Almost missed the All Stuff Hunt!

I haven’t focused on hunting in a while now and as a result I almost missed (OMG!) the All Stuff Hunt. It ends on January 31st so I have precious little time left to find the items, unpack them, try them on, take a pretty picture and get it on here. Best not dillydally! You can find all the hints for the hunt in handy sections like Menstuff, Womenstuff etc. on Stuff’s website.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 1 blog

I found a wintery, possibly a little bit too Christmassy lounge shirt at Impact and a pare of loungy pants that seem to have been hit by that same Christmas stick at LooLoo & Platypus. It’s a shame they don’t colour coordinate. On the positive side, both these pieces have some nice folds and shadows going on and fit reasonably well on the Belleza Jake mesh body. The tank top from Vanbeeck’s is looking forward to Valentines Day and of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing something with a heart pattern all year round, should you wish to do so. Heck, come to think of it, wear something with snowflakes on it in the middle of August, if that’s what you like! Sadly this tank top did not come in a Belleza version so I tickety-boo quick as a cricket jumped into my Signature body.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 2 blog

Next up are a couple of hoodies for hockey and/or gaming enthusiasts. The “what the puck?” hoodie is from Rock ‘n Stuff and the “eat, sleep, game, repeat” hoodie is an exclusive for this hunt and can be found at D2T. You can find the classic long-sleeve under short-sleeve shirt (been there done that in RL) at Horr Menswear. I like the look of the front, but I wish it was slightly more fitted in the back, because it does stand away from the buttocks quite a quite a bit, which always has a quasi comical effect when you’re looking at it from the side.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 3 blog

The t-shirt from Rebellion goes very nicely with the flamed jeans from Amazing Creations, which comes with a hud containing three texture options and even a second hud to tint the jeans, so you can get creative. I always love when a couple of items from the same hunt turn out to be a very nice match. At JZ for men I picked up another one of those long sleeve / short sleeve t-shirt combos and at Stone Militaria I found a fatpack of very sharp polo shirts, all with a small emblem and in a particular colour scheme to refer to the army, coastguard, marines etc. YES SIR! LOOKING VERY SHARP SIR!

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 4 blog

Finally, what’s better than combining two hunt items in one look? Three items! The fishnet tank top is from Emberotic, the striped shorts you will find at Trashed and the cap you can pick at Ashmoot.

Happy hunting y’all… Not that you’ve got much time left to find all this stuff.

Strangers Things

Ever since I discovered Second Life about a year and a half ago, my TV has been playing second fiddle. During a two-week visit to my home country, I found myself without a stable internet connection, but with access to an extensive library of TV-series and movies. I finally started on Game Of Thrones (better late than never) and as soon as I was back in my own habitat, I bought myself an iPad to watch the rest of the series and by doing so I greatly improved my daily commute.


With GoT out of the way, I set my sights on the Netflix’s original series Stranger Things.  This series is being described as a love letter to the ’80s classics that captivated a generation. Stranger Things is set in 1983 Indiana, where a young boy vanishes into thin air. As everybody frantically starts searching for the little boy, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very peculiar little girl.

I thought it would be fun to answer that old question “what the hell am I going to wear today,” by drawing some inspiration from this series. It’s the eighties, what could go wrong? Well, for one thing, doors could be too narrow for my shoulder pads and I might turn into Joan Collins… Then again, it’s the early eighties, those still had a whiff of the late seventies to them and that’s a good thing, right?

Stranger Things Outfit 1 blog
The first outfit is based on what Will Byers was wearing when he disappeared. Bodywarmers aren’t quintessentially  an eighties thing, as they keep coming and going through the decades. The good thing about the one from Lenox, is that you can wear it on your bare chest for a sexy yet rather illogical look, or you can combine it with one of their shirts, like the plaid one in the image, to stay close to Will’s outfit. I’ve even combined this with sweaters from other creators and it worked fine, though it’s a case of trial an error. For jeans I went with a pair from Riot and the sneakers are a gacha item from Semller. They actually have two Stranger Things gacha sets, would you believe it! These sneakers are only available for the TMP en Slink mesh bodies, but as they are high top sneakers and partly covered by the jeans, you can pop off your feet so in this case it works with any mesh body. Here I’m using the Belleza mesh body with the Catwa Stanley mesh head.

