Man Cave Anniversary Gifts

Time to whip out your party trumpet and give it a blow cause Man Cave is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary. Many creators are helping to get us in the celebration mood with gifts. All you need to collect these gifts is a Man Cave group membership, which is free. The party ends on July 11th, so you best not dilly dally and get your ass over there now.

I’ve cherry picked my way through the gifts and these shorts by Matova are easily one of my favourite items. The tattoo by Identity is rather interesting too and the hand amulet by Tori Torricelli is very well crafted. I could have gone barefoot on the beach in these shorts, but for some rougher terrain the camouflage sneakers by Gabriel are a good choice. I squeezed another gift in this shot by using a bento pose by Wrong.

If you want to try something colourful, the Dura hairstyle might scratch your itch. You can make your look even more edgy with a face/neck tattoo by Speakeasy. For those that appreciate that kind of slightly kinky thing, there’s the harness by Midna.

This is just a small sample of the gifts at Man Cave, all shown on the Belleza Jake mesh body and Lelutka Andrea mesh head with Clef De Peau ‘Clint’ skin (you can purchase this skin at Lelutka). The red hairstyle in the first shot is ‘Narcotic’ by Stealthic. For the shot with the harness I shoehorned my ass into the Wade denims by Riot.

Akeruka Group Gift Mesh Head Summer 2019

Mesh head creator Akeruka is celebrating their long-lived presence in Second Life with yet another group gift mesh head. They started with giving away a female head earlier this month and now it’s the guys’ turn to rejoice! The group joining fee is only L$ 150 and you pay one “symbolic” Linden dollar for this new head. You’ve got till July 6th to get your ass over there!

The new Akeruka head is named Clay and has a strong manly face with a good response to the shape sliders. The shape that I’m wearing is something I recycled from a look with the Akeruka Leon head with some modifications, but of course the head comes with it’s own shape and eyebrow shape. The skin is the standard No. 4 skin tone that comes with the head. There are 6 skin tones to chose from and matching body appliers for the Signature Gianni, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies are included. You’ll find various add-ons (freckles, scars, tattoos, beards, brows, hair bases, and eyeliner) in the hud and the head comes with it’s own set of eyes, that aren’t too bad once you’ve figure out how to switch off the full bright setting. I guess if you go for one of the included cat eye textures, it would make sense that they light up in the dark.
The neck seam isn’t great with the original skin. I tried it on the Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake body and in both cases it was quite visible, especially on the back of the neck, as usual. Also as usual, it much depends on the windlight you’re in. When it comes to the subject of the neck seam, I sound like a forking broken record. Perhaps results will be better with other skins and/or bodies. Time and testing will tell. Apart from that, this is not a bad effort from Akeruka, not bad at all! #hellogorgeous

Shown with the Signature Gianni mesh body, Elliot hair by Modulus and Summer Vibe Speedos which is part of the JOCKD set for June @ Thirst.

Something New In The Willy Department 3

I call this something new, mostly because it is new for me. I hadn’t noticed that Birth actually has three penises in their range and I have only shown two. Time to start flashing!

‘Leviathon’ is an animated bento cock by Birth with a nice veiny shaft and uneven balls for added realism. While the Aeros cocks probably are still dominating the game, I personally think Birth is going strong with their range of male appendages. You get a full range of sizes going from small(ish) to huge (does a spontaneous Trump expression: ‘UGE!’) and some really nice animations like a slow progression from limb to fully erect. The pubes are a separate add on in the box, so you can easily change it’s position if necessary.

Some information from the note card… This cock actually moves and animates, can make it throb and pulse stand alone, or activate during animations such as sex, blow/ handjob to simulate motions !!

  • 24 Moving bento animations [pulsing, stroking, humping, all useful when you getting it on].
  • 20 erection state poses in 4 different lengths.
  • (180 degree angles).
  • 20 rotation poses (rotates entire cock and balls).
  • Now compatible with ‘It’s NOT Mine!’ body cum systems.
  • Lots of tattoo/ effect overlays (includes saliva and cum).
  • Glow, shiny, transparency settings.
  • Change Balls Heights
  • Cum, pee, dripping pre.
  • Tones 01-06 match tones of Birth skins and more
  • Position poses to perfectly align cock to body.
  • Invisible on teleport
  • Restore Default Settings
  • Free updates!

