Thong Song

Take a dive into the history of the thong and you’ll come across some of popular culture’s greats such as Jerry Hall, Cher and Monica Lewinsky. That last one isn’t a pun. Lewinsky has been the bud of too many sexist jokes and an easy target for lazy comedians for way too long. Arguably, if we stay in presidential circles, Trump seems to be a very easy target too and I sometimes wish the late night shows would give it a rest… But I’m diverting here. Thongs! That’s the subject… Imagine Trump in a thong though! *shudders* Then again, sumo wrestlers wear them. Apparently the skimpy undergarment had it’s day in antiquity too, but in “modern” history it pops up in New York at the World’s Fair of 1939, when burlesque dancers were asked to cover up and clearly they did the bare minimum to accommodate the demands of the then mayor while still showing the maximum cheek. Good on them!

In Second Life™ there are several suppliers for this piece of butt floss, even for male avatars. Noche has a new one out at the current round of Equal10. I particularly like how the trim and main fabric of the James Thong can be textured individually. It’s rigged for the Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh bodies and has some naughty pulled aside options. Cheeky!

Credits (back view)

  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth body applier for Belleza
  • Lelutka Guy mesh head (not that you see much of it)
  • Dura B&G83 hair
  • Noche Armani mesh crop tank. The James thong will be at Equal10 until August 5th and at the Noche main store after that.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Gus shape for Lelutka Guy and Belleza Jake

Credits (front view)

  • Catwa Travis bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Stray Dog Sven or Drake skin (there is some confusion about the name) for Catwa mesh heads + skin for the Belleza mesh body (BOM & appliers)
  • L’etrê basic mesh ears
  • Modulus Cole hair
  • Stealthic hair base
  • Gojun tattoo by Facade
  • I haven’t put this particular shape in Marketplace. Maybe I will in future.

Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox with some bits and bobs added to it and a Jian kitten.

Clearing Out The Wardrobe – Episode 4

Second Life™ never has been a fully immersive experience for me compared to how some people are able to live their virtual life, but that’s fine. Where other more typical multiplayer games give you only some opportunity to colour outside the lines, SL is a veritable Picasso. To be clear, I’m talking about the art, not the person. Picasso was a misogynist cruel man… but he gave us cubism though! Anyhoo, while the possibilities in SL aren’t endless, they are bound by very few rules and that’s one of the things that really attract me to this virtual kaleidoscopic multitude. I enjoy tinkering with my avatar and pottering about in virtual homes. Of late I have been taking a meandering trip down memory lane by going through my list of outfits. I found an oldie but a goody with the Deadwool Dandy suit from back in the day when I occasionally still dabbled with the system head. The suit has been around for donkey’s years. For those of you who are less familiar with farmyard animal expressions, it means quite a long time. The plus point of this suit is that it was very well made and it stood the test of time. The downside is that it wasn’t rigged for mesh bodies, so you’re stuck with the standard sizes and limited possibilities of what you can do with your shape to alter the fit. Nevertheless I still felt inspired to give this look an update and keep it.

The suits’ small size is the best option for the look I’m going for this time. Some of the shape settings impact the look of the suit, like body thickness, body fat, neck thickness, shoulders and hip width. Many shape settings will have no impact, so I’m more or less allowing the suit to dictate my shape and I’m going for a slightly less athletic look, though he still looks quite fit if you ask me. I’m using the Belleza body 2.0 with original hands and the Catwa Daniel head. There is some minor glitching at the shirt collar when my avi moves his head/neck, so if you’re looking for perfection you should go with a newer suit that was rigged for your specific body. The main message I’m trying to get across here, is that it can be fun to dust of some of your older inventory. Something you haven’t used in a while and that hasn’t aged too badly, may almost feel like something new. Who knows, maybe it’ll stir up some memories that have a bit more meaning to you.