Stranger Things Outfit 2 blog

My next outfit is inspired by the somewhat preppy cool kid character Steve Harrington. It’s a nice example of how, even if people don’t have to wear a uniform, they sometimes create one for themselves. For Steve this quite often consists of a bomber jacket, a high quality sweatshirt, a pair of chinos and sneakers. The Stranger Things gacha sets at Semller that got me the sneakers, eventually also coughed up this rare bomber jacket with a sweatshirt, complete with a hud containing 11 colours for the jacket, 8 for the sweater and 4 zipper options. The Sweater is an add on, so perhaps it will work with some other jackets as well. Oddly it’s only available for the TMP body, but it seems to be working nicely with Signature. The trousers are the Dean chinos from Cold Ash which were a bit of a pain to combine with any pair of sneakers without clipping issues. Eventually I found a pair of white canvas sneakers from Invictus in the back of my virtual shoe closet. Style wise these were not exactly what I was looking for, but technically they were my best option.

Stranger Things Outfit 3 blog

The sherpa trucker jacket features heavily in Stranger Things as several of the series’ characters wear different versions of it. The denim jacket from Lenox is a nice SL example of this iconic piece of clothing. It combines perfectly with their t-shirt pack, so you won’t be looking long and hard for something to wear with it. Be warned though, while the jacket comes also in a Belleza size, the t-shirt does not, so you may not be able to create this combination with the Jake body. Always (always!) demo before you buy, and also: friends don’t lie! Dark blue Riot jeans and light brown sneakers from Versov complete this look. I do wish I had this kind of jacket in a dark red with a bold striped T-shirt, but the fastest way to unhappiness in SL is to go look for something very specific.

With this little project out of the way, I know impatiently wait for season 3 of Stranger Things to start.

Some credits: outfit one uses the Belleza body with Catwa Stanley head, outfits two and three both use the Signature body and head. Both hair styles are from Stealthic.


Taking David to MOM January 2018

First a little disclosure: yes, I am on the NX-Nardcotix blog team now, but I have been blogging about the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body on my own steam and money for some time and I’m not about to start showing clothes on it that look good from one angle only. With that out of the way, lets continue with some fashion amuse-bouche from this round of Men Only Monthly, combined with something old and something new and absolutely nothing borrowed.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - I blog

Many sims have shoveled away the snow and are already in early spring mode, yet if you visit the fashion events, you will notice that there is still plenty of winter wear on offer. Seeing how this fleece coat by Gabriel is worn without a shirt, I regard this as a transition piece and an excellent excuse for showing plenty of skin while technically being fully dressed. You could try it without pants and hang out in a park… Perhaps not! I like the collar on this coat and the way the liner actually looks soft and warm. I wish the sleeves were either a bit shorter or just wider at the bottom, because they clip with the hands of every mesh body I have tried it with.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - Ib blog

Gabriel offers a pair of chinos and boots at a reduced price at MOM to go with this coat, but these did not work very well with the David body. Instead I used black chinos from Gabriel’s Whimsical 2016 gacha set and black work boots from their Epiphany January 2017 gacha set. You can find these and many more sets at their main store or try to find them at gacha yards or in Marketplace. The coat works best if you use the Signature size and for the chinos and boots I am using the standard size, which will work if you have your belly at 0 % and play a bit with the sliders for saddle bags, butt size and leg muscle. There was no need to go to extremes to make it all fit.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 blog

