Clearing out the wardrobe – Episode 13

“Clearing out the wardrobe” is my blog series in which I randomly pick an old outfit from my much too long list and swap out anything that is too outdated with something more recent. For this episode I stumbled across the TMP Deluxe mesh body wearing the very low rise Paolo Jeans by Not So Bad. Back then these jeans were one of the very few options I had that could be worn with a pair of briefs. Truth be told, the jeans weren’t perfectly rigged for TMP, even though they did include a TMP size. As the legs needed to show partly through the rips, I couldn’t take full advantage of the body’s alpha hud and the inner thigh kept glitching through the jeans as I walked. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

For the new look I switched to the Legacy mesh body and a Lelutka mesh head, currently a very popular combination. The newer option for ripped low rise jeans we are looking at is far less extreme than the old one, but the Casual Jeans by Kalback come with a pair of briefs which can be left off or replaced by something like the Tom thong by Noche (bulge size 0), which is the point of this particular exercise. I have searched Marketplace thoroughly and went to several stores and was not able to find high quality, extremely low rising, loose fitting ripped jeans anywhere. At this point I should also warn you that often it’s only possible to visibly wear a thong under a pair of jeans with the Legacy mesh body. For some reason it doesn’t always work with for example the Belleza Jake body.

It’s fun to save different versions of a look by removing some items, allowing me to easily slip into something a little bit more comfortable with the click of a button, when I come home from some Second Life™ exploring. Speaking of exploring, I made a last-minute visite to the Legacy Spring Fair because I spotted a nice pair of sleazy low rise jeans with a built-in jockstrap in someone’s Flickr stream and saw that it was available at this particular fair. Oy vey! It is a massive fair. I applaud the organisers for creating a elaborately decorated and landscaped sim, but it definitely wasn’t very well suit for a quick look around. I think I’ll leave grabbing those jeans for when their up at the creator’s store. It’s always good to have something to look forward too.


  • Lelutka Logan mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Birth Vasean skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy
  • Billy Beaverhausen Quentin shape
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes
  • Modulus Pete hair
  • Noche mesh nipples (piercings sold separate)
  • Noche Armani Croptank, rigged for Legacy, Jake and Gianni
  • Noche Tom thong, rigged for Legacy and Jake, depending on your shape this thong can also be worn with the Athletic mesh body
  • Kalback Casual Jeans – Ripped, rigged for Legacy, Jake, Gianni and Geralt
  • Gutchi Old School Casual sneakers (not sure if these are still at the store)
  • Legal Insanity River bracelets

Latex & Leather Fetish 9

I thought I’d (ab)use this last day of the holy Easter weekend to sneak in another blog post featuring leather and/or latex items. After all, if Jesus is coming I should look busy.

Of course, as with so many of our Christian holidays, Easter was deftly pasted over an existing pagan festival and apparently that’s where we get the bunny from. In English-speaking countries Easter takes its name from a pagan goddess from Anglo-Saxon England. Eostre was a goddess of spring or renewal and her feast is attached to the vernal equinox, the day on which day and night are of equal length. In Germany the festival is called Ostern, and the goddess is called Ostara. Rabbits and hares are associated with fertility and new life and were symbols linked to the goddess Eostre. In my home country Belgium and several other countries, Easter bells fly over and drop eggs. I haven’t got a clue where that idea comes from, nor do I want to research it right now. Ain’t nothing sexy about some winged bells, now bunnies on the other hand…

The thongs come off for Patrons

If you’ve been doing any kind of Easer egg hunting in Second Life™, chances are you’ve picked up at least one pair of bunny ears. If you want a pair in latex, you should head over to Cheerno/Nexus and look for the wall with group gifts. There you’ll find both bunny ears options as shown above and there’s no group joining fee, so you’ve go no excuse for not getting your Easter kink on.


  • Daddy Harness, James Thong Metallic, Xavior Latex Sleeves, Bill Essential Gloves and Mesh Stockings all by Noche.
  • Legacy mesh body (both avatars).
  • Noche mesh nipples (both)
  • Left:
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head, includes options for beards and hairbases
    • Stray Dog Hikaru for Lelutka Evo mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy. If the face looks all over the place when you put on the skin, you need to switch from Evox to Evo in the hud for your Lelutka mesh head. You can see the face more clearly in Latex & Leather Episode 8.
    • Stealthic Reach hair
    • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape (originally made for Belleza, but I often use it with Legacy)
  • Right:
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head, includes options for beards and hairbases
    • Vendetta Phillip for Lelutka Evox mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy.
    • Dappa Forme tattoo
    • No shape for this one in Marketplace yet

Editor’s Picks

While I often don’t pay much attention to the opinion of people who try to tell me what I should or shouldn’t watch on TV, which books I should absolutely read and I have a low grade loathing for lists of 100 places I should visit before I die, when it comes to Second life™ I often use the Editor’s Picks in the destination guide as a source of inspiration for visiting sims I haven’t been to yet. Today’s destination is La Petite Provence.