  • Catwa Daniel bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Evan applier or BOM skin for Catwa. This skin includes options for eyebrows, facial hair and hair base. Body applier available separately at Birth.
  • No Shirt Sherlock Vermeer eyes, gray. I’m using the system eyes here. To do that I added the rigged Catwa eyes that come with the Daniel head and pushed the BOM button in the HUD for this head (you find it in the Skin/Ears tab) and then the eyes magically appear.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Tom Shape for Catwa Daniel mesh head and Belleza Jake mesh body. Note that for this blog post I adjusted my shape and obviously styled the head differently. The Tom shape was my starting point.
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • L’etrê Basic Mesh Ears
  • Deadwool Dandy suit, socks and shoes
  • Rebellion Savant specs

Noche and Tylie collab

I just got wind of a collaboration between Noche and Tylie for an outfit at Fameshed. Noche created the Robinson baseball pants with socks and Tylie created the matching Ruth shirt. It’s nice to see people work together like this in Second Life™, especially as mixing and matching pieces to make outfits isn’t as effortless as one might expect it to be. As entertaining as this virtual world can be, it definitely has a few small frustrations. There’s another way to look at this though. Arguably Second Life™ has no set goals or scores so from that point of view it isn’t a game. It makes up for that by having a challenging learning curve and giving you a sense of accomplishment if you’re able to create a certain look. Maybe if everything was too easy, it would become boring. Still, it’s nice to catch a break every now and again. All I had to find to finish this outfit was a pair of shoes, a baseball cap and a bat.

Is there a baseball themed sim somewhere in Second Life™? A search didn’t give me any good results. I doubt it would be very functional, but it should be possible to create a stadium and get the vibe right. Oh well, I guess I’ll end up in the locker room again. Looks like we’re sharing with the visiting team 😉

Credits Billy

Credits Visitor

Backdrop: Paparazzi – Old School Locker Room – BACKDROP – pink, Thirst

Life socks

The hardship many people are experiencing now in their otherwise comfortable lives, is nothing compared to the misery people have been living with in countries torn apart by war and famine. This however in my opinion does not mean that we have nog right to look at our own circumstances and occasionally think “well that sucks”. When it comes to job security, this is bloody 2008 all over again. Soon the idea that you should be grateful to have a job will be in full swing once more and it’s not as if that sentiment had actually really disappeared anyway. Meanwhile billionaires seems to be coming out of these situation even richer than before. That kinda sucks. Some people are losing their job, not because their employer can’t afford to pay them anymore, but because the employer is clinging on to profitability. I have heard motivational speeches along the lines of “we don’t just want to survive this challenging time, we want to thrive on it”, which I translate as: “we will do whatever it takes to keep making as much profit as possible and don’t care if that means axing jobs.” That kinda sucks! One could be forgiven for wanting to stay in bed all day, binge watch everything on Netflix (everything!) and just hang out in your undies and socks. Ah, and finally we have arrived at the raison d’être for this blog post. Socks!

Noche has a brand new pair of Athletic Socks out at the current round of the Level event. These socks are rigged for the Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh bodies and have some built-in alpha options so you can wear them with shoes and/or trousers. Because I’m on the blogger team for Noche, I didn’t have to visit Level to pick up the socks, but I put on something more suitable for public appearances and sauntered over to the event anyway. That’ll be my exercise for the day.

For those with a sock fetish, these knee-high athletic socks probably hits some buttons. Luckily I wasn’t approached by horny “sockers” while I was at Level and I was left in peace to pick up the new Beefov sneakers by Versov because I felt I had to demonstrate the Noche socks worn with shoes… And because I really wanted those sneakers. Level has some other items for male avatars and home decor and tries to keep the offer “level”, though I still got the impression that there was slightly more on offer for the big spenders in Second Life™, a.k.a. female avatars.

Conclusion: yes sometimes life sucks but you can make it just a tiny bit better with a nice pair of socks. In real life I’m a fan of bright socks with fun patterns, especially when I’m indoors and not wearing shoes. They’re an easy affordable way to brighten one’s day. I’ll leave you with this positive thought, the list of credits and the knowledge that Level runs till July 24th.


