What’s Eating TMP 2

After yesterday’s shock of seeing the price of the TMP Deluxe mesh body and heads plummet from 5000 to 500 L$ with not a single word of official communication about it, my suspicious mind is on high alert. If you are the kind of person who has a bit of money to play with in Second Life but always thought that the TMP body was stupendously overpriced, then maybe this is the time to get one to play with it till it breaks. There is after all a chance that things won’t work as they should for much longer, as explained in the previous What’s Eating TMP blog post. As I have owned this body since quite early on in my Second Life, I had nothing to lose by getting a whole sh*t load of the textures for their clothing line which they’re now giving away. Perhaps the fun will be short lived, but boy of boy oh boy oh boooooy am I having fun! All whats missing up there at The Shops was a big button that said: get me everything!

What's Eating TMP III blog

Interestingly the price for one of their appliers for the mesh head is still 1000 L$ for just one skin tone without eyebrows. You can either get one of their eyebrows for 250 L$, but save yourself the risk of investing more money in this head and have a look around at Aeros in their area with system skins. They actually have free eyebrow appliers for the TMP head. You’ll find them on one of the low tables. See, I keep saying: Aeros isn’t just for willies!

What's Eating TMP IV blog

Yes you are right, I sneaked the Noche metallic thong back in, cause I couldn’t resist with these very low hanging baggy trousers.

What's Eating TMP V blog

I’m very curious to see where all of this is going, because absolutely diddly squat has been going on with TMP apart from a cockeyed survey that asked questions they should have been asking much earlier. At least now something is happening, even if it is pretty strange.

What’s eating TMP?

What's Going On With TMP I blog

I was all prepared to do a follow up on my  first blog post about the free TMP male mesh body, which I entitled ‘The Underwear Model’. I had put together a new look with a good quality system skin for the head, a bodacious hairstyle from Dura and a penis from Aeros , because I really don’t want to look at one of those freebie willies that seem to have been nicked from a body that’s been dead for a while. For eyes I went with a pair of Vermeer mesh eyes in a hazel tone from No Shirt Sherlock, because blue eyes would have been too evident(ly) dear Watson! I even found a free simple animation override on Marketplace.


Then someone told me that they had been up to The Shops and the free body was no longer available. He could see only the ones you had to pay for, ranging from the rather useless Standard, to the not so great Basic and of course the only one you really wanted, the Deluxe Body with all the bells and much needed whistles. Well no, actually you still need to get the whistle from somewhere else with that body, as mentioned earlier. I double checked and indeed it was gone, but I returned to The Shops in the evening and lo and behold, the Deluxe body and mesh heads have tumbled down from their hefty 5000 L$ price tag to just 500! Even crazier is that the entire TMP clothing line from their “Boutique” is now available for free.

TMP Boutique Free

This seems highly suspicious. Time and time again I have read that TMP operates outside of the Second Life grid, using their own servers. It has been pointed out that if those servers were to go down, the TMP body would become useless or you would be stuck in whatever skin you applied to it last and the same goes for the TMP clothing line. This extreme discount feels like a last ditch attempt to grab just a few more crumbs from unwitting customers before TMP will be pulling the plug. I don’t feel comfortable making such crass allegations, but what ARE we to think? Perhaps, for those that really still want to use the body now and again, it might be wise to store some back up copies in their inventory with different skins applied to each and repeat this exercise with whatever TMP clothing and textures they may have. I don’t know if that will make a difference, but as I always say: better shave than snorry (this joke only works for people that understand Dutch). I even wonder if the alpha hud would still work if their servers went down.

What's Eating TMP II blog

Naturally I did grab a whole bunch of textures for the TMP clothing, because even if they stop working soon, it’s free stuff innit though? This is just a very, very, very small selection of the different combinations I could create with what I picked up today. The (rather) low baggy pants work very nicely with Noche’s  metallic thong and crop top, which are some of their last items that still supported the TMP body before it was dropped. Overall support for this body has been really weird of late. Sometimes you will find a TMP size version were you didn’t expect it and visa versa, brands that used to support TMP, took that size out of their range. So in short, what the acrobatic chandelier swinging f*ck is eating TMP?

