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New Port House II

Patrik Schumacher, top architect and ‘provocateur’ who thinks that all public spaces should be privatized and social housing should be eliminated, recently claimed that millenials are never home and have no need for a living room so they could be perfectly happy in a… Continue Reading “New Port House II”

Arguing with myself… among others

I have abandoned the A-frame Linden Home I was occupying with my alt and started the game of picking a new Linden Home, checking it out and dropping it again, when I feel the area is too crowded. This is something I can repeat… Continue Reading “Arguing with myself… among others”

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat

A while ago I was asked by a friend to decorate a small guesthouse which he keeps available for one of his friends who tends to occasionally disappear from SL for a while and then pop up again. There wasn’t a particular briefing apart… Continue Reading “Quasi Boho Chic Retreat”

Farnsworth House

Apart from having oodles of fun in Second Life I occasionally also find it to be quite educational. Various organisations offer courses in subjects I haven’t even begun to contemplate. One of the more obvious subjects, which you are constantly surrounded by, is architecture. There… Continue Reading “Farnsworth House”

It’s a cover-up

Apart from the eternal nomads among us, most people need a place to call home in “First Life”. As human beings often are creatures of habit, it is hardly surprising that many of us feel that same need in Second Life. There are several routes you… Continue Reading “It’s a cover-up”

You have changed

This is the excerpt for your very first post.