  • Catwa Victor bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Stray Dog Erwin skin for Catwa mesh heads + skin for the Belleza mesh body (BOM & appliers)
  • Modulus body hair
  • Billy Beaverhausen Catwa Victor & Belleza Jake Shape Billy
  • IDTTY Subtle Eyebrows
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes (applied to the eyes that come with the head)
  • L’etrê basic mesh ears
  • Birth Bristle beard applier
  • Modulus Adrian hair
  • Stealthic hair base
  • Apart from the socks, other Noche items worn are the Brendon tank, the Andre boxer briefs, the Charlie hoodie and the Andrew shorts
  • After July 24th you’ll find the Beefov sneakers at the Versov store
  • Decor: Joplino Backdrop GGEZ, Jian kitten pillow, What Next house plants, Aria Theros armchair and Kunst Makbook V.

Shopping For David July 2020

In the previous two episodes of Shopping For David I plunked the Lelutka Guy mesh head on the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body and I’m sticking with that combination for a bit longer. After two looks with a VYC skin however, it was time to move on to something else. I really wish there were more skin options for this body, but 7 Deadly S[k]ins isn’t a bad choice, even if their body appliers aren’t my favourite.

Pose by Wrong

The 7DS Jeroen skin in the caramel skin tone looks rather fetching on the Lelutka guy head. The skin comes with a browless version, which used combined with the Volkstone Simon brows. Applying the Dappa Merk tattoo on the body created that kind of bad boy look with the face of an angel your mother warned you about. Speaking of warnings, tattoos can sometimes take a while to get sharp on this body when you log in. Your best option is the tattoo that comes with the body, which seems to be a speedy rezzer. In the body’s hud there’s a tab for layers. When you click the “blend” buttons on this tab twice, you can possibly speed up the process of the tattoos becoming sharp.

pose by Cordeaux

I headed over to the current round of the Man Cave event (end July 11th) to grab the Jacker jacket by Guilty and the Popstar pants by Newphe. The Jacket comes in versions with and without a shirt and luckily they both can be used with David using the Gianni size, though you may have to adjust your shape slightly and you have to alpha out your arms a long way down, which means that if you look up the sleeves you can clearly see your arms aren’t there… So don’t look up the flipping sleeves then! The Popstar pants are also worn in the Gianni size and these definitely needed a bit of tinkering with my shape to make them fit. Once Man Cave has ended, you’ll find the jacket and trousers at the Guilty and Newphe main stores. The L&B Swear Old School Low Tops are an excellent pair of shoes to go with this outfit and the Gianni size works for David.

After purchasing the two new items, I wanted to rummage around in my wardrobe (inventory) to see if i could find something less new that I hadn’t tried on David yet. I’m often, if not always looking for something I can wear with NX-Nardcotix’s own tank top from their Darrel underwear set. I settled on the Chester red baggy pants by Legal Insanity. As so often is the case, the Aesthetic Enzo size does the best job and for shoes I went with something old, a TMP size sneaker from a gacha set at Semller, because it is one of the few shoes that doesn’t poke through the trousers. The Allan beanie by Exalted and leather cuff by ZOOM are gifts at the current round of Man Cave.


  • NX-Nardcotix David mesh body.
  • Lelutka Guy mesh head
  • 7 Deadly S[k]ins Jeroen in caramel skin tone. I couldn’t find it at the store, but there are several similar looking skins at 7DS, but Brent looks similar.
  • Modulus Elliot hair
  • Volkstone Simon Brows applier, comes with Simon Facial Hair (not used here)
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes (applied to the eyes that come with the head)
  • The underwear worn is part of the Darrel set at NX-Nardcotix, consisting of underpants with two bulge sizes and a tank top.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Travis shape. This shape was used for a previous look with the Lelutka head and NX-Nardcotix body and includes adjusted shapes to use with Deadwool jeans and Legal Insanity shorts. If you want to achieve the look of this blog post you will mostly have to ignore the styling card that comes with the shape and use the above credits instead.