Dragging David to Man Cave…

by the short and curlies! Those of you that have seen the original teaser picture of this body or have flicked through my flickr page, know that it is very tempting to just lie around in the buff with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body all of the time, but personally I can only have so much free willy time till I start itching to spent some money on new threads. So with Man Cave being only three days in its current cycle, I decided to head over to that manliest of manly virtual fashion events and see if I could get something snazzy to wear. I did accidentally wander into the Kinky Event first, but that’s still in the round I already visited. Oy vey, my timing is all effed up!
ManCave February 2018 - blog
Of course there is the usual overload of beards and tattoos, some hairstyles and a bit of bling scattered about in the moody industrial quasi atmospheric sales hall and this time there’s even a nifty roadworks set from Krescendo. Not that I feel the need to be reminded of a situation that slows down traffic to a crawl in real life, but there is something hot about those bright yellow diggers.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - I blog

Now let’s dive into menswear and start of with the steady stable we know as Etham. This creator has been quite productive of late, albeit somewhat predictable. Then again, I understand that plenty of people like to have several subtle variations of what is familiar to them, such as a cardigan with a t-shirt. As always with Etham’s pieces, you’ve got to watch your love handles, butt and saddlebags to prevent the cardigan from flaring out just a little bit too much. Apart from that, even though Etham have ditched the NX-Nardcotix size, I find that the Signature or TMP version works quite well for David.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - II blog

Breath reminds us that winter isn’t over yet, but it is getting slightly warmer and you may want to wear your coat casually off the shoulder cause you’re melting as a precious snowflake in that high noon sun, burning short but intense… At least that’s how I justify this look. There’s not really a need for a mesh body with this, if you have a system skin that matches your mesh head, because only a very small part of the neck is exposed.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - III blog
From the Clef de Peau booth you can get this layered short-sleeved sweater which actually comes in an NX size, hooray! Even with a single colour version you get a little hud with a couple of options for the t-shirt. It’s always nice to have something to play with, right?


I’ve paired these three tops with the Broberry jeans from Deadwool (outfit 1 and 2) and with the Exmachina jeans (outfit 3) and I’ve been making thankful use of the colour hud that comes with the new Jude ankle boots from NX-Nardcotix which are just casual enough to wear with jeans but would also work well with a suit. That’s smart. It’s casual smart! You’ll find these boots at the current round of the Men Jail event until February 28th and at the NX-Nardcotix mainstore after that.



Cupid is shooting freebies and discounts

Second Life’s annual Valentine’s Day shopping event is back because evidently we’re rapidly approaching the most fake of all holidays. It’s obviously Valen-bloody-tines effing day innit and everybody gets heart shaped things stuffed down their throats! Don’t worry, I’m not a bitter singleton, I just love to swear, fudge it! There’s not even a bank holiday connected to this dung heap of a day. But lets leave the bitchin’ and moanin’ for Mother’s Day and concentrate on the benefits of this overly commercialised day of hearts and roses and chocolates and man-oh-man, a huge bottle of wine. Actually, make mine a bag in box with a big straw stuck to the side. That’ll brighten things up a bit. However, first we need to take a look at what freebies and discounts you can score at this fabulous event.

Deadwool @ V-Day Event 2018 - 1 blog
Deadwool took some of their casual items to this event, such as the Andrew cardigan, their “damaged” pleated jeans and the Ulrich boots. Put them together and you get an outfit that’s perfect for casually cozying  up for a cuddle with your cupid and it’s all at -20% so you can be a cheap(er) date.