You land at a charming small provincial market town that simply demands to be explored. It made me think I should start buying fruit and veg from the market myself in real life, but I probably won’t because I’m addicted to convenience and it takes too much effort to go to different places to do my groceries while I can easily get everything from one big supermarket. Oh well, it’s still fun to inspect the virtual goods in SL though.

You can climb up to a house on the hill for some quality lounging by the pool or in any of the inviting rooms of this sprawling mansion. Should the night turn chilly, as it often does during spring in this part of the world when the sky has been absolutely cloudless all day, you can curl up on a sofa by an open fireplace, read a good book and forget about life for a bit. That’s what I would do probably. I’ve been meaning to read The Cider House Rules again, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Before I’ll leave you with the credits for my outfit, I need to mention that from the landing spot a La Petite Provence you can also teleport to different scenes in the skies like a snow chalet (oh, no more snow for me, thanks!), magical caves and outer space. I think I need to visit that magical cave some time when I’m in fairy mode.


  • Noche Daniel Hoodie at the monthly Equal10 event until May 5th, go to Noche’s main store after that date
  • Noche James thong, when using the size 0 bulge this thong fits under some jeans with the Legacy mesh body, a trick that often doesn’t work with the Belleza body
  • Legal Insanity Lewis denims
  • Legal Insanity River bracelets, at the current round of Fameshed until April 27, check the Legal Insanity main store after that. I love that these bracelets have been rigged for several bodies. No more bracelets cutting into wrists and hands as I move!
  • Marked Hunter Pendant Necklace
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Lelutka Connor mesh head (includes the beard an hairbase used for this look)
  • Birth Hendrix skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh head + Birth body skin for Legacy
  • Billy Beaverhausen Brent shape
  • Nar Mattaru Immortalis tattoo
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Dust Bunny Farmer’s Market (full set includes the van, produce and other bits and bobs), the “farmer” is wearing the Hawk Crop Tee, Ethan apron and James thong all by Noche with the Kojima jeans by Deadwool
  • House: reBourne Casa Blanca

Putting the “short” in shorts – Episode 5

The latest addition to my wardrobe may leave little to the imagination, but it sure is stimulating mine. The new Hudson shorts by Noche, released at the current round of Fameshed (ends April 27), got me wondering yet again at which point shorts become briefs. Maybe it’s more about the fabric than the cut? People definitely have some strong sexist ideas of how long men’s shorts should be. Fair enough, in real life many men will be missing the amply shaped firm buttocks and muscular legs to pull of the look, but surely in Second Life™ we’re merely showing our appreciation for the hours of work that have gone into creating a fabulous looking mesh body by putting as much as possible of it on display as often we can, without breaking sim maturity level rules of course. And as for real life, surely the Shorts Nazi can find something more useful to do with their lives.


  • Noche Hudson Shorts (go to Fameshed if you read this before or on April 27th)
  • Legacy mesh body
  • The black avatar is using body skin by Birth, the white avatar is using body skin by Vendetta. You can get a clearer view of the black avatar in my previous block post about virtual beach therapy. The tattooed hunk is more visible in a blog post I did round Christmas. Which makes me think: holy forking shirt balls, it’s almost Easter already. Aaaaaah! What’s happing with time? Oh look, I waited until the credits to have a panic attack. That’s helpful. NOT. Does this count as an Easter egg?
  • Dappa Forme tattoo
  • Milk Motion Mykonos street

Virtual Beach Therapy – Episode 9

Here’s another one for you Second Live™ beach bums. Today we are visiting Le Paradis at Ambiance Hideaway. This tropical island is a perfect romantic hideaway offering one spacious main beach and a couple of small more secluded beaches along the coastline. One might almost go as far as to call it a sanctuary. They definitely got the tropical feeling right at this sim, as the paths you can wander along are seemed with lush vegetation and large trees, creating what one might call a controlled jungle. Speaking of controle, should you find that you’re getting the romantic feels and are overwhelmed by a sudden need to give into the passion, then I’m happy to report that this is an adult sim and LGBTQ-friendly.

