Raiding My Wardrobe for David

This time I decided not to go to an event to find something new to wear with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. Instead I raided my closet for wearable items and sincerely attempted to mostly show items I hadn’t already used to blog about this mesh body,

I have noticed that for jeans, trousers and some shorts the Aesthetic size is often a good fit for the NX-Nardcotic David body. Take for example the Legal Insanity Clay shorts. You can wear these shorts shirtless and as there’s a shirt wrapped around your waist (part of the shorts), that makes perfect sense. Alternatively you can wear them with the tank top from the NX-Nardcotix Darrel underwear set, which makes sense too. You can’t go wrong with the NX-Nardcotix Mecatle sandals with this kind of outfit. All in all this is a sensible outfit, as long as I forget that we’re heading towards autumn where I live. But hey, this is SL. We make our own weather.

For something a bit more dressy but still quite casual, I like the Ascend Marc Jacket (TMP size), with the Cold Ash Dean chinos (TMP Size) and Deadwool Dandy shoes and socks.

Though Clef De Peau shamefully discontinued supporting the David size, they did make a sexy jumpsuit in the past that included this size. I don’t feel guilty at all to return to the NX-Nardcotix Mecatle sandals with this jumpsuit.

And this concludes my wardrobe raiding sessions with David for now. There might be more episodes of this kind of thing, depending on how much I feel like shopping or recycling.

Thirst @ Mancave September 2019

We all know… Or most of us know Thirst from their ever growing range of men’s underwear in all it’s glorious sexiness. Okay, I AM sponsored by them, and by that I mean I have access to their newest products so I can blog about them without actually paying for them, but I have also been growing more fond of the brand as time has gone by and find it very easy to write positively about it… So the underwear IS glorious, but now Thirst has created a pair of jeans that’s not too shabby either.

Thirst did a nice job with the Basix Jeans, which they’ll be launching at Mancave on September 17th (event usually runs till 11th of next month). The belt loops and folds in the fabric are nicely worked out and those of you that are a fan of the bubble butt, won’t be disappointed with how your ass looks in these jeans. They’re rigged for Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh bodies and can be bought as separates or a fatpack.

Obviously the Thirst Crop Tee goes well with any pair of jeans and the Versov Nardove sneakers fatpack will most probably have exactly the colour options you were looking for… Or not? How am I supposed to know what you’re after?

If you want to know more about the head, body and skin I’m using, check out the For A Little Less – Episode 2 blog post (bare butt included). Missed Mancave? Check out the Thirst main store.

For A Little Less – Episode 2

Here’s another example of a perfectly serviceable mesh head from a previous generation that’s now available at the friendly price of L$799.

This is the Akeruka Mike Bento Head 2.6. Of course the quality of the Akeruka mesh heads has come on with leaps and bounds upon the launch of their Deluxe range and you can even finds some very good skins for them these days. However, at L$799 the older heads are pretty good value for money. I have to admit that I had trouble finding a current skin that works with this head, so I’m sticking with the original Mike skin. Luckily body skin appliers are included and the Omega applier looks acceptable on the Belleza Jake mesh body I’m using here. The nipples are a bit misaligned, but with the combination of this head and body, I’m seeing less of the bulging effect I noticed with the Akeruka Aron head on the Signature Gianni body.

Upon further inspection the rest of the Akeruka skin appears to look pretty fine on the Belleza body and it’s a bonus that you don’t need to fork out any extra money for a different skin if you like this one.

Now for some clothing. The bomber jacket in this outfit can be coloured however you like and part of the entire Kauna range you can now pick up for free at their small store. The Zion leggings by Matova go well with this jacket and you hardly ever can go wrong with the Vale Koer Retro Dunks, cause with the fatpack you can colour them in so many ways, helping you to really coordinate the hell out of your outfit.

For a little less

If you want top notch in SL, you’ll often have to cough up the dough, especially if you want the most current version. Sometimes, however, you may find something that is older but still serviceable and at a much loser cost. A good example are the Akeruka New Gen heads for L$799, including an animation hud.

This is the Akeruka Aron head with the Stray Dog Jonatas skin. This skin was made for the Akeruka Deluxe heads, but the alignment with the New Gen Aron head isn’t too bad either. I combined the head with the Signature Gianni head and noticed a slight bulging at the neck seam and in some windlights there is a noticeable colour difference, but at this price I think people are willing to make some compromises. The look is finished with a nice hairdo like Bailey by Modulus, an omega Birth Trimmed Beard applier by (you will need an omega relay for Akeruka heads to be able to apply this beard) and Avi Glam eyes.

