To say there is something for everybody in Second Life™ would be an exaggeration. In fact, whenever that cliché expression is being used, it’s an exaggeration. Personally I came here for the sex and I stayed for the styling. It’s a friendly virtual environment to experiment with both those aspects of life and a few more. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent looking for just the right piece of furniture while constantly trying to keep that balance between creating an interesting visual and still being able to move around. Working with a limited prim allowance has been fun too, at times. Challenging, but fun. These day most of my attention goes to constantly putting together new looks for my avatar, even more so now that I have ventured into selling shapes on Marketplace. I think that for many of us, all this tinkering with virtual homes and avatars is a way to step away from real life for a while and get lost in another world. It’s more emerging than watching a movie or reading a book and I personally find it highly therapeutic.

Poses by Cordeaux

For this look I’m using one of Birth’s newer skins, Evan. It was launched at The Skin Fair, which I mostly missed. Luckily it wasn’t an exclusive for that fair and Evan is now available at the Birth main store. As I’m partial to some freckles, I like how they’re actually part of this skin. They help to give Evan a youthful appearance without turning him into a teenager. In this case I’m using the BOM skin on the Catwa Daniel mesh head, combined with the Birth body applier for Belleza, because I don’t have the Birth BOM skin for that body yet. It just goes to show that BOM just has given us more options while leaving the door open for appliers.

I urge you all to take a couple of deep breaths and start tinkering away on your avatar or homes and give other social media a wide berth for a couple of hours a day at least. Alternatively I suggest watching Miranda (a UK sitcom made for BBC) and knitting.


  • Catwa Daniel bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Evan applier or BOM skin for Catwa. This skin includes options for eyebrows, facial hair and hair base. Body applier available separately at Birth.
  • No Shirt Sherlock Vermeer eyes, light brown. I’m using the system eyes here. To do that I added the rigged Catwa eyes that come with the Daniel head and pushed the BOM button in the HUD for this head (you find it in the Skin/Ears tab) and then the eyes magically appear.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Tom Shape for Catwa Daniel mesh head and Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Dura U95 hair
  • L’etrê Basic Mesh Ears
  • Thirst JOCK July 2019 Jersey Brief

A Signature Look VI

Truth be told, this started out as another session of dabbling with Geralt, but after some Marketplace browsing I changed my mind and switched over to Signature Gianni. We’re now at version 5.0 for the body and 2.7 for the head. My intention was to use a BOM skin but I couldn’t find anything I liked more than the Vaughn applier by Hermony I found on Marketplace. It works with the standard Signature skin tones, so you only buy a face applier. The neck seam is noticeable, especially on the back of the neck, but not a deal breaker for me. I’ve actually had a couple of occasions where the light was just right and I couldn’t see it at all. Note: the box for the Gianni body includes a “new neck” version, but this is to work with the new Lelutka Evolution heads (only “Skyler” at this point)

Poses by Cordeaux

I further embellished the skin with Modulus body hair and the Vaughn skin comes with its own freckle option for the face. There’s also a bloody nose option included, but seeing how tensions are already running high enough these days, let’s NOT pretend we’ve just been involved in an impromptu bit of fisticuffs.

Finding clothing for Gianni hardly is an issue. There are some creators that don’t cater for it, but in general this body is very well supported. I made a quick trip to the current round of the monthly Man Cave event (on till April 11th) and grabbed a pair of Kalback jeans like a man on a mission. Next I dove in my inventory and unearthed the Lenox Explorer Vest, daringly worn without a shirt. I say daringly because momentarily the Stockholm weather is doing that thing where it is almost spring one minute and then it fekking starts snowing the next. My footwear probably isn’t perfect for these conditions either, but the Versov Kurtov sneakers look good with this outfit. This is SL where fashion always trumps function. Meanwhile I think I’ll stick with a scarf and woolly hat for a wee bit longer in real life. Mind you, while I’m working from home there’s something nice about having an excuse / reason to sit at my laptop swaddled in a blanket. I haven’t succumbed to PJ days yet thought. It’s important to maintain a certain level of normalcy… Also, there’s always going to be that one wanker who insists everyone puts on their web cam in a conference call. Damn it! Just when I wast starting to enjoy not having to see those faces! Anyhoo, I guess you’re here for the deets, so without further ado…

