Castor Cottage – Episode 2

In the previous episode we took a look at the outside of the Chillmark House by Brook Hill Living and went inside to snoop around for a bit, to see what kind of furnishings I used in one corner of the large entrance hall. This is the central hall of the house, flanked by a spacious kitchen on the right and an ample living room on the left. It isn’t so much an entrance hall as an extra reception room.

Castor House III blog

Moving on to another corner of the hall, you can see I used the Fancy Decor Striped Storage Bench and a large painting to almost mirror the first corner of the room. I tinted the cushions on the bench to match the room’s colour scheme, cause I’m fastidious that way. The frame is by Fancy Decor, but I replaced the artwork with “Summer Faun” by Carlos Barahona. Between the two windows you see  an elegant frame By Apple Fall that originally had a botanical study in it, but now is showing “Merab’s Beauty” by Mel Odom. Underneath that frame I placed a wooden trunk by Apple Fall. This originally has a simple somewhat tatty white cloth on it, which I re-textured with a rich fabric . The trunk offers a good spot for a plant, like the button fern by Vespertine.

Castor House IV blog

In the centre of the room I have placed a large round table, which comes with a round rug. It is by N4RS and has lots of naughty animations in it, cause the days that such things are limited to the bedroom are long behind us… Actually, I don’t think those days ever existed. Don’t get me started on the Victorians! They were well raunchy! Such a table of course needs a nice big centre piece such as the pink medinilla plant by Dust Bunny. The central light in this room comes from the Apple Fall Kingsbury Pendant Lamp.

Against the stair wall we see a chest of drawers by Anhelo, that almost could function as a desk and is a very typical piece for this kind of room. The books are part of this item and I’ve used a vase with beautifully romantic roses by Apple Fall and a table lamp by Thistle to fill the empty space.

Castor House V blog

An elegant grandfather clock flanked by a pair of beautifully crafted lyre chairs by Fancy Decor was just the kind of thing that wall needed.

Castor House VI blog

One corner has been decorated as a comfortable space for reading the newspaper or a book. Just imagine sinking into that old Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair with plenty of light to read by, either from the large window during the day or the Tromp Loeil Antique Floor Lamp when it gets dark. You’ve got the small Apple Fall Occasional Table for putting your cup of tea on and you’re nice an close to a little radiator by Floorplan & Brocante in case it’s getting a bit chilly outside. That wall would have looked empty without some artwork, so I used the frame from the Apple Fall botanical study again and found another painting by Mel Odom to fill it with. The large Ficus Rubber Plant by Vespertine ads a green touch to this corner.

Castor House VII blog

Now we bring the tour of this hall to a close with the final corner. Here you find a small bench by Shutter Field, which leaves enough room so you can open the cupboard door under the staircase, cause you’ve gotta stash Harry Potter somewhere, right? I’ve got a stack of books by Nutmeg and I’m gonna read them all! (yeah, right). There’s a rug by Artisan Fantasy to keep my feet warm and a little shelf with old pictures by Apple Fall to add some character. Finally the last much needed green touch is provided by a large ponytail palm by Soy.

That’s it for now. The tour will continue in the next episode. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide.


Another Fairy Day – Episode 2

Should fairy wings always be more insect like, or can they be feathered? Personally I think anything goes. Free your mind and the rest will follow! Which brings me to the fact that often you will need to look beyond the sales poster for some items, as they will only be shown on a female avatar. While I don’t dabble in cross dressing in real life, I’m also not one of those guys that start to hyperventilate if a clothing store doesn’t have a very clear division between the men’s and women’s department. Heaven forbid they should like something that wasn’t specifically made for them! The horror!

Another Fairy Day III blog

The Gorean set by Thirst, available at the November round of Romp till the 24th, is fancy full enough for a fairy look. You can leave of the armour for a softer appearance, though of course fairies can be tough warriors too. I particularly like the fur wrap around my waist, as it leaves my butt cheeks less exposed than if I’d just be wearing the leather “loin jock”. A wee bit of modesty is very becoming for a fairy and moreover, the fluffy fur helps to keep my buttocks warm in these chilly conditions. Right! And now I’m flying out of here!

Shown on Belleza Jake mesh body with Catwa Stanley head, Stray Dog Zack skin, Stealthic Hysteria hair and Mandala mesh ears. Wings by Blueberry. Picture taken at The Outer Garden.