Speaking of bargains, the fatpack for the Noche Taylor Jockstrap I’m wearing is L$999. It contains 4 bulge sizes (including size 0), is rezzed for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake and has a hud with 24 colours which can be combined. Not a bad price for such an extensive fatpack.

Pleasing Aesthetic Episode 4

For my previous two fun sessions with the Niramyth Aesthetic avatar I used its own head. Now it’s time to mix things up again, shout “off with his head” and quickly transplant the Catwa Victor head onto the body while the nerve endings are still open (too graphic?)

It’s probably always going to be a disappointment to me that there are no skins available for the Aesthetic body apart from its own range. On the other hand, it is easy to tint the standard skin and match it to whatever skin you are using on a Catwa head, although it gets a bit tricky with a white hair base. I need to stalk some people who have done that successfully and see if I can figure out how they did it. Meanwhile I don’t mind that combination of dark and blond. I’ll happily admit that my blog doesn’t go in too much detail when it comes to making these combination, but I did elaborate on it slightly more in Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 1. The skin I’m using is Hugo by Birth and somehow it reminds me a little bit of Gus Kenworthy. Does anyone agree?

Meanwhile I discovered Quite, a brand with just a few items but they’re sexy and all come in the Aesthetic size. I was vaguely aware of them already, but they made another bleep on my radar with their newest speedo. It comes in various sizes and I splashed out on the mega pack which has a ridiculous number of texture options. You can even be naughty and make it see through or “accidentally” drop it down to your knees. Various bulge shapes are included for your comfort.

There are no tricks to the Ryan Shorts they’re just pleasantly bulgy and come in a bunch of colours.

The Sexy Briefs don’t do anything special either, other than clearly line out your penis. Some would say that’s more than enough.

This concludes my session of not really getting dressed with the Aesthetic body, featuring Quite.

Pretty In Pink

Did you know that pink originally was the colour for baby boys? It was thought to be the stronger, more virale colour while light blue was dainty, frail and girly. I don’t know when it changed exactly, cause at this point I’m just quoting knowledge I’ve picked up by listening to QI while I’m working and not everything makes it to my memory core that way. I also remember that all babies were referred to as girls till the late 15th century and whenever a gender distinction needed to be made, male babies were called knave girls and female babies were gay girls. How utterly confusing!

The Holobomber Jacket by Thirst is a great piece for this pink outfit. It’s a jacket, so there’s a nod to the upcoming colder autumn weather, but being a transparent nylon bomber also makes it very playful. This jacket has been rigged for the Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh bodies and you’ll find it at the current round of EQUAL10 till October 5th. After that you can check out the Thirst main store. I’m wearing this jacket with the very skintight Alexander leggings by Noche and Retro Dunks by Vale Koer. Both these items come in very extensive fatpacks which naturally include pink options.

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, Stray Dog Urie skin, Obscura hairstyle by Stealthic, Bristle beard by Birth, mesh ears by L’etrê and Solstice Eyes by Avi Glam.

Sprucing Up an Alt 2 (with some freebies)

Previously I turned my alt from slender redhead to a beefier dark man of very little mystery. Today I turned him blond and found him some freebies.

You’ll find these shorts with a shirt tied round your waist, these boots and many more items for free at Kauna. I already posted about this brand before, when they were about to close their store and were giving everything away. I thought that was the last of it, but it turns out that they still have a tiny store space with some vendors where you can get the whole collections neatly packaged and totally free. All it will cost you is a bit of unpacking and rearranging if you like to keep your inventory clean. No sizes for Belleza are included, but I’m managing well with the standard size for the shorts and TMP size for the boots.

Enjoy the Kauna treasure trove!

Sprucing up an alt

Remember the stranger in my bed from a couple of my recent blog posts? In truth, he’s not a stranger but an alt I created to occasionally add interest to a photo shoot. I find working with an alt easier than ordering other people around or worse still, having to listen to their suggestions. Who wants their hobby to be just like their real job? Anyway, my alt has been te same for a very long time, but today I thought I’d spruce him up a bit.