Etham mildly and pleasantly surprises at MOM with something a little less casual and a bit sharper than usual. I liked their blazer enough to go for the fatpack and I’m so used to putting on Etham’s items that I’ve set aside a shape that I use with their jackets and sweaters. My tip there is to simply reduce your bum, love handles and tummy to stop their tops from flaring out too much at the bottom. While Etham seems to have dropped the Nardcotix size from their range, the TMP version worked easily and this blazer pairs nicely with cargo pants and sandals from NX-Nardcotix, keeping things (technically) simple. I finished off this smart casual spring day look with a pair of sunglasses from a gacha set at Deadwool. The end result has just the tiniest whiff of Miami Vice.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - 3 blog

I mostly got this Sweater and scarf from Aitui because of its drape. In real life I have knitted plenty of scarves and I have a weak spot for knitting with thin yarn, however slow and tedious it can be, because I just love the drape of it. There is something soothing and luxurious about a knitted piece of fabric draped around your neck, forming lots of folds. The TMP version of this sweater fits very nicely on the David body, though of course very little is visible of it with this outfit. I’m wearing the sweater with the Broberry jeans and Chelsea boots from Deadwool.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - 4 blog

Every now and again I like to wear something a little bit gimmicky, like a jacket with my hands permanently stuffed in my pockets. This leather bomber jacket by Plastix is a very nice example of that. You can wear it with or without the sweater add-on. I found that when I was wearing the jacket with the sweater it was tricky to find just the right pair of trousers. The sweater is a bit loose and floppy at the front and many trousers and jeans were showing clipping issues. Eventually it worked with skinny leg biker pants by DossiEr, currently available at the Hipster Men’s Event, which runs until February 16. Without the sweater this is yet again a piece that works very nicely with Deadwool’s Broberry jeans on the NX-Nardcotix body. There’s a hud with a generous range of colour options for the sweater and fur collar and the embroidery on the back can be switch off for those of you that prefer a more neutral look.

This round of the Men Only Event runs until February 15, so you still have plenty of time to saunter over there and wander around and pick up a little something for yourself because you’re worth it.


Go Straight To Jail…

Since a couple of months now, the newest menswear event on the grid is Men Jail. I’m not sure how I feel about that name and the vibe that goes with it. Romanticizing crime is all good an well till you become, as the British euphemism goes, one of Her Majesty’s guests. Before you know it, that turns into a dragged out and milked dry TV-series involving a full body tattoo which holds the key to a prison break plan. You escape, you go back in, you escape, you go back in, rinse and repeat. Still, it’s only Second Life, so lets not get too serious. I’ll leave it up to you to mull it over a bit while we take a closer look at the content. As far as events go, this one is heavy on poses and tattoos and manly items with a strong homoerotic undertone and somewhat light on clothing.  While I mildly  appreciated many of the items in the January edition, there was only one thing that really caught my attention and it’s not hard to see why.

Dungaree Billy 2a blog

Exalted has a daring jumpsuit at this round of the Men Jail Event. They call it a jumpsuit, but I’m not sure if that is technically correct in this case. It looks more like overalls or dungarees. Such a funny word that is, by the way. Dungarees. Dun-ga-rees. Oh, I’ve said too much now! It’s gone weird.

Dungaree Billy 2c

Anywhoo, you can either wear them with most of your ass hanging out or for a more modest look you can switch on the built-in briefs. You can also get a tank top which has been especially made to go with the dungarees perfectly. After a bit of rummaging in my underwear drawer, I found that the Noche Metallic Thong and Essential Core Thong in size zero both work perfectly with either just the dungarees or when you are wearing the tank top as well.

Dungaree Billy 2b blog

The location for my little photo shoot this time was the Nonstop sim, which quickly changed from their winter wonderland scene to an exotic secluded holiday paradise in what seems to be a desert oasis. The vibe is shabby chic and old-wordly and couldn’t be further away from my everyday life in Stockholm if they tried.

