic patterns. You’ll freeze your tits of wearing this in the frightful weather outside, but Swedes overheat their houses, so inside a t-shirt will be quite delightful.
I’ve made some progress with the MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt. As previously mentioned, you need to purchase a 100 L$ hud to participate in this hunt. You’ll be hunting for toys which will give you points. Once you have enough points, you can trade them in for prizes. A number of creators have contributed prizes you can obtain by finding three toys that will give you a key instead of points. I’ve been concentrating on this so I can show you some of these particular prizes, like the Candle Deer Decor by Chez moi and the Fae Christmas Decor by Serenity Style. I’m particularly chuffed with the ladder, lantern and crate with firewood by Varonis.
The hunt will run till 24th December and you can find all information on the MadPea website.

I’m off to find some more enchanted toys in this hunt. TTFN.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 12

I’ve only made two advent calendar stops today.

First stop: Meva! You know the dril: be a group member or be square. Group joining fee is only L$ 100. Join now and you can still grab 8 gifts for that money. That’s a bargain. Today’s gift is a fun Christmas vest for the Signature Gianni body. Make sure you grab this before the end of 18 December SL time or you’ll lose out.

Next stop: 7 Deadly S(k)ins. They are being ever so slightly a little bit quirky today by giving away appliers for the TMP body and mesh head. I have done plenty of blog posts about this body and a few that included the head. Long story short: it’s outdated but you can buy them for 500L$ each. There is a risk that things will stop working if TMP ever makes the choice to step out of SL. Meanwhile you need to be in the 7DS group to grab the advent calendar gifts and the joining fee has been temporarily raised to L$ 1000. Again, you need to swing buy each day to pick up the gift. If you’re late you can buy previous gifts at discounted prices. The matching system skin is included in today’s gift as well, so you could even use the TMP body with your system head.

That’s all for now. The Beaver has left the building.

Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head – Take 2

I’ve already taken a closer look at the Vista Gerard mesh head with it’s original skin on the Belleza jake body and I’ve created a tanned look with the Birth Bennett applier for this head on the Signature body. Today I’m returning to that last combination, but I’m using a lighter tone and I’ve played with the shape to create a sharper face and showcase the versatility of this head and skin.

One of the things I really appreciate about this head is that you can adjust the angle of your ears (in the AO section of the hud) so you can make them stick out. I’m rather partial to that look. It’s not like I ever had a thing for prince Charles, but maybe I’m part Ferengi? I sure do like a good acquisition. If I’ve just lost you at this point, it means you’ve never watched Star Trek Deep Space 9 or Voyager. Your loss! Anyway, back to Gerard. The Birth Bennett skin is fresh enough to create a twink look with it, especially if you forgo facial hair and make your chin more pointy and don’t shy away from full lips, as those too are a sign of youthfulness.
The brows that come with this skin are okay, but I wanted something different to I applied the browless skin and then applied Subtle Brows from Identity. They’re a bit of a pain to apply, because they don’t communicate very well with the head and try to apply themselves to all layers. As a result your hair base will be knocked off and you’ll have to re-apply that after putting the brows on. Ah the pains we put ourselves through to be pretty!

Check out these Youtube videos about the Vista Gerard head on the Vista channel and fellow blogger Strawberry Singh’s channel:


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head (L$ 2000 launch price)
  • Vista Omega System Installer (L$ 149), you’ll need this to apply skins and eye textures
  • Signature Gianni mesh body (L$ 3500)
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard (L$ 1050) & Birth Signature body applier (L$ 550)
  • Identity Subtle Brows (L$ 250)
  • Avi Glam eye applier, also includes a pair of mesh eyes. (L$ 99 for single colours, L$ 350 for fatpacks)
  • Modulus Lewis hair with baseball cap, currently at TMD till the end of December (L$ 320 for one of the colour packs)
  • Shape: I made my own, as usual. There is a shape include with the Birth Bennett skin and four shapes with the Vista Gerard head.
  • Noche Chris Swim Briefs (L$ 199 for the pink version, L$ 1399 for a fatpack with 19 colours), comes with Gianni and Belleza sizes and 4 bulge options
  • Location: Hades Love Island (Adult)

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 11

I little elf visited me in my sleep and whispered in my ear that there still are plenty of Christmas goodies to be found in Second Life. I woke up ready to rumble in the snow so let’s go go go!

My first stop was The Gacha Life. There are plenty of gifts to be grabbed here if you have a female avatar, but there are also some sweet Christmas decoration items. You need to join the Gacha Life group, but there is no joining fee. I can’t be held responsible if you feel tempted by trying your luck with the gacha machines. My two favourite totally free gifts from this event are the mantle piece Christmas trees and the curious puppy that’s investigating Santa’s sack.
Next I headed over to Meva to grab the gift for 16 December from their advent calendar. Remember, you snooze you looze! You only have one day per gift to grab it. Obviously you need to be a group member and the joining fee is L$ 100. Today the gift was a set of rings for the Signature Gianni body.

I’ve opened two more doors of the MadPea Christmas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for 500 L$ and it has some pretty nifty goodies in it. Take for instance the well crafted crate of fireworks. It’s not just for show, it actually can put on a nice fireworks display.
Another item from this calendar is a big Rudolph the reindeer hat, complete with slowly flashing red nose to guide your sleigh.
After unpacking all that, I had just enough time left to visit one of the stops on the Love To Decorate Christmas trail. Crate made a Christmas shelf by recycling an old racer sleigh. What an inspiring idea! I mean, I have no DIY skills and definitely no old racer sleigh in the attic, but I feel inspired to recycle something anyway. Perhaps my empty glögg bottles? You can pick up this very well made item at Crate, if  you’re wearing your LTD group tag (joining is free).