Deadwool @ V-Day Event 2018 - 2 blog
You can also grab their absolutely no strings attached Valentines gift, which is a version of the Chase sneakers dipped in red paint. There’s something poetic about the back of these shoes being grey. It reminds me that while love can make us stronger, it can also be our Achilles heel.

Zed @ V-Day Event 2018 blog
Crawling through the super lagged events hall, I finally reached the Zed Designz booth, which is the only other brand represented at this event that does menswear. They are giving away a couple of suits that aren’t too shabby, but just very slightly too chunky, dare I say lumpy for my taste. Let’s say that I’m 90% convinced that I do want to rummage around in their range to see if I can find something  a bit sharper. One of the suits is a casual one with an untucked shirt and a hooded jacket, but I prefer the more classic one with a vest. Both suits come with a nice hud so you can play with the textures for the tie, shirt and vest and you won’t have to wonder about which shoes to wear with these suits, as they come with a pair of manly boots. Apart from this generous gift, Zed Designz also brought a nice selection of their range to this event with a 50% discount on most pieces.

V-Day Event 2018 Mixed blog
Also worth mentioning is that Trompe Loeil has a bunch of furniture with PG cuddle animations on offer at half price, The Forge gets you ready for summer with their cute Beach Bum necklace gift and Fashiowl treats us to three sets of poses complete with props (yes, the horse is a prop, live with it).

Second Life’s annual Valentine’s Day shopping event will be on until 26 February and it will come as no surprise to you that there are plenty more gifts and discounts for items aimed at female avatars. Oh quelle surprise!


  • In the images with Deadwool and Zed clothing as well as the one with the chair from Trompe Loeil I am wearing the Signature Gianni body with Owen skin from Stray Dog (not available at the store) and Dagon hair from Tableau Vivant.
  • In the polaroid shots with the necklace and horse I am using the Deluxe TMP mesh body and head with skin appliers from Aeros, but I wouldn’t recommend getting that body or head right now. It’s been so very quiet at the TMP front, with not even a whisper about a possible update to Bento, that I just don’t feel comfortable telling people to go buy a mesh body and head for 5000 L$ each while it’s future seems non existing. However, I would definitely recommend you go take a look at what Aeros has been doing with skins for other mesh bodies and the Catwa mesh head. They’re so much more than just willy merchants! I’ve finished off this bleached blond Eurasian look with the Hysteria hair from Stealthic.

Taking David to Fameshed January 2018

My NX-Nardcotix David was feeling a bit peckish. You might even say he was Fameshed, so I headed for the event as soon as it would let me in. It tends to get a bit hectic on the first day of Fameshed, so I prefer to wait till day two or three, or till the very end because I forgot about it. My goal was, as it always is when I’m working with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, to find items that fit without requiring extreme changes to my shape. I don’t mind a bit of shape shifting of course, but I wouldn’t go from athletic hunk to slim shady just to fit in a pair of shorts. So without any further ado, let’s look at what worked this time and keep schtum about what didn’t do so well.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - I blog
First up is a suit by Ascend that’s classic in style, but worn in a modern way that says: “I’m too hot for a bloody bow tie”. One never really knows which size is going to work best when the version for your particular mesh body is not included. In this case the Slink version did the trick and I played with the shape sliders just a bit to balance out the width of my hips compared to my torso. This suit comes in many colours and you can get the jacket either with or without print. Even if you go for a single colour version of the jacket, you still can choose from plenty of colours for the shirt and lapels. What I appreciate the most about this look is the plunging neckline, giving us a nice peek at that beautiful chest. If you find that your shoe closet doesn’t have anything in it to go with this suite perfectly, I recommend the “Triple Monk Shoes”, which you can find at the Ascend main store.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - II blog
Next we’re taking a look at a sweater from Aitui with what they call a cowled throw, which essentially is a large piece of cloth casually draped around your neck. Again, just as with the Aitui sweater and scarf at MOM last month, I really like the drape on this piece. I had to rummage around in my wardrobe to find a pair of trousers that works with this sweater without poking through the sides, but eventually I found several pairs that combined nicely with it. In the end I settled on the “Jack Cargo Pants”, combined with the “Harry Long Boots” all from Ascend.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - III blog
I don’t pay attention enough to real life street fashion to know whether low crotch skinny jeans are a thing at the moment, but that is what Legal Insanity is showing at Fameshed this month. I’m not a huge fan of this style but they are very well textured and include some nice details like a belt, a key chain and a bandanna wrapped around the upper leg for that bad boy rock ‘n roll look, or whatever you want to call it. Let’s skip right over the whole handkerchief code discussion and focus on how it often will be a challenge to make a pair of jeans work for a mesh body they were not made for. If you are able to achieve a shirtless look you can class as a little victory. By increasing the belly and saddle bags but decreasing the butt and leg muscle I was able to squeeze into these jeans without looking too shabby. To keep it light and airy, I’ve combined them with NX-Nardcotix sandals (NO SOCKS!)