Another Fairy Day – Episode 6

In for a penny, in for a pound I always say (sometimes with a nudge nudge wink wink). My previous blog post also was focused on a fairy look, but who the hell can blame someone for wanting to fly away from reality right now. Is there anything left we shouldn’t worry about? But NO, I’m not giving in to the doom and bloody gloom. I’ll soldier on. I won’t keep calm and carry on though. No, this needs more of a battle cry approach if you ask me. It’s either “We Are Sparta!” or “Scooby dooby dooooo!” The jury is still out on that one. Anyhoo, let’s take a look at this fairy.

I finally took a step away from the beautiful feathered wings and went for something more insect like this time. Other things that are different from previous fairy is the skin, hair, ears, eyes, shape and a couple of accessories.

Another fairy day – Episode 5

Since past Tuesday I’ve started working from home and it’s weird. This is the longest I’ve been away from the office since September because I’ve been working a lot of weekends. Connecting to the product information management system means accessing the network via a VPN and it. is. slow. There are several other little annoying aspects to this home office situation, but on the upside it’s a bit easier to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep now that I’ve cut out the daily commute. Anyhoo, I thought I’d put together a quick fairy / angel, so I can spread my wings and metaphorically fly out of here.


  • Catwa Travis bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Cason applier for Catwa. This skin includes options for eyebrows, facial hair and hair base and is currently available @ Uber till March 22nd, check the Birth main store after. You will also find the Birth body applier for Belleza at their store.
  • Birth Glimmer Eyes with Bewitched textures @ Uber till March 22nd, check the Birth main store after.
  • Stealthic Hysteria hair
  • Mandala Season 5 Steking ears
  • Blueberry Icon Bento Angel Wings
  • Noche Tyler Loin Cloth
  • Backdrop is a group gift at Minimal

Something New In The Willy Department 6

The creator of the Physics Cock “The P” must have realised things were looking a bit bare. Personally I was using pubic hair from another maker, but now The P has its very own bit of bush. It’s a separate mesh add-on which reacts to the show/hide button on the hud for the cock, so you can have everything neatly tucked away in the blink of an eye. There are a couple of different “styles” and to tint the pubes you right-click and choose edit and then go into the tab for textures. Yes I know I’m teaching you pros to suck eggs, but there’s always the chance that a newbie is reading this. Welcome to SL. It’s all a bit bewildering but such fun!

Flip back to a previous blog post about “The P” Physics Cock for more information or just go grab a demo.


Shopping for David March 2020

Time for another styling exercise with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, my favourite enfant terrible which has been getting very little support from creators. Let’s see what’s been cooking.

We’re going to start things off with some ink. This is the new Yokai tattoo by Dappa at the current round of TMD (till March 29th, check out the Dappa main store after that). This tattoo continues onto the neck, so it includes appliers for Catwa and Lelutka as well as an Omega applier. Obviously you’ll also find the old-school tattoo system layers in the box as well, as those are totally in vogue again thanks to BOM. At the moment there is no new BOM version of the NX-Nardcotix body yet, but maybe some 3rd party BOM installer solutions can do the trick. Personally I’m sticking with appliers with this body for now.
The underpants are part of the the NX-Nardcotix Darrel underwear set which includes a tank top.

I’ve put my trust in Legal Insanity again and picked up their Bruce Written Denims, which work nicely for David in the Enzo size, after some shape adjustments. I usually reduce the leg muscle, saddlebags and butt size and slightly increase the hip width. I’ll include this special Legal Insanity version of my shape when I list it on Marketplace.
While I got the Dappa tattoo at TMD, I also spotted a bomber jacket by Kai that showed potential. I’m wearing it in the Gianni size and switched the Legal Insanity jeans to the Gianni size as well to avoid glitching. You may want to play with your shape again, as the jacked unrealistically billows a little in the back if your butt is too big. If only we could adjust our real life shapes this easily to fit into a pair of jeans, instead of having to search for the perfect pair! Oh well, que sera fat-ass sera. If you’ve missed this round of TMD, check out the Kai main store and you’re bound to find the Noiz bomber jacket there.
In both shots I’m wearing the L&B Swear Old School Low Tops in Gianni size. While I often get single-colour items, when it comes to shoes I do like to splash out on fatpacks, because it makes them much more versatile to combine with a ton of outfits.