Romp November 2018

There’s no use in beating around the trimmed bush, there is a lot of pixel rumpy pumpy going on in SL and even if the visuals of virtual coitus utterly fail to entice you and the very idea of moaning sweet nothings in your mike makes you vomit a little in your mouth, you may still appreciate the outfits made with only the smallest possible amount of fabric. For the ladies it usually comes down to a bra that’s like two delicate tissues held together with floss, and panties that slice your muffin top into a hamburger bun. For the gents, there is an assortment of thongs and jockstraps out there on the grid, but often when there’s an event that specialises in this kind of thing, there will be one male item against ten female items. I guess the male avatars don’t release the creative juices as much as the ladies.

Romp blog

One of these sexy events is called Romp and I think this is the first time I could be bothered to visit it. It started on 10th November and it was quiet during my visit today, so I have no complaints about lag. It will run until 24th November, so you still have plenty of time to go check it out. There’s a good mix of adult furniture, lots of lingerie and little dresses for the ladies and as predicted, just a couple of items for male avatars.

One of my sponsors, THIRST, has launched a new Gorean set at Romp, which was my main reason for visiting the event. I wanted to check out their display before committing to this set and I was NOT disappointed.

Running from Paradise blog

The Gorean set is rigged for the Belleza Jake body only and if you’re going to wear the hauberk, your body fat should not be over 10%. No, I’m not fat shaming, it is what it is. Speaking of things being what they are, I googled “hauberk” and this thing doesn’t come even close to what that is supposed look like, but I think I prefer Thirst’s interpretation. The “loin jock” comes in two sizes. There’s the modest “subtle” one and the more in-your-face “bold” one. Everything comes with a hud with several texture options for each item, so you can have lots of fun mixing and matching. Once Romp has finished, you can head over to the Thirst main store to grab this set.

Shown on Belleza Jake mesh body with Catwa Stanley head, Stray Dog Erwin skin, Stealthic Reach hair and Mandala mesh ears.

Castor Cottage – Episode 1

In the spring and summer of 2018 I was living my Second Life at a lovely house I’ve named Castor Cottage (Castor is the scientific name for beavers). A friend let me rent the grounds and house at a very competitive price and he wasn’t too fussy about prims. On top of that generosity, he has the added benefit of being quite adept at creating a pleasing landscape. For now he’s taking a sabbatical from virtual life and sadly that sweet corner of SL has gone “poof”, but I took plenty of pictures to help preserve the memories.

Castor House I blog

I have no idea where all the trees and plants came from, but I know you can get yourself some fluffy cows at Jian. The house is from Brook Hill Living and the hammock is a deconstructed version of one you can get from MadPea.

Now let’s head inside and take a look at the large entrance hall that runs straight through to the other side of the house and onto a nice deck.

Castor House II blog

The Brook Hill house allows you to change the wallpaper while keeping the shadows, but it is quite tricky to click the correct layer and even more so to line up patterns in the corners. Don’t bother trying to find this wallpaper anywhere on the grid or in Marketplace, as I usually look for patterns online. This corner of the entrance hall is right at the front door, so it makes sense to have the Fancy Decor Hasting Bench for something to sit on while you’re putting on your shoes. This type of bench would most probably offer storage space under the seat in real life, so it is perfect for hallways. For even more storage there is the Digs Albany Dresser which comes in a bunch of colours. To give the area a more realistic feel, one needs typical hallway items such as Fancy Decor rain boots, the Dusty Bunny old backpack from their Storybook Living gacha set and a cane stand from 8f8, which most probably is a gacha item I snatched up from Marketplace. As you will undoubtedly need somewhere to hang your coats, there’s a framed Irish blessing with hangers and a handy shopping bag from Chez Moi. Add the Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in a Glazed Pot, the Brook Hill Living Tisburry box and a wallet with car keys from TA Concept and this area really starts to look lived in. Of course you will need a light source to see what you are doing and something like the antique wall sconce from a Schultz Bros. gacha set goes nicely over a dresser. Finally there’s a nice chunky piece of art. This frame by Apple Fall originally holds another nice classic landscape, but I enjoy looking around on the internet for suitable artwork to replace it with, in this case a piece by Swedish painter Richard Bergh entitled Swedish Summer Evening.

That’s it for now. There still is a lot of furniture to cover in this large entrance hall and I’ll be serving you the episodes for this series in bite size portions.