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - IV blog
Lenox brought a hoodie to Fameshed and I’m rapidly becoming a fan of their work. I recommend using the Signature version and depending on the trousers you are wearing with it, you will have to play with your love handles and saddle bags to make everything fit nicely. In this case I’m wearing the Kalback high cuff jeans and it really doesn’t matter whether these fit at the waist or not, because the top is neatly covered by the hoodie. The boots I’m wearing with this outfit are from Equal and also can be found at Fameshed. To wear these successfully I used the Signature version and pulled them down a bit. I recommend you make a copy of the boots before you do this, so you don’t mess up the rigging in case you want to wear them with the Signature body afterwards.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - V blog
To concluded this Fameshed exercise (Fameshercise?) I stayed in those jeans and shoes, pulled off the hoodie and tried on a t-shirt and jacket from Etham. The TMP version works well for this one and of course there is the usual Etham hud with a number of t-shirt colours to chose from even if you go for a single colour version of the jacket instead of a fatpack. It’s simple but effective, which is how I would describe much of Etham’s line.


It’s Kinky Time 2

Hi y’all! It’s time to get down and dirty and get your ass over to the Kinky Event! There’s lot’s of figure-clinging little dresses, provocative footwear and seductive lingerie. Most of this is geared towards female avatars and it made me wonder what’s out there for male avis in terms of high heals… I can smell a little project.

Noche @ Kinky blog

For now though I’m sticking with the new briefs from Noche. I have been hoping they would create something like this, because lately we’ve been seeing thongs, jockstraps and harnesses from Noche, but no updated version of their very nice pair of Cletus briefs, which only work for the TMP body. These new Riley briefs with a cut-out at the back for a little naughty butt cleavage, work with the Signature and Belleza mesh bodies and are daaaaaaayum hot.

Noche @ Kinky II blog

The crotch, waistband, straps and sheer material clinging to your butt cheeks can all be individually changed when  you go for the fatpack, so you can keep it sober in monocolour or mix it up with different colours for each section and use one of the available patterns for the crotch area. Regardless whether you get just one colour or the fatpack, the package will always contain 4 size options for the, eeehm, well… “package”. I know I’m going to have fun colour coordinating these briefs with shoes and accessories for (kinky) underwear parties.

This round of the Kinky Event runs till February 19th, then the booths will be thorough cleaned, dildos boiled and leather gear oiled, ready for the next round. Or maybe that’s just in my mind.


  • Mesh body: Belleza Jake
  • Mesh head: Catwa Stanley
  • Hair: Stealthic Hysteria
  • Ears: Mandala Steking Season 5 mesh ears
  • Skin: standard skin for the Belleza body + Catwa head applier that is automatically supplied with this body (clever!)
  • Chaise: group gift from Zerkalo

Almost missed the All Stuff Hunt!