Man Cave 3rd Anniversary 2020

While I was putting the finishing touches on the blog post about the 2020 anniversary round of Access, an invite to the current round of Man Cave popped up and I saw that they also were celebrating a birthday. I had mixed feelings about this. I dreaded another long session of unpacking and trying on stuff, but I also had high hopes for the quality of the gifts at this event. I remember some pretty good Christmas gifts from Man Cave, so let’s see if they live up to my expectations this time around.

I’m kicking things off with a skin by Stray Dog. The name of this skin is confusing because the folders say it’s Sven but the content says it’s Drake. He looks more like a Sven to me, but maybe that’s because of the platinum blond hair I’ve used. In any case you get this skin in 4 light skin tones to be used with a Catwa mesh head and if you haven’t got the matching body skin yet, you can grab it at Stray Dog for L$490. I rather like the cute “Pacho” outfit by Meva (rigged for Jake and Gianni). You can wear the top or bottom separately and I combined this with Aqua Boots by Grailed, that I got from the anniversary gifts at Access. The Medallon glasses by Guilty don’t come with a hud, but coincidentally they go well with the colour scheme of this outfit. With so much skin on display, this was the right opportunity to show off the “Hidden Inside” tattoo by IDTTY and the outfit is further embellished with the “Chuck” necklace by Midna, a leather cuff by Zoom and the Mexico bracelet by Clef De Peau. I do love being able to put together a whole look with mostly gifts. Even the Cole hair is a gift at Modulus. As for the purchased items, I’m using the Catwa Travis mesh head, Belleza Jake mesh body, L’etre Basic mesh ears, Avi Glam Solstice eyes and Stealthic hair base. The “Dope” pose by Wrong that I’m using here is also one of the gifts.

If you’re looking for an underwear & socks look, then Man Cave has you scantily covered. The Jose briefs by Flow are rigged for Jake, Geralt and Gianni. They’re nothing fancy but a good standard item to have in your underpants drawer. From Semller there are two huds for their Basic Collection socks. You get the huds at Man Cave and pick up the free socks (rigged for Jake, Gianni, Legacy and Slink) at the Semller main store. Facial hair goes very well with the laissez faire attitude of this “outfit” and the beard base by Magnificent does just the trick. No Man Cave event would be complete without some items for your actual man cave. The Adan Bath Stool by Serenity Style is a welcome addition to my home spa, while the rug from Bee Design’s Lake Cabin Decor is perfect for just lying down on the floor on a hot summer’s eve and letting the floor fan by SLAM cool you right down. It’s worth noting that the rug doesn’t have animations in it, but I’m using a pose by MOTIV8 which happens to be another gift at Man Cave. Oh yes, I’m milking it. I’m milking it good! I mean the event, I’m milking the event!

There definitely is good mix of underwear, swimwear and shorts in this haul of gifts. While I’m looking very cheerful in the Cubura Isaac shorts (for Jake, Legacy, Gianni and V-tech), my friend’s Carter swim shorts by Fashionatic (for Jake and Gianni) have a distinct retro feel about them. If you want to know more about his look, you should check out my blog post about the Access event.

If you like things a little bit more casual but actually dressed, you might enjoy the Allan beanie by Exalted, worn with the moss green Kaua t-shirt by Chuck’s (rigged for Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Legacy) and the Tommy pants by LOB (Jake, Gianni and Legacy). You don’t even have to go anywhere else to find shoes, because the Merana sneakers by Moonstone (Gianni, Jake and Slink) are a Man Cave gift as well.

This was by no means the full collection of gifts at Man Cave and I’m not even showing everything I liked from this haul of goodies. Sure, some items didn’t quite cut mustard with me, but others simply didn’t make it into the blog post because I didn’t want to while away all of the gloriously sunny hours behind my laptop and hey, it’s good to leave a few surprises. Have fun snatching up all those freebies. Remember that this round of Man Cave ends on July 11th.


