MadPea Summer Hunt 2018

Last year MadPea kicked off their Easter Hunt and started what would become a series of popular grid-wide hunts, as it soon was followed by a Summer Hunt, a Halloween Hunt and a Christmas Hunt. These aren’t the traditional hunts where you search for an item which contains a prize. To participate in the MadPea Summer Hunt you need to purchase a hud for 100 L$. You will be hunting for shells using this hud and each shell you collect earns you a number of points. Once you have collected enough points you will be able to trade them in for prizes, which are of a much higher standard than what you usually find in hunts and are well worth the 100 L$ you spend on the hud. You have until 27th June to earn points and usually the prizes stay out for another 24 hours after the hunt has ended, so you have a little bit of extra time to pick them up, in case you need to go rent a moving van or something.

MadPea Summer Hunt 2018 - 1 blog
As this hunt is grid-wide and anybody can purchase shells to hide at their sim, it is a great opportunity to explore highly imaginative places and meet interesting new people. Don’t feel pressured into being sociable though. Personally I feel that if I want to be a ruthless shell hunting beast, then that’s my prerogative.

Convair lawn sprinkler

Here and there you will find a special pearl oyster that gives you a direct gift. The only one I found so far is a lawn sprinkler at Convair, but it’s early days yet. Happy hunting y’all! May your buckets be full of shells and your hearts be light.


equal10 June/July 2018

Men in SL often complain about the uneven divide between male and female items at the various events that keep the avid shoppers among us well occupied and the virtual economy healthy. Of course we have a couple of events devoted to male avatars only, but hey what can I say, we’re greedy? equal10 has the ambitious approach to split everything right down the middle. 10 male clothing designers, 10 female clothing designer, 5 female hair designers, 6 male hair designers, etc. If you want to see the full list and equal10 philosophy, check out their site. Not tying myself to shopping for any particular mesh body this time, I made this a nice relaxing shopping experience, getting things I really liked.

Gabriel at equal10 June-July 2018-blog
This summer suit isn’t the only item Gabriel is showcasing at the event, but it is an exclusive for equal10. I assume that means it will not be available once the event has ended. I can’t wait till someone asks me where I got it and I can go “you will never get this, you will never get this” in an annoying sing-song voice. This casual chic suit is a great option for staying true to the season without wearing t-shirts and shorts all the time. Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni sizes are included. Price 380 L$.
(Body: Belleza Jake. Head: Catwa Stanley. Skin: standard skin for Belleza body + matching applier for Catwa head, all included with body. Hair: Stealthic ‘Hysteria’. Footwear: Belleza ‘Andrei’ sandals.)

Exalted at equal10 June-July 2018 blog
ExalteD also stays true to the season with a sleeveless denim jacket complete with a collection of patches to choose from to put on the back of it, or you can just leave it blank of course. I like the frayed armholes, suggesting that this vest may have been a jacket at some point and the sleeves have been rebelliously torn off. Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni sizes are includes. Price 249 L$.
(Body & Head: Signature Gianni. Skin: Stray Dog Owen for the head, is not available. You can get the body applier and one of the few appliers that will work with a Signature head, like ‘Roman’ for example. Appliers for Catwa heads will NOT apply to the Signature head. Hair: Tableau Vivant ‘Dagon’. Jeans: Riot ‘Wade’ jeans. Footwear: Deadwool ‘Chase’ sneakers.)

Gutchi at equal10 June-July 2018 blog
Gutchi takes us to the racing track with this jacket for a sporty chic look. It comes with a hud containing 8 colours which can be applied individually to the main fabric, pockets, stretch fabric and patches. You can also take off the patches to transform it to a much simpler, cleaner look. Bellezake Jake and Signature Gianni as well as Geralt sizes are included. Price 389 L$.
(Body, head, skin, hair and jeans same as with ExalteD vest)

Noche at equal10 June-July 2018 blog
makes a splash with a new pair of swimming briefs a.k.a. speedos. I had been hoping for something like this ever since I got the Belleza body, because Noche’s older swimming trunks were made for TMP only. These new ones include Belleza and Signature Gianni versions with four bulge sizes to choose from and while we’re on the subject of choice, the fatpack hud has 19 textures for the speedos, 10 for the drawstrings and 4 metal options for the eyelets and drawstring ends. Materials are enabled, so you can see some very nice folds, shadows and outlines. Price for fatpack 1399 L$.
(Body, head, skin, hair and jeans same as with ExalteD vest)

All in all equal10 is a pleasurable shopping experience, especially if you appreciate an 80’s computer game backdrop with a touch of Miami Vice to it. The event runs from 10th June till 5th July and if you fancy any of the four items I’ve just shown you, there are a couple of boards with transporters to the individual booths so you don’t have to drag your pixel feet through a stream of rubbery lag.

