Lelutka Heads 2.5 – continued

I had a chance to work on another shape I had for the Lelutka Skyler 1.1 mesh head and found out that for the other Lelutka heads I have in my inventory, I will not have to adjust the shapes I made for them because the Luka and Connor head were both version 2.0 when I purchased them and were already what Lelutka is calling “boundless” (less restrictions on what you can change with the shape sliders). I hope I didn’t lose you somewhere along the previous sentence, but this left just one look to adjust. Awh, and I was looking forward to this being a tedious little project. Anyhoo, this is what my Luke shape looks like now on Skyler 2.5. Not much different from what he looked like before.

And indeed, he’s in his birthday suit. Live with it! He appears to be quite comfortable with it.


  • Lelutka Evolution Skyler mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Stray Dog Lorenzo skin for Lelutka + body applier for Legacy, both come with BOM layers
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Luke” shape for Lelutka Skyler & Legacy
  • Avi Glam solstice eyes, applied to the rigged Lelutka eyes.
  • Modulus Bailey hair
  • N4RS Dixon Wingback (table, cup and coffee pot included)
  • LISP Artemis Panel Wall

Lelutka Heads 2.5

OK, so I know I’m not exactly in “Breaking News” theratory with this. The only scoop I’m having is a big scoop of artisanal vanilla ice cream on a generous slice of warm apple pie (in my mind). I saw some questions pop up in the Lelutka group chat and that is how I found out that their Evolution Line mesh heads have been updated. I think the female mesh heads got the update first, so naturally I ignored it for a bit. Oh that sounds bad. I mean, I patiently sat back and waited till the male heads got their update too.

The rigging has changed which allows for easier fine tuning of your desired shape. A “small” issue with this, is, that if you had a shape you rather liked on the previous version of a Lelutka Evolution Line mesh head, you will have to do some work to get it back where it was. Alternatively, you can unpack the “dated” version that comes with the update. Apparently this has been updated for everything but the new rigging, so you should look the same as you did. Personally, I will be updating the few shapes I have in Marketplace for these heads. Isn’t fun(ny) how Second Life™ just spontaneously throws little projects at you like that.

And here he is, fully updated, looking slightly different and I kinda like this new version more. I find him kinda cuter somehow. I also added the HD beard that comes with the Skyler head, on top of the stubble that’s part of the skin I’ve used. Maybe that’s why? Who knows why we find certain things more attractive anyway. I’ve got nothing more to say about this, so I’ll just leave you with the credits.

  • Lelutka Skyler mesh head
  • Athletic Meshbody
  • Birth Damon skin for Lelutka + Birth’s body skin for Legacy Meshbody
  • Billy Beaverhausen Maddock shape for Lelutka Skyler and Athletic Meshbody (also work with Legacy Meshbody, though it will of course look different than the images)
  • Modulus Bailey hair
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes
  • Andre boxer briefs by Noche. Make sure to demo everything first, because not all items that have been made for the Legacy Meshbody, work with the Athletic Meshbody

A Look at Akeruka Advanced – Episode 6

I was wondering whether I should make this an episode in the What’s Eating TMP series or maybe even put this up as a “For a Little Less” post, but in the end I decided to let the Akeruka Advanced male mesh head take the lead again. I am using the free version of the Classic Meshbody and the Advanced mesh head is still only L$2000, so it definitely is one of my more affordable looks. I don’t know when Akeruka plans to raise that price, so if you like what you’re seeing here and you haven’t got that head yet, you better not dilly dally, get a wriggle on and woosh over to the Akeruka Store.

It looks like it has become really challenging to find something new that includes the Classic Meshbody size, so I stopped looking for this and I got the new Cole Shawl Sweater by Tori Torricelli at the current round of the TMD event (ends November 30th). This sweater doesn’t include a size for the Classic Meshbody, but I’m making the Legacy size work. The sweater’s auto alpha does most of the heavy lifting and I just had to click a few more alpha cuts in the hud that comes with the body to hide some bits of skin that were poking through.