This round of the Men Jail Event closes on January 28th, so if you haven’t been yet, you better get your ass over there now.


PS: I’ve used the Signature body for this blog post, but I have also I tried the dungarees and tank top on the Belleza body and it all seemed slightly too loose, as if the rigging wasn’t quite where it should be.

Fallingwater inspired home

As a teenage boy I walked a rather unconventional educational path from home economics to child care. I vividly remember the course in which I got to draw little floor plans for living spaces and put together mood boards. As a grownup I would occasionally attempt to build a house out of bits of cardboard, but never got around to actually get proper model building materials. Naturally I took to home decorating in Second Life as a duck to water and started showing more interest in real life architecture.

Fallingwater, also known as the Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. Residence,

Fallingwater is a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 and is regarded as one of his masterpieces. I stumbled across a house in Second Life that was inspired by this original piece of real life architecture and was asked to decorate the main living room and bedroom. When a virtual house has a tangible counterpart, I like to do some research before I start throwing in furniture. I started bingeing on videos and reading material about both the house and the architect. It turns out that Mr Wright’s life at times was a bit of a roller coaster. He designed Fallingwater when he was already 68 and it kicked off what is regarded as the third and final phase of his career in which he among others also designed the Guggenheim museum. It has me quietly hoping that I myself may find new interesting avenues to discover and plenty of inspiration later on in life, though I realise I should live in the here and  now.

Fallingwater1 blog

The Shoji Falling Water house in Second Life isn’t a detailed replica, but rather an impressionist version of Falingwater with strong Japanese influences. The living room is a sprawling space with plenty of potential for entertaining. Frank Lloyd Wright had a thing for “Cherokee red”, in fact all the wood in this house should actually be steel painted in that colour. I used it as one of the main colours for the couches, in combination with cream and a touch of happy orange. The simple geometric patterns of the rugs are inspired by mid century modernism, as is much of the furniture I have found for this house. Many of the pieces in this scene can be found at The Loft and the cream coloured couch is from N4RS. Note that the red couches in the distance are actually beige ones which were easily tinted to fit in.

Fallingwater2 blog

There’s a corner in this living room that was perfect for a small office. Originally the staircase was completely open and a bit of a health hazard. I created a wall of wooden vertical beams and furnished this space with a console, desk and chair from the Dover gacha set at Fancy Decor and used plenty of bits and bobs to dress the scene. This left ample space for a nice big plant from Dust Bunny, to make sure the place gets some much needed oxygen, especially on those days it is too cold to crack open a window.

Fallingwater4 blog

If you buy this house from Marketplace, it will come with an indoor zen garden. The owner ripped this out and uses the space for a dining area, which makes much more sense. I found a suitable dresser, table and chairs which come with a wide range of upholstery choices at The Loft, but the tall stand on the left is inspired by the kind of furniture Frank Lloyd Wright himself designed. You can find a range of pieces in this style at Mission Home Store.

Fallingwater6 blog

At the entrance to this part of the house, the original stairs and wooden beams looked somewhat strange, so I cleaned up the look with a new staircase and another wall made of vertical beams and used an interesting chest by Theory for storing gloves, mittens, scarves, shoes and whatever else one keeps in a hallway. The colourful Tiffany-style wall sconces are also from Theory and cast a warm welcoming glow over this area. In the corner you’ll find a comfortable chair from Aria, which I tinted to keep it in line with my colour scheme.

Fallingwater8 blog

In the bedroom upstairs I created a generous dressing area by combining a wardrobe with casual clothes and sliding doors from Eli Baily with my self-made wardrobe, filled with clothes I took from the also very nice “Glam” closet from ~Bazar~. Perhaps I will get around to making furniture from scratch at some point, but at the moment I rather like “frankensteining” this kind of thing.