New twist on the Noche Riley U-briefs

It doesn’t always take much to make me happy. For example, when Designers take an already great piece and put a nice twist on it, you can bet your ass I’ll respond positively to this with an involuntary throb in my nether regions. Noche has evoked such a reaction with the release of a new version of their appetizing Riley U-briefs. The original briefs were made of a seductive silky sheer material whereas this new version gives us sexy breezy sporty mesh. The thirst is real y’all!

Noche Riley U-briefs 2 blog

As usual with Noche underwear there are a number of bulge sizes, from a flat-fronted size 0 to a ‘Wowza!’ size 4. Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni versions are included and the fatpack offers 10 colours, letting you individually pick a colour for the bulge, waistband, piping and mesh. You’ll be having a whole lot of sexy fun making every possible combination. I think I just found my new favorite waste of time.

Noche Riley U-briefs 2-2 blog

  • Noche Riley U-briefs are available inworld and on Marketplace.
  • Shown on the Belleza Jake body with Stray Dog skin (Signature Gianni size included).

Dressing the EXMACHINA mesh body 2

One of my previous posts about dressing the Exmachina ‘Davide’ avatar has been viewed by several people who were looking for things to wear with the free version of this body. Alas there’s no such thing as a free lunch, or a fully functional free mesh avatar. Back then I was showing some clothing on the version of the body that has all the bells and whistles and that’s what I shall be doing this time around as well. The free version doesn’t come with an alpha hud and trying to dress it without being able to blank out body parts is just madness! The SL fashion market isn’t exactly overflowing with items that include a version that’s been rigged for the Exmachina body, but you definitely will find some pieces that work nicely. You Simply need to demo everything till you find something that fits. I paid a last visit to the current round of Men Only Monthly, which will end on 15th June, to double check if I had missed something on my previous visits that would look nice with this body.

Dressing Exmachina 001-blogThe camo shorts from Hevo at MOM are a snug fit when you use the Signature size. Personally I had to fiddle with my shape a little, but nothing too drastic. I searched my inventory for a top to go with it and decided on the Deadwool ‘Henley’ shirt, using the standard size that has “waist 2” in the name. For footwear I went with the L&B Swear low top sneakers.

Dressing Exmachina 002-blogFor the Invictus jeans and t-shirt with suspenders, currently shown at MOM, I used the Signature size. I find these jeans troublesome when it comes to easily finding a pair of shoes that goes with them without clipping issues. In this case I’m using the Deadwool chase sneakers in standard rigged size. To wear these I had to take off my feet and then socks were needed to bridge the gap. Aha, I hear you say, don’t the Chase sneakers come with a built-in sock option? Yes, but they’re too high and the little buggers poke right through the jeans! So the solution here is to leave them off and use Deadwool’s ‘Dandy’ socks (fitted for shoes, no leg/foot). Perhaps the unrigged resizable version of the sneakers is a better option… no YOU test it!

Dressing Exmachina 003-blog
Then I got bored of MOM and remembered that Legal Insanity recently released some items that included the exmachina size, so I headed over to their store and found myself buying a kilt… I say it’s a kilt, but I’m not sure Scottish people would agree. Truth be told, I don’t care if you call it a skirt, cause it looks good either way. With some careful placement you may even be able to place a ding-dong underneath. Then again, you need to blank out your thighs if you want to do any walking in this, so the poor penis would be kinda floating in midair. In a test with several AO I did notice that if you have one where the walk animations take smaller steps, you just about get away with it. Even if you don’t care about what’s going on underneath the kilt, the good news is that it has a built-in boner bulge which you can make appear by clicking in that area. From footlong we swiftly move on to footwear and the ‘Ulrich’ boots with socks from Deadwool.

Dressing Exmachina 004-blog
Legal Insanity currently have a pair of sweatpants at Fameshed (till 27th June).  I’m happy to report that these sweatpants do come in an exmachina size! Moreover, you get two for the price of one. There’s the long pair that comes down over your heels for hanging out at home barefoot and there is a slightly shorter version for when you want to wear shoes.