I especially like the huts you’ll find dotted around the sim, with the sheer curtains romantically blowing in the wind and a terras overlooking one of the lakes. You should also keep an eye out for some really exciting wildlife, ranging from colourful parrots to majestic elephants. So while I wander around a bit more and take in the sights, I’ll leave you with the credits of my beach outfit and then I’ll be hitting the sack in real life, in an attempt to get those optimal 8 hours of sleep before the rat race I call a job starts again tomorrow morning. *sigh* Why can’t it be two days of work and five days off?


  • Lelutka Luka mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Birth Jordan skin for Lelutka Evox mesh heads and their body skin for Legacy. Birth skins now include a neck fade so you in theory can wear them with body skins from any other store. If Meshbody would have included the BOM versions of their standard skins with the Legacy body, I would have liked making that combination, but unfortunately the standard Legacy skins only come as an applier.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Montero shape for Lelutka Luka & Legacy (also suitable for Belleza Jake)
  • Camo Makko dreads
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes
  • Noche Sarong. With a click you can make it more see-through/wet and with a second click it disappears, a third click brings it back.
  • Noche James thong, you can wear it underneath the sarong up to bulge size 2 and you can push the front and back to the side, leaving you exposed. The bulge has recently been tweaked and looks more “defined” now.
  • Noche Stringer tank top. This too has some tricks in it. Click it to wear it lifted, as shown in my images. Click it again to take it off.
  • Legal Insanity River bracelets, at the current round of Fameshed until April 27, check the Legal Insanity main store after that. I love all the colour options on this one. It makes it such a great accessory to match your outfit. I hope I’ll find a necklace in this style some time.
  • EQUAL Caleb Sandals (teleport to the older products)

Virtual Beach Therapy – Episode 8

Today my search for sun, sea and relaxation took me to Angel’s Palms. Inspired by the beaches of the west coast, this sim offers plenty of spots to chill, a coffee shop, perfect waves for surfing and for those of you looking for a place to settle down there are some houses and apartments for rent, though nothing appeared obviously available at the moment. I often wish I could project these Second Life™ beaches on the walls of my apartment for a more immersive experience. Having windows to real life in the middle of those SL landscapes would be really trippy though. It reminds of an SL friend who sometimes wasn’t sure whether he’d left SL on or a window open when he was hearing birds. That reminds me that I should mention I rather enjoyed the stream at Angel’s Palms. It’s that kind of non intrusive background noise that goes well with the other noises at the sim. At least my headset does take me some way to an immersive experience. Nothing having to hear my upstairs neighbours’ elephantine stumping is a blessing in itself.

Angel’s Palms looks deceptively simple, but I’m sure some quality time went into putting this well balanced and beautifully landscaped sim together. Maybe it could do with just a few more spots to chill, seeing how that is how they promote it. Under promise and over deliver, that’s what I always say. And with that, I’ll leave you to it and deliver the credits.


  • Lelutka Alain mesh head.
  • Meshbody Legacy.
  • Stray Dog Hikaru for Lelutka Evo + their body skin for the Legacy body. Using BOM layers for all, like one does these day. Make sure you switch from EvoX to Evo in the hud of your Lelutka head if you put on this Stray Dog skin and it’s all over the place, though I’m sure this tip is just for the rookies.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape, originally made for Belleza, but used with Legacy here.
  • Modulus Lewis hat and hair.
  • Noche Mesh nipples
  • Noche Armani mesh crop tank.
  • Legal Insanity Diego denim shorts.
  • Noche James thong. You need to use bulge size 0 for this combination with the shorts to work and it tends to work best with the Legacy body, with Belleza the thong doesn’t fit as nicely under the shorts.
  • Noche mesh stockings at the monthly Equal10 event until April 5th, check Noche’s main store after that date.
  • Semller folded cavas boots, floral edition
  • Noir Chuck bracelets

Another Fairy Day – Episode 13

First things first: Noche’s Toga is part of the 60 L$ Happy Weekend sales this weekend, so if you’re looking for something high-end for that Roman themed keg frat party, get yourself over to the Noche store before the weekend ends. Most of the time the sale is extended until Monday, but don’t take that as a given. Of course, if you’re reading this on Tuesday, all you can do is cry and be miserable… Or just buy the lovely toga at full price.

Personally I rather like this Toga as something to wear when I’m in fairy mode, because I find it the perfect mix of timeless elegance and sexiness with a hint of frivolity that really suits the fairy. It comes with its own simple underwear, but you can also fit the Noche’s (Metallic) James Thong underneath (with the size 0 bulge). Let’s face it, there are always going to be those who’ll cam under your skirt so if you can’t go commando because your willy would be poking out, you might as wel where a flash of colour underneath that toga. Is it the most fairy-like thing one can wear? Probably not, but Second Life™ quite often is about finding a happy compromise. Of course those of you with a cynical disposition will tell me that there is no such thing as a happy compromise, because when two parties make compromises upon striking a deal, neither party truly gets what they want. To that I say: suck it up and live with it!


