It’s Kinky Time!

Kinky event November 2017 - 1 blog

Okay so it’s officially been kinky time for over a week now, as the current round of the Kink(y) Event started on October 28th, but the good news is that you can still submerge yourself in that monthly deliciously filthy little shopping event until November 19th, so there is still plenty of time to get down and dirty. The venue has changed from the neoclassical quasi rococo building (yes you are right, I’m made up that description on the spot) to a suitably dark exhibition hall which has been spiced up with naughty touches, to get you into that Kink(y) mood.

Kinky Event Novermber 2017 - 2 blog

I treated myself to a new pair of briefs by Dufaux in shiny metallic and rubber materials. As often is the case with Dufaux underwear, you can personalise the text on the waistband and you can get rather playful with these briefs, by lowering them in the front, in the back or on both sides, exposing all of your assets. The bulge does not react to the package slider, but I feel it’s more than apt as it is. A single is L$ 250 and the 10-texture fatpack will set you back L$ 990. These briefs can be used with the Belleza, Signature and Aesthetic male mesh bodies.

Kinky Event November - 3 blog

Noche‘s newest leather arm bands also caught the attention of my wandering eyes. There are some that would say that a pair of metallic briefs combined with a pair armbands is an unimaginative outfit to go (gay) clubbing and they would be right… But that doesn’t stop it from being criminally hot. The armbands are only available as a fatpack, but for L$ 300 you get an amazing 25 texture choices for the leather and 9 for the hardware (yes, I was smirking as I was typing the word “hardware”).

Other Credits

I’m afraid of no ghosts

MadPea Halloween Hunt V - goodies blog

It’s hard to believe that this is already the second weekend I’ve been hunting MadPea ghosts. The hunt will be over soon! We only have until November 2nd to hunt to our hearts content… our bloody ripped out hearts content. I still haven’t chosen any prizes, because it is my habit to leave that till the very end. However, I have picked up some more instant prizes along the way, like an elaborated church yard scene from Come Soon, a little shoulder pet ghost and a cherry to wear on my head both from MadPea and slime splattered tank top from Razor.

MadPea Halloween Hunt V - goodies 2 blog

I think it is still worth picking up the hud for the MadPea Halloween Hunt at the time that I’m writing this. If you have some free time on your hands in the coming four days, for L$100 you can have a lot of fun, discover sims you haven’t seen before and get social in the MadPea group chat. You should be able to get enough points to choose some smaller prizes or one bigger prize and you are bound to find some of the direct prizes too while you are at it. You can get the hud at Mad City. Happy hunting!

Other credits

  • Mesh head Mike by Akeruka
  • Deluxe mesh body by TMP
  • Skin by Akeruka: standard skin for the Mike head + applier for the TMP body which is supplied with the head.
  • Hair by Stealthic
  • Jeans by TMP
  • Ascendant Wings
  • Coat wrapped around waist: gacha item at Gabriel

P.S.: At this point I wouldn’t advise anyone to get the Deluxe mesh body from TMP, not until they have actually updated it to the bento skeleton, but that doesn’t mean I will stop using mine. It still looks pretty damn fine, even if the hands don’t move and it has limited skin choices.

Ciao Giorgio

Exmachina Giorgio blog

If you liked the initial look of Egoisme’s “Exmachina” full avatar but thought it could do with some extras, like something skimpy to wear and maybe a skin with a bit more oomph, then perhaps you need to go take another look. There now is, as shown in a previous blog post, a nice fitting pair of gym shorts and a tank top, but you can also get a new skin named Giorgio with stronger muscle definition and lighter eyebrows. The difference with the standard skin isn’t enormous but certainly noticeable. The Giorgio skin is only available in 4 skin tones, which is somewhat on the anaemic side where choice is concerned, but luckily for me I personally rather fancy the medium skin tone. I hope Egoisme will carry over some of their old Evian skin range to this new mesh body. Naturally I also hope that other skin developers will turn their attention to this body, because although there already are some choices out there, I think we all prefer it if the nipples in the skin line up with the nipples in the mesh. The biggest advantage this body has going for it at the moment, is that with a one-stop shopping trip you can get yourself a mesh body with its own mesh head and an extra skin. In an increasingly complex Second Life, there is something to be said for this simplicity.