An Uber Look

Uber is one of the events I don’t frequent very often and I don’t really know why. Possibly it’s because I gravitate towards the events that focus on menswear. However, with a widely supported mesh body like Belleza Jake, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together a look with mostly items from a mixed event like Uber, right? Well, almost anyway.

Location: Soul2Soul Mediterranean

Unless my eyesight and/or patience is failing me, the only two menswear items at Uber this time are a pair of jeans and sneakers. The sneakers by Native Urban looked nice, but for some ridiculous reason they did not include a Belleza size. I guess the creator made a calculated choice, by going for Legacy and Signature instead.
Meanwhile Mossu has the Nathan jeans at Uber which you can wear with or without the chain. These options are always appreciated. I also like how the jeans hug the Belleza cheeks without riding up the crack. There’s no butt cleavage showing with these jeans, which some may find disappointing but others will applaud. Believe it or not, but I’m undecided on this subject. The high seam of these jeans give you plenty of shoe options. I went with the Kurtov Low sneakers by Versov.

Birth has a new applier for Catwa mesh heads at Uber. It’s named Cason and described as “rugged handsome imperfection.” He’s slightly asymmetrical with little realistic details and blemishes on his chiselled angular face. Birth skins now include BOM layers and as always the skin comes with eyebrow, hairbase and beard options. A shape for the Catwa Daniel head is included as well. I’m using the Victor head and have created my own shape for it.
The Sadik hair by Modulus is also from Uber and I appreciate its nonchalant messiness or is it messy nonchalance? In any case it’s a winner for me.
You’ll find the Armani Mesh Crop Tank and Max underwear at Noche.

This concludes my Uber trip for now. I wish it had a bit more meat on the bone. Then again, I already posted a nude on Flickr with a version of this look, so maybe that was enough “bone” for one week. If you want to follow in my footsteps, you have until March 22nd to do so before this round of Uber closes. The links in the credits below take you to the main store for each brand.


  • Catwa Victor bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Cason applier for Catwa & body applier for Belleza
  • Modulus Sadik hair
  • Basic Mesh Ears by L’etrê
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes
  • Billy Beaverhausen Catwa Victor & Belleza Jake Shape Cason
  • Missed Uber? Check at the Mossu store to find the jeans.

Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 5

The online version of that dreadful dishcloth of a newspaper we now as The Daily Mail published what they would call an article about how “hot farmers” are all the rage on Instagram at the moment. Now of course I’m partial to a bit of eye candy and as the link to the what-they’d-call-an-article was sent to me by a well-meaning person, I also don’t have to use that utterly ridiculous expression of “it’s my guilty pleasure”. Honey, guilt is a useless sentiment which I have no time for. Anyhoo, all this to say that this episode of Pleasing Aesthetic was slightly inspired by one of the farmers. Mostly his moustache, to be honest.

First we’re going to let our eyes travel a lot further down from that moustache to the buttocks. One fun little add-on I have found for the Aesthetic body is the butt enhancer by the aptly named Butter. You need to make sure you get the correct applier for your specific Aesthetic skin (in my case that’s “Raoh”) and if you’ve tinted your body, you have to get out the color and alpha hud and apply the tint again so the butt enhancer blends in nicely. It’s a great improvement on the original shading of the Aesthetic body’s butt.

While there are no (human) skins for the Aesthetic body worth mentioning, apart from Niramyth’s own offer, the neck fix does make it possible to combine the body with a Catwa head and any skin. Make sure you get a Catwa head that includes a version for the Aesthetic body. I noticed that for the Travis head this is not included. I’m using the Victor head with the Zack applier by Birth. The moustache and eyebrows are from Volkstone and really got me where I wanted to go with this look. The shape is of course my own creation.