And with that it’s time for me to casually pick a book from my personal library and go be all cultural and stuff.


  • Exmachina Davide full avatar (3200 L$)
  • 7 Deadly S(k)ins ‘Ivar’ in Caramel skin tone (with trail), the nipples are out of place for this body, but apart from that this skin is pleasing to the eye.
  • Burley ‘Oto’ hair with hat
  • Stealthic ‘Hysteria’ hair
  • Mandala ‘Season 5 Steking’  mesh ears
  • Location image 1 & 2: Boystown (A)

What’s Eating TMP 7

whispers: This is your trusty reporter Billy Beaverhausen visiting yet again The Shops to see if there’s any change in the situation. It looks like everything is still as first reported on February 21st in my “What’s Eating TMP” post. Bodies, heads and skins are sold at 500 L$ each and all the clothing from The Boutique is free. If this is the first post you’re reading of this series, I suggest you go back to the start to get the necessary “buyer beware” information before you go buy a TMP body and/or head.

What's Eating TMP XII blog
TMP Deluxe mesh body and “soft” mesh head with “Axel” skin in tone #3, Tram F1011 hair and Noche swim trunks. Be careful with the Noche range, the newer items do not support the TMP body. Make sure to demo first.

Right, I’m back on my platform so I can quit the conspiratorial whispering and tell you loud and clear that you need to keep in mind that the bodies are not Omega compatible, so if for instance you want to combine it with a Catwa mesh head, you need to look for a skin creator who creates Catwa appliers and a matching TMP applier for your body. Aeros is an option which I used in the previous blog post of this series and they even have a couple of appliers for the TMP head, which you can find in the area where they keep their classic skins. With a bit of searching I’m sure you’ll find more options.

What's Eating TMP XIII blogTMP Deluxe mesh body and “soft” mesh head with ‘Leonardo’ skin by Swallow, the Chae hair by Aeros and 4BIDDEN underwear. Total cost of body, head, skin and hair is 1551 L$.

If you’re looking for a bargain and like something youthful, then I recommend you take a look at the Swallow Marketplace store. They have the Leonardo Ivory Freckles TMP Head Applier for just 1 L$ and the full compliment of appliers for the TMP body in 9 skin tones will set you back only 250 L$. This skin has it’s own eyebrows, which is great because it means you don’t have to purchase and apply any, on the other hand it does mean you’re stuck with them. The brows are quite light though and will look good with most hair colours. Speaking of hair, this skin does not come with a hair base, so you will have to go look for one. The rather wild ‘Chae’ hairstyle from Aeros comes with a very nice hair base applier for TMP. A word of caution in case you fancy another hairstyle from Aeros: not all of them include a hair base.

That’s the basics taken care off! Now let’s see what’s at the current round of the Men Only Monthly event to get an idea of where we are with creator support for the TMP body. If you’re reading this after June 15th, just go look for the items at the respective main stores instead.

What's Eating TMP XIV blog
T-shirt with suspenders and jeans at MOM, worn with Deadwool Chase sneakers. This set includes a TMP size, but it was made to be worn together. Wearing the jeans without a top is problematic.

What's Eating TMP XV blog
Hair by Vango and jacket with shirt by Aitui, both at MOM. The jacket includes a TMP size, but depending on your personal shape you might have to flatten your pecs a bit to make it work and there’s quite a lot of tenting going on in the back, so a smaller bum probably is preferable too, so the fabric comes down somewhat.

What's Eating TMP XVI blog
Work overalls by Gild at MOM, worn with sneakers from a gacha set at Semler. The overalls don’t come in a TMP size, so I’m making do with the Slink version and some shape adjustments.

What's Eating TMP XVII blog
Sweater by Etham at MOM, paired with chinos also from Etham. Most of Etham’s range works well with the TMP body, but you need to decrease your but size for some of their items, or your ass will be arriving at the party 5 minutes after you’ve made your grand entrance.

What's Eating TMP XVIII blog
I’m keeping it simple for the next outfit by swapping out the sweater for a lighter shirt by FE Style at MOM. They have only recently started adding the TMP size to their range and the chest area of this shirt is just slightly too much moob and not enough chisel. The drape of the fabric is fabulous though, as are the bold colour choices and you can of course decrease your pecs for a flatter effect.

