Peace On Earth Hunt II

Let’s get something out of the way first: bah humbug! Now to continue with a more positive attitude, let me say that around this time of the year I have a slightly elevated tolerance for items that haven’t exactly been created to the very highest SL standard or with an extraordinary eye for detail. Undoubtedly this will result in a greater number of items from the Peace on Earth hunt lingering somewhat longer in my inventory than those of a similar quality I have found in hunts at another time of the year. After all, it’s Christmas! It’s baby J’s birthday!

Bad Santa blog

Some things will actually even get to leave the old inventory in the positive sense (i.e. not via trash). Take this Bad Santa outfit from Zed Designz for example. The vest is a bit rough around the edges and the fur trim is less realistic than what we’ve been seeing in SL lately, but the print on the back is nicely done and I like the snug fit of the red trousers and open shirt. It makes me feel all “Ho Ho Ho” but also “are you feeling lucky, punk?” I’m so conflicted!


Peace On Earth Hunt I

Apparently the Peace On Earth hunt has been around for what I like to call donkey’s years. The list of contributors counts a very scary 297 landmarks and a preliminary investigation has shown that many of these will be of no use to me, but even when I know a store only caters for female avatars, sometimes it’s fun to have a quick look around anyway, especially if the sim is nice. For details of where to start, a list of hints and more background information about this most classic of hunts, I refer to the Peace On Earth website.

Taox Tattoo Natcha blog
One of the stops on the peaceful hunt trail is Taox Tattoo & Cloth. I’m not used to wearing tattoos in SL, but i like the intricate design like this one. It really looks like something that’s come together over a period of time, as if each tattoo has a meaning and you didn’t just walk into a parlour one day, shouting “ink me god damn it”, but gradually reached a nice level of coverage.

I have started putting together a little homely Christmas scene with some of the items I have found and as soon as I have enough decoration items and/or furniture that I deem worthy of being shown, I’ll post a follow up.


A great time to have friends

O.k. so Christmas is over-hyped and New Year’s Eve is just bloody weird because it’s celebrating the passing of time. Nothing is reset, there is no fresh start, we don’t even start a new season for goodness sake. At the stroke of midnight everything will be as good or as shitty as it was the second before.  For some reason it seems to be socially awkward to admit you’ll be alone for the holidays, yet the fact that you can feel lonely on every other day of the year seems to mean fuck all to most people. Hell, even those that look at bit worried when you tell them that you’ll just be home, watching the telly, won’t be inviting you to join their family Christmas diner. Bah humbug!

Meva Advent Calendar I blog
Having said that, this is a great time for goodies, gifts, freebies and prizes galore in Second Life and an even better time for having friends who can ask you questions like “Do you know Meva?” I didn’t, but I do now! They have an advent calendar for their group members and there’s no joining fee. I’m not sure if all the gifts are meant to stay in the calendar till the end, but I was able to get the ones for December 1, 2, 4 and 5. Only No. 3 seemed to be a dud. I got a couple of necklaces and a snazzy hipster cap. I wonder though if something can be hipster AND snazzy? I don’t know the rules! HA! Like I care about rules. Bah humbug! Last but not least there’s a tank top for the Signature body and I just love how it crawls up a bit on one side.

though the weather outside is frightful blog
The weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s quite delightful. While I’m toasting my hiny by the fire, I’m wondering where I left the rest of my clothes. I have no closet space in this house!


Easy On the Budget And The Eyes 3

Creating an affordable (arguably) good-looking avatar in SL is the frugal yin to my spending yang. The free TMP male mesh body remains my go-to base for these little exercises. As always, for a more elaborate review of this free body, I refer to one of my older posts.

Easy on the budget and eyes 3a blog

  • To achieve this look I paid L$ 250 joining fee to become a member of the Belleza group, which gave me access to the group gifts, including the “Jacob” system skin (among others) which I’m using in the Deep Tan skin tone, in combination with the No. 21 skin tone on the TMP body. If I’ve lost you at this point, I suggest you really do take a look at that older blog post.
  • The very touchable looking shaggy hairdo is from Dura. They’re hairstyles are not particularly low-priced, but you can buy a separate colour for just L$ 140. This is their “B&G 77” in Dark brown.
  • Once you have done a couple of hunts in SL, you’ll find that eyes are easy to come by, but if you have a bit of extra cash, I think the Vermeer Eyes by No Shirt Sherlock are a good choice. One colour sells for L$ 115.
  • The shorts come free with the TMP body in a couple of colours.
  • Total for this look: L$ 505.

