Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 8

My quest for Christmas goodies continues with a returning visit to the Snowbound hunt. If you want to see what I got from my previous efforts in this particular hunt, you should check out episode 5. Don't dilly dally now though, cause this particular hunt ends on December 12th, with a party. Further investigating of... Continue Reading →

The Madpea Monster Hunt

For about a week now I have been teleporting all over the grid in search of colourful monsters. Why on earth for? Because once again MadPea has organised a Halloween hunt in their familiar style. Each monster gives you a number of points and eventually you will have enough points so you can trade them... Continue Reading →

The Fall In-Sim Hunt

The 'stuff Groups presents The Fall In-SIM Hunt, covering five groups: Menstuff, Womenstuff, Homestuff, Kidstuff, and Posestuff.  There's a bunch of prizes in each group and most of the stores on the land are participating in this festive event. Here and there you'll find a wooden floor sign with a deadly thin looking fellah (a.k.a.... Continue Reading →

Nevermore Hunt 2018

The Nevemore Hunt started on September 7th and runs until the end of the month. This hunt has a Gothic theme, so naturally some of the prizes lean that way. There were several stops I simply skipped because the item clearly was going to be women's wear. Yet again there are some disappointing cases where... Continue Reading →

Alice In Wonderland Hunt.

There are times that I don't do any hunts for weeks or even months on end and then when I stumble across one, I usually will start digging a little deeper to find some more. I found the title of this particular hunt sufficiently enticing to give it a go. The worst thing that can... Continue Reading →

The Frog Prince Hunt

Enchantment presents The Frog Prince Hunt and I wonder if any of the prizes are going to be prince worthy or if yet again this is going to be more of a princess-centered hunt. Of course if there's nothing I can wear, I'd happily settle for some nice decor items. Right, let's hop into this... Continue Reading →

Peace On Earth Hunt III

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everybody! I really can't be bothered to go over the list of other nice holidays I should be wishing you. Just have a good time with too much food, family and friends and perhaps try to carry over some of that good will and cheer to the next year, okay?... Continue Reading →

Peace On Earth Hunt I

Apparently the Peace On Earth hunt has been around for what I like to call donkey's years. The list of contributors counts a very scary 297 landmarks and a preliminary investigation has shown that many of these will be of no use to me, but even when I know a store only caters for female... Continue Reading →

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