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Ex on the beach

The Exmachina Davide avatar has been taking a long nap in my closet. When I popped it on I got an updated 6.02 version. Fuck me if I know what’s changed this time. That’s an expression, not an invitation. It probably is going to… Continue Reading “Ex on the beach”

Dabbling with Geralt (and Gerard) Episode XIII

Here I go with yet another combination I hadn’t made before: the Signature Geralt body with the Vista Gerard head. I imagine that the perfect creative space for this kind of work would look a lot like Dr. Frankenstein’s surgery. Let’s take a look… Continue Reading “Dabbling with Geralt (and Gerard) Episode XIII”

Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head – Take 2

I’ve already taken a closer look at the Vista Gerard mesh head with it’s original skin on the Belleza jake body and I’ve created a tanned look with the Birth Bennett applier for this head on the Signature body. Today I’m returning to that… Continue Reading “Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head – Take 2”

Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head

Earlier this month I took a look at the Vista Gerard mesh head and showed you what it looks like with it’s original skin combined with the Belleza Jake mesh body. Feel free to go take a look at that blog post first, I’ll… Continue Reading “Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head”