I haven’t focused on hunting in a while now and as a result I almost missed (OMG!) the All Stuff Hunt. It ends on January 31st so I have precious little time left to find the items, unpack them, try them on, take a pretty picture and get it on here. Best not dillydally! You can find all the hints for the hunt in handy sections like Menstuff, Womenstuff etc. on Stuff’s website.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 1 blog

I found a wintery, possibly a little bit too Christmassy lounge shirt at Impact and a pare of loungy pants that seem to have been hit by that same Christmas stick at LooLoo & Platypus. It’s a shame they don’t colour coordinate. On the positive side, both these pieces have some nice folds and shadows going on and fit reasonably well on the Belleza Jake mesh body. The tank top from Vanbeeck’s is looking forward to Valentines Day and of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing something with a heart pattern all year round, should you wish to do so. Heck, come to think of it, wear something with snowflakes on it in the middle of August, if that’s what you like! Sadly this tank top did not come in a Belleza version so I tickety-boo quick as a cricket jumped into my Signature body.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 2 blog

Next up are a couple of hoodies for hockey and/or gaming enthusiasts. The “what the puck?” hoodie is from Rock ‘n Stuff and the “eat, sleep, game, repeat” hoodie is an exclusive for this hunt and can be found at D2T. You can find the classic long-sleeve under short-sleeve shirt (been there done that in RL) at Horr Menswear. I like the look of the front, but I wish it was slightly more fitted in the back, because it does stand away from the buttocks quite a quite a bit, which always has a quasi comical effect when you’re looking at it from the side.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 3 blog

The t-shirt from Rebellion goes very nicely with the flamed jeans from Amazing Creations, which comes with a hud containing three texture options and even a second hud to tint the jeans, so you can get creative. I always love when a couple of items from the same hunt turn out to be a very nice match. At JZ for men I picked up another one of those long sleeve / short sleeve t-shirt combos and at Stone Militaria I found a fatpack of very sharp polo shirts, all with a small emblem and in a particular colour scheme to refer to the army, coastguard, marines etc. YES SIR! LOOKING VERY SHARP SIR!

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 4 blog

Finally, what’s better than combining two hunt items in one look? Three items! The fishnet tank top is from Emberotic, the striped shorts you will find at Trashed and the cap you can pick at Ashmoot.

Happy hunting y’all… Not that you’ve got much time left to find all this stuff.

Strangers Things

Ever since I discovered Second Life about a year and a half ago, my TV has been playing second fiddle. During a two-week visit to my home country, I found myself without a stable internet connection, but with access to an extensive library of TV-series and movies. I finally started on Game Of Thrones (better late than never) and as soon as I was back in my own habitat, I bought myself an iPad to watch the rest of the series and by doing so I greatly improved my daily commute.


With GoT out of the way, I set my sights on the Netflix’s original series Stranger Things.  This series is being described as a love letter to the ’80s classics that captivated a generation. Stranger Things is set in 1983 Indiana, where a young boy vanishes into thin air. As everybody frantically starts searching for the little boy, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very peculiar little girl.

I thought it would be fun to answer that old question “what the hell am I going to wear today,” by drawing some inspiration from this series. It’s the eighties, what could go wrong? Well, for one thing, doors could be too narrow for my shoulder pads and I might turn into Joan Collins… Then again, it’s the early eighties, those still had a whiff of the late seventies to them and that’s a good thing, right?

Stranger Things Outfit 1 blog
The first outfit is based on what Will Byers was wearing when he disappeared. Bodywarmers aren’t quintessentially  an eighties thing, as they keep coming and going through the decades. The good thing about the one from Lenox, is that you can wear it on your bare chest for a sexy yet rather illogical look, or you can combine it with one of their shirts, like the plaid one in the image, to stay close to Will’s outfit. I’ve even combined this with sweaters from other creators and it worked fine, though it’s a case of trial an error. For jeans I went with a pair from Riot and the sneakers are a gacha item from Semller. They actually have two Stranger Things gacha sets, would you believe it! These sneakers are only available for the TMP en Slink mesh bodies, but as they are high top sneakers and partly covered by the jeans, you can pop off your feet so in this case it works with any mesh body. Here I’m using the Belleza mesh body with the Catwa Stanley mesh head.