  • Noche Toga and Roman Accessories (arm cuffs)
  • EQUAL Caleb Sandals (teleport to the older products)
  • PFC Fae wings
  • Redhead
    • Catwa Victor mesh head
    • Belleza Jake mesh body
    • Stray Dog Erwin skin for Catwa + their body skin for Belleza
    • Stealthic Hysteria hair
    • Avi-Glam Borealis eyes (applied on rigged eyes that come with Catwa head)
    • Mandala Steking Ears Season 5
    • Billy Beaverhausen Billy shape for Catwa Victor and Belleza Jake
  • Brunette
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head
    • Meshbody Legacy body
    • Clef De Peau Allan skin for Lelutka + theri body skin for Legacy
    • Stealthic Reach hair
    • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape for Lelutka Alain and Belleza Jake (used with Legacy body for this blog post)
  • Compulsion Elven House Main
  • Anc Flottante Puppy standing and laying
  • DRD Deer Chandelabra (possibly not available at the DRD store, but I saw it in Marketplace)
  • Location: Lost Unicorn. I think it may have disappeared for a bit, because the description in the destination guide mentions “Lost Unicorn is back and better than ever”. It’s nice to see that Second Life™ is alive and kicking, with old favorite sims still getting the occasional facelift.

Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 9

Right! Time to drag that musclebound Niramyth Aesthetic body out of the closet once more and create a look with it. First things first, there’s a pretty good basic tutorial available from Niramyth to help you get started with the Aesthetic body (and head). I will be combining the Aesthetic body with a Lelutka mesh head this time, which is a first for me.

When you use the Aesthetic body with its own mesh head, you just plonk it on and you’re done. Using this body with another mesh head takes just a little extra effort. After you have applied the medium or light skin that comes with Aesthetic Enzo (see basic tutorial), you need to unpack the “Bento HeadBlender for Medium & Light” and add the appropriate version. As I am using the medium skin on the Aesthetic body and I have a dark hairbase on my Lelutka mesh head , the best option for me is “HeadBlender_Medium-Skin_(BENTO) – Black_Hair”. You can then use the Color & Alpha HUD to tint the body and achieve a closer skin tone match with your mesh head. The use of the Color HUD is also covered in the basic tutorial. Obviously you will have to create or purchase a shape that works for both the Lelutka mesh head and the Aesthetic body. I’ve created my own and you’ll find the link to it in the credits, once I’ve gotten round to putting up in Marketplace. Right! After all that, I had to go shopping and get myself some new threads for this particular body.

If you’re looking for original sexy and perhaps just slightly kinky attire for the Aesthetic body, then Guilty is a good place to start at. Make sure that whatever you purchase, is displaying the Aesthetic logo or that size won’t be included. It’s wise to always get a demo first of course. For those of you with a strong preference for leather and something strappy, the “Cruising” singlet should peak your interest. I personally found the idea of this singlet on the muscular Aesthetic body irresistible and I’m not even that much into this body, but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. Right? This could so easily have been an episode of my series on leather and latex fetish wear.

If you’re heading for the beach and need something to show a modicum of modesty, you can find the tiny pair of “Karin” bikini briefs at Imagine Moda. I had a look around at this store and found that most, if not all of their items support the Aesthetic body, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Right, now lets end things with a “propper” outfit. You can’t go far wrong with a hoodie and jeans. I didn’t go shopping for these, instead I just rummaged around in my inventory, looking for items that included the Aesthetic size, or the Enzo version as it is often referred to in the item names. I settled on a pair of ripped jeans by Invictus, a colourful hoodie by TonkTastic and the L&B Swear low top sneakers.


  • Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body
  • Lelutka Luka mesh head
  • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka Evo mesh heads. As I’m using this skin as a BOM layer, I’m using the alpha layer that comes with the head that hides the body and system eyes. Sadly, there is no matching skin available for the Aesthetic body, so that is why we use the head blender and tint the body to match the face, as mentioned above.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Dominique shape
  • Camo Makko dreads
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes (applies on the mesh heads that come with the Lelutka head)
  • Guilty Cruiser leather singlet
  • Imagine Moda Karin bikini briefs
  • Invictus ripped jeans
  • TonkTastic Zip Hoodie
  • Lapointe & Bastchild Swear Low Top Sneakers

