Taking a look at the Vista Bento Head Gerard

With all that Christmas hunting I almost forgot that I bought a new head recently. It’s the Vista Bento Head named Gerard. At only 2000 L$ I think it’s a steal compared to the 5000 L$ you have to cough up for some other brands. However, this has been marketed as a launch price and I can’t predict whether it is going to go up anytime soon. I’ve tried looking in my crystal ball but the darn thing is on the fritz every since my aunt Zelda dropped it on her foot. She never saw it coming. Isn’t hat ironic? But I’m digressing. Let’s take a look at this mug with its original skin and one of the four shapes it comes with.

I’m also using the eyebrow shape that comes with this body and when I put it on, all of a sudden I had system “helmet” hair on my head. That’s the first time I ever experienced this with a mesh head, but it is easy to fix by right-clicking the eyebrows in the Appearance window under the “wearing” tab and then clicking edit. Once in the editing window you look under style and push the slider for volume all the way to 0.
The original skin for this head comes in 5 skin tones and matches the Clef De Peau body applier, which you will have to purchase for your particulat body at the Clef De Peau main store. The neck seam isn’t great. There is a neck blender for various bodies, but to be honest, in some windlights it will stand out like a sore thumb and make matters worse. I’m using the head in this case with the Belleza Jake body, possibly you can get better results with other bodies.
The head is quite pliable and I definitely will be playing with it some more in the near future, using different skins and/or bodies and of course I’ll be adjusting the shape to my hearts content.

Check out these Youtube videos about the Vista Gerard head on the Vista channel and fellow blogger Strawberry Singh’s channel:


Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 8

My quest for Christmas goodies continues with a returning visit to the Snowbound hunt. If you want to see what I got from my previous efforts in this particular hunt, you should check out episode 5. Don’t dilly dally now though, cause this particular hunt ends on December 12th, with a party.

Further investigating of the store list for the Snowbound hunt showed me I was missing a kilt and hoodie from [QE] Designs I really wanted. Both come in lots of different sizes to work with most, if not all avatars. I also had my eye on a funny pair of fluffy ear warmers with golden bunny ears by Quirky.

MadPea, Second Life’s busiest games and events organiser, is back with their Magical Hunt for Enchanted Toys. Just like with other MadPea hunts, you look for items, in this case painfully cute toys, that give you points which you can redeem for some high quality prizes. This hunt is hud based and the basic hud costs L$ 100. If you want some more bells and whistles, you can go for the L$ 500 mega hud. You can also participate by buying some toys and hiding them on your sim. This hunt truly is by the people and for the people. It started on 10th and runs till 24th December. Visit the MadPea site for an extensive hunter’s guide to help you on your way and have fun finding those toys in places were you’d least expect them.

PS: I’m sporting the snazzy Santa’s Helper outfit by Noche, which currently is a gacha set at The Epiphany. I did make a little change to it, instead of the thong that’s part of the set, I’m using a Noche jockstrap.

Belleza Jake 2.0 mesh body

Belleza just dropped the long-awaited updated of their male mesh body in our inventory and with this, the body finally is out of it’s so-called beta stage. I didn’t even get a chance to really start working on this blog post before I received yet another update. The reason for this is that Belleza have been working on the forearms, hands and feet of the body, which means it no longer works with some shoes and tops that were made for the previous version, therefor they have included a version with the old hands and one with the old feet. The original version is in the box as well, so basically you’re getting four bodies for the price of one. That’s one way to look at it.
So what has changed? Luckily Belleza included a note card to tell us what’s new, so we don’t have to take any wild stabs in the dark.

  • Apparently there was an issue with feet rotation which now has been solved. There are more alpha cuts on the feet, which should make it easier to wear shoes.
  • Hand and forearm anatomy have been tweaked too.
  • The neck sheath has been improved (you can find it in the “shape” tab), but it still doesn’t provide a perfect (invisible) neck seam in all situations. You’ll find that in some windlight the neck sheath actually makes things worse, but this a common issue with other mesh body and heads as well.
  • The hud includes more alpha cuts and you can now hide your left, rigth or both hands, your fingernails and toenails.
  • Hand poses have been included, so you no longer have the “jazz” hands whenever you switch off your bento AO when you go sit on furniture.
  • Some other changes are mentioned but they don’t mean much to me.

Belleza includes an applier for Catwa heads with this body. The name says it’s made for the Catwa Daniel head, but I’m using it on the Stanley head and it doesn’t look too shabby, if I say so myself. A couple of shapes and an eyebrow shape are includes as well, in case you are a looking for help in that area. Personally I always make my own shape and it probably is one of my favourite things in Second Life.