A search for Aesthetic on Marketplace gives you such a distorted view. Sure, you get a lot of hits, but many of the products are just the same full perm items with different texturing, instead of original mesh. Go to any of the monthly menswear events and much of what you’ll see won’t work with the Aesthetic body. With a bit of digging though, you’ll find the occasional nuggets of pure gold.

The Patch Jeans by Entrance at Man Cave (until March 11th) are nothing if not original and with a skip and a hop I went over to Men Only Monthly (until March 15th) to grab the new Cubura Ziro Gym Shirt. Let’s be honest, this body just cries out for a tank top. The Jumpov sneakers are a group gift at Versov and thankfully come in The Aesthetic size. That’s one outfit done and dusted

Toronto Kitchen @ Bazar

In the underwear department the Aesthetic body doesn’t enjoy the same choices as the Belleza, Signature and Legacy mesh bodies, but occasionally some new original mesh item does pop up. Right now it’s the Cubura Max Boxers at Man Cave. The crotch, main body and waistband of these shorts have individual texture options, so you can make lots of funky or more demure colour combinations. All together the effect is quite pleasing. My work here is done.


  • Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo mesh body + Raoh add-on pack
  • Butter but enhancer for Aesthetic mesh body
  • Catwa Victor mesh head
  • Birth Zack applier for Catwa heads, including hairbase and stubble, using the browless version
  • Volkstone Simon Brows Catwa/Omega applier, comes with Simon Facial Hair
  • Volkstone Dashiel moustache (comes with appliers and goatee)
  • Modulus Elliot hair
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Ben” shape for Catwa Victor & Aesthetic
  • If you are reading this after the current rounds of the events I mention in this blog post have ended, you will most likely be able to find the boxers and tank top at the Cubura main store. Sadly I was unable to locate a main store for Entrance.

A Signature Look V

There have been multiple dabbles with Geralt but it’s been a long time since I tried something new with the Signature Gianni head and body. It’s not a hugely popular combination, but it sure is an easy option for those that prefer to get a body and head from the same place. It is also a slightly more affordable option. The Signature Gianni head and body are both L$3500, while Catwa, Lelutka and Akeruka heads are all L$5000, so you are saving out L$1500. Maybe you simply prefer the look of this head and its less complicated hud.

The downside is that the skin options for the Gianni head are hugely dwarfed by the quasi endless sea of skins for Catwa heads. Still, with a bit of tender love and care, you can make something of it. I found the Jamaar skin at Vendetta as an Omega applier and while the shadows don’t align 100% with the face, I think the imperfections are acceptable. Let me break down this look for you…

Something New In The Willy Department 5

I’m back with “The P” physics cock because the creators have been rather busy dropping version after version on me. Talk about a sausage fest!

The previous versions already had some facial expressions, which now have been expanded to include giving blowjobs rather than just receiving them. Well isn’t that considered! I’m a bit miffed that the icons for these animations are showing a female avatar, but it’s a work in progress so I’ll let that one slide for now. As you can see from the shots above, the hud is rather big, but then again, where would they put so many options if it was itty-bitty. You can of course minimise it to just a button if you’re simply hanging loose, so to speak.

Pose by Quite (adjusted)

For texturing there is a separate hud with 15 textures to choose from, which you than can tint to better match your skin tone. Other nice touches are the options for how low your balls are hanging (from cold to hot balls), the sound effects and of course the various full avatar animations. Who doesn’t want to do the helicopter, right?

I should mention that there are no pubes included with The P, so you need to get those somewhere else. I’m using Pubic Hair for Men by Nearly Tactile.

Pose by Cordeaux

If you fancy the harness I’m wearing, it’s the new Nath harness by Thirst and it’s currently available at Romp, one of the more adult themed sales events in SL. As you can see it can be worn with or without the codpiece and seems to be working nicely with The P physics cock. Romp closes on February 25th, so if you’re reading this at a later date, you should check out the Thirst main store instead.

That’s it for now, all wat’s left for me to do now is list some credits and do a silly billy willy dance.