Taking David to MOM April 2018

Here’s another one of those “Billy took David to…” stories. We’re way past the halfway point for this round of Men Only Monthly, but it’s still kinda sorta almost relevant, right? Visiting these events at the start is like wading through a river of thick custard anyway, or maybe it’s more like wobbly jello. Anyway, I snatched up a couple of items to do that exercise I like the refer to as “something old, something new, nothing borrowed and maybe something blue” with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. Pickings were somewhat slim this time, but the lack of support for this mesh body isn’t the only factor. If you ignore poses, tattoos, hair, jewelry, shapes and skins, your left with not that much new menswear. Let’s focus on what I did find rather than on what didn’t work. It’s called seeing the glass half full.

David @ MOM April 2018 blog

Invictus is showing a nice pair of shorts at MOM which you can wear with or without a shirt wrapped around your waist and a baseball cap clipped to your belt. I’m wearing the standard SL size here and it’s not a bad fit. It could be a bit more snug in the bum area, but that’s made up for by the excellent texturing and details. The NX-Nardcotix sandals were an obvious choice to wear with these shorts and to add to that feeling of escapism, their backpack brings a nice finishing touch to the look. You can find both these items at their main store.

David @ MOM April 2018 - II blog

Aitui has this for them very typically layered, slightly crumpled jacket, shirt and t-shirt at MOM. Several versions are available and I went for one with a touch of sunny yellow because that colour always cheers me up.

David @ MOM April 2018 - III blog

I continued my yellow streak… Oh that sounds wrong! What I mean is that I sought out that touch of sunshine again with this set from MG Men. Surprisingly I could jump straight into those trousers without adjusting my (naked) shape, which means you can easily wear them shirtless and as you can see they also work quite well with the NX-Nardcotix tank top.

David @ MOM April 2018 - IV blog

FE Style probably has been around in SL for quite a while and I think I saw something new from them recently that wasn’t rigged to any specific mesh body or even fitmesh, just plain old standard sizing. Either that, or I missed something. I think people will stand for that kind of thing less and less so I was excited to see that the shirt they have at MOM now actually includes an NX size. Usually I avoid buying the version that is shown on the poster, but in this case it was my favorite one by far. You can easily combine this shirt with NX-Nardcotix cargo pants without any glitching and it probably will work with most of your jeans and trousers.


Sweats & Pants Day with David

Instead of taking the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body to one of the monthly fashion events to get him dressed, I thought I’d spent the day hanging out at home in sweatpants and underwear. Trying to pull off that shirtless look with a pair of sweatpants that wasn’t specifically rigged for the mesh body you are using, is not for the faint of heart. You will have to modify your shape and there will be some gaps and many sweatpants just won’t fit at all. In short: it’s sweaty business. The numbers you’ll be working with the most are your belly, saddle bags, leg muscle and butt size and it will always be a combination of adding a little here and reducing a little there and of course making use of your alpha hud.

Sweats & Pants Day with David I blog

First up are MGmen‘s latest pair of sweatpants currently available at TMD till the end of March and presumably at their main store shortly after. These sweatpants are part of a set with a jacket, a t-shirt and a bionic arm. I am wearing the pants made for Signature Gianni and to make them work my belly size is set to 19, with leg muscle at 60, butt size at 40 and saddle bags at 50. Thought I’d throw in the numbers for once, to help you out a little.

Sweats & Pants Day with David II blog

Lavarock haven’t really been on my radar much, but these sweatpants sure were a loud and clear beep. They actually come in a Nardcotix size and fit like a dream. I love the slanted pulled down look to show off the marvelous ass-ets of this body. There’s no need to mention any of my shape numbers with this one, as it will easily fit most shapes. If it looks like I can’t make up my mind about what to wear, it’s because these sweats are just so darn comfortable I don’t want to get dressed.

Sweats & Pants Day with David III blog

Ascend doesn’t specifically cater to the Nardcotix people, so with this flashy pair of sweatpants of theirs, I’m back to remodeling my shape to make them fit without busting the seams or breaking the elasticated waistband. I’m using the TMP size with my leg muscle at 77, butt size also at 77, saddle bags at 30, love handles at 25 and belly size at 18. The detail on these sweatpants is top notch and I love the colour combination of the ones with the print that I’m wearing here.