Locker Room Talk

The Urban Dictionary defines locker room talk as “Any manner of conversation that polite society dictates be held privately – with small groups of like-minded, similarly gendered peers – due to its sexually charged language, situations or innuendos.” These days I’ve personally occasionally had the feeling that any talk about the possible outbreak of a (nuclear) third world war should be confined to that kind of space as well. I know, I know! Burying my head in the sand won’t stop it either, but it’s like being out on a nice hike somewhere in the stunning countryside, enjoying the beautiful vistas and then making an unfortunate fall and breaking your leg. The quality of that walk would have been severely diminished if you would have known all along that you were going to break your leg. Constantly being consciously aware of a broken leg being just around the corner, wouldn’t exactly improve the ramble either. Imagine trying to enjoy that outdoor experience with a couple of friends who find it necessary to share their views and expertise on just how you are most likely about to break your leg, based on what they saw on the news last night. Sometimes you can’t even stop yourself from joining in! You’ll be like: “yeah, I think the leg has lost its senses,” and you hate yourself for it! Sometimes I just need everybody to shut up.

Luckily I have Second Life™ to lose myself in for a couple of hours now and again. I can have wholesome fun making some changes to the interiors of my homes or can let a new jockstrap inspire me to create another one of my titillating “Batting For The Other Team” scenes. In those moments, there is no such thing as the real world and I believe we all need this kind of relieve from reality now and again. Someone knew what they were doing when they invented the concept of “entertainment.” That must have been how cavemen drawings started out. Luckily we are a bit more spoiled for options these days. I met a woman from Lithuania this week and she said that one of her fears was that everything would go back to the communist regime she grew up in. “We had one sausage, one kind of milk…” Both my childish sense of humor and my horror at the depravity of it all kinda stopped me from listening beyond “one sausage”. Some say choice is an illusion, but I for one rather like that illusion. I tend to take issue with things that are forced upon me, certainly a sausage. Anyhoo, speaking of choices, I’ll leave you with the credits now so you can go pick and chose for yourself.


  • Noche Wade jockstrap out at Fameshed now until March 27th and of course at their main store ones this round of Fameshed has ended.
  • Baseball outfit: Noche Robinson pants and socks, Tylie Ruth shirt (you can purchase this shirt at Noche as well), Modulus Lewis hat & hair, Semller Two-Plat sneakers.
  • Blond avatar: Lelutka Logan mesh head, Meshbody Legacy, Birth Rai skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads and their body skin for Legacy, hairbase and beard included with mesh head, Avi-Glam Borealis eyes (applied to mesh eyes that come with head), Billy Beaverhausen Frank shape.
  • If you want details on any of the other avatars, let me know in the comments here on in Flickr.

Trying to chill

Last Friday I got hit with the “what’s the use” blues at work, sometime around noon. I got through the rest of the day by putting myself on autopilote and just getting on with things. I just find it so depressing that we haven’t even come to the end of a global pandemic crisis yet and already some power-hungry Russian twat feels the need to invade the neighbouring country and now we all have to wonder if that’s where it will stop. I was glad to see Friday evening finally arrive and thanked The Powers That Be (in this case South Korean TV producers and the Belgian TV Channel VTM) for a new round of The Masked Singer.

Ironically we’ve been blessed with a couple of gloriously crisp but very sunny winter days in Stockholm this weekend. I say ironically, because an overcast sky would have been a better fit for the sense of doom and gloom that’s hanging over my head these days. Between the sunshine, looking at Stockholm’s architecture like I’m a tourist, some quiet knitting at a coffee place and enough entertainment to keep my mind of things, I managed to more or less charge the batteries for another week of putting out fiers, solving problems and maybe actually getting some work done. Obviously I still get some joy out of my Second Life™ too, or I wouldn’t bother with this blog. I don’t know how save we’d be as digitalised versions of our selves in a virtual world, but sometimes the thought/dream of that possibility seems very alluring… Wait, isn’t that basically The Matrix? So what’s going to be, the red pill or the blue pill?


  • All items worn are by Noche: Xavior Knit Sleeves, Oliver Crop Vest, Morgan Underwear and Athletic Socks.
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Lelutka Luka mesh head
  • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka mesh heads + their skin for the Legacy mesh body
  • Stray Dog ADD ON Renato Hair Base
  • Rebellion Savant Specs
  • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape (originally made for Meshbody Athletic)
  • Fancy Decor Carter Fireplace Fatpack
  • Floorplan Pile of Books (includes the pillow with several animations)
  • Petrichor Masse Planter
  • Eli Baily Smith Wardrobe
  • Jian Kitten Collection Static (Inquisitive) (the sleeping Corgi is an old group grift and no longer available)
  • Kunst Makbook V