If you like showing off, I recommend the aptly named Show-Off Shorts by Thirst. You do get a jock with this, but in this case I obviously had to let it all hang out.

Shown with Carlos skin by Birth, on the Catwa Victor head and Signature Gianni body. The hairstyle is Bailey by Modulus and the mesh ears are by L’etrê.  Image shot on the Fancy Decor Platform Bed.

Right! Now I’m going to tuck it away before I take someone’s eye out with it. Cheerio!

Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 2

For those of you that favour a very muscular ripped physique, the Niramyth Aesthetic body probably hits the spot. It’s sold together with its own head for the reasonable price of L$ 2799. If you want a particularly pale skin, you’ll have to cough up another L$ 1200 for an extra skin pack. I’ve shown those paler options in previous blog posts.

This time I’m using the Enzo head with the standard Light skin tone, which I tinted to make it look warmer and less blueish. Birth has appliers for the Aesthetic mesh heads which match the basic body skin tone perfectly. The skin I’m showing on the face this time is named Blaze and personally I particularly like the luscious lips and optional stubble. This skin costs L$ 950. The eyes I have used are by Avi-Glam and the hair is Hysteria by Stealthic. The body does come with a pair of simple white boxer briefs, but if you want something a little bit more interesting, you should check out the Akina Brief at Dufaux.

If you’re in the market for a nice casual suit with (or without) a t-shirt, I can recommend Swear – Lapointe & Bastchild. The Blazer and slacks are sold separately and both include a size for the Aesthetic body. The Oxford dress shoes are also from L&B. These don’t come in an Aesthetic size, but you can take of your fee with this outfit anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. L&B recently released a new suit and it’s disappointing to see that it doesn’t include an Aesthetic size, but maybe they’ll issue an update at some point. We shall keep our strong manly fingers crossed.

That’s it for this episode of Pleasing Aesthetic. I hope you found it pleasantly pleasing in a pleasurable way. The pleasure was all mine.

Quench Your Thirst 13

JOCKD is a monthly underwear club where you can pre-order at discounted pricing and receive 2 brand new THIRST undies. Pre-orders for the June issue have ended ages ago (SL is best counted in dog year). The set is now available for everyone at the THIRST store on 12/06/2019. You’ll miss out on some snazzy extra textures because you didn’t pre-order, but for 600 L$ you still get plenty to work with… So you better work bitch!

One of the two items in this month’s JOCKD is the Damian Jock. It comes with 6 textures: 3 solids and 3 patterns. You also get the Damian Harness with it, which has 3 colour options. The jock and harness are rigged for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and TMP Legacy.

Shown on the Signature Gianni body and Catwa Victor head with Carlos skin by Birth. The hairstyle is Bailey by Modulus and the mesh ears are by L’etrê. The “Sweet Sexy Savage” stripper pole backdrop is by House Of Shade.

David Heather @ Equal10

In sharp contrast with the Show-Off Shorts by Thirst I, eeeehm, showed off in my previous blog post about the current round of the Equal10 event, which will run till July 5th, I’m now looking casual but very snazzy in a light summer suit by David Heather.

I don’t know if it will be going up in price after the event, but at Equal10 you cant get the Alric suit by David Heather complete with a colour change hud including 11 colours which you can apply individually on the jacket, sweater and trousers for just L$500. The suit is rigged for Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni. You’ll constantly have one hand in your pocket with this suit, so the other one is free for giving a high five or whatever else Alanis Morissette does in that situation. The Russel loafers I’m wearing with this suite are also by David Heater and available at Equal10.

Shown on the Signature Gianni body and the Catwa Victor head with Carlos skin by Birth (optional beard applier included with the skin). The hairstyle is Reach by Stealthic and the mesh ears are by L’etrê.

Thirst @ Equal10 June 2019

I went over to Equal10 to get dazzled by the bright neon decor of this event and check out what’s on offer. As usual there’s a good mix of male, female and decor items, as that is the whole raison d’être of this event. The current round of Equal10 runs till July 5th, so it was still early days when I went and it certainly seemed to attract a fair share of people… Excuse me, pardon, coming through!