Fallingwater9 blog

For a bed I wanted something with straight lines and just enough bedding material to make it look inviting and luxurious but nothing too fluffy and definitely not messy. I found what I was looking for at Aria and filled the remaining open space with two simple dressers from Newchurch. You can’t get this dresser as a separate item, but I’m sure I’ll make use of the rest of that bedroom set sooner or later.

Sadly the owner has decided to pull away from Second Life a little and will be giving up his sim shortly. Last week I was emptying the rooms and it made me a bit sad, which would suggest an emotional attachment or maybe I just don’t like seeing good things coming to an end while so many awful things in the world seem endless. At least I have the pictures and I had hours of fun putting it all together and the rest as they say, is history.

Taking David to TMD January 2018

Possibly I have mentioned this before, but I do not appreciate monopolies. Take the Swedish state monopoly on the sale of alcohol for example. It probably does a lot of good keeping widespread alcoholism at bay, but I just don’t like all the power being in one camp. The same goes for mesh bodies in Second Life. I sure do like the Signature body and appreciate the rising star of the Belleza body, but I feel that while the NX-Nardcotix “David” mesh body is one of the underdogs, it has its own merits and deserves a chance in the limelight. I realise that with each body that is added to the mix, fashion creators will have to do more work to adjust their pieces to the particular nooks and crannies of these bodies while logically it doesn’t really increase their income potential. But I persevere and bravely go where probably some Davids have gone before, to this months TMD!

David @ TMD Januari 18 blogFirst up is this jacket from Lenox. It includes a t-shirt with a colour hud, so even if you only get the jacket in one colour you can still play with the look, or you can wear it without the t-shirt and show more skin. There’s no Nardcotix size for this, but the Signature version works quite well.

The sneakers are by Versov and yet again I found myself using the Signature version. They’re not a perfect fit, but thankfully the alpha cuts on the body are in just the right place. For most shoes it is a challenge to find a pair of trousers that will work with them without clipping issues. On top of that, it’s also a bit of a kerfuffle to find a pair of jeans that will fit nicely in the waist and buttocks area of the Nardcotix body. In this case though, the jacket and t-shirt will cover up some of the problem areas and I was able to make this work with a pair of Kalback high cuff jeans which were released several months ago. These jeans come with an add-on in the shape of boxer shorts and a belt, which isn’t very suitable for good old David here, but it’s not like you need them with this outfit.

David @ TMD Januari 18 - 2 blog
The Chronokit down jacket doesn’t come in particular versions, so I guess it is supposed to be a one-size-fits-all kind of thing and as it happens, it does fit the Nardcotix body rather nicely. I believe that even on single colour versions you can change the fur trim and buttons, but I splashed out on the fatpack in this case, cause you only live once, even if this is Second Life.

Since this is clearly a winter coat, I got myself a pair of sturdy boots from Fame Homme to go with it. These were quite the challenge to combine with trousers or jeans and in the end I went with a pair of cargo trousers by Ascend available at their main store. Again, these don’t work perfectly with this body, but the problem areas are more than covered up by the coat and because they are rolled up, there is no clipping with the boots whatsoever.

David @ TMD January 18 - 3 blog
Occasionally you’ll find a reasonably priced item where the creator hasn’t bothered with individual colour versions and just threw in a generous colour hud as standard. This classic cardigan by ILLI is a great example of that. You can apply one colour to the whole cardigan or pick a contrasting colour for the trim. I love its quasi plunging neckline and knitted textured. In the absence of a Nardcotix version, I worked with the TMP version this time. For the jeans and sneakers I went with Deadwool.

Deadwool Broberry Jeans on NX

I’ve used the TMP version of their Broberry jeans and though the top is covered by the cardigan, I played with my shape a bit to make the jeans fit almost perfectly. For their sneakers there’s an unrigged version you can play with till they fit.