I’ll just quickly repeat here that most clothes won’t work with this body, but if you are going to wear long sleeves, then you can use the hands separately. When you put on the complete body, you will be using what’s called an “alpha layer” to make the entire underlying “system body” invisible. If you are only going to use the hands, you will need to find yourself an alpha layer that covers just your system hands and wrists. Usually you will find this with a pair of gloves. There will be gap on your arm, but like I said: long sleeves!

Easy on the budget and eyes 3b blog

  • This sweater and pair of cropped jeans are freebies at Egoisme if you join their group. As there’s no joining fee, this look ads nothing to the price.
  • The same goes for the sneakers which are a group gift from Vale Koer and come with a hud that lets you choose from a range of colours for different parts of the shoes so you can make them match your outfit.

Easy on the budget and eyes 3c blog

  • This jacket and trousers combo is another example of the freebies at Egoisme and I should probably mention that the landmark will put you in front of their “Exmachina” avatar, but if you exit the building, you’ll see another similar building with a big freebies sign.
  • The boots are a L’Homme Magazine group gift at Giz Seorn. You’ll find a stand for the magazine inside the shop . Joining this group is free and gives you access to a bunch of nice gifts in several stores as well as keep you in the know of what’s hot on the grid right now.

Have fun putting it all together. There are some more interesting freebies at Egoisme en plenty of similarly priced one-colour hairstyles at Dura to chose from.

Taking David to TMD

A previous post showed that my visit to Man Cave with the NX-Nardcotix mesh body was a bit of a bummer and ended in a bed which, come to think of it, was a happy ending after all. Determined to upon occasion champion one of the less popular mesh body’s in SL, I approached this round of The Mens Dept. with gritted teeth and a determination to come home with at least one new item of clothing. We’re now in the final week of the November round of TMD, so this was almost a last-minute power-shop, which is a speciality of mine in real life when it comes to grocery shopping. Of course there are a lot of clothes I could make work for this body, by extreme editing of my shape and making maximum use of the alpha hud, but the goal of this particular exercise was to find items for the NX-Nardcotix body which more or less respect my shape. I will spare you the disappointments and focus on the male fashion pieces I rather fancied.

TMD November Haul with David I blog

I already had some winter wear items in my wardrobe from ::K:: and wasn’t at all surprised to find that they created another high quality tweed jacket complete with a warm sweater and shirt. A generous hud lets you choose from a range of colours for the knitwear and shirt, as well as a couple of button options. I am using the Signature version of this jacket and before I had blanked out the offending body parts with the alpha hud, it was very obvious that this jacket was not made for the NX-Nardcotix body, but all in all it’s a pretty pleasing fit.

TMD November Haul with David II blog

Etham is one of the few brands that includes NX-Nardcotix versions in all of their latest creations. This jacket and hoodie combination is true to the sporty Etham style and fits the body quite well. Even if you only get one colour version, it still comes with several options for the hoodie. I was particularly pleased to see that these weren’t just plain colours but that there was also a nice camouflage pattern included in the hud and I appreciated the generous head space in the hood, allowing for a hairstyle of my choice… although a mohawk might prove a bit tricky.

TMD November Haul with David III blog

Always uber stylish Gabriel came to TMD with a classic single-breasted coat, casually worn open to show a warm cardigan and t-shirt underneath. They brought along a pair of worn jeans, creating an overall slightly dishevelled but very comfortable look. As you can see, just like in the Alanis Morissette song, I’ve got one hand in my pocket. This means you need to blank out that hand. The slight problem with that where the NX-Nardcotix body is concerned, is that the fingernails are separate and even with the hands hidden, they are still visible. It is possible to tint or hide the fingernails via another tab in the body’s hud, but I was not able to hide them for one hand only, so the hand that remained visible with this coat had no finger nails. As you are always left with an indentation where the fingernails should be, from a distance it doesn’t look entirely strange, but it’s not ideal.

TMD November Haul with David IV blog

Of course you can wear the Gabriel jeans by themselves and I imagine they are made of perfectly distressed denim that feels super comfortable. Gabriel does not make NX-Nardcotix sized versions of their clothes, so I had to make do with the Signature version. To make the jeans fit I had to play around with my shape a bit, but for a very well-made item of clothing, I’m prepared to make a small compromise. Halfway happy is better than not happy at all.


