Easy on the budget and the eyes 2

One of the things I have come to enjoy doing with this blog is showing the possibilities of the free TMP mesh body in combination with the classic avatar head, a.k.a. system head. Partly because I realise that many people that are new to Second Life feel hesitant about spending money and others simply are on a tight entertainment budget. I understand that things become a bit scary when your cats start looking at your face with an unhealthy level of hunger in their eyes. At that point it’s probably wiser to go buy cat food rather than a mesh avatar. Another reason is that it makes me feel slightly mischievous, showing people how they can get more out of the free TMP body. Keep in mind that The Mesh Project hasn’t updated their body since they first launched the beta version about three years ago and it doesn’t look like they ever will update it. With the other choices we have today, I wouldn’t buy their L$ 5000 male mesh body, but I definitely do still think that the free body is a bit of cheap good-looking fun. For a more elaborate review of this free body, I refer to one of my older posts.

Easy on the budget and eyes 2 blog

The skin you see on the body is one of its 30 built-in skin tones (No. 10) and for the system head I have used Ares by Akeruka. This system skin is a gift you can get by joining the Akeruka group, which costs L$ 150 at the moment. You will have to search for it in the Akeruka store, as the large poster for this gift is somewhat tucked away in a corner. For some the group joining fee may feel a bit hefty, but keep in mind that in the past half year, two new Akeruka male mesh heads have been offered as group gifts during the first two weeks after their release. Don’t forget to wear the TMP neck fader in the correct skin tone to create a nicely blended neckline.
The hairstyle is Itsuki by Argrace in almond tone. You can get a pack of 5 medium brown tones of this hairstyle for L$ 250.
For those moments that you just want to (and can!) hang out somewhere in your undies, you can go with the boxers that come for free with the body or splash out on a pair of Noche swim trunks for L$ 199. Total price for this look: L$ 599.

Easy on the budget and eyes 2b blog
We have yet again reached the point where sadly I have to admit that except for underwear from various brands and all items from TMP’s own pricey clothing line, you cannot simply put clothes on this body without the skin poking through at all ends. But if you are wearing long sleeves, you can make good use of the mesh hands. Simply remove the body, the feet and the alpha layer, leaving on only the mesh hands; then use the alpha layer of a pair of gloves to hide your system hands. The seam on your underarm will be awful, but this will be hidden by the sleeves. You are now ready to put on some clothes, like the Tartan Denim Jacket from Fe Style. This is a previous hunt item and you can now buy it for L$ 10, just look for it at the reception desk. You can go a bit tartan crazy and combine the jacket with a pair of trousers that’s currently part of a group gift at Giz Seorn. The joining fee for this group is just L$ 50. This ensemble goes particularly well with a pair of boat shoes. For L$ 99 you can get a pair in 12 different colours from Roc, which is fabulous value for money. Total price for this look: L$ 559.

That’s my bit of penny pinching for today, but I might continue this “Easy on the budget and the eyes” series and I think it might be interesting to revisit the idea of the TMP body as “underwear model”. But now I want PIZZA!


The Perfect Man Cave Bed

Man Cave has moved and the new digs seem roomier and grungier than before, complete with a diligently deployed decor of dust and debris. The place tries hard to make the manliest of men feel right at home and to make some of us act more butch than we really are. I decided to concentrate on the NX-Nardcotix “David” mesh body on this visit, to see if anything new had been made that included a version for this specific body or if I could get away with wearing a fitmesh or Signature version. Long story short: Nothing fitted! Luckily Man Cave isn’t just about attire but usually has a couple of pieces of furniture to create your very own – at the risk of sounding obvious – man cave.

Perfect Man Cave Bed blog

Kraftwork is showcasing a Murphy bed with a distinctively masculine industrial vibe. The gauche fronts of the cabinets invite you to fill the shelves with clothes and all your bits and bobs and you can even leave a door open to show off just how laid back you are, because nothing says more that a man is living here than the obvious inability to close doors. There are built-in lights that help to create a secluded alcove feeling and there is a pair of boxing gloves resting on a door handle, to let people know that nobody’s gonna mess with you… And the patina on the leather of those gloves is just to die for! You can choose from 4 images for the wall texture or leave it blank. Of course, should you find your self in a situation where you need more party room, the bed easily flips up and becomes one with the cabinets. The PG version is just L$ 199, the adult version a very affordable L$ 399 and the animations are LGBT friendly.