For members of their group, Tori Torricelli also have a nice leather wrist band as a gift at TMD. Several sizes are included as well as an unrigged version. I’m wearing the Boyberry jeans by Deadwool, as these are an old reliable go-to option for the TMP body… Oh, I’m sorry, I meant Classic Meshbody (*whishpers: but it’s TMP though). Another fun thing about these jeans, is that you can get away with wearing Noche’s Metalic Thong with them, as this is one of the older Noche items that comes in the TMP size. Fair warning: don’t expect underwear that was made for the Legacy body to work with the Classic body. After a bit of rummaging around in my inventory, I found a nice pair of shoes by Versov and would you believe it, not only do the Jumpov sneakers come in the TMP size, they’re actually a group gift and there’s no joining fee.


  • Akeruka Advanced mesh head
  • Classic Meshbody
  • Billy Beaverhausen Connor shape for Akeruka Advanced and Classic Meshbody, it also looks good (though different) with the Legacy Meshbody and Belleza Jake
  • Stray Dog Jay skin for Catwa, using the BOM version obviously + their skin for the Legacy body (again, using the BOM version)
  • Stealthic Haunting hair and hair base
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the Akeruka head. You will need the Omega relay, which you can find at Akeruka store
  • After this round of TMD has ended, you’ll find the Shawl Sweater at the Tori Torricelli store. Not sure if the wrist band will be there also.
  • Deadwool Boyberry jeans
  • Versov Jumpov sneakers (group gift)
  • Noir Ryan dog tag

Sweater Weather

We’re about a week into November and unless you have been living under a rock somewhere (was it nice, did you make it like real cosy and stuff?) I don’t need to tell you that the political climate has been pretty hot lately. As for the actual climate, you can deny the existence of climate change till the cows come home, but when I look at average temperatures now, it is increasingly harder to deny that November is much milder than it used to be when I first arrived in Stockholm many moons ago. Speaking of cows, farming cattle for dairy and meat consumption plays a role in this too, unless of course you don’t believe that either. The year is 2020 and for many of you the truth is what you make it, rather than a (scientific) consensus based on facts. Oh well. Best not get to political hey, as that may scare away some precious readers. But as the brilliant Catherine Tate’s teenage girl character would say: “Am I bovvered though?” Look that up, maybe you’ll have a laugh. Goodness knows we all need one.

Instead of flirting with the freezing point, the temperature in Stockholm today is a balmy 11° C and it’s even sunny with not much wind to speak off (the trees I can see from my living room aren’t moving). It kinda makes you wonder why the hell I’m sitting here typing this? That’s because I’m a vampire, I don’t go out on sunny days cause people will be blinded by my sparkly glowing skin. Oh how delightful! It’s a Twilight reference. Let’s hope there are some 16-year old girls around.
OK, so I will be wearing a jacket when I go outside, but I hear that in little old Belgium they’re having as much as 16° C and I’d definitely go out in that just wearing a sweater. That finally (finally!) brings us to the lovely new Joel sweater Noche currently has at the Equal10 event. Noche is a sponsor of mine, so you can be sceptical about any fawning I’m about to do over this item, but I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind. For me this is one of the best form-fitting sweaters I have owned in Second Life™. This sweater doesn’t make my chest look weird like some others do and I love the very slight billowing and folds of fabric just above the bottom trim. It’s definitely one of the more realistic looking sweaters in SL at the moment. There, that’s my fawning over and done with.

I went through several pairs of jeans and you can of course easily wear this sweater with the Noche Hayden jeans, which leaves no gap. Personally I was charmed by the little gap you get when you wear this sweater with the Deadwool Kojima jeans. This created an irresistible opportunity for flashing just a bit of thong. Oh, Naughty! That’s going to cause some zooming in of cams, I’m sure. Oh SL, so many perverts, so little time.
Right! Time to go show off this look now. Cheerio.