  • The Giorgio skin is L$ 500 for one skin tone, including a shape and brow shape (wearing my own shape in the picture)
  • The shorts are L$ 350, including a texture change hud with 10 colour options
  • The body is L$ 3.990
  • I’m using Vermeer eyes, Burley hair with a hat and Mandala ears.
  • Make sure to put on the body’s hud when you apply the skin, as I found that when I didn’t do this, I was unable to apply it.

More goodies from the ghosties

The fun continues with  Madpea’s Halloween Ghost Hunt, as I frantically zip across the grid from one beautiful sim to another not quite so enticing one, hunting down those glowing orbs and signs of poltergeist activity like an exorcist on speed. I’m far from being a top scorer, but it’s great fun and I’m sure to end up with some really nice prizes with the points I’ll manage to earn. Meanwhile the little friendliest ghosts of the bunch have been tossing me some little direct prizes again.

MadPea Halloween Hunt III blog

I won’t tell you were exactly you can get any of the goodies shown in this picture, because I’m too busy hunting! It’s so easy to get carried away with this kind of thing. The bleep bleep of the hud you need to join this hunt, keeps encouraging me to go find those ghosts and silence them.  Naturally I feel obliged to obey. Join in and head over to Mad City now to pick up your hud. It’s only 100 L$ and the hunt lasts till November 2nd. Happy Halloween hunting!


Give the man some shorts!

Exmachina shorts blog

There has been another release of the Exmachina full avatar by Egoisme and several small issues were resolved, but to be fair I wasn’t really aware of them. Apparently with the previous version there still were some problems with Omega appliers, but the skins I tried on the body so far applied nicely to it. The nipples are somewhat displaced but apart from that I think the body looks positively eatable with for example the Ivar skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins. Also the hand poses were not working as they should, but this has now been resolved. Other fixes are of such a technical nature I really can’t be bothered to mention them but I do welcome continuous improvements and see these as a positive sign that the creator is taking his project seriously.

More importantly, there now is a nice pair of shorts available just for this body, which you can wear with or without the new tank top also made for the Exmachina avatar. The shorts and tank top are L$ 350 each and for that you get both of these items in 10 different colours. Spicy detail: the shorts react to the shape slider for the so-called “package” (#duffelbag!). Meanwhile the body is still the same price as it was at its initial launch, which is L$ 3.990.


Holy Halloween Hunts!

MadPea Halloween Hunt Goodies I blog

The cray cray game creators  at MadPea have been at it again and I mean that in the best possible way of course. They have put together another hunt that’s going to be legend… wait for it… ary. This time you can hunt for mysteriously glowing orbs, evil looking shadows, whirling objects suggesting poltergeist activity and possibly some other things I haven’t come across yet because I only just got started. You need a hud to play, which costs L$ 100 and can be picked up at Mad City. The mayhem runs from October 19th until November 2nd 2017 and to add to the sense of fun and friendly competition, you are randomly assigned to a colour coded team. You can find more detailed information on the MadPea website. Perhaps what I enjoy the most about these hunts is how the MadPea group chat tends to go a little bit, well, mad. There is also a sense of adventure as anybody with a bit land can purchase the hunt objects and put them out for people to find, so naturally this hunt will take you to the four corners of the grid. From dainty to seedy and from classy to trashy, you will have seen it all. At the end you can exchange your points for some excellent prizes and though I haven’t actually checked them out yet, because I’m fixated on earning those points, if the previous hunts are anything to go by, the goodies are going to be pretty fine, like your great great great-granddaughter in the year 3000. Damn it, Busted! Get out of my head! Don’t you just hate it when an early 2000’s pop song gets stuck in your head because a radio station decided to play a “classic”. Anyway, great prizes shall soon be joining my ever growing inventory and meanwhile the hunt has already coughed up some small direct prizes, such as a bale of straw to sit on, a creepy skull with a candle to mount on your wall, a set of tealight holders in the shape of leaves, wooden cat profiles and a funny owl sign. The next couple of weeks are going to be so much fun!