Perfect Man Cave Bed 2 blog

Murphy beds are named after William Lawrence Murphy. The urban legend goes that he was smitten with an opera singer, but living in a one-room apartment in San Francisco. In those days the very idea of a woman entering a man’s bedroom was rather frowned upon. Murphy’s invention converted his bedroom into a reception room in just a matter of seconds. Earlier fold-up beds had existed, but Murphy was the one to introduce and patent the counterbalanced design. Ah, the things we do for love!

The bed is shown in the Old Toy Factory skybox by Never Totally Dead, which I got as prize last year in MadPea’s Hunt for Santa. I’m wondering if they have something in stall for us for the holiday season this year.


November Gacha Garden

Some people approach a gacha vendor with a sense of purpose and won’t leave it alone till they have that much coveted rare item. Personally I just occasionally give one of those friendly fruit machines a casual spin and I don’t pay much attention to what comes out. Those are my little surprises for later, when I have a quiet moment to unpack it all. Spending too much time at a gacha machine reminds me of a deep dark past with compulsive gambling and I prefer to keep that monster locked away. The Gacha Garden however, is a sweet little sim made for wandering around at, taking  a look at what’s new in this Life we call Second and grabbing a bunch of gifts.

Gacha Garden November 2017 - 1 blog
This is not the kind of event you should go to if you are a manly man who only likes manly things or if you are a lady (enter Emily Howard: “I’m a laaaady!”) who doesn’t hold with all that fluffy nonsense. Case in point: I was already about halfway through when I spotted the first menswear items. The Gacha Garden is more a mix of whimsical collectables, imaginative women’s apparel and accessories with just a sprinkling of furniture, home decoration items and the occasional odd one out, like Speakeasy with their tattoos and poses.

Gacha Garden November 2017 - 2 blog
Be careful with that music box from Infinity, that tune is hypnotic! I mentioned this in a group chat, stating that I have never played Final Fantasy and wasn’t familiar with the music. Someone else replied that hey hadn’t even heard of Final Fantasy and when they were told it’s a game that’s been around for a long time they said: “Oh, so like Mario Bros. Not cool and trendy clearly.” This made me sigh audibly, and mumble to myself: “The last time the word “trendy” was acceptable was around 1997, but you do you boo boo.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Stray Dog Zhao blog.png

Some people are so narrow minded about what constitutes beauty, I fear that if we left it up to them, Second Life would soon become very bland indeed. I was having this fleeting thought after I got shortly pulled into a chat group conversation. Someone was wondering where they would be able to get their hands on a freebie head applier. It reminded me of the skin Stray Dog donated to L’Homme Magazine as a group gift back in August, so I quipped in with my two cents, telling them that they needed to keep an eye out for group gifts and mentioning the Stray Dog skin as an example, illustrating this with a link to the above picture. Their reaction to that was:
Jaja. Bruh. Anyway, it doesn’t mean anything to me because that skin looks like an Alien.

Oy vey! I guess beggars can be choosers after all. Rather than flying of the handle and overly defending the look of my avatar however, I explained that this somewhat more extreme look was not merely caused by the skin, but was the result of my experimentation with pushing the boundaries of the Catwa Stanley head.

MOH10_Secrets_VYC blog

I recently revisited and slightly tweaked that look to use in a blog post about the latest Men Only Hunt and personally I still enjoyed the soulful quirkiness of it. Of course I will have to take that “bruh’s” valuable nugget of wisdom in my stride by creating a more “normal” looking alternative. After all, I tend to take these things as a challenge and if left alone it could turn into a killer bee in my dainty bonnet. On the other hand, I do feel I should take that Alien remark as a compliment.

Alf - na-uh girlfriend

What happens when a turkey loses feathers all over the grid?

The answer to that questions: Well then you get The Jerky Turkey Hunt of course! One with 53 stops no less. I should point out that I often start writing a post about a hunt before I haven even found one item, so at this point I’m still hopeful I will find plenty of delectable goodies that will work for me, but I’m also realistic enough to know that as this is a mixed hunt, there will most probably be items I can’t… eeehm… fill out. For a full list of hints and locations for this hunt, which runs until 30th November, head over to Evil Bunny Productions website. Oh and perhaps you will want to know that this is a 1l$, meaning that each orange feather will cost you 1 L$. Here goes!