Exmachina Davide 5.0 – Episode 2

At the end of the previous post, we left Davide strutting his stuff in a colourful thong and I made a vague promise to show him with another skin the next time. I also mentioned that I have been seeing nipple displacement with all of the Omega appliers I tested on this body and that I was going to take a look at add-on mesh nipples as a solution for this. I tried and I failed. None of the nipples I looked at covered up the issue nicely without looking too big for my taste. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

ExMachina 5 - 2 blog

Personally I regard Davide’s face with this Chris skin by Akool as a definite winner. I do enjoy working with the underdogs among the mesh bodies and heads and like achieving a look that is quite different from the more popular mesh and skin combinations. The eyebrows on this skin are very heavy, but it comes with a no-brows version, which is what I used. That just leaves the pain of adding brows, a hair base and beard , with one knocking out the other till you have just about tried everything and are getting dangerously close to shouting at your screen. I got there in the end, but I’m not really sure how. Of course, with the luscious locks from Dura I have chosen for this look, I didn’t really need a hair base, but I like to know that it’s there. The skin does something weird to the nails, but you can apply the original nails from the body’s own hud and tint them to your liking.


  • Exmachina Davide avatar (L$ 3800)
  • Akool Chris Omega applier (L$ 1399, includes Omega, Signature and Belleza body applier)
  • Volkstone Craig facial hair (it was a hunt item, but check out their store for similar beards)
  • IDTTY Real eyebrows (L$ 250)
  • Dura B&G 81, fatpack #2 (L$ 300)
  • Boycott harry briefs (L$ 199)

Exmachina Davide 5.0

I checked up on the Exmachina avatar and discovered that there has been another update. We’re at version 5.0 now. For this version a button for the wardrobe system has been added to the main hud. This system allows you to save the changes you make in the alpha hud for each item of clothing, so that the next time you put it on, the item will be recognised and whatever body parts need to be blanked out will automatically disappear. According to the change log some minor bugs were fixed as well and the rigging of the face has been improved to better support animations.

Exmachina 5 - 1 blog

After struggling to put on a hair base, a pair of thicker eyebrows and a beard I managed to get this 5.0 version to look like the previous one. My experience of applying things like these to other mesh heads has been much smoother, even with the complicated Catwa heads. I’m really not sure how I got it to work in the end and that’s never a reassuring feeling, right?
Alas when it comes to underwear, nothing new has been rigged for this body lately and I have resorted to experimenting again with something unrigged like the Roco thong by Mat Kungler Atelier. It takes a lot of stretching and pulling to make this thong work and in the end it still isn’t a perfect fit, but at least it’s got a ton of texture options and a bulge that will bring tears to your eyes. It also has a built-in willy and if you want to be able to stretch the thong in individual directions, you need to click “edit linked” first and then click the thong. Once you’ve resized it to your liking, you can click the penis if needed an resize it separately. MK also has an interesting pair of “Adverse” boots, in Converse style. I’m wearing the TMP size, which seems to work nicely, with my feet and part of my legs made invisible of course.

I want to try some other skins on this avatar, but at the moment I am struggling to find something without nipple displacement. Perhaps I need to try separate add-on nipples as a stop gap solution… to be continued!



Taking David to Men Only Monthly October/November 2018

We’re about halfway in the current round of the Men Only Monthly event and it is high time to go an another shopping expedition with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, before the event closes on 20th November. As usual I’m making a mix of what I bought at the event and what I have in my wardrobe. Now let’s jump straight into it without any further dillydallying.

David @ MOM October-November 2018 -1 blogThe first item from MOM I wanted to show is this hoodie by Hevo. The single colour version includes a hud with some colours for the print on the sleeves and the untucked shirt, also giving you the option to remove these two details. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to pair this hoodie with, but after trying on some trousers and failing because of clipping issues, I finally settled on the Mikol jeans by Ascend. For footwear I went with bright red NX-Nardcotix Gideon boots, as these include a cut version that fits under the jeans easily and just happen to compliment the overall colour coordination of the outfit.

David @ MOM October-November 2018 - 2 blog
Next up is another hoodie, from Hypnotik this time. Possibly I would not have bought this one, if it weren’t for the fact that Hypnotik is also showing a pair of short sarouel pants to got with it. Strangely they only included a belt for the Belleza size and David needs to wear the Signature size to make the outfit work, so there’s no belt for him. I like how the hoodie is just a little bit too short, so we can see a seductive bit of skin. It would be perfectly acceptable to wear sneakers with this kind of outfit, but I went for the Regiment boots by Rebellion, also shown at MOM. They create more of a contrast, like wearing army boots with a wedding dress… Now there’s an idea for an outfit!