Stranger Things Outfit 2 blog

My next outfit is inspired by the somewhat preppy cool kid character Steve Harrington. It’s a nice example of how, even if people don’t have to wear a uniform, they sometimes create one for themselves. For Steve this quite often consists of a bomber jacket, a high quality sweatshirt, a pair of chinos and sneakers. The Stranger Things gacha sets at Semller that got me the sneakers, eventually also coughed up this rare bomber jacket with a sweatshirt, complete with a hud containing 11 colours for the jacket, 8 for the sweater and 4 zipper options. The Sweater is an add on, so perhaps it will work with some other jackets as well. Oddly it’s only available for the TMP body, but it seems to be working nicely with Signature. The trousers are the Dean chinos from Cold Ash which were a bit of a pain to combine with any pair of sneakers without clipping issues. Eventually I found a pair of white canvas sneakers from Invictus in the back of my virtual shoe closet. Style wise these were not exactly what I was looking for, but technically they were my best option.

Stranger Things Outfit 3 blog

The sherpa trucker jacket features heavily in Stranger Things as several of the series’ characters wear different versions of it. The denim jacket from Lenox is a nice SL example of this iconic piece of clothing. It combines perfectly with their t-shirt pack, so you won’t be looking long and hard for something to wear with it. Be warned though, while the jacket comes also in a Belleza size, the t-shirt does not, so you may not be able to create this combination with the Jake body. Always (always!) demo before you buy, and also: friends don’t lie! Dark blue Riot jeans and light brown sneakers from Versov complete this look. I do wish I had this kind of jacket in a dark red with a bold striped T-shirt, but the fastest way to unhappiness in SL is to go look for something very specific.

With this little project out of the way, I know impatiently wait for season 3 of Stranger Things to start.

Some credits: outfit one uses the Belleza body with Catwa Stanley head, outfits two and three both use the Signature body and head. Both hair styles are from Stealthic.


Taking David to MOM January 2018

First a little disclosure: yes, I am on the NX-Nardcotix blog team now, but I have been blogging about the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body on my own steam and money for some time and I’m not about to start showing clothes on it that look good from one angle only. With that out of the way, lets continue with some fashion amuse-bouche from this round of Men Only Monthly, combined with something old and something new and absolutely nothing borrowed.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - I blog

Many sims have shoveled away the snow and are already in early spring mode, yet if you visit the fashion events, you will notice that there is still plenty of winter wear on offer. Seeing how this fleece coat by Gabriel is worn without a shirt, I regard this as a transition piece and an excellent excuse for showing plenty of skin while technically being fully dressed. You could try it without pants and hang out in a park… Perhaps not! I like the collar on this coat and the way the liner actually looks soft and warm. I wish the sleeves were either a bit shorter or just wider at the bottom, because they clip with the hands of every mesh body I have tried it with.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - Ib blog

Gabriel offers a pair of chinos and boots at a reduced price at MOM to go with this coat, but these did not work very well with the David body. Instead I used black chinos from Gabriel’s Whimsical 2016 gacha set and black work boots from their Epiphany January 2017 gacha set. You can find these and many more sets at their main store or try to find them at gacha yards or in Marketplace. The coat works best if you use the Signature size and for the chinos and boots I am using the standard size, which will work if you have your belly at 0 % and play a bit with the sliders for saddle bags, butt size and leg muscle. There was no need to go to extremes to make it all fit.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 blog