Castor Cottage – Episode 6

A long long time ago, a century at least, on a sim far far away (on another planet) I was renting the quite roomy Chilmark House by Brook Hill Living. I named it Castor Cottage and spent a lot time decorating it in an eclectic quasi classic style. In this episode of the series about Castor Cottage I’ll take to one of the two bathrooms. Yes, I had two. The madness of it all! Two bathrooms in Second Life™, meanwhile in real life if I want to take a bath, I have to put my feet against the wall while I’m watching something on the iPad that’s resting on the toilet seat. Ah, the good life.

The walls of the Chilmark House have “baked”shadows and you can easily just apply a colour to them, but instead I went pretty wild with Delft blue tiles in this bathroom. Ro!Act Designs calls these Arabian Blue tiles though. I guess we have a different frame of (cultural) reference.

For my bathroom suite I went with a classic: the bathroom cabinet sink and clawfoot bathtub by LAQ Decor. They haven’t put out anything new in ages and while I find their existing items just a little bit lacking in refinement, I felt this particular style was very suitable for the classic interior I was going for in this house. It’s also great that the cabinet sink has all those details on it and still is only 4 prims. The curtains and table for the bath are items you can temporarily rez and derez with the menu, so you can make your bathing experience more luxurious or just basic and if you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can easily turn the bath into a shower. Why am I talking about this bathroom as if it’s a real thing? It’s like I’m in a house-sharing situation and someone else just has spent a full hour in the bathroom and now I have 5 minutes left to spruce up before I leave for a hot date or something. I don’t even DO roleplay!

I stuck with LAQ Decor for my toilet (oh yes, you really need one for roleplay) and found the nice rustic Apothecary Cabinet at Apple Fall, which I filled with goodies also from Apple fall (bath brushes in a jar, bath bombs, lotions) and Loft & Aria (towels and the cake stand with soaps). The Nutmeg vintage laundry container was the perfect item to fill that empty corner with. To be honest, there still was plenty of space in this bathroom for more furniture. I could have had a sofa in here, but wouldn’t that just get damp and mouldy? I have zero experience with spacious bathrooms in real life. I’ve only ever seen a sofa in a bathroom in pictures and that has always been my thought… mould.

Right, this just leaves the spare room to show in some future blog post, when I dive back in the past… Sounds like the plot of a movie. Right! Where did I park that DeLorian?

PS: The avatar I used here was using the old TMP Deluxe body, which you now can get for free as the Classic Meshbody. The head and skin were also by TMP and are no longer available. The hair is by Stealthic and the towel is by Noche.

Back to Briefs

Oh be still my beating heart! *Grabs chest as if in pain* Oh by dicky ticker (in French accent… yes I am quoting Allo Allo, no I don’t expect you to know that show and no, I don’t really care). After a successful foray into other kinds of menswear items for the past few launches, Noche is now returning to the core business with a new pair of briefs at the current round of Fameshed until the 27th November or thereabouts. After that you’ll find them at the Noche main store.

The Kim Mesh Briefs have been rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody and include three bulge sizes. Now we have at least two reason to think and/or say: phoar, look at the mesh on that one.


My little Retreat

Ever since I lost my large loft some months ago, I have been tinkering with the interior of the Apple Fall Paris Loft, now only available as a re-sale gacha on Marketplace. The nice thing about a small space like this, is that you can easily make it look rather lived-in. The prims you get with a 1024 sqm. plot of land, will go a long way with this. There’s only one usable space and two doors that lead to nothing, but in your mind one of those doors can lead to a bathroom. Think of it: you have a bathroom, but you don’t need to use any prims on it. Let that sink in. Yes, it only exists in your mind, but then again everything in Second Life™ only exists on a server and isn’t that just a digital mind that isn’t even capable of creative thought? Don’t get me started on things that only exist in the minds of the failed stand-up comedians who serve as political opinion people on Fox News. We shall not get political! You shall not pass!!! Wow, that was a bit random. Anyhoo, you can bet on it that bathroom in your head is going to be bloody fantastic!

Obviously you have to be open to the loft lifestyle in this kind of space, meaning that a living room and bedroom will always flow into each other. I’ll make an attempt to list many of the items I’ve used, but I’ll probably run out of steam a bit, so some of the smaller stuff will be left off. You’re always free to ask for it in the comments.