David @ MOM October-November 2018 - 3 blogInvictus made it very easy to put together my next outfit, with the coat, jeans and boots they have at MOM. Obviously you blank out most of your body when you’re wearing the coat, as always is the case with these hands-in-pockets situations, but the Aesthetic size of the jeans and belt fits quite well if you want to go shirtless, especially if you like a more solid physique.

David @ MOM October-November 2018 - 4 blogFE Style is one of a few designers that include an NX-Nardcotix size in their garments. This shirt / sweater is one of those typical simple items you can wear to look effortlessly sharp and casual at the same time, if you wear it with a nice pair of chinos, like the ones from Cold Ash. The Jude ankle boots by NX-Nardcotix stay nicely in that sharp casual range to make this an acceptable dress-down Friday outfit, though of course as this is SL, nobody would look twice if you showed up naked at the job.

David @ MOM October-November 2018 - 5 blog
Finishing off my MOM line-up is this bomber jacket and t-shirt by Aitui, in their typical baggy style. I advise wearing the Signature size, as this seems to be the least sensitive one. You may have to do some shape adjusting or turn a blind eye to seeing a small gap in the neck area from some angles. The cargo pants and ankle boots both are from NX-Nardcotix to keep things simple but also because they’re a good match with the jacket.


Something new in the willy department

Do you remember that first time when as a male avatar you got naked and discovered you weren’t quite complete? Oh the horror! The smoothness of it all! There are some free willies flopping around on the grid, but none of them look really nice and that’s just a euphemism for saying they’re diseased. This seems to be an area in SL that appears somewhat underdeveloped, so to speak. You really need to fork out the dough to get yourself a pounder. Birth has become a new player in this field with their “Mr Smooth” bento cock and it deserves a closer look.

Birth Mr Smooth 1 blog

It comes with separate pubes and a range of sizes going from extra small to freakishly large. As this is a bento piece, it of course has a bunch of built-in animations (24), like some serious throbbing and thrusting actions and smooth transitions from fully erect to charmingly flaccid.

Birth Mr Smooth 2 blog

Users of Birth skins will particularly appreciate how this penis matches their body skin tones. You will also find a tinting option among the settings, so you can match this cock with any skin. The available tattoos are a nice touch as well and the competitive price of 850 L$ makes this a worthy option among the existing range of nether region appendages.

Have fun people, but don’t go sticking your “nose” in anywhere it doesn’t belong.

Other credits

The Madpea Monster Hunt

Madpea Monster Hunt 1 blog

For about a week now I have been teleporting all over the grid in search of colourful monsters. Why on earth for? Because once again MadPea has organised a Halloween hunt in their familiar style. Each monster gives you a number of points and eventually you will have enough points so you can trade them in for prizes. You can get these prizes for your greedy little self but if you are in a particularly philanthropic mood, you can also buy them as a gift for a friend. The basic hud can be bought for 100 L$, but there is also a 500 L$ deluxe version which comes with a bit of extra kit. Even if you decide to go for the basic hud, you can still grab a weapon from the gacha set that was created for this hud at 75 L$ per pop.

Madpea Monster Hunt 2 blog

Some of the monsters will give you a key instead of points. With these keys you can unlock direct prizes from 10 contributors. It could be a good strategy to collect those first, especially if you are starting late on this hunt. You need three keys for each contributor to be able to unlock their prize. You can find out who they are by clicking on the M in the Monster Hunt hud.

The prizes are of a high standard and it’s not extremely difficult to collect enough points so you can grab some of the larger ones, provided you don’t wait until the last day to start hunting.  You have until 3th November to get involved, so head over to Madpea’s specially created dungeon to get started. You can also find out more about the hunt by visiting the Madpea website.

Happy hunting!

PS: see my previous blog post to find out about the T-shirt  and leggings I’m wearing.

Noche Halloween group gift

Noche Group Gift Halloween 2018 blog

Noche has released a Halloween version of their Kenny t-shirt as a group gift. It comes in two versions and 3 textures. You can teasingly pull it up stop showing off your fracking abs and pull that shirt down. This t-shirt works with Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. You can find the gift at the Noche store and of course you need to be a group member, but there is no joining free. The leggings are also a Noche item you can purchase at their store and the sneakers are a group gift from Vale Koer.

Noche Halloween Jock blog

Last year Noche surprised us with a Halloween version of their jockstrap for the Signature Gianni, TMP and Belleza Jake mesh bodies. You can still get this jock on Marketplace and 300 L$ for a well made jockstrap that comes with 8 textures is almost a bargain, especially as you also get 4 bulge sizes for that price.

Go forth and be sexy spooky!