I got the Show-Off Shorts by Thirst. These shorts come in 6 colours by default and are rigged for Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy. They come with the Damian Jock in one colour, but you can also purchase this jock as part of the JOCKD set for June at the Thirst store and give yourself a lot more mixing and matching options.

Shown with Carlos skin by Birth, on the Catwa Victor head and Signature Gianni body. The hairstyle is Adrian by Modulus and the mesh ears are by L’etrê

Just a summer look

My post-work walk last night was somewhat confusing. The weather was sunny and rather mild, people were having dinner al fresco and for a split second it felt like I was on holiday, except that it was an ordinary Monday evening. Today the weather wasn’t really inviting so I cut my wandering short and got home a little earlier, ideal to work on a simple summer look for my avi.

I chose the Carlos skin by Birth, on the Catwa Victor head and Signature Gianni body. The hairstyle is Adrian by Modulus and the eyes are an applier by Avi-Glam on the rigged mesh eyes that come with the Catwa Victor head. I don’t know why head creators don’t do a better job with the ears and I often find myself sticking on another pair, like in this case the basic mesh ears by L’etrê. The oufit was kept to a minimum, without being too naked. Both the Armani mesh crop tank and Andrew shorts are by Noche and the Kurtov sneakers are by Versov.

Now I’m off to bed to go dream of oh, those summer ni-iiiiiights. Tell more, tell me more…

Quench your Thirst 12

JOCKD is a monthly underwear club where you can pre-order at discounted pricing and receive 2 brand new THIRST undies. Pre-orders have ended for June. Public purchase will be available at the THIRST store on 12/06/2019.

One of the two items in this month’s JOCKD is the Summer Vibes Speedo. It comes with 12 textures: 3 solids, 3 patters and 6 different pride rainbows. The speedos are rigged for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and TMP Legacy.

Taking a nap on the N4RS pool float

Item shown on the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head , 
Erwin skin by Stray Dog (skin not available in store now) and Modulus Bailey hair. The mesh ears are by L’etrê.

Taking David to TMD June 2019

It’s high time for my monthly outing with the NX-Nardcotix David avatar and what better place to find him some new threads than the June round of The Mens Dept. It only just started, so it was absolutely bustling when I went over. Ah the joy of shoppers that insist on wearing their laggiest outfits to visit this kind of event. One has to admire the foolhardy perseverance. If you like any of the items from this event, keep in mind that it ends on June 30th and after that you’ll have to go look at the main stores for the respective brands.

First outfit: bomber jacket by Minimal at TMD, paired with the Finlay cargos and Gideon boots, both from NX-Nardcotix.

Outfit No. 2: hoodie by Gabriel and a pair of trousers from Meva, both at TMD. The hoodie includes a plain version and one with a print. I’m using the Signature size for both these items . You also get a tank top with the hoodie, which can work for David if you reduce your muscles and flatten your chest. You’ll probably find that the Meva trousers require some shape adjustments too but all in all it shouldn’t be too much hassle. The boots are available from Meva’s main store.

Outfit No. 3: Check suit by L&B at TMD and shoes from L&B’s main store. I’m wearing the Gianni size, but it probably doesn’t matter much which one you use, as most of your body is hidden. Just try them all and see which has the nicest fit depending on your personal taste and fiddle with the shape a bit to improve the fit even more if needed.

Right! That’s three outfits out of the way, not let’s take a closer look at the face.

It’s a new skin by Birth, named Drogo, inspired by the Game Of Thrones character by the same name. This skin is currently available at the Last Winter event. I have no idea how much longer the event will last at this point, but the skin should eventually show up at the Birth store afterwards. You can achieve a stronger Drogo look by using the shape and make-up that comes with the skin and getting yourself a goatee, but I went for a more every-day look. It’s shown on the Catwa Stanley head, with Modulus Bailey hair, Avi-Glam Solstice eyes and L’etrê Basic mesh ears. The Birth Omega body applier is a pretty good fit for David and comes complete with several manscaping option, including baby smooth. Last but not least, you can get the underwear at NX-Nardcotix.