Sweats & Pants Day with David IV blog

The Blankline joggerpants were, if I chose to accept it, my next challenge. I went for the camouflage pattern as Blankline also has army boots that go perfectly with these sweatpants. So far I have been wearing my sweatpants shirtless, but since I was wearing shoes I thought I’d better put on a shirt and get some fresh air. The NX-Nardcotix tank top is the ideal choice for this outfit. Naturally as this tank was made for the body, it is a perfect fit and leaves a bit of sexy bare midriff. Belly size is set to 14, leg muscle is at 72, with butt size at 70 and saddle bags at 30. If you find your hips are starting to look a bit too wide, you can take a look at the setting for hip width and see if you can decrease it without messing up the sweatpants again. Alternatively you can broaden your shoulders a little to even things out or you can take advise from The Nanny: “the bigger the hair the smaller the hips.”

Sweats & Pants Day with David V blog

I recently picked up the “Thom pants” from Complex at TMD, where these sweatpants will be available till the end of March and after that they should be at the Complex main store. These sweatpants are a bit smarter looking than most and even appear to have a sharp crease and I particularly like the orange drawstrings on this gray/brown version. I am wearing the Gianni size here with my belly at 16, leg muscle at 48, butt size at 38 and saddle bags at 20.

Sweats & Pants Day with David VI blog

The texturing of Dufaux’s sweatpants is exquisite and I simply had to go for the fatpack because I love the option of the gold stripes. I was thrilled to see that the Gianni size works quite nicely with David. My belly size is at 18, leg muscle at 86, butt size at 54 and saddle bags at 36. From all the sweatpants I’ve tried on so far, this one has the most pronounced… eeehm… fruit basket.

Sweats & Pants Day with David VII blog

The “George” sweatpants from Etham are an easy option. They don’t include a Nardcotix size, but by using the TMP size I didn’t have to adjust my shape at all, the alpha hud did all of the work this time. They’re the perfect comfortable no fuss solution and don’t worry if the pink threatens your masculinity, it comes in plenty of colours.

Sweats & Pants Day with David VIII blog

A while ago the Mossu “boner” sweatpants were all the rage. Way too many guys were running around with a tent. These sweatpants do come with a version that looks a bit more like you’re going commando and there is also an auto boner version included, which apparently gives you a stiffy as soon as your partner get near, just like in real life… right? I got these to fit with my belly size at 22, leg muscle at at 80, hip width at 30, butt size at 57 and saddle bags at 47.

Sweats & Pants Day with David IX blog

Sadly there aren’t a lot of underwear options for this mesh body. You can go for something unrigged and then stretch, pull and squeeze the darn thing till it almost fits, but the result is never going to be as pleasing as the sight of a pair of perfectly rigged tighty whities hugging your cheeks. Thankfully NX-Nardcotix came to the rescue by designing a gorgeously simple and beautifully executed set consisting of a pair of briefs and a tank top. If you go for the fatpack, you get 11 solid colours and 5 patterns. 16 pairs of underpants is just about enough to get you from one laundry day to the next without having to let things hang loose.

Sweats & Pants Day with David X blog


Exmachina Davide Full Bento Avatar 2.0

An update of the Exmachina Davide full bento avatar automatically landed in my inventory yesterday. I allowed the box to acclimatize for a bit before unpacking it. This time around 4 different versions of the body are included in the box: one with and one without a head and both of those again but in a 64 bit version, whatever that means. I tried the headless body first with a Catwa and Akeruka head but they didn’t really fit, so I put on the 64 bit version with its own head.

ExMachina 2 blog

The previous version started glitching and having a problem that I vaguely remember as “stack heap collision errors” (that might not be the correct term). Basically whenever I logged in wearing the body, I would experience this error and a whole arm would be in a different skin than the rest of the body. The same would happen after every TP and on top of that issue applying omega skins had become a big no no. I have been playing around with skins on this new version for a bit and so far there don’t seem to be any of these issues. The Ivar skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins is a particular favorite of mine on this body and especially on the face. The nipples don’t line up well and there are strange shadows on the lips, but apart from that the boyish freckled charm works very nicely. Applying the hair base and extra body hair was a bit of a kerfuffle, but after playing with some options in the hud (shell masking and tattoo layer tinting) I finally got it. The hud has been made a lot more compact, which is a good thing, though it has made some of the text very small, but there is a resize button so you can enlarge it till your weary eyes can read the fine print. There are also a couple of facial animations now and you can finally blink, which is a good thing, because if you can’t close your eyes, your eyeballs will pop out whenever you sneeze. That’s why Cher is afraid of pepper mills these days. One more face lift on that one and she’ll have a beard, but I digress. The Exmachina full avatar is 3940 L$, which does make it a more affordable option than for example a head and body from Signature (7000 L$) or the combination of a Belleza body with a Catwa head (7990 L$).