I didn’t have to think long about what underwear I was going to put on to maintain some modesty while still showing off most of the body. My sponsor Thirst has a nice pair of briefs that includes different versions and poses so you can make it look like you’re teasingly pulling them down. Perfect for those photogenic shutterbugs among you. Of course an everyday version is included as well, for just hanging around the house or for going to an underwear partie. Momentarily the briefs only come in Belleza size, but an update with a Gianni size is in the stars.


Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 7

Ready for some Christmas gifts and/or bargains? OK, let’s go! 
In episode three I already mentioned Love To Decorate and how a bunch of Second Life creators have contributed a gift especially for members of the LTD group. My information was somewhat flawed. I thought all gifts were released simultaneously, but instead it’s one gift per day up to December 21s and you have until January 15th to pick up these gifts. I already received the winter bench and blanket basket from my sponsor Shutter Field, but let’s take a look at some of the other gifts that are out right now.

First up is a sweat little rocking chair with a throw from Goose. The scene I put together for it really makes me wish I had a fireplace in my real life apartment. I’ve tried building a camp fire, but the neighbours really don’t like it. Oh well.
From Junk Food we get a full set containing a table, logs, a wooden Christmas tree and a plate of cookies, which dispenses cookies. Nom nom nom. Zero calories… Zero taste.
People have been taking bits of nature indoors with them round this time of year for a very long time. This habit long predates Christmas, so naturally you need some of that in SL. There’s a Christmas tree of course, but then there are also some nice winter arrangements like the one from Bygone.

No Christmas is complete without a log, so thank you What Next for catering to this particular need. This virtual version makes me want to hoover up a real life chocolate log with my face.
And after such a rich snack, I’m going to need a nap. Enter the outdoor sleigh bed (or you can put it indoors of course) by Bee Design.
If you enjoy creating a winter wonderland, you’ll like the little cuddle area by TM Creation, featuring snow covered rocks, a tree stump, winter foliage, a bunny and a decorative pillow.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 6

Greetings loyal followers and other Christmas freebies and bargains craving people. It’s the second advent Sunday and Christmas is rushing towards us like nobody’s business. Meanwhile I keep wandering the grid, visiting winter wonderland situations and grabbing goodies.

My first stop was Meva to pick up the 9 December gift from their advent calendar. You need to be a group member and the group joining fee is 100 L$. Each gift is available for one day only. Today the gift is layered, as you get a long shirt and a tank top which can be worn separately or together. The tank top comes with a colour hud and both items com in Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake size.
Next I opened up a few more doors of the Madpea Chrismas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for 500 L$ and rez it at your home as a nice decoration piece or attach it as hud and open doors whenever you feel like it. I rather like that silly snowman hat. 

Also in the Madpea Christmas Calendar are a wearable lantern, cookies and milk to leave out for Santa (let’s hope he hasn’t gone gluten / lactose intolerant), a Certificate of Good Behaviour (you can fill in your own name… cheaters!), a beautifully shimmering little winter wonderland dome, and a little naive painting on planks of wood.

At this point the Firestorm just shut down on me without any warning and I’m going to take this as a sign that I need to wrap this blog post up and head outside into the real world. See you soon for more goodies.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 5

‘Tis the season to be jolly Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la and to load lots of free toys and goodies on your sleigh. We’re 7 days into December and 5 episodes into my series in which I’m exploring all what Second Life Christmas has to offer in terms of freebies, bargains and whatever else I may find worth mentioning. Hop on my sleigh and join me on my treasure trail.

7 Deadly S(k)ins has an advent calendar that runs till 24th December with a male and female gift for each day. If you’ve missed a day, you can purchase the box at a discounted price. The “bad news” is that for the month of December the group joining fee has been raised to 1000 L$, the good news is that if you like their skins, there are 18 gifts left to grab in the coming days and that comes down to +/- 55 L$ per box. Well worth it if you like the 7DS skins and don’t have many of them yet. Today’s male gift is the Roland omega face and body applier in caramel tone, shown here on the Signature Geralt body and head.

There are some boxes under the Christmas tree at Fameshed. Some are just decoration, some contain a gift. You need to join the Fameshed update group, but there is no joining fee. I had a quick look at the gifts and saw some beautiful hair and shoes for female avatars. Some usable items for me personally are a set of cookie cutters, a rustic inspirational sign and an interesting wall box with stools named “modern tête-a-tête… All what’s missing there are the smart phones.