Signature Gianni 4.4

Gianni 4.4 blog

Those of us who have popped on our Signature body lately, automatically got treated to yet another update. The Gianni body is now at version 4.4 and if you are nerdy enough to want to get into all the nitty gritty details of the update, you can take a look at the change log. The most notable change is the addition of auto alpha functionality for clothes and accessories. This means that if clothing creators care to pick up the auto alpha kit an work it into their new designs, we will be able to put on those clothes without ever touching the alpha hud, which sounds very easy-peasy. Meanwhile the current hud is already quite versatile. There used be a time that I craved the TMP body with a Signature-style hud. These days I think I’m just happy with the current version of the Gianni body as it is. Now I just keep my fingers crossed for those auto alpha clothes to hit the grid pretty soon.


Easy on the budget and the eyes 2

One of the things I have come to enjoy doing with this blog is showing the possibilities of the free TMP mesh body in combination with the classic avatar head, a.k.a. system head. Partly because I realise that many people that are new to Second Life feel hesitant about spending money and others simply are on a tight entertainment budget. I understand that things become a bit scary when your cats start looking at your face with an unhealthy level of hunger in their eyes. At that point it’s probably wiser to go buy cat food rather than a mesh avatar. Another reason is that it makes me feel slightly mischievous, showing people how they can get more out of the free TMP body. Keep in mind that The Mesh Project hasn’t updated their body since they first launched the beta version about three years ago and it doesn’t look like they ever will update it. With the other choices we have today, I wouldn’t buy their L$ 5000 male mesh body, but I definitely do still think that the free body is a bit of cheap good-looking fun. For a more elaborate review of this free body, I refer to one of my older posts.

Easy on the budget and eyes 2 blog

The skin you see on the body is one of its 30 built-in skin tones (No. 10) and for the system head I have used Ares by Akeruka. This system skin is a gift you can get by joining the Akeruka group, which costs L$ 150 at the moment. You will have to search for it in the Akeruka store, as the large poster for this gift is somewhat tucked away in a corner. For some the group joining fee may feel a bit hefty, but keep in mind that in the past half year, two new Akeruka male mesh heads have been offered as group gifts during the first two weeks after their release. Don’t forget to wear the TMP neck fader in the correct skin tone to create a nicely blended neckline.
The hairstyle is Itsuki by Argrace in almond tone. You can get a pack of 5 medium brown tones of this hairstyle for L$ 250.
For those moments that you just want to (and can!) hang out somewhere in your undies, you can go with the boxers that come for free with the body or splash out on a pair of Noche swim trunks for L$ 199. Total price for this look: L$ 599.

Easy on the budget and eyes 2b blog
We have yet again reached the point where sadly I have to admit that except for underwear from various brands and all items from TMP’s own pricey clothing line, you cannot simply put clothes on this body without the skin poking through at all ends. But if you are wearing long sleeves, you can make good use of the mesh hands. Simply remove the body, the feet and the alpha layer, leaving on only the mesh hands; then use the alpha layer of a pair of gloves to hide your system hands. The seam on your underarm will be awful, but this will be hidden by the sleeves. You are now ready to put on some clothes, like the Tartan Denim Jacket from Fe Style. This is a previous hunt item and you can now buy it for L$ 10, just look for it at the reception desk. You can go a bit tartan crazy and combine the jacket with a pair of trousers that’s currently part of a group gift at Giz Seorn. The joining fee for this group is just L$ 50. This ensemble goes particularly well with a pair of boat shoes. For L$ 99 you can get a pair in 12 different colours from Roc, which is fabulous value for money. Total price for this look: L$ 559.

That’s my bit of penny pinching for today, but I might continue this “Easy on the budget and the eyes” series and I think it might be interesting to revisit the idea of the TMP body as “underwear model”. But now I want PIZZA!


The Perfect Man Cave Bed

Man Cave has moved and the new digs seem roomier and grungier than before, complete with a diligently deployed decor of dust and debris. The place tries hard to make the manliest of men feel right at home and to make some of us act more butch than we really are. I decided to concentrate on the NX-Nardcotix “David” mesh body on this visit, to see if anything new had been made that included a version for this specific body or if I could get away with wearing a fitmesh or Signature version. Long story short: Nothing fitted! Luckily Man Cave isn’t just about attire but usually has a couple of pieces of furniture to create your very own – at the risk of sounding obvious – man cave.