Dabbling with Geralt I

All of a sudden, there it was: a new mesh body and head from Signature and I hadn’t even heard anything on the grapevine about it. Meanwhile SL residents started muttering among themselves and it is clear that people don’t see the immediate need for yet another mesh body and are worried that this will slow down continuous improvements of the existing Signature Gianni body and head. I took a look at the demo version before finally biting the 7.000 L$ bullet to start dabbling for ernest with Signature Geralt, because I do like a challenge and always appreciate something different.

Dabbling With Geralt II blog

The first impression I got from this body, is that it clearly is a product from the Signature stud farm, but Geralt has a less robust look than Gianni. His pectorals are smaller with very perky nipples that look like you could cut glass with them. You can moan about “rocket areolas”, or you can accept that it’s not about being better or worse but being different. Ask yourself what would be the use of there being more than one mesh body on the grid, if we are all going to aim for the same idea of what constitutes perfection? Try to imagine how boring Second Life would be if one particular definition of perfection would be our only choice? I better stop myself from going off into a proper lecture and point out that Geralt’s butt can be made significantly bigger than Gianni’s, to the level of dragging something along with you that will always arrive five minutes later at a party. Much like Sir Mix-A-Lot I like big butts and I cannot lie, but I tend to not lean towards the extremes, so I’m keeping that butt slider at a modest 45.

Dabbling With Geralt I blog

For my first look I stuck with one of the lighter tones of the standard skin that comes with the body and head, adding a scattering of freckles from Avenge to go for that über ginger appearance. The Geralt head comes with its own eyes, but I am not a fan of those at all. They look hard and lifeless and one friend of mine described it as a very disconcerting Stepfords Wives’ stare. Fortunately you can easily hide these eyes and wear a nice pair of mesh eyes from another creator. I do like the built-in and tintable hairbase, eyebrow and beard options and these made it very easy to complete a striking ginger look. The shape is of course the result of a lot of playing with the sliders and it is nice to see that just by doing that and not adding all that much else, the end result looks quite different from the Signature promotion images.

Dabbling With Geralt III blog

In therms of clothing, much of what you may have in your closet for the Signature Gianni body will NOT work. Forget about using your existing underwear or wearing the Deadwool Broberry jeans to give just an example. On the bright side, Signature did release a clothing range especially for this body and it’s also a good sign that I already saw some adverts for clothing that included a Signature Geralt size, like the sweatpants and sweater from Complex currently on sale at TMD. Last but not least I was happy to see that the Peak suit from Deadwool is a nice fit, as long as you wear it wit socks and shoes. The alpha cuts are in the right place to be able to wear this suit without the shirt and if you do wear the shirt, there don’t seem to be any issues with the neck.

I have been playing with other skin tones and skins from other creators and will be showing some of those looks in follow-up blog posts, so keep you eyes peeled (but preferably not in that scary Stepford Wives way).


  • Signature Geralt mesh body and head with original skin
  • Vermeer eyes from No Shirt Sherlock
  • Hysteria hairstyle from Stealthic
  • Sweatpants by Complex @ TMD
  • Boxers, tank top and jeans shorts are part of the new line of Signature clothes made for this body
  • Suit and shoes from Deadwool

What’s Eating TMP 5

*VOICE-OVER* Previously in What’s Eating TMP: Billy found himself surprised and puzzled at the sudden change in direction from TMP. First he was dismayed at the removal of the free body and then pleasantly surprised though somewhat alarmed at the sudden drop in price for a Deluxe body and head from 5000 to 500 L$. His bewilderment continued as he saw all the boutique clothing being thrown at people for free (and he got everything!). It didn’t come much of a surprise anymore after that however, when the skin price went down 50 % as well. What will he be looking at next?