  • Head: Mike mesh head by Akeruka
  • Body: Deluxe mesh body by TMP
  • Skin: Akeruka (original skin for Mike head + TMP body applier that comes with the head)
  • Hair: Hysteria by Stealthic
  • Overalls by Gild
  • Sneakers by Not So Bad

Akeruka Group Gift Head Follow Up

Just a quick reminder that you only have a couple of days left to get the new male “Keiji” head as a group gift at Akeruka’s main store. This action ends on 21st October and I’m not exactly sure at which time precisely, but I do hope there won’t be the same winging and bitching as last time from people that got there too late. Once the action has ended, this new head  will be sold at the normal price, which usually is L$ 2,999. The group joining fee is only L$ 150. The head comes with a basic shape, an eyebrow shape, separate teeth as well Omega, Slink and TMP body appliers that match up with the standard skin tones of the head. Here’s a look I put together with a skin from Stray Dog.

Akeruka Keiji - Stray Dog Kenichi blog


  • Shape: Own work
  • Mesh head: Keiji by Akeruka
  • Skin: Kenichi by Stray Dog in tone #3 + matching body skin applier. Get the version made for the Logo head, because Catwa appliers will not work on an Akeruka head.
  • Mesh body: Jake by Belleza
  • Hair: Hysteria by Stealthic
  • Mesh ears: Steaking Ears – Season 5 by Mandala
  • Eyes: System eyes from Ikon
  • Jockstrap: Noche Halloween Jockstrap

See my previous post about this mesh head for two more looks.

Fabulous Freebies IX

Flicking through Flickr for interior design inspiration and, more importantly, for clues that would point me into the direction of furniture I hadn’t seen yet, I came across an image that referred to a brand named “Lagom” which in turn took me to an event I wasn’t familiar with. It’s called The Seasons Story and the current round lasts until October 31st. I had no idea what I was going to find there and a great number of the items on sale were of no particular interest to myself, but I’m sure the ladies will find plenty of lovely goods to get their eager little hands on. It took me a little while to notice that there were actually gift boxes at some of the stands. I sorted through these and made a little nonsensical scene of it combined with a couple of decor pieces from the Men Only Hunt, which is on now till October 28th. You can get the helpful hut and hints for that hunt from the Flair For Events Office.

Fabulous Freebies IX blog

From The Seasons Story: Autumn Tray by Krescendo, “Day Dream” Shadow Box by Acorn, Bottle & Bowl by Cherry House, Bottle Lamp by Anxiety, Cement Blocks by Candy Crushers.
From Men Only Hunt: Darts Board by Bad Unicorn, Pumpkins prop from the “Oh My Gourd” pose by Le Poppycock, Finlay Backback by NX-Nardcotix.

I’d say that’s a lovely little pile of goodies and I’ll definitely will be using some of it. The backpack, which looks more like a classic schoolbag already found a place by a desk in a house I’m working on at the moment and that bottle (or jar) and stack of bowls will find a spot in the kitchen at my Farnsworth house. The pumkins probably will end up on the porch and those cement blocks will come in hand in future to display other goodies.

Happy hunting and gift collecting y’all!

Easy on the budget and the eyes

O.K. let’s not beat around the bush. For starters, why are we beating “around” the bush and not “in” the bush? But life is too short for spending much time on such philosophical questions, so instead I’ll move along quickly to the discussion of an almost-free look I created with some fabulous new pieces and a couple of golden oldies.

