Quench Your Thirst 2

I’ve been taking another look at the Thirst collection and selected the fairly classic Basix Trunk from their December “Jockd” offer. I have explained the system a couple of times before. Basically Jockd is a kind of underwear club. The idea is that you pre-order two new undies between the 12th of one month and the 4th of the next month. Your fresh new items will be delivered to you on the 5th. The advantages are a 200 L$ discount, exclusive textures and for one full week you are part of a club that has the new underwear before non-members. Of course as these trunks are from the December edition, they are now available from the Thirst main store. You get them with the other item from December for a total of 600 L$, which still is a good price for a duo pack of well made underpants. In real life I’ve been know to wear CK boxer briefs that were more expensive than the rest of my H&M outfit, but is it really that strange to spend a little more on what easily is the most intimate item of your clothing? The trunks have been rigged for the Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake mesh body.

Item shown using the Catwa Stanley head on the Belleza Jake body, 
skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair. The mesh ears are by Mandala. Pose by Cordeaux.

Get Thirsty at Epiphany

Listen up all you gacha lovin’ eager beavers, another round of Epiphany is in full swing! It started on 15th January and will be on till February 12th, so you don’t have to run pixel-head of blurred heels towards the deadly sea of lag just yet, but you know how times works right? You think you’ve got lots of time and then you blink and it turns out you’re 3 months pregnant. If you want to try something that possibly is a bit less laggy, give the Epiphany mirror sim a go. If you don’t know what Epiphany is, well it’s a gacha event innit though? If you don’t know what gachas are, who are you and what are you doing in my house? O.K. if you are kinda new here (and found your way to this blog… how?), a gacha is a bit like a one-armed bandit or a fruit machine. You see all the lovely bits and bobs that are in it on a visual and you toss in some money and it randomly gives you one of the “prizes” in return. Of course if you want a particular prize, you can end up with doubles. The plus side of this is that you can give them away or even sell them. Marketplace is lousy with gachas really. Anywhooooo, I’m just going to take a look at what kind of little eye-openers my sponsor Thirst has put in their gacha set for this round of Epiphany.

Get ready to sweat in this ACTIV gear by Thirst. The Gacha set is loaded with hoodie tanks, compression leggings, gym shorts and trainers all fitted for the Signature Gianni & Geralt as well as Belleza mesh body. There’s also a very well made sports bag and accessories like protein drinks, wireless headphones and gym equipment. In short, you’ve got everything you need to pretend you lead an active life, while your sitting at a desk staring at a bright colourful computer screen.

The outfit is materials enabled, so you get lots of shine and shimmer when the light hits it right and personally I’m a big fan of all the creases and folds in the mesh.

So head over to Epiphany and check out the Thirst gacha set and of course the many other great gacha sets and if this makes you thirsty for more, you can always find the full range of current Thirst items at their main store.

Items shown using the Catwa Stanley head on the Belleza Jake body,
skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair.

Exmachina Davide 5.02

I spied with my little eye something beginning with U… UPDATE! A message flashed up on my screen, letting me know that Exmachina had a new version available of their Davide “full” avatar. To celebrate this update, Exmachina is temporarily offering a 50% discount. When we say full avatar in SL, we mean that it comes complete with its own head, so at 1900 L$ (normal price is 3800) you can put together something pretty nice for a low price. Interestingly enough, one of the things Exmachina have updated with this new version is the compatibility with other mesh heads. The package now includes headless versions of the body to use with the Catwa or Lelutka mesh head. First let’s take another look at this avatar with its own noggin.

Yet again I found myself struggling to successfully apply both a hair base and a beard on this avatar. I have tried several beard appliers and when they were applied to any other layer than “Layer 1”, the beard kept disappearing when I moved the camera. The same happens if you try to apply a hair base to any other layer than layer 1. Applying both beard and hair base to layer 1 isn’t possible, as they knock each other out. It looks like if you absolutely want a stubble with the standard head on this avi, your options are to find a skin that includes facial hair or a hair base, or to use a hairstyle that doesn’t require a hair base.
Left: hair by Dura and beard applier by Birth. Right: hair and hair base by Stealthic. This avatar comes with mesh eyes, but they are not omega compatible as far as I can tell and I’m not a fan of the available textures, so you are looking at the Vermeer mesh eyes by No Shit Sherlock in this image.

Apparently some people were calling out for a bigger caboose and Exmachina responded by adding versions of the body with more junk in the trunk. Understand that whatever underwear you were able to find for this body (and it wasn’t much), will be useless with the big-butt version. I guess this version is going to be for when I let it all hang out.
So that’s what this avatar can look like just by playing with the shape (fyi: I really don’t like the shape that comes with this body) and choosing the right hair and maybe a designer stubble or something. Right! Now let’s play with another skin and a Catwa mesh head.