What's Eating TMP X blog

Right, let’s stop referring to myself in the third person now, Second Life is disorienting enough as it is. I wanted to show a combination of an up-to-date bento mesh head with the TMP body as an alternative to getting a rigid non-bento TMP mesh head. Give the Aron head from Akeruka a try. It automatically comes with a set of both Omega and TMP body appliers so you can easily use the head’s default skin and match your body to it. As in so many cases when you start combining a mesh head from one maker with the body from another, you will notice a neck seam. Usually this will be most prominent at the back and depending on the windlight you are using, it can range from hardly noticeable to very obvious. For this example I stepped away from the standard Akeruka skin and applied one from 7 Deadly S(k)ins to increase the individuality of this look. 7DS is one of the few places that have Omega appliers which will work with this head as well as the matching appliers for the TMP body. The price tag is around 2500 for the head, which comes without animations. You can purchase an animation hud for it separately which brings the total price to a little over 5000. Of course once you decide to move on from the TMP body to another one, you will be able to keep using this head.


What’s Eating TMP 4

Let’s continue this TMP story while I’m on a roll. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts on the subject yet, I should probably repeat that they aree having a big sale. I haven’t seen any official adverts for it and not even a group announcement has been sent out. Now one of SL’s most well known bloggers, Strawberry Singh, has picked up on it as well. She asked the “LifeHelp” person (#DeadHelp) at TMP whether this was a temporary sale or if this price change is going to be permanent and she was told that as far as they knew, the sale was temporary. It must be such a rewarding thing to be part of TMP’s LifeHelp team, especially if you enjoy passing on wishy washy information.

what's Eating TMP VI blog
This brings me to the other misinformation being spread in SL about the TMP body. People seem to think that nobody is making any clothes for it anymore. Actually, some people go as far as to say that nobody made any clothes for it ever. I imagine them being high placed members of the Alternative Facts Club. In all fairness, I should say that support from creators for the TMP body has been fluctuating and nice underwear brands such as Noche and Dufaux have stopped rigging their saucy little numbers for the TMP derrière. Admittedly, in the past there have been times where much to my chagrin I couldn’t make a nice tank top, a t-shirt or a pair of shorts work for this body. However, looking at a recent blog post about Men Only Monthly, the tops from A&D, Etham and Aitui which I purchased at this event all came with a version rigged for the TMP body. The Deadwool Broberry jeans I’m wearing them with are hugging my peaches perfectly and shoes aren’t an issue with most mesh bodies most of the time anyway.

What's Eating TMP VII bog

I went back to Men Only Monthly for a second sweep and found myself a nice pair of sweatpants from BrunStyle, perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

What's Eating TMP VIII blog
From the Invictus booth I got a denim shirt and pair of shorts, perfect for those early evening strolls along the beach when the sun starts dipping under the horizon and the breeze makes it a bit too cold for just a pair of swim trunks. And with that, I’m walking off into the sunset.


What’s Eating TMP 3

Extra! Extra! The free fall continues! Last week the price for the TMP mesh body and heads took a spectacular and somewhat suspicious nosedive from 5000 to 500 L$ and now the skin prices have been slashed in half. The avatar I once paid 11.250 L$ for is now achievable for 1.750 L$. You can even safe yourself another 250 by NOT getting TMP’s eyebrows. Instead, head over to Aeros and take a look in the area where they keep their system skins. You will see some low tables there with appliers for the TMP mesh head and among those (lo and behold!) you’ll notice a free eyebrow applier. You’re welcome! Oh, and don’t come crying if you landed in the willies’ department first.

What's Eating TMP VI blog

I remain on the fence about this slashing of prices. As someone who from time to time has blogged about looking your best for less in Second Life, I should feel elated to be able to pass on this happy news, but there are too many uncomfortable question marks surrounding this sudden sale. TMP’s Facebook page known as “The Shops” doesn’t even mention this sale. Very suspicious indeed! Clearly open and honest communication is not their strongest point and allegedly it is hard to get any kind of support from TMP. There website has always been a dud and on top of all that there is the strange situation of TMP running everything on their own servers. I still don’t know what this means for the body and head if these servers go offline. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if in less than half a year from now someone will be flicking the off switch and we’ll see what happens. My advise for now would be to not invest too much money in this and save copies of your body, head(s) and TMP clothing with the different skins and textures on them, because if something will stop working after server shutdown, it is most likely going to be the StyleMode hud.