Easy on the budget and eyes blog

I went back to the combination of the free TMP mesh body and the classic avatar head, a.k.a. system head. For a more elaborate review of this free body, I refer to one of my older posts. The skin you see on the body is one of its 30 built-in skin tones and for the system head I have used Odin by 7 Deadly S[k]ins which currently is one of the prizes in their store hunt, running until the end of October. You do need to be a member of their group to be able to hunt for the pumpkins that contain all the goodies, but the group fee is only L$ 225. You can get the hair from Argrace as a group gift and there is no fee for joining that particular group.

The boxer shorts come free with the TMP body and if you have a bit of spare cash, you’ll find that you will be able to wear designer underwear with the free body, as those often have been made in such a way that you don’t need to alpha-out any body parts. Well, they usually don’t cover much of your ass anyway.

The coat and t-shirt are from Aitui, the scarf is from ::K:: and the shoes are from ILLI. All of these can be found in the current Men Only Hunt which runs until 28th October. You can get the hud for this hunt at the Flair For Events office. The skinny trousers are a group gift from Gild and again, you can join this group for free.

The free TMP body does not have an alpha hud. If your are quite new to all of this, you may not know that this means you will not be able to stop body parts from sticking through clothes (how rude!). I am only wearing the TMP hands with this outfit and to be able to do that, I’m using an alpha layer from a pair of free gloves to hide my system hands. Unfortunately Aitui does not support classic avatars with their latest creations, so there was no alpha layer supplied with the coat and t-shirt. I borrowed one from an old sweater, but as the t-shirt is rather low cut, there was a gap which I cleverly covered up with the scarf. There is no alpha layer for the shoes either, but I used one from a pair of boots. I believe it is possible to create your own alpha layers, but I don’t want things to get too technical here.

All the while I was hearing Tim Gunn in my head, telling me to “make it work”. Is this a perfect look? No, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the standard avatars.

More Men Only Hunt Goodies!

Billy Beaverhausen calls your over with a conspiring “hey, psssst, come’ere.” He let’s you get closer and then yells: “THE MEN ONLY HUNT IS ON!” making your ears ring.
Go on then, go pick up the hud at the Flair For Events office. It’ll make the hunt easier. Now we’ve got that part out of the way again, let me get back to unpacking all this tchotchke. Oh by the way, if the occasional use of a Yiddish word makes you wonder if I’m Jewish, the answer to that is: no, I’m gay, I watched The Nanny religiously.

MOH10-GoSee-Invictus-LegalInsanity blog

  • Go See – Catwa eyes applier: When I applied these to the rigged Catwa eyes, I thought the iris was a bit too small, so I tried it on the unrigged Catwa eyes instead and made them bigger, so now they work for me. The hud includes four shades.
  • Invictus – Glasses: This is not the best pair of shades in SL, but not the worst either. You get three colour version in the box and I’m wearing the blue one here. Funny detail: one of the temples of the black version is actually blue.
  • Legal Insanity – Zen necklace and bracelet: I had a hard time making the necklace work. It just kept cutting into my neck or my chest. The bracelet was relatively hassle free though and I can see this going very nicely with some of the jeans shirts with rolled up sleeves I’ve got in my wardrobe. Then why am I naked?

MOH10 Identify Nardcotix Illi blog

  • Identity Body Shop – Remember Pain tattoo: Yes, it is yet another tattoo, but I really like the intricate details and how it’s just on one leg. The seams don’t align perfectly, but anyone who’s looking that closely will probably be riding my leg at that point (dogs will be dogs). There’s an Omega applier and specific appliers for the Belleza and TMP mesh bodies as well as classic tattoo layers.
  • NX-Nardcotix – Finlay backback: I already got myself one of these, but I’m pleased to see a new texture on this beautifully constructed backpack. Naturally it works well with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, but there is also a fitmesh and an unrigged version included as well a “static” version, without straps which is meant to be rezzed as decor (4 li). O.K. so the straps stand away from my body quite a bit, but you win some, you lose some.
  • ILLI – Jake canvas sneakers: Illi does not disappoint with these extremely well textured canvas high top sneakers. It will be tricky to find trousers that don’t clip with these, but thankfully they look good with a pair of shorts. The package contains sizes for Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, TMP, Signature and Slink mesh bodies.