It turns out that the body still isn’t all that compatible with other mesh heads. I confess that I didn’t try it with the Lelutka mesh head and maybe that is a wonderful match, but as you will need to find a skin creator that makes Omega body appliers and a face applier that will work for the Lelutka head, your options will be quite limited. With a Catwa head you’ll have some more options, simply because so many skin creators are making appliers for the Catwa heads. I’m using the “Wood” skin from Birth in skin tone #3 and the matching body applier. The end result is far from perfect. The skin doesn’t match up very nicely with the body. Clavicle shadows are out of wack, nipples are slightly slipping, there’s a hint of toe shadows and to top it all off, the neck seam is one of the worst I have seen. Only in some bright windlights like CaIWL or Strawberry Singh’s headshots windlight the seam almost disappears from some angles. I have tried skins from Nivaro, 7 Deadly S(k)ins, Lure and Akool and the Birth skin was by far the least problematic option. It’ll give you gnarly looking nails when you apply it, but you can correct that by choosing one of the finger nail textures in the hud for the Exmachina body. Full disclosure: I do “officially” blog for Birth, but hey it’s not like I’m telling you just how wonderful this skin works with this body, right? If you really want to enjoy Birth skins, you should try them on the Belleza or Signature body.
The hair in this image is by Vango, mesh ears are by Mandala and the naughty shorts are by Legal Insanity.

Dabbling with Geralt – Episode X

It’s been a while since I last did something new with the Signature Geralt mesh body and head. Finding skimpy items for the newer bodies can be a challenge. With things like coats, jackets, sweaters, jeans and chinos you can “cheat” by using the body’s alpha cuts, but with anything that doesn’t cover that much skin, there is less margin for error. The good news for the Geralts out there, is that Thirst recently started including a Geralt size in their newest creations.

If you’re a fan of cropped tops, you definitely should head over to the Equal 10 event before the 5th February. Thirst is releasing their “Johnny Crop Sweater” at this event. It comes in 8 colours and is fitted for Signature Gianni and Geralt as well as the Belleza Jake mesh body.

For everything else by Thirst you can of course head over to their main store. They recently started up an underwear club named Jockd. Basically it means you can pre-order two undies with a couple of exclusive bonus textures at a discounted price. You can find more detailed info at the store. The bikini briefs in the image above was one of the two items from Jockd January and these have now been released for sale at full price.


  • Signature Geralt mesh body & head
  • Birth Asher applier for Signature and their matching Omega body applier. Avoid going for the Birth Signature body applier, because it was made for the Gianni body and not Geralt. In my opinion the Omega applier is a better option for Geralt.
  • Modulus Locs Mohawk
  • Nearly Tactile pubes
  • NSS Vermeer mesh eyes
  • The pose I used at the launderette is by Cordeaux

Quench your Thirst

If Thirst underwear makes you feel parched but you just can’t get enough of it, you should consider getting Jockd. It’s a monthly underwear club where you can pre-order two new Thirst undies at a discounted price. You have time to pre-order from the 12th of each month till the 4th of the next month. You’re brand new thirsty undies will be delivered to you on the 5th.

This is one of the two items you will have received on the 5th January if you pre-ordered. It’s a panelled bikini brief made for the Signature Gianni and Geralt as well as the Belleza Jake mesh body. Personally I would describe the bulge as very apt without being over the top in your face. The back covers just the right amount of buttock and the seams that make up the panels are a nice detail, as is the tiny Thirst label.

From 12th January onward you will be able to purchase this edition of Jockd for the full price of 600 L$. The pre-order price is 400 L$ and includes some exclusive textures, like the one shown in the above image. What also starts on January 12th are the pre-orders for the February edition. Each edition will contain two new creations. I’ll show the other item from the January edition at a later time. Now get out there and make a splash!


Partridge in a Man Cave

As previously mentioned in my Partridge in a Pear Tree series, the Man Cave Event has gone all out with a ton of gifts. You’ll find them all under a beer bottle Christmas tree (you need to see it to understand). Join the group (it’s free) and click the beer cans with festive red bows to collect all the gifts. This round of Man Cave ends on January 9th, so get there or be square… what does that even mean? Anywhoo, here’s a little random selection from those gifts.

You can ho ho ho up and down the beach in the cute Tori Torricelli shorts (for Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Slink and Enzo), get all inked up with a Dappa tattoo or blend right in with a camouflage t-shirt from Clef De Peau (for Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Slink).

You’ll look exquisitely festive and rather sexy in the colourful one-sleeve kimono and skin tight leggings by Bakaboo (for Gianni, Jake and Slink). If you’re more of a street wise kid, Chuck’s roughed up jeans vest (for Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Slink) will be your thing. In case you’re starting to feel a bit lost in these weird days between Christmas and New Year’s eve, perhaps the Krescendo compass (2 li) will show you the way. In any case it’s a nice decorative piece for your own man cave.