David @ TMD January 18 - 4 blog
This coat from Gabriel comes complete with a hoodie, black leather gloves and a scarf. It includes a hud with some options for the hoodie and scarf and you can even put your hands in the pockets. In this case the entire body is covered, so there’s no need to actually wear your mesh body,  I’m just wearing the alpha layer and my mesh head. One of the options of this coat is to take off the scarf and in that case you will have to wear your body because ideally you probably will want a neck instead of your head floating in empty space, then again if that’s the look you are going for, just do it. As for the size of the coat, I think the Belleza version was the most well behaved one. I completed the look with a pair of chinos and boots from the “Sexy Riders Set” gacha at Gabriel.

David @ TMD January 18 - 5 blog
Etham came to TMD with a somewhat predictable jacket and t-shirt combo in their recognisable style. Okay, so perhaps that wasn’t the most enthusiastic sounding introduction, but I do rather like this simple design. However, I’m a bit puzzled that Etham didn’t include a Nardcotix size for this. They have been doing so for their other releases for a while now, but perhaps they’ve lost interest in this body, which is a shame. On the other hand, the TMP version seems to be working rather nicely. As with any Etham design, if you want it to balloon a little less, you need to decrease your tummy and butt and love handles. In other words: hit the gym!

The current round of TMD runs till the end of January.


New Year’s Indulgence

Shopping therapy isn’t really therapy, it’s more like a sugar rush with zero nutritional value for your brain or the rest of your body, for that matter. Nevertheless, every now and again I like to indulge in a shopping spree and as I’m severely allergic to New Year’s resolutions, I threw caution to the wind and paid a late night visit to Men Only Monthly. I was wearing the Signature body and the world was my oyster… Well, that particular corner of this virtual world anyway. Truth be told, I don’t really like those slippery little bastards. Mind you, they DO have great nutritional value, but I digress…

Dungaree Billy blog

As it turned out, it was a rather tame shopping spree. Not many items were calling out to me and I didn’t really hear the all too familiar “buy me, buy me” at MOM this month. Possibly some items were shouting in a foreign language, the way people tend to do when you don’t understand them and they very much mistakenly think that if they start shouting, you will miraculously comprehend their language. The two items that did catch my attention, were the New York dungarees by Yassum and the Dagon hair by Tableau Vivant.

Dungaree Billy detail blog

The hairstyle can be worn combed to the left or the right and even includes hairbases. The dungarees unfortunately only are available for the Signature body, but come in several colours and are perfect for those of us that appreciate a bit of butt cleavage. They combine very nicely with the group gift V-3 Trainers from Vale Koer and seeing how there’s no joining fee for this group, these trainers are a very nice freebie, especially because they include an amazing hud that lets you pick different colours for sections of the shoes, which makes for more combination possibilities than I care to calculate.

I’m wearing the Signature mesh body and head with the Kenichi skin from Stray Dog, which is one of the few skins they have that will work with this head. I like my Catwa head too, but I don’t like monopolies or lack of diversity and I think it would be great to see some more Signature or Omega appliers.
The original eyebrows with this skin are very heavy, but there’s a no-brows version included and I’m using this with the Real Eyebrows from Identity. As often, the ears are from Mandale and as always, the shape is my own.

Fabulous Freebies IX

Do you see what I see? Dead avis walking around like regular avis? No! I see freebies! Sure, I just finished a hunt and there were some trinkets and treasures in that, but there is something to be said for a freebie that doesn’t need to be hunted down. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be quick to go get these before they vanish into thin Second Life air. Hey, I said you won’t have to hunt for them, I didn’t say you could move at a glacial pace.

Nordic Sweater blogGet yourself a nice Nordic sweater from E.Storm, you don’t even need to be a group member. And to keep your head warm you can pick up this year’s winter gift from Argrace. This beanie hairstyle comes with a hud with plenty of colour options for both hair and beanie.

Too Soon For Shorts blog
One of the many joys of SL is that travel takes no time at all and from winter wonderland it’s just a short TP to a much milder climate, perfect for showing off this simple black t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves from Justice at this year’s edition of SL’s anual Holiday Shop & Hop event.