There are a lot of Apple Fall items in here. From their West Village Mona Office collection there is the desk, chair and lamp. I’ve put their Reclaimed Corbel Shelf above the desk and all the books you see on it are from Apple Fall as well. Then there is the Mercantile Bookshelf, the Noel Cabinet in red, Travel Drawers (those are from the same retired gacha as the loft), Pallet Bed, Wooden Trunk and the Full Wood Sofa. The small bookshelf on the right and the frame of the painting with the violinist are also retired gache items from Apple Fall. Again, if you do a search on Apple Fall frame or book shelf, you’ll find these in Marketplace. The actual painting is something I grabbed from the internet. It’s The Violinist by Finnish artist Pekka Halonen and I’ve seen it in
From Fancy Decor I got the Grandfather clock and the rug under the desk as well as the one under the bed.
The Aria Oakley Dining Table and Chairs are perfect for the limited space I had here for a dining area. It makes it feel like a little café now, with some eatable goodies from What Next. Stop licking the screen. Stop it! You’re disgusting.

For such a small loft, that is a rather well equipped kitchen, don’t you think? I just thought it was a very logical choice for that wall and the Catia Kitchen by Consignment feels classic enough to look at home in this loft. To keep warm I have a lovely little wood burner by Lisp.

That’s about it. If you wonder about any of the items I haven’t mentioned, just drop something in the comments. Preferably a comment. Oh, I’m the redhead wearing the Thirst Union Suit and the other guy is wearing the Noche Pajama Onesie (a gift).

A Look at Akeruka Advanced – Episode 5

As the last post I published with the Akeruka Advanced male mesh head already dates from more than a month ago, I wanted to check what the price is for this rather splendid mesh head and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s still just L$2000 (25 October 2020). That’s a bargain! Add to this affordable price the fact that with this head you can easily get away with using some BOM skins that were made for other heads and I got myself a perfect excuse to create another look with it.

This time I rummaged around in my considerable stash of Birth skins and settled on Evan for Catwa mesh heads. I am using the BOM version of course, because I could be clicking on that Catwa applier button till the cows come home (to my one-bedroom flat on the outskirts of Stockholm? Cows? Whatdaföck?) that skin isn’t going to apply to that head. I’m using the Akeruka Advanced head with the Legacy Meshbody and of course the head fits on it beautifully. Naturally you’ll find a skin for this body at Birth as well. It’s also worth noting that last time I did something with this head, I was using a full beard and someone suggested I’d do just a moustache next time. So there you see, sometimes I actually listen and take things aboard. All aboard the crazy train! Choo-choo!. *Shouts at shrink*: HOW DO YOU MEAN I’M “HYPER”?!

Even if you’re not really all that fond of costumes but like to join in on the Halloween fun on some level, you can look for some items with a holiday theme, like something with skulls or pumpkins, or both. Orange is always a good colour, probably because of the pumpkins and also the changing leaves. Mind you, there are some years in my area that we don’t really get that splendid autumn colour pallet at all. You’ll be like “oh look there are some yellow leaves, next there will be orange…” Nope. BROWN! The best word to describe the month of November is brown or possibly fifty shades of gray without the sex. Still, they’ll be putting up some more fairy lights in trees soon. We like fairy lights, don’t we. Yes we do.


  • Akeruka Advanced mesh head, including an HD beard with some options (don’t worry you can have a clean shave if you want).
  • Legacy body by “Meshbody” (they appropriated the generic term “mesh body” as their brand, I don’t like it either, but I really like the body).
  • Birth Evan for Catwa (using the BOM layer) + Birth applier or BOM for Legacy
  • Billy Beaverhausen Akeruka Advanced and Belleza Tim Shape
  • Wings TZ1008 Hair, at the Man Cave event till November 11th
  • Mr Razzor Moustache
  • Avi Glam Solstice eye, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the head (you will need the Omega System Kit for Akeruka, which you can get at the Akeruka store.
  • Noche Angel Open Shirt and Hayden Jeans, both rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy. The shirt is also rigged for Signature Gianni and the jeans include a size for the female Legacy body, in case any ladies have stumbled onto this blog. The Anthony boots are from Noche as well and rigged for Jake, Legacy and Signature.
  • Halloween necklace from RealEvil Industries (group gift)
  • Leather cuff by Z O O M (couldn’t find it at their store, maybe it was a one-off gift or hunt item)