Give your wardrobe a bit of pizzazz with the Serenity Style cuff links (1 li), but you can keep things casual with Etham’s tank top (for Gianni, Jake, Slink and TMP) or just totally let yourself go and hang out in your Matova Christmas underpants (for Gianni, Jake and Aesthetic).

Head over to Man Cave now to get all these and many more gifts.


  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Lelutka Andrea mesh head
  • Clef De Peau Clint for Lelutka and body applier for Belleza. After posting this I noticed that I hadn’t updated this skin yet. The current version looks different and has more options like freckles and a tan line.
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair

Boxing Day Blues

It’s the day after Christmas, a.k.a. Boxing Day. The name seems to suggest that it’s already time to pack all the decorations up and stow them away for next year, but in reality plenty of Christmas trees will only be tossed out by the end of the first week of January. So forget about tidying up, and just hang around the house in your underpants and as it’s cold outside, you’d better make that a pair of long johns.

You can pick up this cold weather item by Thirst at the Dubai Event, which started on 20th December and will run till 15th January. In between the many items for female avatars, I counted 5 clothing items for male avatars other useful things such as poses, backdrops and tattoos.

Personally I wear long johns as soon as temperatures go under -5° C, not because I really need them, but because I like them. There is something comforting about skintight soft combed cotton clinging to your legs underneath your jeans or chinos.

After the Dubai Event you can visit the Thirst main store to check out these long johns and of course their full range of men’s underwear.

Taking David To Men Only Monthly December/January 2018/19

It’s Men Only Monthly time! The event started two days ago and will run its usual course till January 15th. We’ll be half a month into the new year by that time and chances are more than half the new year’s resolutions will already have flown out of the window. My good intention for here an now is to dedicate this MOM visit to the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. That guy is hot, but he’s often being accused of not having any clothes. Fair enough, he’s not getting a lot of support from the designers, goodness know why! But with a nip here and a tuck there, you can make things work, so lets look at some of the pieces I picked up at MOM this time.

I’m always happy to show a shirtless look with a pair of jeans. It’s easy enough to make any pair of trousers or jeans work, if your torso is covered as well, but you won’t be able to make each pair of jeans work if you’re topless. These jeans by Outlier fit quite well with minimal shape adjustment. I’m using the Niramyth size and I have added some muscle to my legs because I like a chunky thigh, but I think these jeans would easily allow for a skinny leg too. As I’m shirtless and appear to be on a Greek island, the NX-Nardcotix Mecatl sandals make perfect sense as footwear.

Are you heading for a colder climate and liking that smart casual city look? Try the Galvanized Wayne coat, it works a treat. I was able to wear this with the Outlier jeans by removing the belt and increasing my belly size. My neck and torso muscle had to be brought down too. I traded in my sandals for the Nx-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots.

This anorak by A&D is a nice option if you like spending time on winter sims. It’ll protect you against the type of icy winds that could shave the eyebrows of a mosquito. The Outlier jeans keep serving me well, meanwhile the NX-Nardcotix Gideon boots are keeping my feet warm. The handy thing about these boots is that there’s a “cut” version included which easily fits under the jeans without clipping problems.

You gotta have a pair of sweatpants for those lazy days. The VUK Zeke pants are just the thing, but you’ll have to flatten your bum to make these work, so this particular item is for those of you that already prefer a tiny hiney anyway. You will also need to play with your belly size, saddle bags and leg muscle to make these sweatpants fit.

The package includes a version without boxershorts, but these are even more problematic. To make that version fit without clipping, you’ll have a gap at the front and rude people can look right down your pants! On the other hand, these sweats are damn sexy as a posing prop.
Earlier this year I dedicated a post to sweatpants you can wear with David: Sweats & Pants Day with David.

Now let’s head to the beach in these jeans shorts by Invictus, with a shirt casually tied around my waist. These shorts did not require a lot of shape editing, which was a relief. I think the Aesthetic size is the most suitable version to use with David. While I was enjoying a relaxing beach walk at Hades Love Island, I got a marriage proposal, so I must be doing something right with this look.


  • NX-Nardcotix David mesh body (L$ 1750)
  • Catwa Stanley bento mesh head (L$ 5000)
  • Birth Benjamin for Catwa (L$ 1050) & Omega body applier (L$ 5509, works very well with the David body
  • Modulus Nial hair, browns (L$ 320)

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 14

Second Life most definitely hasn’t run out of Christmas goodies yet. I on the other hand, am running out of time to grab them. I’ve been scaling the snowy roofs and coming down chimneys to get my greedy mits on whatever I can, but there is this little thing called Real Life to take care of too. Let’s not nag too much about that and dive into my pile of plundered paraphernalia.