What's Eating TMP XIX blog
Considering that these three quarter pants from Bebop at MOM don’t come with in TMP size, I think they fit quite well. I suggest you try the NX-size and take it from there to make some adjustments to your shape if needed.

That’s me done for this episode of What’s Eating TMP. Who knows what will happen with this body and head in the (near) future, but I still like taking it out for spin every now and again.

Taking David to MOM May/June 2018

The NX-Nardcotix David mesh body has been updated and as far as I can tell it looks just as exquisite as before, so changes probably were limited to some extra features in the hud, like the doubling of the alpha save slots from 4 to 8 and the addition of 10 save slots for your favourit skins. Those features sure will come in handy for swift switches between outfits and looks.


Meanwhile we’re about halfway through the current round of the Men Only Monthly event, so I felt a strong urge to go over there for a shopping trip dedicated to David. An advantage of not being one of the early birds, is that I avoided the super sluggish lag you always get at the start of MOM. I comfortably gathered a modest but pleasantly satisfying haul and started pulling some looks together.

David @ MOM May-June 2018 - 1 blog

Take this combination of a pair of faded jeans with a t-shirt and suspenders from Invictus for example. I must admit I really like the “off the shoulder” look. I also must admit that the t-shirt isn’t a perfect fit for David. I tried all the available sizes of this set and was altering my shape all over the place, but even with the most ideal version (which is the Signature size) the back of my arms kept poking through the fabric ever so slightly, so I decided that if I squinted a little, it simply looked as if the fabric was a bit torn and worn. We call this impressionism and it’s something I use these days whenever I need to look at myself in a mirror. Monet really was on to something there, if you ask me… Soft lighting helps too. To keep this outfit light and airy in terms of footwear, I went with the NX-Nardcotix sandals.

David @ MOM May-June 2018 - 2 blog

While we’re talking about keeping the attire light, let’s take a look at a pair of shorts by Hevo. Using the Signature version, it only took some minor tweaking of my shape to fit into these shorts. From the frayed end of the belt with its brass buckle down to the pockets and the rolled up hems, it’s the perfectly executed details on this item that make it special. I wasn’t familiar with Hevo yet, but these shorts make me want to go check out their store. They are a great choice for beach walks on those warm summer evenings after a long day at work, letting the waves crash upon your bare feet and a refreshing breeze blow away the worrisome cobwebs.

David @ MOM May-June 2018 - 3 blog

I’m staying in the realm of shamelessly flaunting shirtless people with these three quarter pants by BeBop. Each single pack contains both a patterned and a plain version.  While I do like fiddling with my shape, it is nice to find something I can simply put on without making any alterations, so I was very pleased to see that and NX size was included. The double waistband and drawstrings on these pants are a great idea and seem to suggest one is wearing swim trunks underneath them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone came up with a layered item like this that allows you to easily remove the pants to reveal swim trunks underneath? That would certainly accommodate the fantasy of ending that stroll along the beach with a quick refreshing dip in the ocean.

David @ MOM May-June 2018 - 4 blog

Of course we don’t all live by the sea and for some a good way to wind down at the end of the day is to just stroll around in their neighborhood and spy on the neighbors… Oh, I mean, admire the beautiful gardens. In such surroundings I do prefer to be wearing a little bit more. FE Style has just the thing at MOM. Their nice shirt with three quarter sleeves and an amusing pattern had me yet again shouting “huzzah!”, because it also includes an NX-size. Keep it coming folks! The shirt is easily paired with for example Broberry jeans and Chase sneakers, both available from Deadwool’s Tailor’s Cabin.

David @ MOM May-June 2018 - 5 blog

Should the nice weather desert you, then there’s always this new sweater by Etham. It’s a good standard item which easily fits David in the TMP or Signature size and can be nicely combined with the NX-Nardcotix Finlay cargo pants and Jude ankle boots. What you have here is an outfit for cooler days that says: hey, it’s comfortable and looks effortless, but some thought went into this.

This rounds up my trip to MOM with David. All of these items will be available at the event till June 15th (8 AM SL time) , so you still have a couple of weeks to go check it out if you haven’t done so yet.