  • Signature Gianni mesh body and head.
  • Stray Dog Owen applier for Gianni mesh head(not available at store, but check out the Roman skin instead) and body applier for the Gianni body.
  • Tableau Vivant Dagon hair (I hope this hair will show up at their new store soon, last time I checked they still hadn’t put up the vendors for male hair styles).

Dabbling with Geralt IX

It occurred to me that I hadn’t done any dabbling with the Signature Geralt mesh body and head in a while. Sure, I’ve been frolicking, gallivanting and getting into shenanigans with it, but I hadn’t restyled it in a while. Rather than search for a new skin, I went through my inventory with a fine tooth comb and soon found that I hadn’t tried the Uriel skin by Stray Dog on the Geralt head yet.

Dabbling With Geralt XXVII blog

The Stray Dog body applier that matches the Uriel skin lines up very well with Geralt, in spite of having been made for Gianni. Originally the Uriel head applier was made for the Logo mesh head and  I would agree if you told me that the skin doesn’t line up perfectly with the Geralt head. The shadows under the nose don’t look quite right and the lips seem just a little bit off, but overall I’d say this is a handsome sun of a gun. That’s a strange expression! Is he a bullet? Yeah baby, a love bullet! He’s a lover not a fighter! “So how did he get that scar then?”, I hear you ask. Oh that’s a pair of eyebrows with a slash from VYC. Obviously it’s a childhood scar cause clearly he was a bit of a rascal, hence the playful freckles, which are part of the skin but you don’t have to apply them. The scruffy beard is one of four standard options that come with the head and ads tons of non-toxic masculinity. For hair I went with Stealthic and the eyes are by NewClan. As always, the shape is my own creation. The boxers by Exalted are one of the few underwear options you have for this body and I’m keeping my fingers crossed some other creators will pick up Geralt soon.

Now let’s see if we can get our charming chap some new threads.

Dabbling With Geralt XXVIII blog
The Tactical trousers and t-shirt by Wazzer Works are great for a sharp sporty look. I picked this set up at the October Signature event, which just ended. Hopefully Wazzer will have it in their Marketplace store soon, because sadly I couldn’t find an in world store for them. The new Pryda sneakers by Native Urban compliment this outfit nicely. The great thing about all these items is that they come in a Geralt size, so you can put them on without any fuss whatsoever.

Dabbling With Geralt XXIX blog
The Nicolas blazer and shirt from Ascend is one of their more recent creations and also comes in a Geralt size. The Ascend Mikel jeans don’t come in a Geralt size, but the slim fit Gianni size seems to be doing alright with Geralt, if you wear the jeans with this blazer. Again the Native Urban Pryda sneakers are doing the trick with this outfit.

While Signature Geralt obvious doesn’t have the same level of support as the Gianni body, it does look like new items are being released for it all the time so the future is looking bright… Meanwhile the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but there isn’t much we can do about that. Let’s just try to enjoy (second) life and seek out bright spots in the darkness.

Taking David to TMD October 2018 – episode 2

As mentioned in my previous post, the current round of TMD is up and running till the end of the month. It turned out to be quite a good one for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, so much so that I decided to split up the items in two blog posts. So without any further ado, here’s episode number two.

David @ TMD October 2018 - 7 blog
MGmen’s is seasonally on point with this faux fur lined jacket. I noticed that with some moves of my avatar, the t-shirt broke up a tiny bit where it meets up with the fur collar, but not enough to be a serious deal breaker. The fur lining and t-shirts are extras you have to buy separately, which I find a bit stingy. The trousers are also part of this MGmen’s set at TMD. Either the Signature or standard size seemed like the best option to use with David. To complete the outfit I grabbed my trusty Deadwool Chase sneakers.

David @ TMD October 2018 - 8 blog

It turns out that I mostly got jackets and coats from TMD, but of course that is in keeping with the season. This cardigan and hoodie from Sleepy Eddy looks effortlessly stylish and warm enough to brave the chilly mornings and evening. I’ve paired it with the Vexiin ripped jeans and Lenox boots, both also available at TMD. My knees  will get a bit chilly though.

Taking these outdoors snapshots while the real world sunshine is poring into my living room feels like slapping mother nature in the face, so this is where I’m wrapping things up and getting out of here.


  • NX-Nardcotix David mesh body
  • Catwa Stanley mesh head
  • Birth Benjamin applier for Catwa head and omega body applier, available at TMD
  • Modulos Nial hair, available at TMD
  • Mandala Season 5 Steking ears