After yesterday’s heavy duty post, I’m going to keep this one nice an light, so this is it for now. The weekend should be good for some more hunting and advent calendar collecting.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 5

Hi there loyal Beaver Reader or if you’re new here: what took you so long? This is episode 5 of my blog series about Christmas related finds, freebies, goodies and bargains in Second Life and you better braise yourself cause it’s gonna be a big one.

We’re going to take a look at The Snowbound Hunt. This hunt runs until 12 December and has many contributors. All the hunt prizes can be found on the Snowbound sim, which is quite a lovely place for wandering around. Each contributor has specific baubles you need to look for. Very few prizes are free, some are 10 L$ and others are 25 L$. Of course if you know what the prize is and you really want it, than these are all bargains. The little cat-like creature with the sign will give you an overview of contributing stores, their specific baubles and prizes. The hunt also has a facebook page that can proof useful. There are a lot of baubles as all the participating stores have contributed several items. One way to get a better idea of what’s in a bauble is to right click it, go in edit mode and have a look in the contents tab. Once you have either bought the item or have decided you don’t want it, you may want to derender the bauble, unless you have one of those perfect recall memories, in which case I do hate you ever so slightly. There aren’t an awful lot of male items here, but if you have a female avatar you can really clean this place out. Here’s a selection of the goodies I grabbed. I’ve put the type of bauble you need to look for with each of the prizes.

First up is a pair of fluffy ear warmers with golden cat ears by Quirky.
Next you can indulge your sweet tooth with a snowman ice cream cone by SugarBun.
Everybody needs at least one pair of antlers in their wardrobe and there are lots of these in this hunt. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the hunt’s organiser, Toxxic Rhiannyer, who’s supplying these antlers. You’ll find them in beige/gold striped baubles.

If you like an industrial touch, then you will appreciate the bent nail bracelet by Nova.
Make sure your guests have something to nibble on, with the cupcakes and candy canes by The Artist shed.
Of course guests can come in tiny sizes, like this little chinchilla by Sweet Thing.

Riot has several pairs of thigh high boots hidden in this hunt and they come in a bunch of sizes, even for male avatars like Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, Slink and Adam. Admittedly, as far as male attire goes it’s “out there”, but the texturing is great and it’s nice to see creators are thinking outside the box. Riot also contributed some tamer options, like the oversized sweater and the white and green biker pants.
Now I get back to a bit of decor with this festive red bike by THOR. It’s christmassy because of the colour and the cans of hot milky drinks. Great! Now the chinchilla has something to wash the candy canes down with.

Tiller put in a jacket, a pair of trousers and a set of differently coloured baseball caps that like a young urban look.
If you don’t like full-on Christmas decoration or simply haven’t got the time to put it all together, but like to scatter about some small seasonal items, then you may like this basket of ornaments and cup with candy canes by Moss & Mink.
After all that bauble hunting you’re going to need a rest so it’s good to know you can find a pair of PJ bottoms by [QE] in this hunt. Unfortunately there’s no Belleza size included. You get Aesthetic, Signature Gianni and classic sizes.

If you’re making some memories this Christmas, perhaps you can put them in the winter themed picture frames by Moon Tea.
Having a lazy day between the holidays? Just wrap yourself in the blanket by Lagom. If you have a female avi it gets much better, cause there are socks and a baggy sweater for you. I had to blank out my arms and hands to wear this blanket, but I think that was to be expected.
If you’re nuts about shoes, maybe you’ll wet your pants at the idea of having high-healed shoes as Christmas tree ornaments. That’s one of the things you can get from Garbaggio in this hunt. There are some stylishly fun wearable shoes for female avatars as well.

Nutmeg is sure to please plenty of people with their carefully crafted rustic ornaments.
You can get inked with Letis. Tattoos have become so mainstream!
Finally I’m finishing off with this round winter rug by [QE].

Good luck with finding all these hunt prizes in The Snowbound Hunt. Remember, you only have until 12 December, so you better get going now!

PS: In all the images with the red head I’m using the Catwa Stanley head on the Belleza Jake body and Vango Zack hair. The blond guy is the Signature Gianni body & head with Dagon hair by Tableau Vivant. In both cases I used a skin by Stray Dog in their No. 4  skin tone (buttermilk).

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 4

Welcome back to my little Christmas extravaganza. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up on a daily basis, as I have this thing called a day job. I’m sure I’m only uncovering a very small portion of the treasure that’s out their in this season to be jolly, but let’s dive under that tinselled tree and see what we can get, apart from a rash.  