Taking David to MOM February 2018

It’s been 11 days since I last reported on any kind of event, so it was high time to jump into the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body and go take a look at the current round of Men Only Monthly to see what’s on offer. In short I would describe as too many shoes, poses and tattoos for my liking and not enough menswear. Nevertheless I found myself some new bits to combine with older bobs (that sounds wrong!) and hey presto, here are some outfits to cover your David up with should you ever feel the need to do so. After all, public willy waving is frowned upon at most places, even in SL.

David @ MOM February 2018 blog

Breath is showcasing something at MOM and calls this a shirt, but what’s in a name? I could easily call this a jacket and get away with it. I slipped into the muted green version, which has nice decorative stitching on the sleeves and a graffiti style print on the back that says “of the madness”, whatever that means. There weren’t any new jeans or trousers at this round of MOM that I could make work with this jacket or body for that matter, so I went for the trusty Broberry jeans from Deadwool, paired with NX-Nardcotix newest pair of ankle boots which very nicely pick up on the green tint of the jacket. You’ll find these shoes at the current round of Men Jail and of course at the NX-Nardcotix main store after the event has ended.

David @ MOM February 2018 II blog

Moving on to Aitui, we are seeing a blazer with rolled up sleeves and a t-shirt. Isn’t that lovely? Something for the warmer weather! How de-light-ful! Sure, let’s ignore that currently my real life has been turned into a winter wonderland again. That’s what Second Life is all about, no? Ignoring reality? What I couldn’t ignore was that with some sudden moves of my Animation Override, I noticed the back of my upper arms going through the fabric of the sleeves, but mostly this blazer is a nice fit and I would recommend using the TMP size for maximum comfort. I made good use of Deadwool’s Broberry jeans and NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots again, going for the pale blue “lapis” version of the jeans and the boots in a nice warm camel tone. Having the fatpack of both of these items make them the ideal combination to use with all sorts of smart casual looks.

David @ MOM February 2018 III blog

The creator of Etham is quite the busy little bee, churning out one nice jacket after the other. This time around it is a slightly longer coat with the usual hud to change the colour of the t-shirt and buttons. At this point they’re not going to surprise anybody any more with this kind of work, but at least they’re dependable and surprises can be nasty little things. I didn’t bother with trying to surprise you either and stuck with my jeans and ankle boots. If you don’t like it, just skip to one of the many blog posts where my ass is hanging out.

David @ MOM February 2018 IV blog

I’m finishing off this round of David @ MOM by showing  you this casual blazer with built-in shirt and vest from A&D. At the bottom of the vest there is a bit of bare skin showing but in the poster for this jacket and vest that particular gap is covered with a belt buckle, which probably is available at A&D’s main store. I don’t mind a tiny bit of teasing skin down there though, it goes nicely with the open buttons at the top of the shirt, but realistically the shirt should have been a bit longer.

That’s it for now. I believe that yet again the myth that there are no clothes for this body has been successfully dispelled. I agree that it takes a bit more effort and you have to try on several size versions till you find the one that works best, but you definitely can use this body for more things than being naked.



What’s Eating TMP 2

After yesterday’s shock of seeing the price of the TMP Deluxe mesh body and heads plummet from 5000 to 500 L$ with not a single word of official communication about it, my suspicious mind is on high alert. If you are the kind of person who has a bit of money to play with in Second Life but always thought that the TMP body was stupendously overpriced, then maybe this is the time to get one to play with it till it breaks. There is after all a chance that things won’t work as they should for much longer, as explained in the previous What’s Eating TMP blog post. As I have owned this body since quite early on in my Second Life, I had nothing to lose by getting a whole sh*t load of the textures for their clothing line which they’re now giving away. Perhaps the fun will be short lived, but boy of boy oh boy oh boooooy am I having fun! All whats missing up there at The Shops was a big button that said: get me everything!

What's Eating TMP III blog

Interestingly the price for one of their appliers for the mesh head is still 1000 L$ for just one skin tone without eyebrows. You can either get one of their eyebrows for 250 L$, but save yourself the risk of investing more money in this head and have a look around at Aeros in their area with system skins. They actually have free eyebrow appliers for the TMP head. You’ll find them on one of the low tables. See, I keep saying: Aeros isn’t just for willies!

What's Eating TMP IV blog

Yes you are right, I sneaked the Noche metallic thong back in, cause I couldn’t resist with these very low hanging baggy trousers.