  • NX-Nardcotix ‘David’ mesh body
  • Catwa ‘Stanley’ mesh head
  • Nivaro ‘Harley’ applier for Catwa & Omega applier for the body in Ram tone. Make sure you get the matching appliers! Nivaro shares a sim with Birth and Labyrinth and it’s easy to stumble from one section into another.
  • Stealthic ‘Hysteria’ hair
  • Mandala Season 5 Steking ears
  • NX-Nardcotix underpants (part of a set including a tank top)
  • Location (images 2 to 5): Boystown

Dabbling with Geralt IV

In the barren landscape of suitable appliers for the Signature mesh heads, Clef De Peau offers two options: the Harry and the Calvin skin. After testing both skins and looking at them from all angles, I decided that Calvin was my favourite and purchased the skin tone No. 7. Clef De Peau is one of the more affordable skin creators on the grid, as this applier sells for 500 L$ and their matching applier for the body is only 300 L$.

Dabbling With Geralt VIII - blog

It is clear from the less than ideal positioning of the clavicle shadows that this skin was made for the Signature Gianni body and not Geralt, but the nipples and toe shadows and everything else is where it’s supposed to be, so I can overlook this imperfection for now. I’m using the skin with the eyebrows it comes with, but the applier includes a no-brows version, so you can easily apply your favorite brows to match your hair colour.

Dabbling With Geralt IX - blog

Slowly the range of clothes that include a version for the Signature Geralt body is increasing and the body itself is now at version 1.1, featuring some handy additions to the hud and little technical corrections here and there. It looks like Signature is keeping up nicely with the development of their male mesh bodies and will continue to be a strong player in this field. Now if only there were some more underwear options for Geralt!


  • Signature Geralt mesh head and body
  • Clef De Peau Calvin & body applier #7
  • Newest hairstyle from Vango, available at the current round of Men Only Monthly till 15th June.
  • Mandala Season 5 Steking mesh ears
  • NSS Vermeer mesh eyes, hazel
  • 4BIDDEN thong
  • Kalback sleeveless jeans jacket and t-shirt at the current round of TMD till the end of May
  • Legal Insanity jeans at the current round of equal10 till 5th June
  • Sneakers from a gacha set at Semler. (wear long jeans and hide your feet with the alpha hud)

Exmachina Davide Full Bento Avatar 2.1

The ‘Davide’ mesh body by Exmachina (one could be forgiven to think it’s by Egoism) has been updated yet again, but there aren’t any new features this time around, just a couple of bug fixes, which is always a good thing. It’s worth mentioning that since the previous update a headless version of the avatar is included which you should be able to combine with most mesh heads according to the change log, but I must be missing a trick or something because I personally have not been able to manage it without a neck seam or gap that’s noticeable from a distance. NO mister director, I am NOT ready for my close-up!

ExMachina 2-1 blog

So I will be sticking to the full avatar and I like using a skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins with this avatar, like the Gav skin in the caramel tone. Another bit of good news is that Legal Insanity recently released a pair of jeans shorts and a tank top that includes an Exmachina size. Hopefully some more creators will follow this example. This body could really do with some very nice undies or swimwear.


L’Homme Magazine Group Gifts May 2018

This time I was determined not to wait till the last moment to go find the L’Homme Magazine readers group gifts and I gathered them all as soon as they were available after the release of the new fabulous issue of the magazine. Of course time did get away from me after that and here we are already rapidly nearing the end of May before I finally was ready to hit the publish button. There is something for everyone… Well okay, maybe not for orcs, princesses or Lilliputians, bur for almost everyone else there is something. These are a few of my favourite things.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 1 blog

First up is a deliciously wildly patterned suit from Bakaboo. You can try combining the top with a more simple pair of trousers, or go all out and wear the trousers that come with it for a dizzying effect. Browsing my existing footwear options, I settled on the Tripple Monk shoes from Ascend to wear with this suit.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 2 blog

The cowboy hat and long hair from no.match are great for creating a rugged sultry sexy cowboy look. I used it as excuse to walk around shirtless, showing off the NX-Nardcotix David Mesh body with the Clef De Peau applier, combined with a Catwa Stanley head. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, the new ones from Ascend currently shown in the May round of TMD are a very nice choice. I love the texturing on these jeans and you can wear them with or without the belt.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 3 blog

Stray Dog was a bit quick to remove their previous gift, about two weeks before the release of the new issue of L’Homme Magazine, but it’s nice to see they’re donating a group gift again for the current issue. The Zack skin in Buttermilk tone has very light eyebrows, perfect for achieving a Scandinavian look and comes with some options like lipstick marks, bruises on the neck (from wearing a choker) and freckles. The applier only works with Catwa mesh heads and you will have to purchase the matching body applier if you don’t have it yet. Stray Dog has appliers for the Signature and Belleza mesh bodies which all automatically come with body hair, freckles and tan line options. In this example I’m using the Belleza body with the Catwa Stanley head, my own shape and the ‘Haunting’ hairstyle by Stealthic.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 4 blog