Access Event 2nd Anniversary round

Access is one of the many monthly shopping events in Second Life™. It’s skewed towards female avatars as usual, but it has a fair number of items for the guys and a couple of pieces for those of you who like to play house in SL. If you want to get a better idea of what’s on offer before heading over to the sim, you can check out their shopping guide. The event runs from the 12th of the month until the 8th of the next month. I tried getting there earlier, but I couldn’t get to the sim because it was constantly full. That probably has a lot to do with the anniversary round and all the gifts, which is what I’ll be concentrating on with this blog post. To grab these gifts you need to be in the Access Updates group, which is free to join.

This is the first time I visited Access and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought there were going to be far less items for male avatars, but it’s not bad at all. The layout of the event confused me for a second, but when I zoomed out it all made more sense. Most of the male avatar items are in the central area, but a few pop up in the outer circle too.

Alright alright alright, let’s look at the first three gifts. I’m cutting down on coffee in real life, but I’m sure this lovely coffee cup by Cinoe will not impact my blood pressure, in the same way that Second Life™ gave new meaning to the expression “empty calories”. I was chuffed when I first unpacked the beautifully constructed gold studio lamp by Bondi, but a bit miffed by the absence of a light script. I added my own invisible globe with a directional light to make it more useful. It now throws a light on my bed… bow chicka wow wow. If you have a house in a rural setting, you will appreciate the milk can planter by Rezz Room. I recently traded in my old Linden Home for one of the new Bellisseria homes and this planter looks quite welcoming on the small porch by the front door.

The interior decorating fun continues with the Pitaya geometric floor lamp. Yet again, there was no light script in this lamp, so no way to turn it on and off. You’ll have to help yourself with that. The Minimal bed by Wrong is a pretty impressive modern four poster that comes in gold and silver. It’s PG only, so there will be no rumpy de pumpy going on here. Those of you who were hoping for some small items to decorate the home, may be charmed by the little Granada Shelf bij Krescendo. There’s a version with a photo (you can swap out the image in edit mode) and an empty one, which I used for the Leaf Plant by BH9.

You know that saying “if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all”? There definitely were some items among these gifts that ever so slightly pissed me off but I won’t be naming names. The very least you should get right is the rigging. Actually, the overall quality of the product should be representative of your brand. Giving away something that doesn’t fit the avatars it was made for does absolutely nothing for customer relations. RIGHT! Now that I have gotten that tiny little rant out of the way, let’s look at some items for male avatars from the Access gift pile.

Location Oost Harbor at Oost West – (Adult gay sim)

There’s the Miguel skin by Not Found in four skin tones. It’s for Lelutka mesh heads, but it’s an applier without bom layers so it’s not ideal for the Skyler head, but it does look great on Guy. As usual with these skin gifts, the body applier isn’t included so you’ll have to hop over to Not Found to pick it up at the friendly price of L$345 per skin tone, which includes various versions with and without defined abs. Heck you can even go a bit chubby with this one, which is rather unique in SL. I’m wearing Jude sunglasses by Ohemo, the Simple Wrist Watch by Gutchi, a shirt over my shoulder by Invictus, Arie joggers by VUK (rigged for Signature and Legacy), Aqua Boots by Grailed and the Fawn tattoo by Dappa. All these items are gifts from Access. It’s rare that you can put together a whole coherent look with just gifts. I’m using the Lelutka Guy mesh head, Legacy mesh body and Modulus Cole hair (a gift at their store).

If you fancy a day at the beach, then Access has you covered with the gift by Varsity. Their Yves trunk is suitable for Gianni, Jake and Legacy and you can get it in any colour you want, as long as it’s black. After your swim you may want to throw on a shirt, which you can do if you grabbed the Tropical Shirt by LOB. There even are some posing gifts at Access, like the dive by Diversion and a thoughtful looking pose with a pair of shades in your hands by WetCat… I guess I’m wondering where I left my flip flops, cause I saw a sign that said “no shirt, no shoes, not service”. Do flip flops even count as shoes? So many existential questions!