First I wanted to open a few more little doors on the MadPea Christmas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for $L500 and of course you’ll find 24 items inside. That’s pretty good value for money. You get sweet items like the “Dashing trough the snow” globe, two very endearing small snowmen (well, a snow boy & girl, apparently) and a charmingly shabby dining set.

I discovered an advent calendar at Anna’s Attic. You don’t need to join a group and you can collect all the items of the past days. Just show up and keep on clicking, stuff all those goodies down your trouser legs and walk away whistling like nothing happened.

Argrace have recently given themselves a fresh start with a new store and there are still plenty of empty walls at the moment, but they have two Santa hats (with hair) as group gifts at the moment. One’s for all members and another one is for people that have previously bought items from Argrace.
The current round of the Man Cave event started a couple of days ago. If you join their free group you can rake in a truck load of beer cans and each can represents a gift. Seriously, I don’t even know for sure if I got them all, there’s that many. I’m only showing one for now, to kick things off, but I might do some more unpacking tomorrow. Those Gabriel trousers don’t look too shabby at all, so that’s a nice start. This round of Man Cave ends on January 9th, so relax, take it easy… And hurry da f*ck over there.

It’s bedtime here now. If you’re on SL time, you still have all of Friday evening ahead of you, so enjoy, relax and leave your worries behind. Pleasant thought of the day: oh, the days are getting longer again.

Naughty Santa

It’s no secret that I like my saucy Christmas outfits. Big warm coats, woolly hats, scarves and a pair of sturdy boats have their own charm of course. These garments tend to turn people into walking talking Christmas presents, which unwrap themselves as they enter your home. As we are impervious to frostbite in Second Life, we get to wear little somethings that most definitely can be classed as fashion fun over function. Then again, perhaps the function of those things is to heat things up in a different way.

Thirst currently has a Naughty Santa outfit at the Notice Me, Santapai event, and noticed you most probably will be in this little getup. It consists of a pair tight shorts, suspenders and a typical Santa hat and is available in red, mint, cinnamon and coal. The outfit is rigged for the Signature Gianni and Geralt as well as Belleza Jake mesh body. The Notice Me, Santapai event runs until the end of December. Of course nothing stops you from checking out the Thirst main store for lots of sexy undies either for yourself or as a gift for that special guy in your life… Or that one-night stand who really needed a decent pair of underpants.
(Santa sack not included in outfit)


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard & Birth Signature body applier
  • The hair is no longer available

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 13

It’s Episode lucky number 13 of my series about advent calendars, freebies and bargains in Second Life during the, allegedly, most beautiful time of the year. Put on some sturdy walking shoes and join me on a walk through a winter wonderland.

My first stop is Meva, this time with a t-shirt for the Signature Gianni body in one of those typical Nordic patterns. You’ll freeze your tits of wearing this in the frightful weather outside, but Swedes overheat their houses, so inside a t-shirt will be quite delightful.
I’ve made some progress with the MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt. As previously mentioned, you need to purchase a 100 L$ hud to participate in this hunt. You’ll be hunting for toys which will give you points. Once you have enough points, you can trade them in for prizes. A number of creators have contributed prizes you can obtain by finding three toys that will give you a key instead of points. I’ve been concentrating on this so I can show you some of these particular prizes, like the Candle Deer Decor by Chez moi and the Fae Christmas Decor by Serenity Style. I’m particularly chuffed with the ladder, lantern and crate with firewood by Varonis.
The hunt will run till 24th December and you can find all information on the MadPea website.

I’m off to find some more enchanted toys in this hunt. TTFN.

Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 12

I’ve only made two advent calendar stops today.

First stop: Meva! You know the dril: be a group member or be square. Group joining fee is only L$ 100. Join now and you can still grab 8 gifts for that money. That’s a bargain. Today’s gift is a fun Christmas vest for the Signature Gianni body. Make sure you grab this before the end of 18 December SL time or you’ll lose out.

Next stop: 7 Deadly S(k)ins. They are being ever so slightly a little bit quirky today by giving away appliers for the TMP body and mesh head. I have done plenty of blog posts about this body and a few that included the head. Long story short: it’s outdated but you can buy them for 500L$ each. There is a risk that things will stop working if TMP ever makes the choice to step out of SL. Meanwhile you need to be in the 7DS group to grab the advent calendar gifts and the joining fee has been temporarily raised to L$ 1000. Again, you need to swing buy each day to pick up the gift. If you’re late you can buy previous gifts at discounted prices. The matching system skin is included in today’s gift as well, so you could even use the TMP body with your system head.

That’s all for now. The Beaver has left the building.