In episode two I already explained how the advent calendar at Fox City works. Every two days we have access to a new gift for two days and afterwards the gift is moved under the community Christmas tree where it can be bought for a reduced price. Head over to Fox City now and grab the wonderful oversized scarf at Boys To The Bone, which is the gift for 3 & 4 December.
Hop over to Meva for a snazzy pair of sleeves that could work with a gor outfit or wear them with a minimalist outfit if you plan on shaking your ass off at a club where a lack of clothing is rather expected. This is the gift for 3 December, get it now or you’ll miss it. The joining fee is 100 L$.
Speaking of dancing your ass off, you need to zip over to Abranimations next and get their gift for this day, cause the same rule goes here: you snooze, you loose! The box contains 4 classy dances like a charleston and some jazzy tap.

If you haven’t heard about The Epiphany yet, you either have been living under a virtual rock or perhaps you’re just a been green behind the SL ears. It’s a popular Gacha event that’s organised a couple of times a year. The current round is in full swing now and runs till 27 December. Naturally plenty of the gacha sets have a holiday theme. Apart from a ton of gacha sets to try your luck with, there’s also a bunch of gifts. Alas this event is very much focused on female avatars, and the gifts even more so. I was able to snatch a couple of Christmas decoration items.
I went in search of some prizes of the Peace On Earth Hunt and found a well at Drakes and an easy chair at Park Place. You can find better, but you definitely also can find worse. I’m going to be kind and say that both items aren’t entirely without charm.

I went back to The Epihany to blow my proverbial wad on Noche’s Santa’s Helper gacha. There was no messing about with the gacha to try and get the rares out of it for me, I went straight for the jugular and bought the fatpack. Oh yes, my virtual wallet was bleeding for a bit, but I have a weakness for this kind of silly sexy over the top outfits. It’s a pair of striped stockigns, a thong, a very christmassy top with bells, a hat, a choker and various accessories like candy canes and cookies… I even got milk. Of course, as I got the fatpack, I’ll be having lots of fun mixing and matching the colours. Wheeeeeee! Something tells me my ass will be hanging out a lot the coming days. And why the hell not? You can bounce a quarter of that and I accept Visa too.

This concludes today’s Christmas wonderland craziness. Have fun, wherever you are and whatever you’re celebrating. If someone wishes you a good time with the wrong holiday, just translate that to whatever you need it to be. In the end they were wishing you well, weren’t they? On the other hand, perhaps Santa should tone down the “ho ho ho” when he flies over a red light district. It sounds so judgemental.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 3

My Christmas scavenger hunt for gifts and bargains continues, after a couple of hour of real life work, shopping and Netflix. You’ve gotta keep on top of things In SL if you want to get the most out of Christmas from a materialistic point of view.

I was hoping that Meva wasn’t just going to be a bunch of accessories and I’m happy to see that two days into their advent calendar they’ve thrown in this simple tank top for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. Group joining fee is 100 L$ and gifts must be picked up on the day.
Love To Decorate (LTD) has been around in Second Life for a long time and want to celebrate the holidays with us. A bunch of stores have created a lovely gift for the LTD group. Visit the LTD website for more detailed information. Joining the group is free and the gifts can be picked up any time between 1 and 21 December. The LTD group gift at Shutter Field is a bench and basket cosy blankets.
7 Deadly S(k)ins gift for 2 December is the Gav skin in lots of skin tones. The box includes Omega facy & body appliers, Slink hand & feet appliers, TMP face appliers (no TMP body applier) and even the system skins. The gift has to be picked up on the day. Gifts from previous days can be purchased at reduced prices. For example, I checked the gift form 1 December and it was priced 50 L$. The joining fee for the group is a temporary hefty 1000 L$.

Now I have to go regenerate in my alcove… hmmm, I’ve been watching too much Star Trek Voyager.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 2

Those of you that have been around for a bit in Second Life, know that Christmas is a time that brings out the generosity in many creators and there are plenty of gifts to be found if you get off your glutenous ass and do some searching . One pretty easy peasy way to fill your treasure box is to make regular visits to Fox City…

Above you see the Noel Express Advent Calendar at Fox City.  Follow this calendar to collect all the gifts. You’ll find a free gift every two days at the participating stores. Each store has been allocated two days between 1 and 24 of December. Their gift will be available for free only during these two calendar days. After that, the participating store puts their gift under the shared region Christmas tree and there it will remain available at a discounted price until Christmas.

The first gift from the calendar at Fox City can be found at Bleich and it’s a rather wonderful pair of converse style sneakers in a Christmassy green with a candy cane striped trim and the typical Bleich tag.

Stay poised and makes sure you visit advent calendar sims daily and remember, Christmas isn’t about gifts… It’s about getting lots of free stuff!
Ho ho ho!