Is this a snub at Second Life™ ?

At regular intervalls I get a newsletter from the architecture website In one of its recent emails, or it can have been a couple of weeks ago... I get these newsletters on my work account and I have been off for three weeks and am working my way through the email backlog. It's nice... Continue Reading →

It’s a Cover-up 2

I noticed a peak in views of older blog posts about my Linden Homes. As the interior of my Loftroom home looks rather different these days, I thought you might be interested in an update. Fair warning: I will be skipping the details of smaller decor items. The original fireplace is hidden by a wall... Continue Reading →

It’s a cover-up

Apart from the eternal nomads among us, most people need a place to call home in "First Life". As human beings often are creatures of habit, it is hardly surprising that many of us feel that same need in Second Life. There are several routes you can take to achieve this. There's a thriving rental market in... Continue Reading →

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