Latex & Leather Fetish 6 (NSFW)

The previous episode of my Latex & Leather Fetish series hasn't fully cooled down yet and already I'm back with something that goes squeak in the dark. Gentlemen, grab your talcum powder and prepare to squeeze into a scintillatingly shiny little number. Actually, it's more a case of strapping yourself in with the new Latex... Continue Reading →

Something new in the willy department 8

Here's another one for guys who like a little something something in SL. The Birth Tribal Tattoo add-on for Birth cocks is momentarily available from the Fetish Fair till June 6th. I can only imagine how painful it must be to get a tattoo down there and in real life it will NEVER happen. Luckily... Continue Reading →

Something New In The Willy Department 7

The good little horny workers at the Physics Cock “The P” are keeping at it, tinkering with their fabulous toy. In the latest version a few more options were added to the girth, so you can easily go from pencil dick to hokey puck (yes, I'm exaggerating for comedic effect). While previously you'd just blindly click the... Continue Reading →

Something New In The Willy Department 5

I'm back with "The P" physics cock because the creators have been rather busy dropping version after version on me. Talk about a sausage fest! The previous versions already had some facial expressions, which now have been expanded to include giving blowjobs rather than just receiving them. Well isn't that considered! I'm a bit miffed... Continue Reading →

Something New In The Willy Department 3

I call this something new, mostly because it is new for me. I hadn't noticed that Birth actually has three penises in their range and I have only shown two. Time to start flashing! 'Leviathon' is an animated bento cock by Birth with a nice veiny shaft and uneven balls for added realism. While the... Continue Reading →

Something new in the willy department

Do you remember that first time when as a male avatar you got naked and discovered you weren't quite complete? Oh the horror! The smoothness of it all! There are some free willies flopping around on the grid, but none of them look really nice and that's just a euphemism for saying they're diseased. This... Continue Reading →

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