What's Eating TMP V blog

I’m very curious to see where all of this is going, because absolutely diddly squat has been going on with TMP apart from a cockeyed survey that asked questions they should have been asking much earlier. At least now something is happening, even if it is pretty strange.

What’s eating TMP?

What's Going On With TMP I blog

I was all prepared to do a follow up on my  first blog post about the free TMP male mesh body, which I entitled ‘The Underwear Model’. I had put together a new look with a good quality system skin for the head, a bodacious hairstyle from Dura and a penis from Aeros , because I really don’t want to look at one of those freebie willies that seem to have been nicked from a body that’s been dead for a while. For eyes I went with a pair of Vermeer mesh eyes in a hazel tone from No Shirt Sherlock, because blue eyes would have been too evident(ly) dear Watson! I even found a free simple animation override on Marketplace.


Then someone told me that they had been up to The Shops and the free body was no longer available. He could see only the ones you had to pay for, ranging from the rather useless Standard, to the not so great Basic and of course the only one you really wanted, the Deluxe Body with all the bells and much needed whistles. Well no, actually you still need to get the whistle from somewhere else with that body, as mentioned earlier. I double checked and indeed it was gone, but I returned to The Shops in the evening and lo and behold, the Deluxe body and mesh heads have tumbled down from their hefty 5000 L$ price tag to just 500! Even crazier is that the entire TMP clothing line from their “Boutique” is now available for free.

TMP Boutique Free

This seems highly suspicious. Time and time again I have read that TMP operates outside of the Second Life grid, using their own servers. It has been pointed out that if those servers were to go down, the TMP body would become useless or you would be stuck in whatever skin you applied to it last and the same goes for the TMP clothing line. This extreme discount feels like a last ditch attempt to grab just a few more crumbs from unwitting customers before TMP will be pulling the plug. I don’t feel comfortable making such crass allegations, but what ARE we to think? Perhaps, for those that really still want to use the body now and again, it might be wise to store some back up copies in their inventory with different skins applied to each and repeat this exercise with whatever TMP clothing and textures they may have. I don’t know if that will make a difference, but as I always say: better shave than snorry (this joke only works for people that understand Dutch). I even wonder if the alpha hud would still work if their servers went down.

What's Eating TMP II blog

Naturally I did grab a whole bunch of textures for the TMP clothing, because even if they stop working soon, it’s free stuff innit though? This is just a very, very, very small selection of the different combinations I could create with what I picked up today. The (rather) low baggy pants work very nicely with Noche’s  metallic thong and crop top, which are some of their last items that still supported the TMP body before it was dropped. Overall support for this body has been really weird of late. Sometimes you will find a TMP size version were you didn’t expect it and visa versa, brands that used to support TMP, took that size out of their range. So in short, what the acrobatic chandelier swinging f*ck is eating TMP?

Dragging David to Man Cave…

by the short and curlies! Those of you that have seen the original teaser picture of this body or have flicked through my flickr page, know that it is very tempting to just lie around in the buff with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body all of the time, but personally I can only have so much free willy time till I start itching to spent some money on new threads. So with Man Cave being only three days in its current cycle, I decided to head over to that manliest of manly virtual fashion events and see if I could get something snazzy to wear. I did accidentally wander into the Kinky Event first, but that’s still in the round I already visited. Oy vey, my timing is all effed up!
ManCave February 2018 - blog
Of course there is the usual overload of beards and tattoos, some hairstyles and a bit of bling scattered about in the moody industrial quasi atmospheric sales hall and this time there’s even a nifty roadworks set from Krescendo. Not that I feel the need to be reminded of a situation that slows down traffic to a crawl in real life, but there is something hot about those bright yellow diggers.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - I blog

Now let’s dive into menswear and start of with the steady stable we know as Etham. This creator has been quite productive of late, albeit somewhat predictable. Then again, I understand that plenty of people like to have several subtle variations of what is familiar to them, such as a cardigan with a t-shirt. As always with Etham’s pieces, you’ve got to watch your love handles, butt and saddlebags to prevent the cardigan from flaring out just a little bit too much. Apart from that, even though Etham have ditched the NX-Nardcotix size, I find that the Signature or TMP version works quite well for David.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - II blog

Breath reminds us that winter isn’t over yet, but it is getting slightly warmer and you may want to wear your coat casually off the shoulder cause you’re melting as a precious snowflake in that high noon sun, burning short but intense… At least that’s how I justify this look. There’s not really a need for a mesh body with this, if you have a system skin that matches your mesh head, because only a very small part of the neck is exposed.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - III blog
From the Clef de Peau booth you can get this layered short-sleeved sweater which actually comes in an NX size, hooray! Even with a single colour version you get a little hud with a couple of options for the t-shirt. It’s always nice to have something to play with, right?