Vale Koer Christmas blogRace over to Vale Koer to get yourself their Christmas group gift. You only have until January the 3rd do so and it would be a shame to miss out on these fabulously detailed red high top sneakers. I don’t know what this Vale Koer guy is on, but I wont some! Must be all that fresh Estonian winter air.

Sweater Weather blogWe’re not even halfway through this winter yet, but I’m already looking forward to ditching the winter coat for just a sweater. Etham is giving away this simple one at the Shop & Hop event. Tip: make your butt, belly, love handels and saddle bags small when you’re wearing an Etham sweater and it will look much better.

L&B Swear Shop & Hop blog

L&B Swear is also at Shop & Hop and has a nice bracelet and necklace for you. There are a lot more gifts to grab at this event as well as items at reduced prices from around 60 creators of fashion, furniture, hair, make-up, trinkets and thingamabobs. You’d better hurry, cause this particular bit of shopping fun will come to a screeching  halt on January 1st.


Peace On Earth Hunt IV

Finally! I finished the Peace On Earth Hunt. There are no more wearable items to show as far as I’m concerned, but I have been working on a little Christmas scene with the best bits and bobs from this hunt. Unfortunately there isn’t much time left to find all this treasure or to enjoy it, for that matter. Unless of course if you are one of those people that leave out the Christmas decorations all year long. Of course you could just store them in your inventory till next year, by then some of the items will be charming SL vintage.

Peace On Earth Christmas blog

Let me help you along a little by listing most of the items in this picture, complete with landmarks to the stores. Remember that you are looking for globes in this hunt and at each location you’ll find an example globe in a more obvious place with the POE poster that will give you a hint for finding the real thing.

I used the Mulberry lodge with snow from LISP Bazaar, which turned out to be the perfect choice for creating a little Christmas hideaway. All what’s missing now is a freakin’ partridge in a pear tree.

Peace On Earth Hunt III

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everybody! I really can’t be bothered to go over the list of other nice holidays I should be wishing you. Just have a good time with too much food, family and friends and perhaps try to carry over some of that good will and cheer to the next year, okay? Meanwhile I’ve been getting through the Peace On Earth hunt bit by bit. It’s not that those globes are particularly well hidden, it’s rather the list of landmarks that seems to be never ending, much like the list of things that people want me to do in my real life job, but that’s a different nag and bitch story I’ll keep for another time, like Valentines Day. So here’s a closer look at another couple of items I found.

Snow Bunny Tattoo blog

There’s a somewhat peculiar, though I suppose seasonal tattoo from Facade which says “Snow” on one thigh and “Bunny” on the other one. I wasn’t sure what to do with that, so I tried to make sense of it somehow.

I should catch up on reading blog

The other items I see fit to showcase are much more sensible, like for example this subtle striped v-neck sweater from Ashbury.

Horr Hoodie blog

And there’s this purplelicious hoodie from Horr. I think it makes my chest look a bit too big and rounded, but I like the front pocket and hood draw strings and I’ve always been fond of purple.

Santa Squad blog

I’ll finish of with this Santa Squad shirt from Dark Water Designs, which is a stylish understated bit of fun, perfect for those days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when you’ve lost all track of time and have no idea what is expected of you.

Now hurry hurry hurry my lovelies, the end is near! The Peace On Earth Hunt will be over as this year closes and we all rush (drunk) head first into 2018. Such fun!

Locations: first picture taken at NonStop, other images at Oh Deer.


  • Mesh Body and Head: Signature
  • Skin: Stray Dog
  • Hair in Winter Bunny picture and hair with hoodie: Stealthic
  • Hair with Santa head: Argrace 2016 winter group gift (they have a different winter gift at the moment)
  • Thong: Noche
  • Blue jeans: Deadwool
  • White jeans: Riot