Etham mildly and pleasantly surprises at MOM with something a little less casual and a bit sharper than usual. I liked their blazer enough to go for the fatpack and I’m so used to putting on Etham’s items that I’ve set aside a shape that I use with their jackets and sweaters. My tip there is to simply reduce your bum, love handles and tummy to stop their tops from flaring out too much at the bottom. While Etham seems to have dropped the Nardcotix size from their range, the TMP version worked easily and this blazer pairs nicely with cargo pants and sandals from NX-Nardcotix, keeping things (technically) simple. I finished off this smart casual spring day look with a pair of sunglasses from a gacha set at Deadwool. The end result has just the tiniest whiff of Miami Vice.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - 3 blog

I mostly got this Sweater and scarf from Aitui because of its drape. In real life I have knitted plenty of scarves and I have a weak spot for knitting with thin yarn, however slow and tedious it can be, because I just love the drape of it. There is something soothing and luxurious about a knitted piece of fabric draped around your neck, forming lots of folds. The TMP version of this sweater fits very nicely on the David body, though of course very little is visible of it with this outfit. I’m wearing the sweater with the Broberry jeans and Chelsea boots from Deadwool.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - 4 blog

Every now and again I like to wear something a little bit gimmicky, like a jacket with my hands permanently stuffed in my pockets. This leather bomber jacket by Plastix is a very nice example of that. You can wear it with or without the sweater add-on. I found that when I was wearing the jacket with the sweater it was tricky to find just the right pair of trousers. The sweater is a bit loose and floppy at the front and many trousers and jeans were showing clipping issues. Eventually it worked with skinny leg biker pants by DossiEr, currently available at the Hipster Men’s Event, which runs until February 16. Without the sweater this is yet again a piece that works very nicely with Deadwool’s Broberry jeans on the NX-Nardcotix body. There’s a hud with a generous range of colour options for the sweater and fur collar and the embroidery on the back can be switch off for those of you that prefer a more neutral look.

This round of the Men Only Event runs until February 15, so you still have plenty of time to saunter over there and wander around and pick up a little something for yourself because you’re worth it.


Go Straight To Jail…

Since a couple of months now, the newest menswear event on the grid is Men Jail. I’m not sure how I feel about that name and the vibe that goes with it. Romanticizing crime is all good an well till you become, as the British euphemism goes, one of Her Majesty’s guests. Before you know it, that turns into a dragged out and milked dry TV-series involving a full body tattoo which holds the key to a prison break plan. You escape, you go back in, you escape, you go back in, rinse and repeat. Still, it’s only Second Life, so lets not get too serious. I’ll leave it up to you to mull it over a bit while we take a closer look at the content. As far as events go, this one is heavy on poses and tattoos and manly items with a strong homoerotic undertone and somewhat light on clothing.  While I mildly  appreciated many of the items in the January edition, there was only one thing that really caught my attention and it’s not hard to see why.

Dungaree Billy 2a blog

Exalted has a daring jumpsuit at this round of the Men Jail Event. They call it a jumpsuit, but I’m not sure if that is technically correct in this case. It looks more like overalls or dungarees. Such a funny word that is, by the way. Dungarees. Dun-ga-rees. Oh, I’ve said too much now! It’s gone weird.

Dungaree Billy 2c

Anywhoo, you can either wear them with most of your ass hanging out or for a more modest look you can switch on the built-in briefs. You can also get a tank top which has been especially made to go with the dungarees perfectly. After a bit of rummaging in my underwear drawer, I found that the Noche Metallic Thong and Essential Core Thong in size zero both work perfectly with either just the dungarees or when you are wearing the tank top as well.

Dungaree Billy 2b blog

The location for my little photo shoot this time was the Nonstop sim, which quickly changed from their winter wonderland scene to an exotic secluded holiday paradise in what seems to be a desert oasis. The vibe is shabby chic and old-wordly and couldn’t be further away from my everyday life in Stockholm if they tried.

This round of the Men Jail Event closes on January 28th, so if you haven’t been yet, you better get your ass over there now.


PS: I’ve used the Signature body for this blog post, but I have also I tried the dungarees and tank top on the Belleza body and it all seemed slightly too loose, as if the rigging wasn’t quite where it should be.