You can drastically change your look with this same skin by using the version without brows and applying a pair of brows from the main hud for your Catwa head or any other brows of your choice and slapping on the ‘Rock of Ages’ facial hair, which is the L’Homme Magazine group gift from Mister Razzor Barbershop. To complete this bad boy look I used the ‘Obscura’ hairstyle from Stealthic is a nice choice for this bad boy look.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 5 blog

The last gift I wanted to show is this ‘vest’ by Meva. One could be forgiven to call this a harness and I don’t really have anything in my wardrobe that goes with it, so yes I am naked apart from the vest. This item wouldn’t look out of place in certain club scenes or roll play areas and Meva probably has trousers that combine well with it. Mostly I just wanted to show because it hot.

There are several more gifts and you’ll find the full list in the L’Homme Magazine May issue. To get landmarks to the participating stores, you can leaf through the magazine at your leisure till you come across an advert or spread for one of them and click on the store’s logo. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of shopping inspiration for both your avi and your home along the way.




Taking David to TMD May 2018

It was high time to dedicate another shopping trip to the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. First I took a look at Fameshed, but the current round doesn’t seem to have much menswear, so I turned my attention to this month’s TMD, which looked quite promising with more clothing and less tattoos and poses this time, or maybe that’s just my first impression and as we know, anecdotal evidence is not undeniable proof (do we?). Trying everything on sure was a rocky road, but I managed to enrich David’s wardrobe with some nice pieces.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 1 blog

I think most of us like it when we can come away from one of these sales events with some items from different creators that can be combined easily. Etham‘s newest jacket goes nicely with the chinos from TonkTastic, provided you choose colours that don’t clash of course. I didn’t have to rummage around in my virtual closet too long to find a pair of shoes that works with these chinos. As they are quite wide at the bottom, I think you will have plenty of shoe options. I went with the NX-Nardcotix Jude Ankle boots, available from their main store where you will also find the body. The cordovan of the leather goes well with the muted red of the jacket and the style of these boots slightly pushes the outfit more towards a smart casual look.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 2 blog

With a tweak here and there, I was able to squeeze my shapely pixel butt into the TonkTastic chinos and wear them topless. Go barefoot or wear something light on your feet like the NX-Nardcotix Metalic sandals and you’re all set for a solitary reflective stroll along the beach, with the soothing sound of crashing waves and the occasional seagull going “mine”. The classic size of the chinos seems to work best with this body

David @ TMD May 2018 - 3 blog

Clef De Peau keeps extending their clothing line and are showing a jacket at TMD this time, though you could be forgiven for storing this in your folder with sweaters. An NX size is included, so no worries there and if you’re looking for something to wear with it, the NX-Nardcotix Finlay cargo pants and Deadwool Chase sneakers are a safe choice. Use the Signature size for the Chase sneakers and just blank out your feet and your aunt Margaret is married to a geezer named Robert, i.e. Bob’s your uncle.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 4 blog

The set from MGmen’s isn’t a perfect fit for David. You’ll get away with wearing the sweat pants topless quite easily once you make some minor changes to your shape, but the top is more problematic around the neck. You need to use the standard size and depending on your personal shape you may have to bring down your muscle mass, neck thickness and overall body thickness a lot to make it work at all, let alone get it perfect. The bright side of this story is that the top and bottom are sold separately and it looks good with Gabriel‘s roll down boots.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 5 blog

For the track suit from Vexiin I could pretty much repeat what I wrote about the MGmen’s set, but I had to reduce my muscle mass even more to make the cuffs fit my arms and then the t-shirt was still clipping on my neck, which you don’t see in the picture because I got lucky with my pose. On a bright note, you get a hud with some colour choices for the boxer briefs, which is nice cause you do see a lot of them.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 6 blog

Last but not least, I’m showing a ridiculously well textured pair of jeans and walking boots from Cold Ash. I recommend wearing the TMP size and of course playing with your shape till it works. Go ahead and be generous with that slider for your butt size! I’m sure I could find a shirt to got with these jeans, but why would I?