Right! Time to get outa here! *tosses away the candles, puts the shelf down on the snow and re-uses it as a sleigh* weeeeeeeee wow wow wow *crash*

Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head

Earlier this month I took a look at the Vista Gerard mesh head and showed you what it looks like with it’s original skin combined with the Belleza Jake mesh body. Feel free to go take a look at that blog post first, I’ll wait for you here… Right, are you back? Meanwhile I have had time to play with the Gerard head some more and I have picked up a skin from one of my sponsors.

Birth was pretty quick to jump on the Vista band wagon and created the boyish yet manly Bennett skin for this head. Birth always does a good job with making lips look kissable and their body appliers are Fit as F*ck. I was using the neck sheet that’s included in the Gerard head to achieve a less visible neck seam, but it was a far from perfect solution. The visibility of your neck seam will be heavily dependant on windlight settings, but then again that is a problem with most mesh bodies and heads. I’ve learned to focus more on a handsome face, godlike abs and an ass that’s so beautiful it makes you want to cry. That’s what you get when cross a donkey and an onion, when the moon and the stars are aligned just right. In most cases you’ll just end up with an onion with long ears… Or a visible neck seam.

As I’m particularly partial to a bit of bristle, I also applied one of Birth’s beards. I am using the rigged eyes that come with this body, as they do the best job at filling the eye sockets without popping out, but I used an Omega eye applier from Avi Glam to get away from the standard eye colours. Individuality is in these small details. You will need to get the Omega System Installer from the Vista store to be able to apply omega skins and eyes. Some people will refer to this as an Omega relay.

Check out these Youtube videos about the Vista Gerard head on the Vista channel and fellow blogger Strawberry Singh’s channel:


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head (L$ 2000 launch price)
  • Vista Omega System Installer (L$ 149)
  • Signature Gianni mesh body (L$ 3500)
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard (L$ 1050) & Birth Signature body applier (L$ 550)
  • Birth Bristle beard applier (L$ 125)
  • Avi Glam eye applier, also includes a pair of mesh eyes. (L$ 99 for single colours, L$ 350 for fatpacks)
  • Vango Matt hair (L$ 320 for a “naturals” colour pack)
  • Shape: I made my own, as usual. There is a shape include with the Birth Bennett skin and four shapes with the Vista Gerard head.
  • Dufaux patch sweatpants

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 10

I went down on Santa’s sack again and wrestled free some pressies for all of us to enjoy. Some are totally free, for some you need to make a little donation. Hold on to your jingle bells, jump in my sleigh and follow along on my mad dash for goodies.

Meva is my favourite stop to start off with. The gift for 14th December is a simple dark red t-shirt with a rather plunging neckline. You need to be a member of the Meva group and the joining fee is 100 L$. Each gift is available for one calendar day.
The LTD Christmas is in full swing and 14 gifts are out now. Another gift will be released at a different store each day Check the Love to Decorate website for more information. You need to be a member of the LTD group and there is no joining fee. Today I collected the sweet gifts from The Fourth Wall and Eleventh Hour.

MadPea’s Magical Christmas hunt is one of the more fun hunts to join. The group chat always becomes more lively when there’s a MadPea hunt on and that’s where the more sociable aspect of SL gets a chance to chine. Rather than hunt for an object that contains a prize, in MadPea hunts you collect points which you can redeem for prizes. I’ve picked up one of the prizes, a little crate of very amusing looking “reinbeer”. To participate in this hunt yo need to purchase a hud for L$. The hunt will run till 24th December and you can find all information on the MadPea website.
MadPea also has an advent calendar you can purchase for L$ 500. I have already shown some items from this calendar in previous episodes and I’ve opened a few more doors now. The red-nosed antlers are adorkable and the gently glowing rustic stars garland is quietly delightful.

Time to jingle my bells outa here and watch an episode of Lucifer on Netflix before I hit the proverbial hay. I’ll leave you with a quote from the previous episode I watched.
Amenadiel: “You’re telling me there’s no music in hell?”
Lucifer: “Only for torture, and usually out of tune. Lately we’ve been playing music by this chap named Bieber. Oh, you should hear the screams.”

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 9

Time to jump in the sleigh, jingle the bells and stuff my sock with delicious goodies. Follow along as I make a couple of stops at places where you too may find an interesting package. Innuendo-Ho-Ho-Ho!

First stop is Meva, to see what’s in drawer No. 13 of their advent calendar. A well crafted double necklace which comes in three textures. Each of the two necklaces can also be worn separately. You need to be a member of the Meva group (joining fee is L$ 100) and gifts are available on each day only. You snooze, you loose.
Next I visited another sim that participates in the Peace On Earth hunt. You can find the complete list of stores and hints on the Peace On Earth site. This hunt runs until December 31th, so there still is plenty of time to pick up some nice bits and bobs. Take for instance the delightfully colourful body art from Taox Tattoo.
If you don’t mind venturing onto a gay adult sim, you can head on over to Niaro Island and take a look under Trader Fitch’s Christmas tree. He’s got some goodies for different mesh bodies. Fitch says the quality seems decent to him and I concur.

Swank have their usual monthly event, but of course as it’s December, there’s a winter wonderland theme and you can find gifts dotted around on the sim. You don’t need to be in any group and all gifts are free. I grabbed a cute mason jar snow globe, a hanging lantern (also made from a mason jar. hipster alert!) and a fun t-shirt.
That’s it for this episode. Enjoy the hunting and grabbing and whatever you do, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.