Atypical Twink David

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t really consider the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body as likely candidate for a twink look. However, this is Halloween season and if there’s ever going to be a time when I can pull off this particular tank top with this body, it’s going to be now. I’m wearing it both “ironically” and as lazy Halloween costume.

To be honest, I have seen this tank ages ago and was just waiting for an excuse to use it. There aren’t that many tank tops available for David, so you have to grab what you can get. There’s no use in trying to make David look twink-skinny though. This body was built with a powerful physique in mind. I mitigated this slightly by going with a youngish skin for the head and of course keeping him baby smooth. I guess he’s more of a twunk when it comes down it. Ah, how we like to put labels on people! Let’s not start the whole debate on while the LGTBQ+ community is crying out for inclusion, there is some serious segregation going on within in it, especially where gay men are concerned. NO! We’re going to keep things light and airy here. Look at that cute twinky tank top, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say his collection is complete? Wouldn’t you say he’s the boy who’s got everything… Oh plagiarising Little Mermaid now are we? Nope, it’s allowed when used in a sarcastic way or some sort of rule like that. Speak to my lawyers! And who came up with the spelling for the word “lawyer”? Surely there’s a special place in hell for them? Anyhoo, this ramble is turning into a whole improv set. Yes and? Credits!

  • NX-Nardcotix David mesh body.
  • Lelutka Guy mesh head
  • Birth Ripley for Lelutka and their omega applier used on the body
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes (applied to the eyes that come with the head)
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • H.O.T. Stringer Tank Hottest Twinkie
  • Legal Insanity Chester pink tartan baggy pants, wearing the Aesthetic / Enzo size with some shape adjustments
  • The choker is by Supernatural, it’s called “Willow”, but I couldn’t find it at the store. I must have gotten that as a gift at an event.
  • Lelutka Guy & NX Nardcotix David Shape Travis. The look in Marketplace is totally different, but it is the shape I used for this blog post and I adjusted the legs to fit the baggy pants.

Clearing Out the Wardrobe – Episode 7

It was time for another one of those moments in Second Life™ where I took a look at an old outfit and thought of ways I could improve upon it. This time it’s an ensemble I have used on a Halloween hunt a couple of years ago and I’m sure it got some funny looks. A thong singlet is never going to be up everybody’s creek, so to speak. Personally I like how it has just enough fabric to make it interesting and to of course avoid full frontal jaw-dropping nudity at non-adult sims, while it also doesn’t leave much to the imagination. With plenty of skin on display, it’s also a great opportunity to use a tattoo.

I was wearing the Noche Hope Singlet back then and I am now wearing the Noche Latex Thong Singlet, to add a bit of shine to these dark days. The quality of the Vale Koer Retro Dunks sneakers I’m wearing this time is also of another level than their freebies I was wearing back then, although I haven’t thrown those out yet and they’re definitely a group gift worth making the trip to Vale Koer for now, if you haven’t got much SL cash to burn.

I have no need for the crossbow this year, because I’m not getting really into a very engaging hunt right now, though I’m sure they are out there (check out MadPea). The Nomad Pumpkin Hat is making a comeback from that old outfit and you can see that it’s more amusing than the slightly scary pumpkin head I was wearing the other day. I’m not sure where I’ll be going with this outfit. This is considered acceptable club wear in places I myself have only ever heard people talk about in real life. Consider that Second Life™ is real life on steroids, and the possibilities of where I can shake my booty to some groovy tunes in this getup are endless. So I shall sashay away and let you admire the view as I leave the room for now.