  1. Grumble: It doesn’t look like there will be anything here for me. Moving on.
  2. Uni Boutique: The landing point drops you on the beach. Head up to that lilac building, but angain there’s nothing for me here.
  3. Sevyn East: Njet.
  4. Firelight: A right click on the orange feather here tells me that the hairstyle that’s in it is one for female avatars. That’s a shame, seeing how this store carries a couple of unisex hairstyles.
  5. Little 2 Large: There’s a suit for us manly men here. The shoulders are much too Dynasty form my liking and the textures leave me underwhelmed. I like the shirt though. I would wear that under another jacket if that were possible (but it isn’t).
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Little 2 Large
  6. Facepalm Clothing Company: This place caters to both female and male avatars so I took the gamble and lost, the prize here is a dress.
  7. MOoH!: Another place where I thought that perhaps the prize would be a trinket of some sort but it turned out to be a dress.
  8. La Bella Boutique: The prize here consists of a couple of tattoos that are lacking in sharpness and originality.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - La Bella
  9. Gee: It’s supposed to be neck tattoo but the box was empty, so I notified the store owner.
  10. Clutter for Builders: A nice set of fabric textures.
  11. Tool Shed: A scattering of acorns to make that crazy saber tooth squirrel from Ice Age salivate profusely. Sure they don’t make a huge difference, but on my deck they added a nice touch to the autumn leaves the wind has been blowing under my lounger. You probably need to go over to my Flickr page to be able to see them.
    Autumn at Farnsworth I blog
  12. Epoch: A charming little framed blackboard with the word “thankful” written on it. That’s lovely… I’m European, we don’t do Thanksgiving.
  13. Palette: A collection of 12 retro (wall)paper designs in autumn colours.
  14. Marquesse: Skip.
  15. SlackGirl: Stick on nails which don’t work with any of my male mesh bodies or even my Slink Dynamic hands. I guess it’s a supply and demand kind of thing. If people aren’t asking for fancy fingernails for male avatars, creators won’t start making them out of egalitarian ideology.
  16. IT (Indulge Temptation!): I rather like this wreath necklace, especially as it comes with a hud with 10 texture choices. And if you want to get in touch with IT, just call 0118 999 881 999 119 725.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Various 1
  17. Madcatcreations Boutique: Though this store has some menswear, the only prize I could find was for female avatars.
  18. The Artist Shed: A male an female pilgrim figurine. I repeat: I’m Europan, we don’t do Thanksgiving!
  19. Ink Blots: Nothing appealed to me.
  20. Lush: It takes my 1 L$ but for some reason I get the warning that the folder cannot be created in my inventory. Oh well, it’s not like this hunt has been otherwise frustrating or anything.
  21. Epicine: I’m getting the same message here: cannot create requested inventory. OK, so it’s probably an SL issue… And a sign I should go to bed, but let’s see if the SL site has something to say about it. Aha! “Some users may experience issues logging in, rezzing objects from inventory and saving objects.” No shit Sherlock!
  22. Gross Princess: Didn’t find it. This is the next day by the way and I didn’t return for the two that went wrong cause I just couldn’t be bothered.
  23. Off The Wall: It’s a turkey with a mildly amusing sign. Ah yes, Thanksgiving again. Turns out the thing is on full bright and can’t be adjusted. I’m allergic to full bright. It makes me break out in hives.
  24. Emerald Couture: My gut told me that this was going to be another dress.
  25. Moolala: A sparkly pink finger nail applier inspired by autumn leaves. I applaud the idea, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it anytime soon. When it comes to my nails I go with natural, black or something funny for Christmas.
  26. #Bye: Another example of a store that carries both male and female items but just couldn’t be bothered to offer something for both in the orange feather. Bye indeed.
  27. Tiar: This “Snow Pod” isn’t exactly the most beautiful landscaping piece I’ve ever seen, but maybe ones the rest of the land is covered in snow, it will merge into it and it does contain plenty of animations, including adult ones. The land impact is 6.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Tiar
  28. Earthworkx: A charming simple signs with some pumpkins. I like this. I can use this. The land impact is 5. Hmmm… bit on the heave side for such a simple decoration.
  29. Kitty Creations: A cute but somewhat rough around the edges autumn scene complete with wheelbarrow, bunches of chrysanthemums, pumpkins and a toy turkey with a sign which unfortunately is full bright and can’t be removed. But you can always slide a slightly larger prim over it and texture that with your own sign. Land impact is 6.
  30. Latex Station: Nothing for me here.
  31. !Vamp!: The feather was acting rather coy and there was nothing here that made me believe I really wanted to find it.
  32. Personal Effects: As much as I like browsing people’s Facebook photo albums, I don’t feel the need to put them in ugly frames and slap them against my virtual walls.
  33. Cheeky: Oh look they have some menswear. Oh look, the prize requires you to have boobs to be able to wear it. Why Cheeky? WHY?
  34. Dreamscapes Art Gallery: The same sign as the one from Earthworx but with a different  Thanksgiving related text and candles on top. There’s also a separate apple basket. Altogether quite charming. Land impact is 2 each.
  35. Hopes Creations: Nothing for me here.
  36. Get Frocked: The name says it all. Mind you, perhaps one day I’ll want to go all Dame Edna and then I will have to get a frock, but for now I’ll pass.
  37. Zinner Gallery: Njet.
  38. Fairey Angel Creations: It’a cone shaped topiary with flashing lights. A bit too flashy for my liking.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Various blog
    Image shows No. 18, 28, 29, 34, 38 and 40
  39. Timeless Textures: a pack of 12 brocade textures which I may or may not make use of if I do or do not create a boudoir.
  40. Simply Shelby: Wall art text all about Thanksgiving. Oh well.
  41. Applique Chic: Nothing to see. Move it along.
  42. Roro: Njet
  43. Adris King: I saw they had a nice pair of shorts here and thought that was the only male item I could see in their range, I thought I’d take a change… Doh! Applier pants for ladies. Oh well.
  44. Kingswood: First impression was women’s wear only. Ciao. Neeeext!
  45. Wiccan Wears: They could have gone with a unisex item, but they chose to give away a tiny backpack which can’t be stretched.
  46. FE Style: It’s a pare of cropped sweatpants but seeing how they were standard size only, I felt I couldn’t make them work with the Signature body without (too) much shape altering. It’s  shame. I feel FE Style needs to shake things up a bit.
  47. Midnyte Creations: Nothing for me here.
  48. EccentriciXi: Njet.
  49. EscalateD: Nope.
  50. Stitches Creations: I like the idea of this rustic cart as a place to cuddle, but the animations aren’t ideal for two man-sized avatars, the textures could be a bit sharper and perhaps the wheels a bit rounder.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Stitches
  51. Season of Wonders: Bales of hay and some huge pumpkins. Meh.
  52. OMG! Inc.: Tube dresses aren’t really my thing.
  53. Chrismas Fair: No! It’s too soon.

