The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

The Men Only Hunt started its 9th edition on 1 April and that was no joke. In my case it meant I had missed 8 previous editions and had some serious catching up to do. My Sunday can be summed up as 50 shops, 50 hints and 50 little black mustaches that needed finding. Meanwhile I have started unpacking the loot and I’ve set myself the task to blog as many of the items as I possibly can. Basically it’s going to be a bit of a trip and I might go a bit trippy, so as far as all the practical information goes I’ll do the wise thing and point you to the organizer’s official site.

For this post the images have been processed as little as possible to give you an honest impression of the items.

The first item I unpacked was No. 15 on the list, “Chris Hair” by Cheeky. I definitely have seen worse and if you’re new to SL and want to get rid of that noobie hair then this might suit you just fine. I’m a bit on the fence about it myself. The front isn’t too bad but the back is too prim and proper for my taste. You could call it helmet hair and not be far from the truth. On the positive side, the colour hud that comes with it does offer you a nice range of shades.


Next in my inventory were the “Anthony Bracelets” by !NFINITY; No. 34 on the list. The bracelets come in black and brown with gold or silver for either your left or right wrist. The braided leather texturing is quite detailed and I can see myself wearing these bracelets from time to time.


After that I opened “Hipster Style” by Come Soon; No. 32. Preferably you will want to open this in a big open area because it is a large scene, of an urban setting and a bike with a pose that has you checking your phone. I haven’t put much time and effort into taking this picture, but the scene definitely has potential, though my foot was sinking into the road… Oh well, it’s all in the cropping, right?


No. 8 on the list comes from Breath and they are giving us a a pair of, what they call, harness pants. The black denim texturing is open to improvement and the harness seems to be added as an afterthought. The rigging of the TMP version left much to be desired, which urged me to cover up the top part under a long sweater.


Up next I rather liked this finely textured woven “Love Bracelet” by Native Urban, No. 50. I would have preferred this without the branding though.


No. 3 took me to Body Mod where I picked up this “Matthew Hipsta Beard”. It is an Omega applier so I used it on my Akeruka “Mike” mesh head but it doesn’t seem to work out all too well on that. It’s rather like I fell asleep and someone painted me a mustache.


I was pleasantly surprised with the easy fit of the “Go Hard” baseball cap you pick up at 7MAD;RAVENS, which is number 7. Making one of these caps fit can be rather a kerfuffle. On top of that it is nicely textured and if I would be particularly partial to wearing caps, this one would definitely spend more time on my head.


Birth at No. 30 on the list gives us this outdated vest and shirt combo. The velour texturing of the vest isn’t too bad and the buttons are kinda cute from a distance, but overall I was so underwhelmed I couldn’t even be bothered to put on pants. It’s a shame, because I do rather like Birth skins. It’s were I got my first skin I really fancied.


Don’t forget to alpha out your arms and pop off your hands for putting on this “acid washed jacket” by Avi Glam, No. 24. This I will definitely be wearing more, if and when I feel I don’t need the use of my hands or arms.


To be continued…


You have changed

It is difficult to believe that Second Life has been around for nearly 14 years and yet I only discovered it less than a year ago. I stumbled into this virtual world whilst wandering around in the internet’s seedy underbelly, not sure what to expect. To begin with, it took me ages to get out of a large building devised as a training arena for teaching you how to move in Second Life. Obviously there was a short cut. Obviously, I hadn’t noticed.

Some people would argue that being nostalgic over something that happened less than a year ago and not even in the tangible, physical, very real world, is ludicrous. I would count myself as one of those people, yet whenever I see a new arrival in Second Life walking around -stumbling, bumbling, tumbling- using the redhead classic avatar “Wyatt”, I can’t help but feel a certain amount of the fuzzy-wuzzies.

Of course, as you can tell, I soon moved on from my humble beginnings. Someone kind enough to spend some time with a noob, showed me the way to various mesh body options and I eventually settled on one of those to cover up that raggedy old “system body”. I respect that longtime Second Life residents have grown attached to their avatar and value this sentiment higher than a need for change or updating. It’s all new to me, so logically I go for what’s current. Another reason for the quick switch to a mesh body is that much of my professional life consists of laying out catalogue pages for rather unexciting products. It was to be expected that my longing for graphic design to look as good as it possibly can, was going to manifest itself even more clearly in a virtual world. Getting from Wyatt to Billy has been a bit of climb, but well worth it. I have now reached a point at which I want to start sharing my virtual life with those of you I haven’t met yet “in world” and even those that are yet to take their first wobbly steps in Second Life.

Hope to see you around

“Anastasia Beaverhausen… Anastasia as in Russian royalty; Beaverhausen as in… where the beaver live.” Karen Walker

Styling credits for Billy
Mesh body, head and skin by TMP
Eyes by Icon
Shape: my own
Hair and hat by Bade
Eyewear by Haysuriza
Sweater by Noche
Skinny trousers by Gild