There’s more beautiful skin fun with Trey by Stray Dog. You get it in three dark skin tones suitable for Catwa mesh heads (applier and bom layers). At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the matching body skin is not included, so you need to gallop along to Stray Dog to pick one up for L$490. The Zeke Dreads by Camo are also a gift at Access. If you’re planning to making a day out of it, you may want to take the Robert bag by Exalted. I’m using the Catwa Victor head and Legacy mesh body.

That was it for now. There are more gifts and just because I left something out, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. What it mean is, that I ran out of steam. Choo ch… See, my choo choo no go no more. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu. Till the next time ya’ll climb aboard the Beaverhausen Express.


A few more old outfits have been rather unceremoniously retired while one made the cut for a minimal update. Akeruka Mike was the first male bento mesh head I ever purchased. I tried a lot with it, but in the end it’s always going to look best with its own skin because all of the other skins I tried on Mike give him eye bags and dark circles, not to mention a serious case of resting bitch face. There are skins for the newer Akeruka heads, but these too look weird on Mike.

Anyhoo, I shouldn’t overthink this. I’m just slightly revamping an old look, not trying to re-invent it. Using the browless skin with a set of different brows and adding a five o’clock shadow (or whatever time of day you call this) goes some way to personalise this head. As it’s a bento head, playing with the shape makes a difference too. The neck seam is far from perfect and often not even perfect from far. The biggest upside is that this animated bento mesh head is on Marketplace for just L$799. Now let’s finish this with the usual list of bits and bobs.

Noche @ EQUAL 10 June 2020

Cordeaux couples pose Mango

Noche released their newest pair of leggings, the Mev Meggings at EQUAL10. It was a good excuse to go check out the rest of the event. This round of EQUAL10 started on June 10th and will end on July 5th. The edge has gone off the lag by now, which would have been ideal for a serious shopping spree. Had I been in a spending mood, I could have ended up with quite the haul. I showed remarkable restraint however and only grabbed the Eastwood bed by Wrong, because I could feel in my bones it was going to look great in the Skye Warehouse Loft.

Credits Billy (right)

Credits Wyatt (left)

L’Homme Magazine May 2020 Gifts

One of my favourite Second Life™ related publications is L’Homme Magazine. It’s bursting with beautiful inspirational layouts giving you lots of ideas of what you can do with your avatar and home. On top of that this magazine teams up with some creators for a bunch of nice gifts. In some cases the gifts will disappear as a new issues is published, but some creators leave them up for much longer. Let’s take a look at some of the goodies you can get your greedy little mits on right now.

For the L’Homme Magazine Readers Group members, Bakaboo has a sharp black and white shirt, rigged for Jake, Gianni and standard size. You get a basic pair of trousers with it, but I prefer wearing it with leather leggings.
Next we’re zipping over to Dope + Mercy for their Resist Hook Bracelet. Obviously that’s something you’ll be wearing with short sleeves or a tank top.
Dura is a regular among the L’Homme Magazine gifts, often with a single-colour hairdo in a funky tint. That probably doesn’t work for everyone, but I can turn it into a blue fairy moment in a bibbidi bobbidi boo.

The Midna Chuck Bracelets is a set of three well crafted individual bracelets with a colour change hud with lots of options.
More bracelets! This one by RealEvil Industries helps you to release your inner bad boy, which does however not give you any excuse to be an asshole and then say something stupid like “boys will be boys”.
The last L’Homme Magazine gift I’m showing is the Clem skin for Lelutka mesh heads by Vendetta. This is the head skin only in their No. 2 skintone, so if you don’t have Vendetta body skins yet, you’ll have to pick one up for L$490 at their store while you’re getting the gift. The skin comes with a shape, but I preferred using one of my own shapes.

As I’ve been using a mix of heads and bodies, I’m skipping the other credits this time. It’s all about the gifts this time. Have fun collecting them all.