Conclusion: Too many creators ignore their male customers in this hunt. I don’t mind if someone chooses not to create anything for male avatars, but it does piss me off just a little bit when a creator who does cater for both genders (and everything in between) neglects male avatars by offering a dress as a hunt prize.

Adieu Gizza, Welcome Giz Seorn

Giz Seorn blog

Gizza was one of the first stores I got to know as a newbie, because it was a veritable treasure trove for group gifts. Many of those seemed high quality to my then still young virtual eyes, but some of them I still use occasionally now, as they are far from hopelessly outdated. The brand has been around for 9 years and it’s creator has decided to tackle a rebranding exercise, going forward under her own name, Giz Seorn. The store has been extensively refurbished, resulting in a warmer more earthy look and much of the old stock has been removed, to make way for new creations which soon shall be filling the empty spaces, I hope. To the dismay of today’s newbies that are told by unwitting well-meaning residents they should visit Gizza to pick up all those lovely freebies, I’m afraid I have to say that those too are gone with the wind. On the up side, you can join the new Giz Seorn group for just L$ 50 and get two very nice, tight fitting t-shirts and trousers which will work with the Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP mesh bodies as well as the classic avatar.


Extended Outdoorsiness

Extended Outdoorsiness blog

When I moved from not so sunny Belgium to somewhat colder Sweden, I noticed that people here are more invested in the idea of using their gardens, patios and balconies later in the season, aided by various types of outdoor heating. Slowly but surely the typical Swedish indoor cosiness has found its way to what you could call outdoor living spaces. Garden furniture has become more lush and patio heaters have been popping up everywhere, including Stockholm city where a semi-covered and heated terrace has become quite the crowd pleaser for some bars and restaurants. While I spend much of my time in Second Life at seasonal sims, I like to pretend that the climate in my virtual life is somewhat milder than what reality is serving me at this time of the year, allowing my avi to spend time outdoors in a shirtless “outfit” without freezing my tits off.

I created a cosy cuddle corner with the outdoor fireplace, chaise and basket with some extra blankets all from Shutter Field, a furniture store that constantly makes the thoughtful choice to offer a “Male/Male” version of both their PG and Adult items, making it one of the places you certainly must check out if you’re a man in the market for furniture and just happen to be attracted to other men. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into your future ex husband while you’re choosing a new bed.

Other Credits

  • Left Avatar: Body and head by Signature, skin by Stray Dog, hair by Stealthic, sweatpants by Noche.
  • Right Avatar: Body and head by TMP, skin by Clef de Peau, hair by Aeros, sweatpants by TMP, scarf by ::K::.
  • The apple cider tray, box of cookies, crate and pumpkins are all from the autumn collection at What Next.

It’s Kinky Time!