MOH10_Messange_NU_Nivaro_PBM_Stitched blog

  • Messange – Quartz eyes: These eyes are so vibrant they’re scary, but in a beautiful way. They didn’t just pop into place and it took a couple of minutes of resizing (using the hud) and shifting (using edit mode) to make them look right. They’ve been enlarged overall, but a little extra along the Y-axis to make them wider to nicely fill my eye sockets.
  • Native Urban – beanie: I like a beanie in the same way I like seasonal sims, but I wish this one had some texture options and hair. It’s difficult to create a nice tight fit around the ears with something like this.
  • Nivaro – Tribal stubble: Perhaps when you’re having a kilt day, you can go full monty and give yourself this tribal stubble to finish off the look. The box contains Catwa, Omega and Signature appliers, each with 4 shades + a white version to tint with your head’s hud. Clan McBeaverhausen sounds good.
  • PBM – Sneakers: When I put these shoes on, they were pointing in different directions and it took quite some futzing to get them were they are supposed to be. Isn’t it a little late to offer a pair of shoes in an unrigged version only, even as a hunt gift? The texturing isn’t too bad though.
  • Stitched – Gerren Tunic: This is rather interesting. I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear this, but there must be some roleplay uses for it, right? I’m not familiar with Stitched and can’t remember if they have trousers to wear with this, butfor the purpose of this demonstration I’m keeping things breezy. The original was grey when I put it on, but there’s a hud that lets you tint or remove various parts of the outfit. Fitmesh and standar sizing versions are included.

MOH10 Petrof-Yassum-Taox

  • Petroff – Sports Watch: That’s a rather posh time piece. It’s difficult to wear a classy watch with a suit in SL, because sleeves will just mostly cover it up and clash with it, but as this a sporty model, you could easily wear it with a more casual outfit… like a tank top and underpants.
  • Yassum – Urban FU bracelet: I thought I’d stay with the wrists a bit longer to show this bracelet. It is very well made, with exquisite details and excellent texture choices, but the engraving is not to my taste. The package comes with left and right versions.
  • Taox – Dear Devil tattoo: I believe this is the last tattoo of the bunch and it also seems to be the most radical one. It’s nice to go out with a bang.
  • Volkstone – Tyler facial hair: that’s a nice understated bit of scruff and Volkstone helps us out with a Catwa and an Omega applier.

All of the above is shown on the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body and the Catwa Stanley mesh head with the Clef de Peau Ivo skin and the Stealthic Haunting hairstyle.

MOH10_White City_NSS_Razor_Zex blog

  • White City – Ragnar shape for Lelutka head and Belleza body: I prefer to make my own shapes, but I can appreciate what they’ve created for the combination of this particular head and body. In combination with the Clef de Peau skin “Clint” skin, it creates a young somewhat cheeky looking avatar.
  • No Shirt Sherlock – Nobody cares t-shirt: There are stylist that will tell you that after a certain age you’re too old to be wearing shirts wit a novelty print on them… Meh. This avi looks young anyway. You can wear this t-shirt with the Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.
  • Razor – Vice sleeveless T-shirt: The printed t-shirt fun continues with this nice doggy. You can wear this top with the Belleza, Slink, Aesthetic and TMP mesh bodies.
  • ZEX – Emelio poloshirt: This is a very good example of a simple item of clothing that’s been very well executed. The colour goes very well with the extremely ginger look I created last week, but what I appreciate most is the fine fabric texture and they way it fits like a glove. I hardly needed the alpha hud at all. The package includes standard sizing versions as well as sizes for specific bodies such as Signature, Belleza, Slink, Aesthetic, NX-Nardcotix, Adam and TMP.

All of the above is shown on the Belleza Jake mesh body and the Lelutka Andrea mesh head with the Clef de Peau Clint skin and the Stealthic Narcotic hairstyle.