Perfect Man Cave Bed blog

Kraftwork is showcasing a Murphy bed with a distinctively masculine industrial vibe. The gauche fronts of the cabinets invite you to fill the shelves with clothes and all your bits and bobs and you can even leave a door open to show off just how laid back you are, because nothing says more that a man is living here than the obvious inability to close doors. There are built-in lights that help to create a secluded alcove feeling and there is a pair of boxing gloves resting on a door handle, to let people know that nobody’s gonna mess with you… And the patina on the leather of those gloves is just to die for! You can choose from 4 images for the wall texture or leave it blank. Of course, should you find your self in a situation where you need more party room, the bed easily flips up and becomes one with the cabinets. The PG version is just L$ 199, the adult version a very affordable L$ 399 and the animations are LGBT friendly.

Perfect Man Cave Bed 2 blog

Murphy beds are named after William Lawrence Murphy. The urban legend goes that he was smitten with an opera singer, but living in a one-room apartment in San Francisco. In those days the very idea of a woman entering a man’s bedroom was rather frowned upon. Murphy’s invention converted his bedroom into a reception room in just a matter of seconds. Earlier fold-up beds had existed, but Murphy was the one to introduce and patent the counterbalanced design. Ah, the things we do for love!

The bed is shown in the Old Toy Factory skybox by Never Totally Dead, which I got as prize last year in MadPea’s Hunt for Santa. I’m wondering if they have something in stall for us for the holiday season this year.


November Gacha Garden

Some people approach a gacha vendor with a sense of purpose and won’t leave it alone till they have that much coveted rare item. Personally I just occasionally give one of those friendly fruit machines a casual spin and I don’t pay much attention to what comes out. Those are my little surprises for later, when I have a quiet moment to unpack it all. Spending too much time at a gacha machine reminds me of a deep dark past with compulsive gambling and I prefer to keep that monster locked away. The Gacha Garden however, is a sweet little sim made for wandering around at, taking  a look at what’s new in this Life we call Second and grabbing a bunch of gifts.

Gacha Garden November 2017 - 1 blog
This is not the kind of event you should go to if you are a manly man who only likes manly things or if you are a lady (enter Emily Howard: “I’m a laaaady!”) who doesn’t hold with all that fluffy nonsense. Case in point: I was already about halfway through when I spotted the first menswear items. The Gacha Garden is more a mix of whimsical collectables, imaginative women’s apparel and accessories with just a sprinkling of furniture, home decoration items and the occasional odd one out, like Speakeasy with their tattoos and poses.

Gacha Garden November 2017 - 2 blog
Be careful with that music box from Infinity, that tune is hypnotic! I mentioned this in a group chat, stating that I have never played Final Fantasy and wasn’t familiar with the music. Someone else replied that hey hadn’t even heard of Final Fantasy and when they were told it’s a game that’s been around for a long time they said: “Oh, so like Mario Bros. Not cool and trendy clearly.” This made me sigh audibly, and mumble to myself: “The last time the word “trendy” was acceptable was around 1997, but you do you boo boo.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Stray Dog Zhao blog.png

Some people are so narrow minded about what constitutes beauty, I fear that if we left it up to them, Second Life would soon become very bland indeed. I was having this fleeting thought after I got shortly pulled into a chat group conversation. Someone was wondering where they would be able to get their hands on a freebie head applier. It reminded me of the skin Stray Dog donated to L’Homme Magazine as a group gift back in August, so I quipped in with my two cents, telling them that they needed to keep an eye out for group gifts and mentioning the Stray Dog skin as an example, illustrating this with a link to the above picture. Their reaction to that was:
Jaja. Bruh. Anyway, it doesn’t mean anything to me because that skin looks like an Alien.

Oy vey! I guess beggars can be choosers after all. Rather than flying of the handle and overly defending the look of my avatar however, I explained that this somewhat more extreme look was not merely caused by the skin, but was the result of my experimentation with pushing the boundaries of the Catwa Stanley head.

MOH10_Secrets_VYC blog

I recently revisited and slightly tweaked that look to use in a blog post about the latest Men Only Hunt and personally I still enjoyed the soulful quirkiness of it. Of course I will have to take that “bruh’s” valuable nugget of wisdom in my stride by creating a more “normal” looking alternative. After all, I tend to take these things as a challenge and if left alone it could turn into a killer bee in my dainty bonnet. On the other hand, I do feel I should take that Alien remark as a compliment.

Alf - na-uh girlfriend