I’ve paired these three tops with the Broberry jeans from Deadwool (outfit 1 and 2) and with the Exmachina jeans (outfit 3) and I’ve been making thankful use of the colour hud that comes with the new Jude ankle boots from NX-Nardcotix which are just casual enough to wear with jeans but would also work well with a suit. That’s smart. It’s casual smart! You’ll find these boots at the current round of the Men Jail event until February 28th and at the NX-Nardcotix mainstore after that.



Cupid is shooting freebies and discounts

Second Life’s annual Valentine’s Day shopping event is back because evidently we’re rapidly approaching the most fake of all holidays. It’s obviously Valen-bloody-tines effing day innit and everybody gets heart shaped things stuffed down their throats! Don’t worry, I’m not a bitter singleton, I just love to swear, fudge it! There’s not even a bank holiday connected to this dung heap of a day. But lets leave the bitchin’ and moanin’ for Mother’s Day and concentrate on the benefits of this overly commercialised day of hearts and roses and chocolates and man-oh-man, a huge bottle of wine. Actually, make mine a bag in box with a big straw stuck to the side. That’ll brighten things up a bit. However, first we need to take a look at what freebies and discounts you can score at this fabulous event.

Deadwool @ V-Day Event 2018 - 1 blog
Deadwool took some of their casual items to this event, such as the Andrew cardigan, their “damaged” pleated jeans and the Ulrich boots. Put them together and you get an outfit that’s perfect for casually cozying  up for a cuddle with your cupid and it’s all at -20% so you can be a cheap(er) date.

Deadwool @ V-Day Event 2018 - 2 blog
You can also grab their absolutely no strings attached Valentines gift, which is a version of the Chase sneakers dipped in red paint. There’s something poetic about the back of these shoes being grey. It reminds me that while love can make us stronger, it can also be our Achilles heel.

Zed @ V-Day Event 2018 blog
Crawling through the super lagged events hall, I finally reached the Zed Designz booth, which is the only other brand represented at this event that does menswear. They are giving away a couple of suits that aren’t too shabby, but just very slightly too chunky, dare I say lumpy for my taste. Let’s say that I’m 90% convinced that I do want to rummage around in their range to see if I can find something  a bit sharper. One of the suits is a casual one with an untucked shirt and a hooded jacket, but I prefer the more classic one with a vest. Both suits come with a nice hud so you can play with the textures for the tie, shirt and vest and you won’t have to wonder about which shoes to wear with these suits, as they come with a pair of manly boots. Apart from this generous gift, Zed Designz also brought a nice selection of their range to this event with a 50% discount on most pieces.

V-Day Event 2018 Mixed blog
Also worth mentioning is that Trompe Loeil has a bunch of furniture with PG cuddle animations on offer at half price, The Forge gets you ready for summer with their cute Beach Bum necklace gift and Fashiowl treats us to three sets of poses complete with props (yes, the horse is a prop, live with it).

Second Life’s annual Valentine’s Day shopping event will be on until 26 February and it will come as no surprise to you that there are plenty more gifts and discounts for items aimed at female avatars. Oh quelle surprise!


  • In the images with Deadwool and Zed clothing as well as the one with the chair from Trompe Loeil I am wearing the Signature Gianni body with Owen skin from Stray Dog (not available at the store) and Dagon hair from Tableau Vivant.
  • In the polaroid shots with the necklace and horse I am using the Deluxe TMP mesh body and head with skin appliers from Aeros, but I wouldn’t recommend getting that body or head right now. It’s been so very quiet at the TMP front, with not even a whisper about a possible update to Bento, that I just don’t feel comfortable telling people to go buy a mesh body and head for 5000 L$ each while it’s future seems non existing. However, I would definitely recommend you go take a look at what Aeros has been doing with skins for other mesh bodies and the Catwa mesh head. They’re so much more than just willy merchants! I’ve finished off this bleached blond Eurasian look with the Hysteria hair from Stealthic.