He’s a member of the Akeruka group and when Akeruka offered their Deluxe Head ‘Clay’ as a group gift a while ago, I made sure to get him one. With this alt I’m using the Belleza Jake body and the Akeruka head includes an applier for this body, so I could have left it at that with no extra cost and he would be looking pretty good. However, Stray Dog has a nice applier for the Akeruka Deluxe heads which works particularly well for Clay. The skin is named Jonatas and the Stray Dog applier for Belleza has freckles, body hair and tan line options, something that’s lacking from the Akeruka appliers. The playful “Bailey” hair by Modulus, Solstice eyes by Avi Glam and a beard applier by Volkstone finish the look. Keep in mind that if you want to add something to the head like the beard, you will need to get the Omega System Kit for this head.

Meanwhile Gallant have published their summer 2019 issue and there are some new gifts for the members of this magazine’s group. This harness is the current gift from Noche and the briefs are from the previous issue of the magazine but still available now. All in all this was a pretty cost-effective spruce-up.

Quench Your Thirst 16

O.K. people, it’s time to rip open another immaculately packaged pair of undies with my teeth and inspect the second item of the August JOCKD set by Thirst.

The Thirst Infinity Jock comes with 10 textures for the crotch (5 solids, 5 patterns) and 5 colours you can apply separately to the strap across your back and the two straps that support your butt cheeks to give them that extra perky look. In short: you can have a bit of fun mixing and matching. The jock is rezzed for the Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh bodies and is sold together with the Lace Trunk as the JOCKD August set for L$600.

Item shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, Stray Dog ‘Urie’ skin, ‘Obscura’ hairstyle by Stealthic, ‘Bristle beard by Birth, mesh ears by L’etrê and Noche nipples. There’s a stranger in my bed, and it’s not even Friday yet! He’s also using the Belleza body, with the Lelutka ‘Andrea’ head, skin by Clef De Peau (bought at Lelutka) and ‘Narcotic’ hair by Stealthic. He’s nicked my Lace Trunk! Cheeky!

Inspiration – Episode 1

Belgium is a distinctive player in the world of comic books. Along with France, little not-so-old Belgium played a major role in the development of the European comics. Arguably the most famous one of them all is Tin Tin. Personally I grew up in the Flemish part of Belgium and my favourite comic was Suske & Wiske. In English they are known as Spike & Suzy, or Luke & Lucy or Willy & Wanda… How the hell did that happen? Anyway, I decided to use the boy of this duo as inspiration for a look, cause it’s fun and kinda easy and goodness knows, I need fun ‘n easy right now.

Luckily a pair of jeans with rolled up cuffs isn’t hard to find in SL. For this outfit I went with the Broberry jeans by Deadwool and a red polo by Cold Ash, who are really good at this kind of item. I think Suske (Spike, Luke, Willy… what’s in a name) is wearing some kind of boots, but I opted for the smart Nardov sneakers by Versov in dark brown. We’re going for “inspiration” here, not a carbon copy.

Recently the characters were revamped and Suske’s default outfit is now a red hoodie, skinny jeans and a flashy pair of trainers. Finding shoes that don’t clip with a pair of skinny jeans in SL is a bit of a challenge. Didn’t I say I was going to keep it simple? Oh well, in the end I settled on the Leo Jeans by Ascend which fit smoothly in the the Retro Dunks by Vale Koer. The hoodie is from Cold Ash and can be worn with or without the t-shirt, but I don’t think our hero is used to showing a lot of skin. It’s a rather wholesome comic book after all.

Speaking of skin, I have used one of the more obscure options. Stray Dog is of course very popular and they have a vaste back catalogue of skins, but not very many options for the Signature Gianni head. This is their Roman skin which, as you perhaps can see, does come as an applier for the Gianni head. I wanted to use this particular head for this little project, because I felt it suited Suske. The eyebrows on the skin were a bit too heavy for my liking, but Stray Dog always includes a no-brows version and I have applied the Identity Real Brows. Of course I’m going for a grown-up version here, as I’ve got no place for bloody teenagers in my life, so the Birth Bristle beard applier adds some years to the look in a good way. The muscle on the Signature Gianni body doesn’t doe a bad job at that either. The Stealthic Obscure hairstyle works a treat for this look and my trusty Avi Glam Solstice eyes are only to happy to make an appearance. All to hear you better with, I stuck on the Mandala Steking Season 5 mesh ears and that completed the look.

Now it’s bed time, maybe with a classic Suske & Wiske. I have collection of over a 100 of them all from my childhood and some later nostalgic purchases. *Sighs*… Simpler times.