Kinky event November 2017 - 1 blog

Okay so it’s officially been kinky time for over a week now, as the current round of the Kink(y) Event started on October 28th, but the good news is that you can still submerge yourself in that monthly deliciously filthy little shopping event until November 19th, so there is still plenty of time to get down and dirty. The venue has changed from the neoclassical quasi rococo building (yes you are right, I’m made up that description on the spot) to a suitably dark exhibition hall which has been spiced up with naughty touches, to get you into that Kink(y) mood.

Kinky Event Novermber 2017 - 2 blog

I treated myself to a new pair of briefs by Dufaux in shiny metallic and rubber materials. As often is the case with Dufaux underwear, you can personalise the text on the waistband and you can get rather playful with these briefs, by lowering them in the front, in the back or on both sides, exposing all of your assets. The bulge does not react to the package slider, but I feel it’s more than apt as it is. A single is L$ 250 and the 10-texture fatpack will set you back L$ 990. These briefs can be used with the Belleza, Signature and Aesthetic male mesh bodies.

Kinky Event November - 3 blog

Noche‘s newest leather arm bands also caught the attention of my wandering eyes. There are some that would say that a pair of metallic briefs combined with a pair armbands is an unimaginative outfit to go (gay) clubbing and they would be right… But that doesn’t stop it from being criminally hot. The armbands are only available as a fatpack, but for L$ 300 you get an amazing 25 texture choices for the leather and 9 for the hardware (yes, I was smirking as I was typing the word “hardware”).

Other Credits

I’m afraid of no ghosts

MadPea Halloween Hunt V - goodies blog

It’s hard to believe that this is already the second weekend I’ve been hunting MadPea ghosts. The hunt will be over soon! We only have until November 2nd to hunt to our hearts content… our bloody ripped out hearts content. I still haven’t chosen any prizes, because it is my habit to leave that till the very end. However, I have picked up some more instant prizes along the way, like an elaborated church yard scene from Come Soon, a little shoulder pet ghost and a cherry to wear on my head both from MadPea and slime splattered tank top from Razor.

MadPea Halloween Hunt V - goodies 2 blog

I think it is still worth picking up the hud for the MadPea Halloween Hunt at the time that I’m writing this. If you have some free time on your hands in the coming four days, for L$100 you can have a lot of fun, discover sims you haven’t seen before and get social in the MadPea group chat. You should be able to get enough points to choose some smaller prizes or one bigger prize and you are bound to find some of the direct prizes too while you are at it. You can get the hud at Mad City. Happy hunting!

Other credits

  • Mesh head Mike by Akeruka
  • Deluxe mesh body by TMP
  • Skin by Akeruka: standard skin for the Mike head + applier for the TMP body which is supplied with the head.
  • Hair by Stealthic
  • Jeans by TMP
  • Ascendant Wings
  • Coat wrapped around waist: gacha item at Gabriel

P.S.: At this point I wouldn’t advise anyone to get the Deluxe mesh body from TMP, not until they have actually updated it to the bento skeleton, but that doesn’t mean I will stop using mine. It still looks pretty damn fine, even if the hands don’t move and it has limited skin choices.

Ciao Giorgio

Exmachina Giorgio blog

If you liked the initial look of Egoisme’s “Exmachina” full avatar but thought it could do with some extras, like something skimpy to wear and maybe a skin with a bit more oomph, then perhaps you need to go take another look. There now is, as shown in a previous blog post, a nice fitting pair of gym shorts and a tank top, but you can also get a new skin named Giorgio with stronger muscle definition and lighter eyebrows. The difference with the standard skin isn’t enormous but certainly noticeable. The Giorgio skin is only available in 4 skin tones, which is somewhat on the anaemic side where choice is concerned, but luckily for me I personally rather fancy the medium skin tone. I hope Egoisme will carry over some of their old Evian skin range to this new mesh body. Naturally I also hope that other skin developers will turn their attention to this body, because although there already are some choices out there, I think we all prefer it if the nipples in the skin line up with the nipples in the mesh. The biggest advantage this body has going for it at the moment, is that with a one-stop shopping trip you can get yourself a mesh body with its own mesh head and an extra skin. In an increasingly complex Second Life, there is something to be said for this simplicity.

  • The Giorgio skin is L$ 500 for one skin tone, including a shape and brow shape (wearing my own shape in the picture)
  • The shorts are L$ 350, including a texture change hud with 10 colour options
  • The body is L$ 3.990
  • I’m using Vermeer eyes, Burley hair with a hat and Mandala ears.
  • Make sure to put on the body’s hud when you apply the skin, as I found that when I didn’t do this, I was unable to apply it.